Against the Gods - Chapter 790 - My Jasmine (3)

Chapter 790 - My Jasmine (3)

Chapter 790 - My Jasmine (3)

The Dragon G.o.d image had grown incredibly faint and it looked like it would disappear at any moment. At this instant, Yun Che’s pupils flashed with firelight as a phoenix cry rang out in the room and the image of a Phoenix coalesced behind his back…

After releasing the Dragon Soul, he released the Phoenix Soul without holding anything back. The weak Dragon Soul and the recently ignited Phoenix Soul combined forces to slightly weaken the soul stealing power of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower. Yun Che gave a low roar as he rushed forward. During that burst of speed, he covered another three meters.

Now he was only twenty one meters away from the Netherworld Udumbara Flower!

“Wha… what proof do you have that I won’t!” Jasmine’s strained voice showed that she was losing control over her emotions. She deeply inhaled as she forced herself to remain calm and composed, “Okay… fine… Could it be that you will only be content after you have dragged me down to the grave with you once you have been tortured to death by the pain of having your soul stolen!? If you don’t hurry up and get back to a safe spot, you will be dooming me as well! I endured so many years of that devilish poison and it wasn’t easy for me to get to this point! So if your stupidity today ends up causing my death… I will never ever forgive you, not even in our next lives!!”

While the flames burned, the cry of the Phoenix Soul began to grow weaker and weaker. Yun Che was now only eighteen meters away from the Netherworld Udumbara Flower… Even Jasmine was unable to believe that Yun Che could withstand this horrifying soul stealing ability and the pain of having his soul rent apart and come this close to the Netherworld Udumbara Flower. His miserable cries of pain had grown so hoa.r.s.e that they barely even sounded human anymore. His actions were so weak that he resembled an old man who was at death’s door. But his arms and his body continued to slowly crawl forward inch by inch…

If the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign still lived, perhaps even he would not be able to believe the scene he was witnessing.

“Jasmine…” Yun Che murmured in a voice so low that even he could not hear himself clearly, “Believe me… I can definitely… make it…”

“You are even… younger than me… Yet from such a young age… you could only… rely on one person… to live… I know just how… painful… and sad… that kind of life is…”

“Even though you are… haughty… stubborn… foul-tempered… and you love to scold me… you have never allowed… me to pity you… but… I know that… you desire freedom… more than anything else…”

“If… we miss this chance… I don’t know… how many more years we will have to… I… will… definitely… not…”


Yet another resonant cry pierced the air, the image of the third Divine Spirit appeared behind Yun Che. The Golden Crow Soul was also ignited by Yun Che, he was releasing all of his soul energy without any reservation.

This explosion of soul energy allowed the now clear-headed Yun Che to stride forward yet again.

By the time he fell to the ground again, he was only fifteen meters away from the Netherworld Udumbara Flower.

But these short fifteen meters were the widest and most terrifying divide in the entire Profound Sky Continent.

At this point, anyone who had not personally experienced the same thing would never be able to imagine what Yun Che was currently enduring.

Dragon G.o.d Soul, Phoenix Soul, Golden Crow Soul… All three Divine Spirit images were radiating light. It was just that the images of the Phoenix and the Dragon G.o.d had already grown extremely thin and faint but Yun Che was still desperately holding on to the last threads of soul energy. If he did not have the protection of these three Great Divine Spirit Souls, his soul would have long ago been shattered into countless fragments.

Fifteen meters away. This was a distance that Jasmine could scarcely believe. But she knew how hopeless an affair it would be to try to cross these last fifteen meters. Even if Yun Che was at his peak, he would not be able to cross this last stretch… Besides, the Divine Spirit soul power he was relying on had grown extremely weak.

But Yun Che was still using his arms to pull his entire body along as he crawled towards the Netherworld Udumbara Flower at a snail’s pace… Jasmine was closely observing Yun Che but she was unable to find out what kind of power the current Yun Che was using to continue dragging himself forward.

“Just what… will make you give up!?” Jasmine’s voice was shaking so hard that it was scarcely recognizable. She turned her head away and closed her eyes… Given her nature, she no longer dared to look at Yun Che’s current appearance, “For the last… I’ll say this for the last time! Immediately… get away from here!! This is an order! I am your master… and you well know that one must always obey their master. Are you telling me that you’re even going to rebel against your master’s orders!?”

Yun Che’s arm was spasming but his body moved forward yet again. His entire body was wriggling and jerking spasmodically, as if he was a dying bug wriggling the last of its life away… Behind him, the images of the Dragon G.o.d and the Phoenix had completely disappeared and only the weak light of the Golden Crow image was still flas.h.i.+ng.

“A master’s order cannot be disobeyed…” Yun Che’s eyes still remained open as his blood-stained mouth whispered those word, “But in my heart… you are not merely… my master…”

“You are also… my… Jasmine!!!!”

“...” Jasmine’s body trembled. Her heart had grown completely muddled, as if something had exploded in the very depths of her soul.


The Golden Crow image had also completely disappeared. The moment all three Divine Spirit images completely disappeared, Yun Che’s body was suddenly lit up by flames and under the firelight, one could also see a scarlet profound light…

The three drops of Phoenix origin blood and the nine drops of Golden Crow origin blood were ignited by him in that one instant.

This was the second time he had ignited his Divine origin blood ever since the duel that he had with Xia Qingyue all those years ago! The difference was that he had drawn the origin blood out of his body to ignite it the first time around, but this time, he had ignited it while the origin blood was still in his body.

At the same time, he also resolutely opened the fourth gate of the Evil G.o.d that caused him to lose half his life in those short two breaths of time.

“Rumbling… Heaven!!”

Like an insect on the brink of death, Yun Che fiercely rushed forward as cauterizing flames burned all around him. In an instant, he covered nearly fifteen meters of ground. With his remaining will, he hazily ascertained the direction in which the purple light lay. He desperately thrust out his left hand, which flashed with a green light as he came into contact with the purple light, which resembled devil eyes…


Yun Che heavily fell to the ground and stopped moving completely. All of the wounds that his body had just recovered from had all ruptured open, whether it was his internal or external wounds. Furthermore, those injuries were even worse than they had been; they were so serious that Yun Che had instantly lost consciousness as he lay there unmoving.

The world within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest had finally descended into its dark quiet solitude once more… Furthermore, it was an absolute darkness, not a single thread of light continued to glow in this place.

Jasmine dumbly stood in place. She neither moved nor spoke for a very long time… The only things one could see were two streams of wetness trailing down her snow white face. They did not stop, the tears only streaming down faster and faster in the silence.



“Uuu… This isn’t real… Big Brother… I don’t want you to die… Uuuuu… I don’t want this… don’t want this!!”

“Jasmine… don’t cry… Even if Big Brother isn’t around, you must still… continue to be strong… You still need… to protect Caizhi… After all, she… Cough, cough cough.”

“I… I understand. I will protect Caizhi, I will protect her the same way Big Brother protected me. I must be strong… I must also… must also kill that person… kill all of the people of that astral plane to take revenge for my brother…”

“No… please don’t… don’t visit your vengeance on her…”

“Why… It’s obvious that she was the one who harmed Big Brother… Why is Big Brother still trying to protect her!?”

“Jasmine… you’re still young. Once you’ve grown up, you will learn to truly love someone. It is then that you will understand… Big Brother may have died because of her… but I have no regrets… I just have too many worries that I am leaving behind…”

“Jasmine… promise Big Brother this one last thing… In the future… once you’ve grown up… if there comes a day where you meet a man who is strong, treats you as good as Big Brother has and is willing to give up anything for you… even his life. Then get him to… bring you… far away from this place… forever… The further the better… so no one will be able to find you…”

“No… I don’t want… In this world, there will never be someone who will treat me as well as Big Brother… I only want Big Brother… Uu… uwaaaaaaaaaah…”

“Jasmine… you will definitely be able to meet that person… Because my sister… is the kindest… and most beautiful girl… in the world…”



“...” Jasmine stretched out her small hand and touched the two warm streams of tears that ran down her snowy face. Perhaps it was because she had not cried since the death of her brother and it had been far too long since then. As a result, too many tears had acc.u.mulated, and no matter how she tried to control them, those flowing tears simply refused to stop.

Big Brother, do you know? I’ve really met someone who fits that description.

But, how can I…

“Eh? Big Sis Jasmine, you’re crying!”

While Jasmine was in a daze, she had not realized that Hong’er had woken up. She stood by Jasmine’s side, looking curiously at Jasmine’s tear-stained face while racking her brains. After she had confirmed what she was thinking several times over, she suddenly started jumping in excitement as she shouted, “Whoaa! I had always thought that only I knew how to cry, but it looks like Big Sis Jasmine also knows how to cry as well… This is great!!”

Hong’er always got excited over the weirdest things. This time, Jasmine didn't encourage her like she normally did to make her happy. Instead, she stretched out a hand and lightly grasped Hong’er’s white and delicate hand.

“Hong’er, if there comes a day where I won’t be here anymore and I won’t return for a very long time… you need to obediently listen to your master’s words, okay?”

“Of course that’s okay!” Hong’er said as she nodded her head with no hesitation. She smiled merrily as she replied, “I have always been very obedient to Master… Ah?” Hong’er had finally noticed the main point and she asked Jasmine curiously, “Big Sis Jasmine, you won’t be here? Are you going somewhere else to play?”

“I don’t know, perhaps I have been thinking too much all of the sudden.” Jasmine said as she gave a faint smile, “Anyways, you need to obediently obey your master at all times, okay. Because besides me, you master is the person who treats Hong’er the best in this world, right?”

“Mn!” Hong’er obediently nodded her head. But after that, she slanted her head and whispered to herself, “It’s so strange. Big Sis Jasmine seems really weird today… Aiyah, I don’t care anymore! Big Sis Jasmine, now that I’ve finished sleeping, my tummy is rumbling again! I want to eat lots and lots of delicious stuff!”


There was no sound and no light. Within the boundless darkness, Yun Che lay unmoving, whether he still lived or if he had died was a complete mystery.

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