Against the Gods - Chapter 806 - Bloodstained Jasmine (2)

Chapter 806 - Bloodstained Jasmine (2)

Chapter 806 - Bloodstained Jasmine (2)


If it were Feng Zukui who was standing in front of Yun Che, Xuanyuan Guyun would have been boiling with rage and spitting curses by now. But the person who stood in front of him was merely a young girl and in his shock, he found that he was unable to say anything for the moment.

Just from those flames alone, he could ascertain that the other party definitely had the strength to clash head to head with him! Furthermore, he was someone who held the seat of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Second Elder, an extremely exalted position while the person facing him was a young girl!

The white-clothed young girl was naturally Feng Xue’er. Given Feng Xue’er’s shocking and peerless strength and appearance, Xuanyuan Guyun had long ago taken notice of her. But he had never imagined that her true strength was not only not commensurate with the level of her profound strength, it actually far exceeded it! Even though her profound strength aura belonged to that of a level nine Monarch, her strength was definitely comparable to his, a Monarch who had reached the middle of the ninth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm.

Perhaps Feng Xue’er was the only person in the world that could cause a person like Xuanyuan Guyun to be completely dumbstruck.

“I expected no less of the person who inherited the power of the Phoenix G.o.d. She truly does not cease to amaze and I would not be surprised if people mistook her for a celestial being.” Xuanyuan Wentian sighed as he gave a bland smile.

It was at this moment when the Divine Phoenix Sect seemed to have been roused from its slumber. Feng Hengkong yelled out in a fl.u.s.tered voice, “Xue’er, what are you doing… Hurry up and come back!!”

“Xue’er, stop acting wilfully!” The color of Feng Tianwei’s face had changed as well. The exposed ident.i.ty of Yun Che was something that was far too shocking and terrifying and now they had found out that even his “master” that backed him up was a lie as well. Before all of this had happened, they had stopped objecting to the relations.h.i.+p between Yun Che and Feng Xue’er because they found out about Yun Che’s indomitable master. In fact, they even had the intention to announce it to the public… But given the current situation, they would naturally try to avoid him and any a.s.sociation with him like the plague. If someone brought up the rumor that the Divine Phoenix Sect was going to betroth Princess Snow to Yun Che right now, they would absolutely and categorically deny those claims.

But it was just when Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was about to capture Yun Che that Feng Xue’er suddenly took action to prevent this. This caused every member of the Divine Phoenix Sect to be completely stricken with panic.

Feng Xue’er stood in front of Yun Che as she spoke in a trembling voice, “Big Brother Yun… Even though he is someone from the Illusory Demon Realm, he really isn’t a bad person. You can’t treat him like this.”

“Not a bad person?” Xuanyuan Wentian said with a cold smile, “Hmph, Yun Che, you truly deserve the t.i.tle of the emperor of the demons. You were even able to bewitch the famed Princess Snow until her head is all muddled. Divine Phoenix Sect, I had long heard that Yun Che had developed extremely close ties with you and that you were even willing to betroth your most precious Princess Snow to him. However that is all in the past. You did not know that Yun Che was a demon, so we cannot take ignorance for complicity. However, you’re still willing to protect him to this extent. Could it be that you have steeled yourselves to side with this demon?”

“No, no, no! We definitely don’t have any such intentions!” Feng Hengkong shouted in a panicked voice, “Xue’er grew up at the side of the Phoenix G.o.d so she is still unschooled in the ways of the world and definitely won’t be able to recognize the wickedness of demons. Furthermore, Yun Che had also saved her life all those years ago, so that is why she rashly and impulsively took action. We definitely don’t have any intention of becoming comrades with demons.”

“Sword Master Xuanyuan, my royal sister is kind and compa.s.sionate, it is just that she has been deeply bewitched by this demon Yun Che for the past few years. That is wh… that is why she would act so rashly and impulsively! No one from our sect has told her anything regarding the Illusory Demon Realm yet, so right now she doesn’t know anything about the Illusory Demon Realm. If not, there is no way she would try to aid this reprehensible and malicious demon!”

Feng Ximing faced Xuanyuan Wentian as he said this, his expression terrified and his voice pleading, “I beg that Sword Master Xuanyuan fair judgement.”

“Royal sister, hurry up and come back! Yun Che is a vile and monstrous demon! You’ve been tricked by him all these years!”

Feng Zukui’s brows were sunken and his demeanor was grim. He leaped into the sky and arrived at Feng Xue’er’s side, grabbing her arm as he spoke, “Xue’er, you have repaid him for saving your life with your actions just now. From now on, we will have to sever all ties with him and have nothing to do with him henceforth. Let us go!”

“No!” Feng Xue’er, who was normally docile and gentle in front of her elders, threw off Feng Zukui’s hand, “Even though Big Brother Yun’s bloodline is of the Illusory Demon Realm, he has lived his entire life in the Profound Sky Continent. Even when he found out his parents came from the Illusory Demon Realm, he still regarded himself as a member of the Profound Sky Continent. The reason why he came back here after he had returned to the Illusory Demon Realm is because he feels that this place is home. He is definitely not planning anything malicious or evil… During the time that Big Brother Yun has been back, I have been by his side nearly always. I saw him strive to protect his homeland and the citizens of his homeland. He has not done a single thing to harm the Profound Sky Continent!”

Feng Xue’er’s words contained anger, bewilderment, fear and some confusion but every word was like precious jade that struck at the heart. Yun Che walked to her side and lightly patted her shoulder, “Xue’er, you don’t need to continue anymore. I am not a wicked person. Whether I really came back to the Profound Sky Continent to plot against them, do you think this… is something that they are actually unaware of?”

Yun Che’s gaze swept across all the members of the Four Sacred Grounds, his eyes filled with mockery and contempt, “The Four Great Sacred Grounds have always boasted that they were the guardians who watched over the borders of the Profound Sky Continent who would resist any attempts to invade by a foreign power. You were told that this foreign power was the Illusory Demon Realm! However, aside from the Four Great Sacred Grounds, has anyone of you truly witnessed the Illusory Demon Realm attempt to invade the Profound Sky Continent? Has anyone here come into contact with someone from the Illusory Demon Realm? Does anyone here truly know whether the Illusory Demon Realm and its people are truly wicked!?”

“You have not!” Yun Che said as he shook his head slowly, a cold smile spread across his face, “The only things you have heard is what the Four Great Sacred Grounds wanted you to hear! You are unable to distinguish who is the true villain between the Illusory Demon Realm and the Four Sacred Grounds! You are unable to see which party was the one seized by greed and stained by sin! But I have seen all of these things clearly and the heavens and earth have also witnessed these things as well. So, there will come a day where there will be reckoning!”

Yun Che’s eyes swept across Qu Fengyi before settling on the leader of the Four Great Sacred Masters, Huangji Wuyu, “Supreme Ocean Palace’s Sovereign of the Seas and Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s Saint Emperor, do you think that what I have said is wrong?”

Qu Fengyi and Huangji Wuyu’s brows twitched but they did not utter a single word… or perhaps it would be better to say that they were rendered speechless.

“Even though your death is at hand, you’re still trying to delude the people with your lies and you even tried to besmirch the name of our Four Great Sacred Grounds.” Xuanyuan Wentian said with an extremely contemptuous laugh, “Yun Che, you can’t be so naive as to believe that the profound pract.i.tioners of the Profound Sky Continent would believe the words of the emperor of demons and actually come to suspect the holy and sacred grounds that have been protecting them for a whole ten thousand years, right? It is simply the biggest joke in the world!”


After Xuanyuan Wentian gave that low yell, a black figure appeared like a ghost at his side as he spoke in a low and hoa.r.s.e voice, “Sword Master.”

Following the appearance of this black-clothed man, the thousands of experts who were gathered in this place all felt a chill run through their bodies. Especially those experts who were holding swords, their swords actually started to tremble all by themselves and the sounds of swords rattling in their sheathes rang out everywhere.

Even Feng Zukui who was standing there and trying to pull Feng Xue’er away grew ashen-faced. If one was quick enough, one would even see a look of shock and fear flash through his eyes.

Because this person was one of the Three Sword Attendants of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, Sword Attendant Emotionless! A person who would cause others to go pale with fright at the mere mention of his name!

A terrifying existence in the Four Great Sacred Grounds who was only inferior to the Sacred Masters themselves!

“Seal Yun Che’s profound energy and seize him! If anyone tries to stop you… kill them!” Xuanyuan Wentian said as a cold gleam flashed through his eyes. Xia Yuanba had already been sealed by Absolute Monarch Sanctuary so his last command was obviously targeting the Divine Phoenix Sect.

“Wait a minute!” Yun Che who had hardly uttered a single word throughout this entire spectacle suddenly spoke up. He looked at Xuanyuan Wentian and a significant smile suddenly appeared on his face, “Sword Master Xuanyuan, you have exposed my ident.i.ty and many of my secrets, but it seems like you have deliberately missed out on the most important thing.”

“Oh? Is that right?” Xuanyuan Wentian said with a contemptuous laugh. Even if Yun Che had ten thousand tricks up his sleeve, he could forget about escaping as long as he was around, “So why don’t you tell me exactly what I’ve failed to mention?”

The moment those words left his mouth, Xuanyuan Wentian suddenly remembered something and his expression changed. But before he even had the chance to seize control of Yun Che’s intentions, those three words had already come out of his mouth.

“Of course, you didn’t mention the… Mirror of Samsara!” Yun Che said with a cold smile.

“...” Xuanyuan Wentian’s body shook for an instant while the smile on his face had gone completely stiff… and for the first time, one could see an extremely dark and sinister look flash across his face. Behind him, Xuanyuan Wendao’s expression had also changed and one could hear his teeth grinding together.

Because these words that Yun Che had just uttered had completely spoiled the elaborate scheme that Xuanyuan Wentian had put together.

Xuanyuan Wentian had found out about Yun Che’s ident.i.ty from his spies in the Illusory Demon Realm, so he naturally knew that the Mirror of Samsara was on his person. The only explanation Yun Che could come up with for Xuanyuan Wentian kidnapping Xiao Yun and personally orchestrating this witch hunt against him… was that he wanted to obtain the Mirror of Samsara.

But he was also suspicious as to why Xuanyuan Wentian did not simply take covert action against him while hiding it from the other three Sacred Grounds when he found out that the Mirror of Samsara was in possession. Instead, he chose to persecute him in public… It was because the moment the matter concerning the Mirror of Samsara came to light, the other three Sacred Grounds would spare no expense in trying to take it by force. Even if Xuanyuan Wentian wanted to have it, it would not be so easy.

But today, Xuanyuan Wentian had exposed his ident.i.ty and status in the Illusory Demon Realm in front of everyone and had put a huge label on his back. However, he never mentioned anything regarding the “Mirror of Samsara”, and he had even hidden the part about the “Primordial Profound Ark”.

It was also when Xuanyuan Wentian had deliberately concealed the matter of the “Primordial Profound Ark” that Yun Che finally understood what his goal was.

Given the power that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region held in their hands, it definitely would not be a difficult matter to make a covert move against him. But Yun Che was not some n.o.body in the Profound Sky Continent and even the Four Great Sacred Grounds had started to pay close attention to him. Therefore, if Mighty Heavenly Sword Region tried to take action against him secretly, it was very likely that the other three Sacred Grounds would notice. After that, they would definitely launch a full investigation… Especially if it came to Xia Yuanba and the rest of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. Given how important Yun Che was to Xia Yuanba and how important Xia Yuanba was to Huangji Wuyu, it was extremely likely that they would kick up a huge fuss and spare no expense in finding out the truth. Once they found out that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region took action because Yun Che possessed the Mirror of Samsara, Xuanyuan Wentian could forget about “h.o.a.rding it for himself”.

But if he openly exposed Yun Che’s ident.i.ty in front of the Four Great Sacred Grounds and the heroes of the realm who were gathered in this Sea G.o.d Arena, then openly and publicly brought him back to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region for questioning, the other three Sacred Grounds would have no reason to suspect or doubt him. They would at most pay attention to the results of the interrogation. At that time, Xuanyuan Wentian would have the Mirror of Samsara fall into his lap.

No, other than the Mirror of Samsara, he had also deliberately concealed the matter of the Primordial Profound Ark, so it was clear that he wanted to obtain the Primordial Profound Ark as well!

Xuanyuan Wentian was an extremely cautious and shrewd man with a vicious heart and a wicked mind. One could say that his plan was quite nearly perfect… Because normally speaking, Yun Che should have rejoiced in his heart and breathed a sigh of relief when the “Mirror of Samsara” or “Primordial Profound Ark” had not been exposed and n.o.body would be stupid enough to mention these things himself… Because once this information came to light, it would provoke the rapacious greed of all of the Four Sacred Grounds and truly throw Yun Che into a situation that he could not come back from.

Xuanyuan Wentian had indeed thought this way.

But he had sorely underestimated Yun Che’s resoluteness and determination.

Even if he provoked the greed of the Four Sacred Grounds and become a prey that they had to obtain at all costs, while consigning himself to the deepest and darkest abyss in the act, he still wanted to give Xuanyuan Wentian a fierce slap across the face!!

As expected, once the three words “Mirror of Samsara” spilled out from Yun Che’s lips, the other three Sacred Grounds and the other three Sacred Masters immediately reacted as if they had been struck by lightning, “What did you say? The Mirror of Samsara!?”

The “Mirror of Samsara” was a completely unfamiliar name to the people of the Seven Nations but if anyone from the Sacred Grounds heard it, it would send a jolt of electricity racing through their veins.

The reason why they had paid such an enormous price to invade the Illusory Demon Realm one hundred years ago was to obtain the Mirror of Samsara that was said to hold the secrets of the Divine Profound!

“The Mirror of Samsara is in your possession?” Ye Meixie asked in a stern voice, as he began to unconsciously to move his feet forward one step.

“Of course it is. If not, why do you think that Sword Master Xuanyuan’s expression suddenly changed?” Yun Che said in a mocking voice.

The moment they heard the name Mirror of Samsara, Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi, Ye Meixie and all the elders from the various Sacred Grounds were absolutely stunned. But after that, their emotions started heating up and the atmosphere began to grow noisy once more. It was only Xuanyuan Wentian who stood there silently, his face dark and grim… Given the stature and intelligence of the other three Sacred Masters, they instantly understood the reason why Xuanyuan Wentian had gone through all the trouble to put up this spectacle. It was because he already knew that Yun Che possessed the Mirror of Samsara, so he did all of these things in order to hide it from them and take it for himself!

His actions also conclusively proved that the Mirror of Samsara was indeed in Yun Che’s possession!

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