Against the Gods - Chapter 775 - Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (1)

Chapter 775 - Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (1)

Chapter 775 - Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign (1)

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Amidst ear-shattering explosions, continuously exploding Phoenix flames had dyed a large swathe of the sky and sea a startling crimson. As those frenzied flames fell from the sky, the small islets that came into contact with them immediately turned to magma.

The dreadful sounds and power being displayed had long ago alerted Supreme Ocean Palace but the Phoenix flames continued to wreak havoc with no signs of stopping and they kept growing hotter and wilder with each pa.s.sing minute.

“Princess Snow, please stop! This barrier can’t be forcibly blasted open! Even if the Four Sacred Masters were to join hands, they would also not be able to do so!!”

Zi Ji was also at the eighth stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm. But when he faced these terrifyingly powerful divine flames, he also had no choice but to keep his distance, he even had to keep retreating.

“Big Brother Yun… BIG BROTHER YUN!!!” In front of the barrier sealing the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, Feng Xue’er screamed as she crazily hurled phoenix fire. But no matter how the Phoenix flames a.s.saulted the barrier, not a single scratch was formed on it. It did not even quiver in the slightest and it would only give out threads of rippling light every now and then.

“Little Sister Xue’er, you need to stop at once!!”

Xia Yuanba had also been forced to keep his distance. He had wanted to approach Xue’er many times but her Phoenix flames were simply too dreadful. In the blink of an eye, he had already been blown half a kilometer away by those Phoenix flames. He could only howl helplessly and anxiously but no matter how he and Zi Ji tried to counsel Feng Xue’er, they simply could not get through to her.

At this moment, the Phoenix flames suddenly stopped and the firelight that had shrouded the entire island began to wane. Xia Yuanba thought that Feng Xue’er had started to come to her senses but just as he was about to advance… An enormous and extremely glaring fire lotus gorgeously bloomed around Feng Xue’er.


An all-encompa.s.sing wave of heat a.s.saulted Zi Ji and Xia Yuanba. They both felt a pressure on their chests, as if they had been smashed by a giant hammer that had come from the depths of a fiery purgatory. They fiercely shot backwards and their clothes and hair started to burn.

This was a Star Scorching Demon Lotus performed with all of Feng Xue’er’s might and it was also the strongest attack that the Phoenix flames could display on this world! It was more than ten times stronger than the strongest Phoenix flames that Yun Che could produce.

“Little Sister Xue’er… hurry up… and stop!!”

Xia Yuanba’s cries were now tinged with pain. He retreated at full speed. His body felt like it was being wrapped in purgatorial flames as every inch of skin was being burned to the point where the pain was unbearable. It was a long time before the burning sensation finally subsided to a level he could endure. He anxiously extinguished the flames burning on his body as he began to noisily gasp for air. Every single breath that he expelled from his chest was boiling hot.

The Phoenix flames that had been raging for a long time finally began to die down as their light swiftly receded. Xia Yuanba took ragged gasps as he desperately sought to regain his composure. It was only then that he discovered that he had been blasted five kilometers away from the island that the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was located in.

Even though he had seen Yun Che use his Phoenix flames before, he had never once seen Feng Xue’er in action. It was only now that he came to the startling realization that this girl, who was as beautiful as fairy and who would tenderly and gently call him “Bulky Big Brother” was actually extremely terrifying!

On the other side, even though Zi Ji had not been pushed as far as Xia Yuanba, the trembling of his pupils were no less intense than Xia Yuanba’s… His profound strength was the same as Feng Xue’er’s, both of them were at the eighth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. And when it came down to it, he was still slightly stronger than her. But right now, he was utterly convinced that if he were to face Feng Xue’er in battle, he would definitely eat a loss!

The eighth stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm coupled with the purest Phoenix bloodline and Phoenix flames; it was a power that was definitely able to match the profound pract.i.tioners of the Four Great Sacred Grounds who were at the ninth stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm!

The light of the flames had completely dissipated but the sea breeze was still boiling hot. It was just that the original island had completely disappeared and the only thing that was left was an enormous ocean-blue barrier s.h.i.+mmering on top of the sea as it sealed off the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest from the rest of the world. The island that had existed outside the barrier had been completely obliterated by Feng Xue’er’s Star Scorching Demon Lotus.

“Why did it turn out like this… Big Brother Yun… Big Brother Yun…”

Feng Xue’er floated above the barrier all alone, her shoulders faintly shaking. She stared at unharmed blue barrier dumbly, her eyes filled with misery and heartbreaking words spilling from her lips.

“Little Sister Xue’er, don’t be too worried.” Xia Yuanba said as he quickly flew to her side. His appearance was quite pathetic, his face and his entire body had been burnt black, his clothes were dotted with innumerable holes due to the flames, and even half of his eyebrows had been singed off. However he bore no resentment towards Feng Xue’er. Instead he now liked her even more… Because she had fallen apart on behalf of Yun Che.

“Brother-in-law is a very clever person… Since he chose to remain inside that place, he definitely has an objective he needs to fulfill and also a method of escape.” Xia Yuanba said as he tried to comfort Feng Xue’er. But his own palms were soaked in cold sweat and he was so anxious that he felt like his heart was about to burn to cinders.

“But… that place is so dangerous. Senior Zi also said that if someone were to be trapped inside there, that person would… that person would…” Feng Xue’er sobbed, her voice quivering with barely restrained weeping.

“Don’t worry, it will be alright.” Xia Yuanba did his best to remain calm and comfort Xue’er, “Brother-in-law was the one who made the decision to remain in that place, he wasn’t forcibly imprisoned within. So he definitely must be confident that he can get out. Between Brother-in-law and Zi Ji, the one you should trust is definitely Brother-in-law! Just now Brother-in-law himself said that he would be out in a few days. Moreover…”

Xia Yuanba quietly ascertained where Zi Ji was standing before concentrating his profound energy and sending a sound transmission to Xue’er, “Don’t forget, Brother-in-law still has the Primordial Profound Ark and he can teleport tens of thousands of kilometers in the blink of an eye. So it should be a simple matter… for him to escape from that place.”

The three words “Primordial Profound Ark” caused Feng Xue’er's teary eyes to immediately sparkle prettily. Xia Yuanba’s words was not an empty consolation and it helped her confused and frightened heart regain a semblance of calm.

“I also think that there is no need to worry too much.” Zi Ji flew over from afar. Even though his body was scorched all over, his calm and tranquil att.i.tude remained, “Even though I am convinced that absolutely n.o.body on this earth can break this barrier, do not forget that Yun Che’s master is an expert who has transcended this world. He was able to bring Yun Che back from the Primordial Profound Ark all those years ago, so breaking out of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest should be as easy as waving his hand.”

“Yes, yes, yes, that is definitely the case.” Xia Yuanba quickly went along with Zi Ji as he nodded his head vigorously. But his anxiety was not eased in the least… because he was extremely clear that Yun Che’s so-called “master” was fake.

“What just happened!?”

A stern voice echoed from the distant north and at the same time, they could feel a energy wave pressing in from afar. Both the tone and the actions of the approaching person were fraught with anxiety.

Xia Yuanba turned around and saw a blue-robed man flying over at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. Behind him, thirty meter high waves were roaring in his wake as the sea had been agitated by the profound energy he was releasing. And far behind that blue-robed man trailed four people who were all clothed in red.

“Supreme Ocean Palace’s great elder Mo Chenfeng!” Xia Yuanba blurted out in surprise.

The four red-clothed people trailing behind him rooted Feng Xue’er in place for a while. But after that she excitedly took flight as she went to meet them, “Royal father, Grandfather, Crown Prince, and… Great Grandfather!?”

As they saw Xue’er come to welcome them, the four red-clothed men also slowed to a halt, their faces showing their great excitement at seeing her again. Feng Hengkong cried out emotionally, “It’s Xue’er… It’s really Xue’er!”

Feng Xue’er had just used the full power of her Phoenix flames to a.s.sault the barrier and in doing so, she had radiated an overly strong Phoenix aura that spread out over fifty kilometers. This had startled the members of the Divine Phoenix Sect who were currently staying in Supreme Ocean Palace. The only person in this world who was able to release such a refined and pure Phoenix aura was Feng Xue’er!

At that point, all four of them dropped everything else and flew towards the south at full speed. Now they had once again been reunited with the Feng Xue’er, who had left the Divine Phoenix Sect for several months already.

“Great Grandfather?” After hearing Feng Xue’er’s cry of surprise, Xia Yuanba’s gaze immediately fell on the red-clothed man who stood on the extreme right. He had a head full of white hair and his face was as ruddy as scarlet flames. But his eyes seemed to be two burning flames and just meeting them caused Xia Yuanba’s eyes to feel a burning sensation.

Little Sister Xue’er’s great grandfather… Oh that was right! It was the man whom master called the number one person in the entire Divine Phoenix Sect… Feng Zukui!!

Xia Yuanba had heard Spiritual Master Ancient Blue personally mention this person before. He had said that Feng Zukui’s profound strength was already at the ninth stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm one hundred years ago and because of his intimacy with the Phoenix flame, his overall strength was even higher than Spiritual Master Ancient Blue!

Outside of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, he was also the undisputed number one person in the Profound Sky Continent!

Feng Zukui very rarely appeared anymore and even among the Divine Phoenix disciples, very few of them had personally seen him before. But it was not surprising to see him attending this Devil Sword Conference.

“Mister Zi, what happened here?”

There was only that blue barrier below which was still s.h.i.+ning on the surface of the sea, all the other islets and the island itself had disappeared without a trace. Mo Chenfeng’s brows twitched violently as his face was colored with shock.

Zi Ji made a small gesture before saying, “We didn’t meet any great enemy. It is only that Yun Che is still stuck inside the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.”

“What!?” Mo Chenfeng gasped in astonishment.

“However, it wasn’t because he couldn’t make out it in time. Rather, he chose to remain inside. Zi Ji said, “And after hearing what he said, it seemed like he was unable to harvest the Netherworld Udumbara Flower because it had not reached full bloom yet. He decided to remain inside so that he could wait for it to fully bloom.”

“This…” Mo Chenfeng’s face twitched before he said in a deep voice, “This is the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest we are talking about. If one is sealed inside, the only thing awaiting that person is death! The Sovereign of the Seas has personally said that even she would not be able to last in that place for more than six hours! For him to decide to remain inside there… it’s no different from digging his own grave!!”

Zi Ji shook his head in disagreement, “If it was any other person, that would most certainly be the case. But Yun Che was able to return alive from the Primordial Profound Ark. Furthermore, even though he is a haughty man, he is not so arrogant as to gamble his own life by underestimating the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.”

He turned around and faced the barrier surrounding the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest before calmly continuing, “Right now, I am actually very curious to see whether he will really be able to survive for long within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. And whether he will be able to escape this isolation barrier… Also whether he will be able to successfully obtain the Netherworld Udumbara Flower that n.o.body has ever approached and lived!”

Mo Chenfeng fell silent.

“However, my antic.i.p.ation will only continue until this time tomorrow.” Zi Ji said, “Yun Che’s ‘master’ may have the ability to transcend the heavens but Yun Che’s strength falls slightly short of the mid stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm and his vitality is far below even that. In a place where even the Sovereign of the Seas is not able to survive for six hours… If he is not brought out by his ‘master’ within a day, then it is impossible that he will still be alive. At which time, that ‘master’ of his either does not know of his predicament or simply doesn’t exist in the first place.”

“Mister Zi has indeed reminded me of something. The laws of s.p.a.ce within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest are very different from the laws of s.p.a.ce here. Among these differences is the fact that all Sound Transmission Jade and spatial profound artifacts will be rendered useless in there. If Yun Che’s trump card is to use a sound transmission to get his ‘master’ to save him or to use a spatial profound artifact to escape this place, then he has truly dug his own grave this time.” Mo Chenfeng said in a relaxed voice.

“...” Zi Ji’s brows sank by several degrees and his originally calm face was now creased by uncertainty and pity, “In short, we should return to the Ocean Palace first so we can make our report to the Sovereign of the Seas. We need to devote all our efforts to getting ready for the Devil Sword Conference. We can’t afford to be distracted by anything else.”

“Yes.” Mo Chenfeng said as he nodded his head as he turned around to leave. It was not important that the island that the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was located on was destroyed. Because the barrier sealing the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was absolutely impregnable and indestructible.

“Xue’er, why are you here?” Feng Hengkong asked in both concern and agitation. The three people that had come with him were Feng Ximing, Feng Tianwei, and last but not least… Feng Zukui!

“Xue’er, you… have you been well? During the past few months you spent in the Blue Wind Nation, has anyone… especially that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Yun Che, bullied you!?” Feng Ximing asked anxiously. As he said this, both of his hands were trembling, his face had gone completely red and his eyes were tightly locked onto Xue’er. He was so agitated that he looked like he was going to lose control of himself.

“I came together with Big Brother Yun. I did not inform Royal Father because I was not sure if Big Brother Yun would bring me along. Great Grandfather, you actually came as well, Xuer’er has already… not seen you for the longest time now.” Feng Xue’er bowed gently towards Feng Zukui.

“On the other hand, during the three years that Xue’er was unconscious, I went to see Xue’er many times.” Upon seeing Feng Xue’er, Feng Zukui’s mood had become extremely good. A weak and shallow smile suddenly appeared on his calm and imposing face. After he gave Feng Xue’er a few deep and measured looks, the red light in his eyes immediately gleamed even brighter and the smile on his face grew deeper as well. He nodded his head heavily as he sighed, “Xue’er, you are truly the precious gem of our entire clan. In just a few short years, your Phoenix profound strength has actually exceeded your own father and grandfather. Perhaps by this time next year, even this old fogey will be left in your dust! Hahahahahaha!”

Feng Zukui threw his head back in laughter and everyone could hear the immense elation and joy contained in that great laugh. From the moment Feng Hengkong could walk and talk, he had only seen Feng Zukui laugh four times and every single time he had laughed, it was because of Feng Xue’er. This time, his laughter was far more joyous and jubilant than it had been on any of the previous occasions. He took a step forward and bowed as he said, “Grandfather, it has to be said that Xue’er’s transformation is truly thanks to that Yun Che. Three years ago, Yun Che had imparted the fifth and sixth stages of the ‘World Ode of the Phoenix’ to Xue’er on the Primordial Profound Ark. This event allowed Xue’er to attain a true mastery of her Phoenix flames and also caused her strength to soar.”

“Even though Yun Che brought a great calamity down on our heads a few months ago, he has always been sincere towards Xue’er. And Xue’er even owes him her current powers and her very life…” Feng Hengkong shut his eyes before saying, “Therefore, during these few months, the burning desire to avenge my sons… is something that I am more than willing to forego. I have no desire to pursue vengeance on behalf of the other two grand elders either.”

Feng Tianwei’s gaze swept across the surrounding area and he said with furrowed brows, “Xue’er, you said that you came here with Yun Che. Why are you here by yourself right now?”

These words caused Xue’er’s delicate body to faintly tremble as two tears instantly fell from her beautiful eyes. Even though Yun Che was the person that she trusted the most in this world, and even though she knew about the existence of the Primordial Profound Ark… she could not quell the intense fear and worry that gnawed at her soul.

Feng Hengkong and the two other elders were immediately struck dumb. Feng Ximing, on the other hand, practically jumped up in anger, the hair on his head standing on end and his features warping as a b.e.s.t.i.a.l snarl tore from his throat, “Did… did he bully you! Did he… he… where the h.e.l.l is he right now!? b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Beast! I will kill him… I will rip him to shreds!!”

Feng Hengkong glared at Feng Ximing fiercely before he asked Xue’er in a low voice, “Xue’er, what exactly happened here?”

Xue’er bit her trembling lips and it was only after a long while that she could finally speak in a grief-stricken voice, “Big Brother Yun, he… he is trapped inside the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.”

“What!?” Feng Tianwei’s and Feng Hengkong’s faces immediately lost all color. Feng Ximing was taken aback as well but his face immediately twisted into an expression of undisguisable jubilation.

The existence of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was known to only one other sect besides the Four Great Sacred Grounds… and that sect was the Divine Phoenix Sect.

“There is no need to be so worried.” Feng Zukui’s expression remained calm as he spoke, “I just heard the discussion between Supreme Ocean Palace’s Mister Zi and great elder Chen Mo Feng. Yun Che seems to have chosen to stay behind, so he definitely has confidence that he can escape. Furthermore his master is the legendary ‘Old Man Duotian’ who has the ability to transcend the heavens. So being sealed within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest may not end in his death.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Feng Xue’er’s tears stabbed into Feng Hengkong’s heart like needles, so he hurriedly nodded his head in agreement as he said, “Your great grandfather is completely right! If anyone else was trapped in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, it would indeed spell their doom! But Yun Che is different! Even the Primordial Profound Ark couldn’t contain him all those years back. You should follow your royal father back to the Ocean Palace first and maybe by the time you wake up tomorrow, he will already be out of this place.”

Feng Xue’er raised a jade hand as she wiped away the tears from her snowy face. She softly said, “I know… I believe more than anyone else that Big Brother Yun will definitely… definitely come out of there in one piece. So, I will wait here for Big Brother Yun. Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Royal Father, Crown Prince Brother, Xue’er is alright. All of you should return to the Ocean Palace first. Xue’er will immediately come and see you all once Big Brother Yun returns.”

“Ssss…” Feng Xue’er's words and the resolute expression on his face caused Feng Ximing’s smooth face to once again warp in anger as he clenched both his fist tightly and viciously murmured under his breath: Yun Cheeeee! Go down to the eighteen layers of h.e.l.l within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest! Die! Die! DIEEEEEEE!!!!


“You don’t need to advise her any further.” Xia Yuanba walked over as he said with a serious expression on his face, “No matter what you say, she will definitely not leave this place right now. Return to the Ocean Palace first, I will wait here with her. And once she has regained some of her composure, I will advise her to return as well.”

“This man is Xia Yuanba, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s disciple who possesses the legendary Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins! He is Yun Che’s brother-in-law.” Feng Hengkong sent a sound transmission to both Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui.

The look in both Feng Tianwei’s and Feng Zukui’s eyes changed drastically once they heard those words.

Feng Hengkong knitted his brows before he let out a soft sigh, “Since that is the case… Xue’er, we will be waiting at the Flame Heart Palace that is located in the northwest part of the Ocean Palace. If anything happens, you must definitely send a sound transmission to inform us… No matter how anxious and worried you are, your royal father will be even more worried and anxious than you. No matter what, don’t be too headstrong and put too many burdens on yourself.”

Feng Xue’er’s eyes grew misty as she said, “Royal Father…”

“Royal Father, this place is still Supreme Ocean Palace, so how can we leave Xue’er here all by herself? I request that Royal Father allow this son to stay behind to accompany…”

“Shut your mouth!”

Before Feng Ximing could even finish what he was saying, he was sternly cut off by Feng Hengkong. He did not spare Feng Ximing another glance as he turned towards Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui, “Royal Father, Grandfather, let us leave this place for now. If we remain, it will be harder for Xue’er to calm down.

The four people of the Divine Phoenix Sect departed and Zi Ji left along with them. Only Xia Yuanba and Feng Xue’er were left in the now quiet ocean region. They mutely stared at the blue-colored barrier, neither of them speaking a single sword for a long time.

“Brother-in-law, you will definitely be alright!” Xia Yuanba tightly clenched a fist as he murmured these words over and over again in his head.

“Big Brother Yun, Xue’er will wait here for your safe return.” Feng Xue’er placed both hands on her chest and she closed her beautiful eyes, her snowy lips softly whispering, “If Big Brother Yun does not return in a day, then Xue’er will wait a day. If you don’t return in a year, then Xue’er will wait a year… If… if Big Brother Yun never returns, then Xue’er will remain in this place forever… so that I can accompany Big Brother Yun here forever…”

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