Against the Gods - Chapter 847 - Calamitous Flames Engulfing the Sky

Chapter 847 - Calamitous Flames Engulfing the Sky

Chapter 847 - Calamitous Flames Engulfing the Sky


A golden-colored fire domain burned as it spread out, a piercing golden light bloomed in this world of darkness.

Under the full might of the Little Demon Empress’ Golden Crow flames, the domain would instantly spread out and covered a fifty kilometer radius around her. But in this dark world, the golden-colored sea of fire only extended a few kilometers before coming to a stop. Even the initially dazzling firelight had begun to clearly go dim.

Gradually, the fire domain that had just opened up began to shrink. It was as if the Golden Crow flame power which the Little Demon Empress had released at full force was being devoured by an a gigantic, invisible mouth. Even though she was using all of her strength, she was not able to break the shackles imposed upon her by this world of darkness as layers of flame started to extinguish.

More than ten breaths later, her fire domain had shrunk to only half a kilometer wide and it was still shrinking under that extremely terrifying pressure.

The Little Demon Empress’ face was expressionless and the icy-cold light in her eyes was laced with a dark heaviness. Amidst the deathly silence, sweat was pouring down her body like rain.

She understood clearly that if she was not able to escape or break this dark domain, then once her flames had been completely consumed and extinguished, she would eternally disappear in this boundless darkness.

But after Xuanyuan Wentian had taken out his devil sword, his already extremely dreadful darkness profound energy had swelled to nearly twice its previous strength. Within his dark domain, her power had been suppressed to the point where she could barely muster any strength to overturn the situation.

The light of the Golden Crow flames grew dimmer and dimmer as the boundless darkness and sinister cold a.s.saulted them from all sides. It was as if a devil G.o.d was trying to completely swallow up her and her flames. An extreme agitation ceaselessly churned in her heart and soul. Even after she forcefully suppressed it, it would come roaring back to life with even greater intensity.

The Little Demon Empress closed her eyes once more as she stopped breathing for a moment. She would definitely not allow her own soul to collapse before her strength did. Gradually, the Golden Crow mark on her forehead grew dimmer yet again as the fire domain was suppressed to the point where it was barely three hundred meters wide.

Her body was still bathed in that golden fire but pain continued to flash across that grave and solemn face.

“What gorgeous flames, they are so dazzling that they inspire loathing in me.”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s gloomy and sinister voice rang out from within the darkness, “This is this sovereign’s devil G.o.d domain and its name is Lightless Eternal Night. It can devour everything in this world, no matter if it is alive or dead, and it will even completely consume things like s.p.a.ce and light. It focuses and gathers the very limit of this sovereign’s current strength and there is no person or power in this world that can resist it! That of course includes you! However, to think you could last for so long, this truly something that has taken this sovereign by surprise.”

“Even though the sight of you vainly struggling to hold out as you gradually sink into the abyss of darkness is something that truly warms this sovereign’s heart and pleases my eyes, this sovereign is far more anxious to experience the elation of holding the Mirror of Samsara in my own two hands! So you, my final barrier to this goal, completely disappear in this h.e.l.l of death that this sovereign has personally crafted for you!!”

Within the darkness, a pitch-black energy sword cut through the darkness as suddenly arrived in front of the Little Demon Empress.

Within the dark domain, the Little Demon Empress’ spiritual perception had been greatly suppressed, so, to her alarm, she had only discovered this black energy sword when it came into contact with the borders of her fire domain.

When the black energy sword came into contact with the fire domain, it only encountered an instance of resistance before slicing cleanly through the golden flames. It left an inky black trail of energy in its wake as it shot towards the Little Demon Empress’ breast.

The Little Demon Empress turned her body sideways with great speed as the aura of death immediately brushed right by her. In nearly the same instant tens of black energy swords flew at her from every direction. The sound of s.p.a.ce being rent in their wake sounded very much like the wails and howls of devils and ghosts.

Even though Xuanyuan Wentian now superficially possessed a devil body and devil arts, his own soul and his original powers had not been harmed in the process, so he was still the man who was as acknowledged by the Profound Sky Continent as their number one swordsman!

Every energy sword that came from Xuanyuan Wentian was bolstered by the power of the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night and every attack was being launched within his domain, so every energy sword was more than enough to send the Little Demon Empress into the abyss of death.

In contrast, the Little Demon Empress was using nearly all her power to forcefully prop up her fire domain. If not, she would be completely swallowed up by the darkness. At the same time, her spiritual perception and movements were all greatly inhibited. So to the Little Demon Empress, who was already on the brink of collapse, these energy swords were practically the encroaching scythes of the death G.o.d!


The Golden Crow flames violently roiled as all of the energy swords were forcefully sucked into the Little Demon Empress’ fire domain. However, not only were these energy swords not immediately destroyed and devoured by the Golden Crow flames, they even started to shoot about wildly within the confines of the fire domain, causing the already collapsing fire domain to be pierced with countless tears.

The fire domain writhed and distorted before swiftly shrinking yet again. Most of the black energy swords had been burned away by the Golden Crow flames but the remaining seven energy swords pierced the entire domain, homing in on the Little Demon Empress’ body...


Seven black lights exploded on the chest and back of the Little Demon Empress. Her vision went black as her body fiercely wobbled but she stubbornly refused to let out a single sound. A scarlet rivulet of blood slowly dripped down the corner of her mouth, sliding down her throat and staining those flawless rainbow clothes.

“Hahahaha…” Xuanyuan Wentian let out a wild laugh, “How fresh that blood is! This is the n.o.ble and dignified Golden Crow blood huh! Tch… This sovereign is the only person in this world that can make you bleed and I am also the only person who can… No, I am the person who is about to immediately destroy you!”

“This is only just the beginning, let this sovereign see how much longer you can continue struggling.”

Hundreds of kilometers away, the scarlet Phoenix flames dispelled the dreadful darkness. But everyone’s face had turned a ghastly and pale white. Because even the weakest of the girls from Frozen Cloud Asgard could clearly sense that the Little Demon Empress’ aura had almost completely disappeared. The entire south was covered in a pitch-black darkness, it was as if it had been engulfed by an infinite and endless black hole and the last traces of light had long ago faded away.

“No… this isn’t possible… this can’t be real… There is no way the Little Demon Empress can be defeated!!” Number One Under Heaven shouted as his entire body trembled. His face was deathly white and he was on the brink of going out of control. All of a sudden, he let out a loud roar and started to dash out of the barrier, “No! I am going to go help the Little Demon Empress… As the Young Patriarch of one of the Guardian Families, how can I… how can I just watch the Little Demon Empress…”

“Even if I can’t save the Little Demon Empress, then I will use this useless body that is as good as trash to accompany her in death!!”

The pupils of Number One Under Heaven’s eyes split open as he rushed forward with a loud roar. Xiao Yun did not attempt to stop him and instead he shouted through gritted teeth, “Good! I will go with you!”

“Wait a moment!!” Feng Xue’er thrust her arm out and an invisible energy barrier blocked the movement of both Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun at the same time. She looked towards the north as she said in a soft voice, “Both of you stay here and protect everyone. I will go and help Little Demon Empress sis.”

Feng Xue’er did not wait for either of them to reply. The firelight on her body flashed as she left the barrier and flew towards the boundless darkness that lay in the south. But before she had flown very far away, she came to an abrupt halt as her gloomy eyes suddenly sparkled with joy, “This… this is Little Demon Empress sis!”

She could clearly sense the Golden Crow aura which had gone completely still in that darkness suddenly start to revive, swell, and become incomparably strong and fierce...

It was stronger now than it had been during any previous instance!!

The surrounding dark s.p.a.ce began to throb crazily as if countless evil ghosts were thrilling in laughter. It was also as if countless dark energy swords were coalescing together. The Little Demon Empress opened her eyes. The golden flames burning in her pupils were now exceptionally dull and her fire domain, which was tottering on the brink of collapse, had been suppressed to such a great extent that she could actually see its edges.

“Xuanyuan Wentian…” The Little Demon Empress’ low and heavy voice echoed in this dark world, “This empress swore… that even if I burned myself to ashes this very day, I would still crush your bones and burn them to cinders!!”

“Hahahahaha!” Xuanyuan Wentian let out a great, mocking laugh. It was clear that he regarded the Little Demon Empress’ words as a meaningless joke. But before his taunting words could even leave his lips, his tone underwent an abrupt but subtle change, “Hmmm?”

A large cloud of blood mist sprayed from the Little Demon Empress’ lips. In a split second, a cl.u.s.ter of flames suddenly ignited and an extremely glaring firelight instantly pierced through nearly fifty kilometers of s.p.a.ce in this world of darkness. This light caused Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes to narrow to needlepoints and he was unable to open them.

“What is… this!?”

Pure-golden Golden Crow flames quietly burned along the Little Demon Empress’ body. The fire did not spread but the golden firelight that radiated outwards easily pierced through the darkness of this dark world, s.h.i.+ning all the way to its very edges. In the blink of an eye, this world of darkness which resembled the primal chaos had been pierced by countless dazzling beams of firelight, becoming completely riddled with holes.

“You…” Xuanyuan Wentian stretched out a hand to cover his eyes and for a moment, he did not dare directly look in the direction the firelight was radiating from. This was the dark domain that belonged to him but now it seemed like a sun had suddenly been birthed in its midst!

There was only a thin layer of golden flames which burned on the Little Demon Empress’ body, but the golden light it released could pierce the entire dark domain. The Little Demon Empress’ body had been engulfed by firelight and the surrounding darkness had been completely dispelled as avoid grew larger and larger around her.

He could not see her expression nor the look in her eyes. Amidst the overly-dazzling golden light, she slowly raised both her hands. The golden-colored flames on her body followed her movement as it started to gather in both of her hands, condensing into a flaming sword that was five feet long.

It was only a flame that stretched for five feet and it was akin to the light given off by a firefly in this smothering dark domain that had engulfed hundreds of kilometers of s.p.a.ce. In the face of this profound darkness, it could have been said to be miniscule and insignificant. Instead, it was like a poisoned needle that had stabbed into Xuanyuan Wentian’s heart, causing him to let out a howl of pain, “AAAAAHHHHHH… You… What did you do!!?”

The Little Demon Empress did not respond or perhaps she could not respond. All of her power was focused on the sword of flames. After that, she slowly slashed towards the dark world in front of her...

This was a “Golden Annihilation” that contained all of her gathered will and power and it was the ultimate pinnacle of all Golden Crow flames that had ever been displayed in the ten thousand year history of the Illusory Demon Imperial Family!


A golden scar that was not even three meters in length was engraved in the heart of this dark world. In the next instant, it rapidly expanded and in the blink of an eye it had spread across the entirety of this dark world.

From where Feng Xue’er and the others were standing, it looked like a golden-colored light that was as glaring as the light of the sun had sliced that incomparably gigantic dark world in two.

“She burned her own Golden Crow origin blood… hurry up and get out of here!!” A terrified and confused roar rang out from the devil sword in Xuanyuan Wentian’s hand.

Rrrmb rrmb rrrmb...

The Snow Region of Extreme Ice was trembling as the dark domain that had been cut in half started to sink and collapse on itself. The dense darkness that had spiralled out of control started to spread crazily in all direction but it was immediately consumed by the golden-colored flames which soared to the heavens.


Xuanyuan Wentian now turned and focused all of his power towards defence but the fierce backlash generated from the collapsing Lightless Eternal Night domain caused him to feel like he had been plunged into h.e.l.l. He had only just obtained his darkness profound energy so he had far from perfect control over it. Under the backlash from the collapse of his domain, he had lost control over practically all of his darkness profound energy. It raged and thrashed about inside of his body and externally, he had been completely swallowed up by the Golden Crow flames that covered the sky, causing his already charred and scorched body to catch fire again.

The aura of darkness was swiftly receding as the flames grew more and more ferocious. The entire sky had been completely dyed gold. All of the snow and ice in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice had completely melted away and even Feng Xue’er, who was hundreds of kilometers away and possessed the power of Phoenix flames, was buffeted so roughly that she could not draw near. She could only open up that flame barrier at full strength once more in order to protect the people behind her.

Rrrmb rrmb rrrmb...

Flames roiled as waves of heat filled the sky and the snow and ice in the Snowy Region of Extreme Ice that had been acc.u.mulated over the countless ages had nearly completely melted into nothingness. Clouds no longer floated in the sky and the cold wind had long ago become the most scorching wind of calamities.

What had disappeared at the same time was Xuanyuan Wentian’s miserable wails… and the darkness aura that had radiated from him.

The Little Demon Empress maintained the stance where both of her hands had slashed down as she quietly stood in the heart of the golden-colored sea of flames. She could sense that besides the flames, everything else had completely disappeared… The dark domain had disappeared and Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura had also completely disappeared.

It had all been burned away to its original nothingness.

The Little Demon Empress’ hands slowly lowered and her eyes listlessly closed. Her tiny, delicate and frail body also began to quietly fall from the sky.

As she fell, the flames which filled the sky also swiftly descended and soundlessly extinguished themselves...