Against the Gods - Chapter 808 - Bloodstained Jasmine (4)

Chapter 808 - Bloodstained Jasmine (4)

Chapter 808 - Bloodstained Jasmine (4)

“Little lady, who are you?”

Huangji Wuyu asked. His expression appeared to be the same as before and his voice was equally casual but in the deepest part of his heart, he was terribly shocked and cautious… This was only a girl who looked like she had barely turned ten; she did not exude any profound energy aura, yet he seemed to felt an unexplainable sense of danger.

Especially her gaze, which was not arrogant, sharp nor possessing any innocence that a young girl should have. There was only an icy-cold indifference.

The same kind of indifference as though she was facing mere gra.s.s.

Huangji Wuyu took the initiative to ask questions but Jasmine didn't even bother to pay attention. Her red eyes stared at Yun Che for a moment as her eyebrows lifted slightly, “It has already been one night, why are your injuries recovering so slowly?”

“...That’s not important, save Xiao Yun first!”

Indeed, regardless whether he was recovering slightly more slowly or whether he had severe injuries and was on the brink of death, with Jasmine here, none of that would have mattered. When Jasmine was in her soul form, she only required a tiny part of her strength to manipulate the s.p.a.ce around the Primordial Profound Ark and change its direction.

Although Jasmine had only just reconstructed her body now and she had not returned to her peak condition, she was still far superior to her soul form. With her present, any danger could essentially be treated as non existent.

Jasmine did not speak anymore but instead started striding towards Xuanyuan Guxing who was holding onto Xiao Yun.

“Big Brother Yun!” Taking advantage of Feng Zukui’s shock, Feng Xue’er frantically escaped and came by Yun Che’s side, her hand grabbing firmly onto his arm. Everyone’s attention was on Jasmine, as though there was an inescapable attraction force leading them there and she was no exception, “She… that little girl… who is she…”

Yun Che smiled relaxingly, “She’s my master.”

“Ahhh?” Feng Xue’er’s lips opened in shock.

The low voice that the two of them spoke in could not be heard by others but Feng Zukui who stood by one side as well as the Four Sacred Masters heard everything clearly and their expressions and gazes changed instantly.

What!? This young lady… Yun Che’s Master?!

In seven years of time, the person who turned Yun Che from a cripple to someone who possessed the achievements he has today, able to fight a Monarch with the strength of a Throne… was this red haired young lady dressed in red!?

Xuanyuan Guxing watched this young girl, who had appeared in an abnormal way, walking toward him. She possessed no aura or power, yet he felt an obvious bone chilling coldness. However, not long after he sensed this coldness, he had a sudden realization… I am the dignified Great Elder of the Sword Region, a figure who looked down at the entire continent. The person before me is just a little girl who hasn’t even matured. Why do I possess such strong wariness against her!?

If this was to spread, wouldn’t everyone in the world die laughing!?

Xuanyuan Guxing calmed himself down and he suddenly felt that the wariness he had just now was simply laughable. He glanced at the lifeless Xiao Yun, folded his arms across his chest and smiled sheepishly at the approaching Jasmine, “Little girl, although i don’t know where you appeared from, this place is far more dangerous than you can imagine. It’s not a place that you should be. You better leave immediately. If a pretty lady like you were to..."

Before he could complete his sentence, he suddenly saw another person appearing in the hands of the red dressed girl. That person’s body was slumped, his eyes lifeless, and he stuck gently onto the young red dressed girl’s palm...

It was actually Xiao Yun!!

And on the right of Xuanyuan Guxing, Xiao Yun, who originally laid half a step away… had disappeared!

“Ugh…” Xuanyuan Guxing’s eyes widened several times and it seemed as if something had gotten stuck in his throat. His original speech had turned into hoa.r.s.e groaning, “You… you…”

Although the red dress girl had walked several steps forward, she was still at least thirty meters away. However, Xiao Yun had suddenly disappeared from his side and appeared in the hands of the red dressed girl… He totally did not see what had happened at all!

Not only him, everyone present including the Four Sacred Masters could not tell how Xiao Yun had instantly teleported from beside Xuanyuan Guxing to the hands of the red dressed girl. They had not even seen the girl take an action nor did they detect any unusual aura.

It was just as though s.p.a.ce had transported instantly.

“What… what happened?” everyone from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region were filled with fear. It was as though they had seen a ghost.

Jasmine swung her hand and casually threw Xiao Yun towards Yun Che.

Yun Che swiftly stretched out his hands and caught Xiao Yun. Under the effects of the parasite, Xiao Yun remained in a sluggish condition from the start. Regarding this kind of scary parasite that was able to feast on the soul, even an absolute powerhouse would not know how to cure it. Even if they did, they would not dare to do it because if they were not careful, it was likely that it would cause mental damage and even destruction.

However, to Yun Che who was well-versed in various poisons and parasites, eradicating this was definitely not a difficult problem. This was extremely easy since he possessed the Phoenix flames’ power of purification. He quickly stretched out his hands and pressed his palm against the top of Xiao Yun’s head, the Phoenix flames carefully entered his brain and attacked the parasite there. In an instant, the parasite was exterminated and the poison cleansed.

With the parasite eradicated, Xiao Yun finally regained control of himself. Focus seemed to return back to his half opened eyes. As he looked at Yun Che, tears rolled down his eyes as he uttered in a painful and weak voice, “Big Brother, I’m sorry…”

“There’s no need to apologize, you did not do anything wrong. It’s all my fault for being careless.” Yun Che said as he shook his head strongly. He fully knew that Xiao Yun’s consciousness was only controlled and he did not lose it. Therefore, he remembered everything that happened, “Xiao Yun, you rest for a while first. We’ll be able to meet Grandpa and Seventh Sister soon.”

“Big… Brother…” Xiao Yun’s lips moved, self-reproach, guilty and grateful tears rolled down before he finally closed his eyes and fainted.

“What… What sorcery did you perform?” Xuanyuan Guxing pointed to Jasmine with a face of shock.

“No need to panic.” Xuanyuan Guyun remained composed and laughed coldly, “Don’t forget, Yun Che is an exceptionally crafty person. A few months ago he crafted an Old man Duotian and not only tricked Sun Moon Divine Hall, but even tricked everyone else. If it weren’t for the intelligence of our Sword Master, even we would have been tricked as well. Just now, it must have been some scaring tactic as well… Sword Master has mentioned before, Yun Che definitely possess some sort of unique spatial profound artifact. The appearance of the young lady out of thin air just now and Xiao Yun suddenly being s.n.a.t.c.hed away, it must have been due to that spatial profound artifact! It seems like they still want to use that to scare us. It’s just too laughable.”

“Oh, I see.” Xuanyuan Guxing nodded slowly. Then, the shock on his face gradually turned vicious, “The person I, Xuanyuan Guxing, was tasked with was actually taken away using such cunning tactics. This is simply preposterous!”

Xuanyuan Guyun’s explanation was something that he believed completely. Because other than relying on some powerful spatial profound artifact, there was no other way to explain what had happened just now!

“Why are we still talking, seize them!”

Xuanyuan Guxing and Xuanyuan Guyun flew up together at the same time, one going toward Jasmine and the other going toward the Yun Che behind her.

With two mighty level nine Monarchs attacking at the same time, the tension in the air was frightening and a suffocating storm swept onto the Sea G.o.d Arena.

“Ahh… Be careful!!” Feng Xue’er subconsciously shouted. She was prepared to retaliate at a second’s notice but then saw Xuanyuan Guyun catch hold of Jasmine.

“Xue’er, quickly retreat! Retreat!!” Feng Hengkong’s face was filled with shocked as he hollered without caring about any manners.

Two level nine Monarchs attacked together out of rage, causing the atmosphere to drastically change. However, the red dressed young girl who was in the midst of all of this seemed to not sense any danger approaching. Her milky white face remained indifferent. When Xuanyuan Guxing and Xuanyuan Guyun were about ten steps away from her, she lifted her finger slightly and drew across the air.


The sound of blood splattering was so loud that it was nearly ear-piercing. The bodies of both Xuanyuan Guxing and Xuanyuan Guyun split into four parts in the air. With their surging profound energy, all the blood in their bodies burst out like a fountain from their broken bodies and it rained down from the sky like a terrifying scene of b.l.o.o.d.y rain.

Jasmine looked about slightly and waved her pet.i.te hand again, sending the falling corpses and blood rain in the direction of where the people from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region were. She did not hate blood—she only did not want blood from these lowly beings to stain her favorite Smoky Red Fairy Dress.

Bang bang...

A dull falling noise rang and Xuanyuan Guxing and Xuanyuan Guyun’s broken bodies fell in front of the elders from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. At the same time they fell, a huge patch of blood appeared as well.

A deathly silence immediately engulfed the Sea G.o.d Arena.

Indescribable shock and fear appeared on the faces of everyone. Everyone stared widely and their pupils shrunk to their tiniest...

Xuanyuan Guxing, Xuanyuan Guyun… Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s great elder and second elder, two legendary level nine Monarchs of the Profound Sky Continent… had died… instantly!?

The broken bodies, the splattering blood. They saw all of this clearly but still was unable believe what they had just seen.

Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi, Ye Meixie, Xuanyuan Wentian. These four great Sacred Masters who reigned above the Profound Sky all possessed the same shock and disbelief on their faces as well. They did not see how the two of them died nor did they detect any fluctuations of profound energy… all they saw was the gentle movement of the red dressed girl’s finger.

“You…” Xuanyuan Wentian pointed towards Jasmine. Anyone could see that his outstretched finger was trembling slightly. Xuanyuan Guxing and Xuanyuan Guyun’s strength were things that he knew fully well. With Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength, defeating them would not be a problem but even if it was him, he was still unable to comprehend what kind of strength was could actually sever the bodies of two level nine Monarchs in an instant.

“E-E-Elder Guxing…”

“Elder Guyun !!!”

The from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region seemed to snap out from their immense shock. Looking at the severed corpses beneath their feets, they still could not believe that these were the elders from their Sword Region whose strength were only beneath the Sword Master...

“Kill… Kill her! Kill her immediately!!”

The person he pointed at was not Yun Che, not Feng Xue’er, but Jasmine!

Xuanyuan Wentian completely understood that the sense of danger he detected from the red dressed girl was not his imagination! The image of Xuanyuan Guxing and Xuanyuan Guyun’s death caused this invincible Sword Region Sword Master to clearly feel an icy cold sense of fear.


The air was violently torn apart and three black figures shot out like lightning, straight at Jasmine. In their hands were three identical black swords which flashed with a eerie glow.

“The… Three Sword Attendants!” Xia Yuanba blurted out loudly.

Sword Attendant Heartless, Merciless, Emotionless; the Profound Sky Continent’s ruthless sword G.o.ds. Three level ten Monarchs who stood at the pinnacle of the Profound Sky Continent. It had been numerous years since they last attacked together because in this world, other than the four Sacred Masters, there was no one else capable enough for them to attack together.

It was well known among the Four Great Sacred Grounds that their combined strength could rival any one of the Sacred Masters!

But now, the three of them had attacked together to kill a young girl!

It was because of Xuanyuan Guxing and Xuanyuan Guyun’s deaths and even more so because Xuanyuan Wentian had never once used such a tone to issue a killing order.

When the three sword G.o.ds attacked at the same time, even those who stood several hundred meters away felt as though their bodies were about to be cut apart by the numerous lingering sword auras. This caused them to not be able to imagine just how frightening the sword might was when one directly received an attack from the Three Sword Attendants.

Jasmine did not look up, nor did her eyes move at all. Her icy jade-like pet.i.te hand just casually grabbed the air.

Instantly, the overbearing sword intent and sword aura disappeared into thin air. At the same time, the three black swords that the sword attendants held disappeared as well. They reappeared in Jasmine’s hands, then were coolly tossed away.




Six arrows of blood spluttered in the air. Sword Attendant Heartless, Merciless, Emotionless… were cut apart by their own black swords and split into six pieces. It was as though they were six bags of blood that burst and splattered all over.

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