Against the Gods - Chapter 831 - Lunacy

Chapter 831 - Lunacy

Chapter 831 - Lunacy

Xuanyuan Wentian’s words caused all three of them to freeze up instantly as their hearts suddenly went cold.

“Sword Master Xuanyuan, the joke you just made isn’t funny at all,” Feng Zukui said with a dark and gloomy expression, impatience showing in his calm eyes. “Fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, I’m afraid even your own Mighty Heavenly Sword Region would be unable to produce such a sum, so why would you even try to borrow that amount from our Divine Phoenix Sect? Is Sword Master Xuanyuan trying to have a laugh at our expense!?”

“Heh heh, how would I dare?” Xuanyuan Wentian said with a merry smile, “This sword master isn’t joking and all of you are actually acutely aware of that. I had just said that Brother Zukui was an honest and upright man who speaks frankly and does not mince his words, so why did you suddenly change your tune… I know that just last month you finished refining the ore that you plundered from the crystal mine in Blue Wind Nation’s Floating Cloud City half a year ago. I also know that you have managed to refine fifty six and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal and that all of is it is deposited in the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm that is below your Phoenix City. What? Could it be that because this sword master has arrived, over fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal has suddenly vanished into thin air?”

Once Xuanyuan Wentian mentioned those fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, Feng Hengkong and the other two people next to him were extremely shocked but they had still barely managed to maintain their cool. Xuanyuan Wentian had actually accurately pointed out when these Purple Veined Divine Crystals had been refined, the amount that had been refined and even the place it was being stored!!

This caused every single one to suddenly go pale.

Because this definitely could not be a coincidence!

Feng Hengkong, Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui all shot glances at each other, each and every one of them were filled with fright and alarm. Because this matter was just like the matter concerning the Phoenix G.o.d’s death, they were both secrets that had to be kept at all costs. If either of these things were exposed, it would bring down a calamity on their sect. Furthermore, other than the four people of the royal bloodline, everyone else who knew about these two matters had a soul lock placed on them! The soul lock prevented a person from divulging any information in any form and even if someone tried to perform a soul search on them, the moment they came into contact with with these memories, they would instantly dissipate before they could be transmitted.

So how did Xuanyuan Wentian know about these things!?

“Oh? How come the three of you suddenly stopped talking?” Xuanyuan Wentian said with a leisurely smile, “Could it be that this sword master has gotten something wrong?”

Since Xuanyuan Wentian had already said so much, trying to stubbornly deny his words had become meaningless. Feng Zukui spoke in a deep and gloomy voice, “Sword Master Xuanyuan, just where did you find these things out!?”

“This sword master is under no compulsion to answer this question of yours,” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he crossed both hands over his chest. His arrogant posture seemed to indicate that this had all played out according to his plans. “Brother Zukui only needs to temporarily lend this sword master those fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal for now. Such bountiful resources would only not be wasted if they were used by my Mighty Heavenly Word Region. Furthermore, this sword master will naturally remember this favor that you have given us during our time of dire need. What does Brother Zukui think of that?”

“Heh.” Feng Zukui chuckled indifferently, “Then if I do not give it over?”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s shoulders shrugged as he replied, “Then it would simply be such a pity. Come to think of it, only this sword master knows about this matter right now. But if I accidently let it slip to the other three Sacred Grounds… Heh, what do you think will happen then, Brother Zukui?”

Feng Zukui’s heart had gone completely cold but an expression of deep disdain and arrogance appeared on his face, “If Sword Master Xuanyuan has such a hobby, then you can do as you please! Even though the power of my Divine Phoenix Sect is insignificant, we are still the only clan who inherited the legacy of a G.o.d in the Profound Sky Continent! The Phoenix G.o.d has been our guardian through the generations, so we are under the protection of the laws of heaven! We have never been scared of any person or power! Including you Four Sacred Grounds!”

“Father is right,” Feng Tianwei said as his expression grew cold. “Even though our Divine Phoenix Sect cannot match up to your Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, we have also never been pushovers! Sword Master Xuanyuan, your Mighty Heavenly Sword Region has just encountered a ‘huge calamity’, so it would be better if you kept it quiet and stable for now! Even though my clan’s Phoenix G.o.d very rarely makes an appearance and is never willing to show its divine power until it absolutely has to if Sword Master Xuanyuan forcefully provokes the fury of the Phoenix G.o.d, I’m afraid that even you will find it hard to bear the consequences!”

“We treated you as a respected guest, so we have shown you an extreme amount of courtesy. But if you are here to start a fight, humph, forgive us for not entertaining you! Hengkong, see our guest out!”

“Hahahaha!” Not only was Xuanyuan Wentian not the least bit intimidated, he actually started roaring with laughter instead. As he laughed, he began speaking in a contemptuous tone, “You call yourselves the descendants of a divine clan but I can’t tell how powerful all of you actually are. However, these acting skills of yours have truly been pa.s.sed down from generation to generation, they have truly opened the eyes of this sword master. It truly causes me to gasp in admiration, hahahahaha…”

“Sword Master Xuanyuan!” Feng Zukui’s voice was laced with fury, “You had better not go too far. If you insult our sect, I can still tolerate it. But we have inherited the bloodline of the Phoenix G.o.d, so we definitely won’t allow anyone to insult the Phoenix G.o.d—Even if you are the master of a Sacred Ground!”

“Oh? Really? Could it be that this sword master has said something wrong?” Xuanyuan Wentian said as his laughter slowly died down, “Feng Zukui, it looks like you’re still living in your own happy fantasy and you are completely misunderstanding the truth of your current situation. Then let this sword master give you a small reminder… The four representatives of the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family are present right now but only three of you have been acting so far. So why don’t you think about why one person hasn’t joined in you in on your dog and pony show?”

“Hmph, what exactly is Sword Master Xuanyuan trying to say?” Feng Zukui said with a cold harrumph. But following those words, his words instantly caught in his throat as the faces of Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui went completely rigid. After that, all three of them looked towards Feng Ximing at the same time.

They had suddenly realized that ever since Xuanyuan Wentian had arrived, Feng Ximing had never uttered a single word from the start till now! When they had devoted all of their wits and attention to dealing with Xuanyuan Wentian, they had practically forgotten about his existence.

When he was faced with the stares of Feng Zukui, Feng Tianwei and Feng Hengkong at the same time, fear and shock astonis.h.i.+ngly appeared on Feng Ximing’s face as he unconsciously retreated a few steps and almost stumbled to the ground in his alarm and panic.

His bizarre behavior and reaction had matched up with the words that Xuanyuan Wentian had just uttered… an explosion rang in the minds of all three people at the same time. Feng Hengkong raised his hand to point a finger at Feng Ximing, his finger shaking uncontrollably as he spoke, “Ximing… you… Could it be that you…?”

Within the Divine Phoenix Sect, the only people who knew about the fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal and had not been imprinted with a soul cage were the four of them. After all, being imprinted with a memory cage still came with an extreme amount of risk. If one was inattentive during the process, it could cause irreparable spirit damage to the recipient and in serious cases, the recipient might even become a vegetable. So, as members of the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family, they would definitely not take this risk and there was absolutely no reason for them to take this risk either… Because as the Elder Sect Master, Grand Sect Master, Sect Master and Young Sect Master of the Divine Phoenix Sect, they were the four people who were the least likely to leak a colossal secret to the world. Even though a second “Feng Feiyan” may appear within the Divine Phoenix Sect, it would not be possible for that second “Feng Feiyan” to appear among the four of them.


“It’s not possible!” Feng Tianwei yelled as the pupils of his eyes faintly trembled but he still shook his head resolutely, “Ximing has now become a capable person, so it isn’t possible for him to do such a thing. Nor is there a reason for him to do such an unsightly thing which would harm the entire sect and commit a sin that would be remembered for ten thousand years! Ximing, hurry up and say it… say that you did not do anything to let down our sect, that you did not do anything to let down the Phoenix G.o.d!”

“Heh heh heh heh.” Xuanyuan Wentian’s mocking laughter rang out from behind them, “Divine Phoenix Crown Prince, now that it has come to this, what misgivings do you still have? Don’t forget what you desire the most. Furthermore, your entire clan will never be able to give you what you most desire, but this sword master can!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s words caused the pupils of Feng Ximing’s eyes to tremble. He gritted his teeth and even though his face was still trembling, his eyes had gone from frightful and alarmed to sinister and fierce, “Royal Father… you don’t need to try to cover it up anymore. Regarding the matter of the Purple Veined Divine Crystals and the matter of the Phoenix G.o.d’s death, Sword Master Xuanyuan already knew about this… five months ago!!”

Feng Hengkong’s vision went black as an explosion went off in his brain and all of the blood in his body nearly immediately rushed to the top of his head, “You… you… you… what did you… just say…?”

“You… disgraceful thing!”

“You evil thing… You evil thing!!” Feng Zukui, who had barely even flinched when he was facing down Xuanyuan Wentian, was now trembling all over. Flames were crazily burning on his head and his brows as both of his fists tightened up and it looked as if he could barely control the urge to personally smite down this man who was their close kin.


With a huge ring, Feng Hengkong, whose rage had been pushed to its limits, took action before Feng Zukui did. His palm smashed against Feng Ximing’s face, causing Feng Ximing to spit blood as he flew.

Before Feng Ximing had even hit the ground, Feng Hengkong, whose rage seemed not have been a.s.suaged even one bit, suddenly rushed forward. His hands latched onto the cloth over Feng Ximing’s chest, his eyes were glaring with such intensity that all of the blood vessels were popping out and it seemed on the verge of explosion, “You… you unfilial wretch! Those words you just said… Say them again! Say them again!!”

Feng Hengkong was so angry that he felt like his head was about to rupture and his chest was about to explode. Ever since the matter with “Feng Feiyan” all those years ago, he had become even more careful regarding the sect’s secrets, he was even willing to endure the great risks that came with using the “memory cage”. However, he had never ever thought that the second “Feng Feiyan” to appear would not be an elder of the sect but his very own son. And it was his eldest son, the one whom he had trusted the most and made his own successor!

The support that they had just managed to get on their side had abruptly flown away while Feng Xue’er powers were currently in the most crucial stage where they were about to awaken. The Phoenix G.o.d, who had long since pa.s.sed on, had been the final barrier for the Divine Phoenix Sect. The fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal would also have allowed them to quickly raise their strength in the shortest amount of time, so they could deal with any approaching crisis. But it just had to be at this time that Xuanyuan Wentian had found out about the fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal and the death of the Phoenix G.o.d.

He almost did not dare to imagine what the consequences would be like this time.

He simply could not imagine that Feng Ximing could do such a thing, nor was he able to wrap his mind around why Feng Ximing did such a thing in the first place!

But the words had already been said and the three people who possessed the highest status in the sect were all present. Feng Ximing had no way out anymore, so the fear in his heart had shrunk by a remarkable amount as his expression had become dark and sinister, “Royal Father… all of this happened because you… forced my hand!!”

“I forced your hand!?” Feng Hengkong’s entire body started to tremble, “I was indeed severe with you on most occasions! But.. but you are the Divine Phoenix Crown Prince, the future Divine Phoenix Emperor and Divine Phoenix Sect Master! How could I not be strict and harsh with you!! But even if I was ten times more severe… how could you betray your clan and do something that even a lowly beast would not do!!”

“Right! Even if you were ten thousand times more severe with me, I would definitely not resent you in the slightest. But…” Feng Ximing’s eyes widened as all the fear and alarm vanished and an abnormal frenzied light replaced them, “But why did you betroth Xue’er to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Yun Che!!”

“What did… you say!!” Feng Hengkong could scarcely believe his own ears.

Feng Ximing’s breathing grew rough as he spoke through gritted teeth, “Seven years ago, I swore a vow that Xue’er would be mine for life. If not, she would not belong to anyone else! If I can have Xue’er, I am willing to pay any price. What crown prince? What sect master? I don’t want any of it! But you actually wanted to give her…”

“Silence!!” Feng Hengkong’s entire body was ablaze with fire and the flames on his chest crazily roared as if he was an active volcano, “You… you… you… you wicked thing!!”


Feng Hengkong fiercely smashed a fist against Feng Ximing’s chest, sending him flying yet again. Following that, Feng Ximing’s vision grew dark and his legs went limp. He slid to his knees, every single part of his body trembling fiercely.

Feng Hengkong had long ago discovered Feng Ximing’s infatuation with Feng Xue’er… Furthermore, it was not only Feng Ximing. It seemed like nearly all of his sons were similarly afflicted. He had warned Feng Ximing many times about this. Even though this was an abnormal love, in his subconscious mind, he had felt that it would not pose too big a problem. Because Feng Xue’er had the appearance of a heavenly being and she was also known as the number one beauty in the entire Profound Sky Continent. So even though they were her blood brothers and they should not have such feelings or thoughts towards her. From a psychological standpoint, it was something that could be understood.

But he had never ever thought that Feng Ximing’s infatuation with Feng Xue’er had actually become this distorted! To the point of lunacy!