Against the Gods - Chapter 762 - Hatred Higher Than the Heavens

Chapter 762 - Hatred Higher Than the Heavens

Chapter 762 - Hatred Higher Than the Heavens

Floating Cloud City, Xiao Clan.

“Grandfather, Seventh Sister has been pregnant for three months, but we’ve been unable to tell our father and mother all this time. Therefore, Seventh Sister and I are ready to pay respects to them today. Their deceased souls will be very happy to hear this.”

Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven stood in front of Xiao Lie while wearing joyful expressions on their faces. While they were at Floating Cloud City, and not tied down by the hideous mess that was their family relations.h.i.+ps, it was the most relaxed and happy moment the newlyweds had spent in their lives… and that was without mentioning the great joy within Seventh Sister’s belly.

“Hehe, that will be the best of course.” Xiao Lie chuckled and nodded.

“I’m coming as well.” Xiao Lingxi walked over and said cheerfully, “Big Brother and Sister-in-law’s souls would definitely bless the baby…”

“Fifth Elder, Ju… Junior Master Lingxi…”

It was at this moment that an urgent cry came from outside. Then, a young disciple of the Xiao Clan ran in with hurried footsteps and a fl.u.s.tered look.

“What is it that made you look so fl.u.s.tered?” Xiao Lie lowered his eyebrows.

“It’s… it’s Fen Juechen!” The Xiao Clan disciple stopped and exclaimed while panting heavily, unable to even attend to his salutations.

“Fen Juechen!?”

This name caused everyone present to feel shocked on the inside. Number One Under Heaven swiftly took a step forward and said, “Can it be that Fen Juechen is not resigned to defeat, and has come back to seek vengeance?”

N… no.” The Xiao Clan disciple shook his head hurriedly and said pantingly, “S… someone found him… he’s lying at the eastern side of the city… b.l.o.o.d.y… all over… He looks like he’s… about to… die. None of us dare to approach him…”

Fen Juechen was a name that struck absolute fear in Floating Cloud City and especially Xiao Clan… even though he was the one who protected Floating Cloud City from destruction by the hands of the Divine Phoenix Army.

“Ah?!” Xiao Lingxi cried out in shock before running over, “Quick… bring me to him now, quickly!”

“Lingxi!” Xiao Lie stretched out his hand, but Xiao Lingxi had already hurried out of the courtyard just as he finished his words.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go after her right away. Since Fen Juechen is grievously injured and near death, then naturally he is of no threat.” Number One Under Heaven said before flying into the air and chasing after Lingxi.

“Fen Juechen may be an extremist, but he isn’t a bad person by nature. Moreover, Lingxi, I, and the entire Floating Cloud City owes him a great debt… Sigh.” Xiao Lie let out a heavy sigh.

“...” Number One Under Heaven floated into the air, summoned a gust of clear wind and flew straight towards the south.

“I will send word to Big Brother right away.” Xiao Yun took out the sound transmission jade a little clumsily.

However, Xiao Lie stretched out his hand and halted Xiao Yun’s arm. He shook his head and said, “Leave this matter to Lingxi. Che’er is her family, and that Fen Juechen is her benefactor… Lingxi has been soft and good hearted since she was young. She must be extremely afraid to watch them see each other and fight to the death…”

“Still, that is the hatred born from the destruction of one’s entire family… how can it possible be resolved…?” Xiao Lie closed his eyes and let out yet another long sigh.


At the east side of Floating Cloud City, Fen Juechen’s black clothes were torn to shreds and was stuck on his body almost entirely by many layers of dry blood.

Although he was severely defeated and injured by Yun Che two days ago, with his current const.i.tution and recovery of profound energy, over two days of time, his injuries had lessened somewhat. At the least, they should not have worsened further. Originally, he was going to leave Floating Cloud City, after leaving the Eastern Ocean and find an uninhabited place to fully recover his injuries and profound energy. However, he ran into Jasmine who searched his soul after he was severely injured by Yun Che… Although Jasmine’s soul searching technique wasn’t as bad as the common soul searching technique that it would turn him directly into a human vegetable, it was definitely unlike the simple read of Yun Che’s Profound Handle Soul Search either. Moreover, Jasmine’s Star G.o.d powers were incomparably potent. It may have only been for a short instant, but it was still enough to severely damage Fen Juechen’s mind.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his will was far stronger than the ordinary man, he would’ve died in the Eastern Ocean a long time ago.

With his profound energy almost depleted, and his body and soul both damaged severely, he had crawled with all his might away from the Eastern Ocean, up the sh.o.r.e and all the way to this place… but he did not know where or how far he had climbed. The only thing that drove him so far was the pain and his desire to live.

Very soon, the people of Floating Cloud City found him, and they had all backed away from him in fear, far, far away. No one dared to approach him, much less help him… even though the current Fen Juechen was so weak that a normal kid could’ve taken his life easily.

“I… can’t… die…”

He lay on the ground, so weak that he could not even feel his own breath. He wanted to continue climbing forwards, but his arms had already lost all strength. The only thing that proved that his consciousness hadn’t faded yet was the raspy and cryptic mutters from his mouth.

“Big… Big Brother Fen…”

Xiao Lingxi’s footsteps hurried over. Fen Juechen’s current appearance shocked her greatly. She hurriedly arrived by his side and cried out urgently, “Big Brother Fen, Big Brother Fen…”

Xiao Lingxi’s voice sent a huge impact through Fen Juechen’s soul… perhaps Xiao Lingxi’s voice was also the only thing that could’ve returned some clarity and wakefulness to his currently muddy mind. He tremblingly turned his head sideways, and through blurry vision saw Xiao Lingxi’s face...

“It’s… you…”

“Yes! It’s me… It’s me, Xiao Lingxi!” Seeing that he wasn’t dead, and that he was able to speak barely, Xiao Lingxi’s worry lessened a little. She stretched out a hand in attempt to lift him to his feet, but just as her palm touched Fen Juechen’s arm, she withdrew it back as quick as lightning...

This was because his arm was actually so cold it was as if it was encased in ice.

“Don’t go near him!”

Number One Under Heaven dropped down from the sky. Although Fen Juechen’s current state was not much different from a dead person’s, his expression was still filled with caution, “This man is too dangerous.”

“Big Brother Under Heaven!” Number One Under Heaven was without a doubt a savior in Xiao Lingxi’s eyes to have arrived now, “Help him, quickly. His injury is so severe. If you don’t help him then he’ll… he’ll be in great danger.”

“Save him?” Number One Under Heaven’s eyebrows lowered, “He is an extremely dangerous person who tried to kill Brother Yun! I personally want to kill him now so we can be rid of this threat.”

“No!” Xiao Lingxi hurriedly stood up and blocked Number One Under Heaven, “Big Brother Fen is not a bad person. He really isn’t. The root cause behind his reason to kill Little Che… is all me. It’s not his fault. On the contrary, I owe him my life twice, and it was also thanks to him that Floating Cloud City was safe when it was being invaded by the Divine Phoenix Army. Otherwise, G.o.d knows how many people would’ve died at the hands of the Divine Phoenix Army.”

Number One Under Heaven, “...”

“Therefore, I beg of Big Brother Under Heaven, please save him. Think of it… think of it as repaying his favor. Please, Big Brother Under Heaven, I beg you…”

Xiao Lingxi’s eyes rippled with pleading.

Fen Juechen’s spiritual perception might be impossibly weak at the moment, but it was still enough to hear Xiao Lingxi and Number One Under Heaven’s voices. He let out a painful and raspy voice with trembling lips, “Ignore me… I don’t… need you to care for me… Ugh…”

He stretched out a trembling palm, ready to climb away from this place. However, his entire arm moved only half an inch before it could proceed no longer.

“Big Brother Under Heaven…” Xiao Lingxi begged him once more.

“Sigh!” Number One Under Heaven waved his hand and stopped her from continuing any further. He swept a complicated glance at Fen Juechen at his feet before sighing, “Two days ago, during the final moments of the battle, although Brother Yun’s profound energy was greatly depleted, he was in great condition and should have had the ability to kill him easily. Still, he released him… so I suppose even Brother Yun does not truly wish to see him die.”

“Never mind. I hope I’m not doing something stupid.”

Number One Under Heaven might be warlike in nature, but as an elf he was also a good hearted person and disliked killing. Moreover, Xiao Lingxi’s pleading was really hard for him to resist. After a long internal struggle, he ultimately stretched out his hands and formed a refined lump of nature energy in his palm.

The tension on Xiao Lingxi’s face instantly turned into a very faint smile. She said gratefully, “Thank you, Big Brother Under Heaven.”

“However, if he does anything that I believe is dangerous, then I will kill him immediately!” Number One Under Heaven said seriously.

“He will not. He will definitely not. I know better than anyone that he is definitely not a bad person.” Xiao Lingxi said with absolute certainty.

Number One Under Heaven did not say anything. He crouched down and pressed his palm to the back of Fen Juechen’s heart… the second he touched him, his eyebrows abruptly twitched as a nature’s aura swiftly entered Fen Juechen’s body.

“Don’t… touch me!” Fen Juechen roared weakly in disgust and anger.

“Hmph. Goodwill is regarded as malice.” Number One Under Heaven snorted impatiently and swiftly withdrew his hand after injecting a full surge of nature energy. Then, he stood up and looked at Feng Juechen no longer. The nature energy he injected into Feng Juechen could swiftly aid his severely injured body in regaining its life energy. Moreover, it could to a certain degree quicken the recovery of his wounds, although it would not aid in the recovery of his profound energy. In Feng Juechen’s current state, even if he recovered his ability to move, there was no way he could be a threat for a very long time.

Under the miraculous power of the elven energy, Feng Juechen’s eyes gradually regained their clarity. Even his breathing had obviously grown heavier. Xiao Lingxi let out a heavy sigh of relief as she said gratefully to Number One Under Heaven, “Big Brother Under Heaven, thank you… may I trouble you once more to carry him to Xiao Clan? In his current state, he will need a quiet place to be able to recover.”

Number One Under Heaven looked deeply at Xiao Lingxi. He was not surprised at all by her decision. He nodded slightly, grabbed Feng Juechen by the collar and jumped straight into the air, lifting him to fly straight towards Xiao Clan.


During the time Feng Juechen stayed at Floating Cloud City, he had lived in a courtyard at the corner of Xiao Clan. After he left, no one had ever dared to approach it. Number One Under Heaven threw him right through the window and into the house inside the courtyard. Then he left straight away. He was not a man to let his emotions affect his decisions, and he would never have done something like saving an infinitely dangerous and scary person and bringing him back to his family… However, even if he did not save him, Xiao Lingxi would have thought of a way on her own to take him back to the house, and the process in doing so would’ve been filled with countless hards.h.i.+ps. If that was going to be the case, then he might as well do it himself.

It was even more impossible for him to kill Feng Juechen right before her eyes… not to mention that Yun Che did not kill him two days ago either.

That being said, although he had turned around and left, he did not in fact stay too far away from the house. His spiritual perception continued to lock tightly on the courtyard Feng Juechen was in, staying alert against any potential incidents.

“Big Brother Fen, how are you doing? Are you feeling better?”

Xiao Lingxi crouched beside him and asked in concern. With the a.s.sistance of Number One Under Heaven’s nature energy, Feng Juechen’s five senses had already recovered mostly. Even his body had regained some strength, although it seemed insufficient to support him just yet.

“Ignore… me…” Fen Juechen turned his head away. The short sentence took him a lot of energy to utter. He was numbed to the intense pain in his body and soul from long ago, but that pain seemed to have decreased quite a bit now that his profound energy was depleted, and his body was grievously injured.

“What’s with the wounds on your body? After you met Little Che that day… did you meet with another enemy?” Xiao Lingxi asked softly. Everyone in Floating Cloud City was afraid of him, and the people in Xiao Clan were so terrified of him they even lost control of their bowels when they saw him. Xiao Lingxi was the only one who was never afraid of him, because she was firmly believed that he was not a bad person.

When he heard Yun Che’s name from Xiao Lingxi’s mouth, Feng Juechen’s pupils abruptly shrank as a fierce hatred gushed up his throat, “I told you… to ignore… me!”

While roaring, he abruptly stretched out and pushed Xiao Lingxi on the shoulder. Xiao Lingxi let out a cry and abruptly fell down on the floor.

Feng Juechen panted heavily, a moment of panic flas.h.i.+ng across his eyes… he didn’t think that he had regained this much energy.

Xiao Lingxi was neither afraid, nor angry, nor withdrawn by Feng Juechen’s scolding, anger, hatred and violence. She stood up and said with her voice still as gentle as ever, “Big Brother Fen, I know that you have never been one to depend on others. However, you should not force yourself in your current state. It is best if you set your mind to rest and recover first.”

“I will find you some recovery medicines. Although Xiao Clan is very small, we still have some very good herbs in stock. They will definitely be good for your injuries… Big Brother Fen, rest well for the moment. I will come back in four hours.”

Once Xiao Lingxi finished softly, she stood up and left with light footsteps.

When the girl left, and the door was closed, Feng Juechen’s expression was frozen, and his eyes were blank. For a moment, he looked as if he had lost his soul. After a very long time, he raised his heads and leaned against the icy cold wall behind him. His fists gradually clenched together...

“The death of one’s whole family is absolutely irreconcilable… Yun Che… I will kill you… no matter what… no matter what!!”

The moment Xiao Lingxi exited the courtyard Feng Juechen was settled into, she immediately saw Number One Under Heaven standing there with a solemn expression.

“Big Brother Under Heaven, please… do not tell Little Che about Feng Juechen for the moment.”

“I know.” Number One Under Heaven nodded, “However, that is under the premise that he is not strong enough to threaten me. If his profound energy recovers near to the point where I cannot control him, then either he leaves, or I… will tell Brother Yun.”

“Mm.” Xiao Lingxi nodded lightly and said gratefully, “Thank you, Big Brother Under Heaven.”

Number One Under Heaven let out a faint laugh and shook his head, “You don’t have to thank me. You are the person Brother Yun appreciates the most, so you have the right to be headstrong.” He paused for a moment before choosing to continue, “You should know that a great threat towards Brother Yun will be gone if he is to die. By saving him, you will add a deadly threat towards Brother Yun. Are you… trying to resolve his hatred towards Brother Yun?”

“I know that this is very, very difficult.” Xiao Lingxi lowered her head and muttered softly, “But he did save my life after all. He saved father and Floating Cloud City, and he is definitely not a bad person by nature. The tragedies inflicted on him all started because of me, which is why I cannot ignore it. I only hope… I only hope that…”

“May it be as you wish.” Number One Under Heaven said indifferently before flying away.

“Sigh.” He turned around to glance once at Xiao Lingxi’s delicate figure. When he recalled Feng Juechen’s hatred and killing intent that was so icy that it was impossibly scary when he was facing Yun Che, Number One Under Heaven let out a soft sigh, “That is the hatred of one whole family’s death. To say that it is absolutely irreconcilable is an understatement. So how can it possibly be resolved?”

Time quickly approached evening. After Xiao Lingxi exited the medicine pavilion, she entered Feng Juechen’s courtyard with quick steps.

She pushed open the door and entered, and Feng Juechen was still in the same state as before. His aura seemed to have calmed down quite a bit, and his eyes were half-lidded. He did not appear to be asleep, but he did not react at all towards Xiao Lingxi’s arrival.

“Big Brother Fen, are you better now?”

Xiao Lingxi walked closer while holding a black soup bowl, “This is a freshly cooked medicinal soup. The medicine pavilion elder said that it can improve one’s blood circulation and recover one’s strength…”

Xiao Lingxi wasn’t yet finished when the lifeless Fen Juechen suddenly slapped out and flung the soup bowl in her hands fiercely against the floor. With a pang the bowl shattered as the medicinal soup sprayed everywhere.

“Ah!!” Xiao Lingxi cried out and retreated a step. She said anxiously, “Big Brother Fen, you… never mind. I’ll go cook another bowl for you.”

“I’ll repeat this once more… ignore me!!”

Four hours of rest was enough to for Feng Juechen to recover some strength in his voice. His tone was also deeper than before, “I will leave here before it is dark. From here on… we will never meet each other again!”

“No!” Xiao Lingxi shook her head and said anxiously, “Your wounds are so severe. If you are met with any danger out there, then you may lose your life. At the least… At the least, please heal your wounds before you leave.”

“Do… do you know what you’re doing!!” Feng Juechen abruptly raised his head with clenched teeth, “The reason I’m alive is all to kill Yun Che! If I die, then he’ll be able to live a bit longer. Isn’t that exactly what you want!? Then why are you still trying to save me!?”

Xiao Lingxi shook her head, “No. I do not wish any harm upon Little Che, but I also cannot stand by and watch…”

“Do you think that if you save me, I will be deeply grateful to you and not kill Yun Che!?” Fen Juechen roared through seething teeth, “Don’t be naive! All these years, everything that I’ve worked for, everything that I’ve endured are all to kill him! To this moment I am still doing my best to survive in order to kill him… there is no one and nothing in this world that can stop me from killing him! As long as I still live in this world, I will sacrifice everything to kill him!”

Feng Juechen’s every word was like a heavy hammer that struck Xiao Lingxi in her chest. While holding in her pain, she said softly, “Big Brother Fen, I’ve always known that you’re not a bad person. On the contrary, you’re a very, very good person. Yun Che and I have done you wrong back then, but I believe that you know yourself that Little Che is not a bad or cruel person as well. Back then, everything he did was to protect my father and I… Can the grudge between you two truly not be resolved? Why must it be this way…?”

“Resolved? My entire family died!!” Fen Juechen’s face writhed in pain, “The murder of one’s father is already utterly irreconcilable, but he… he killed all of my relatives; exterminated everyone in my family! He is the one who took away my family and my home and turn me into a lone demon who lives only to claim vengeance! This hatred is higher than the heaven itself… how can it possibly be resolved!? For what reason should it be resolved!?”

“No!” Xiao Lingxi shook her head strongly and placed both her hands before her chest. She stared into Feng Juechen’s terrifying, hatred filled eyes with her own warm and honest eyes, “Who said that Big Brother Fen has lost all of his family and home? Big Brother Fen is definitely not alone.”

Amidst Feng Juechen’s startled gaze, Xiao Lingxi lightly knelt on one knee, and with a raised head and sincere eyes she said, “With the heavens as witness, I, Xiao Lingxi am willing to take Big Brother Fen, Fen Juechen as my elder brother. From this moment onwards, Big Brother Fen is my elder brother. Blessings or hards.h.i.+ps, I will bear them both together with Big Brother Fen. The home of Xiao Lingxi, is the home of Big Brother Fen. As Big Brother Fen’s sister, I will do my best to take care of Big Brother Fen, listen to his words, lend him my care and company and endure everything for him. I will never leave Big Brother Fen alone and solitary ever again.”

“If I am to go against this oath, then may both heaven and earth destroy me.”

Words of sincerity. Oath of solemnity. Feng Juechen’s gaze shook greatly as he followed Xiao Lingxi’s gradual lowering hands. His eyes were blurry, and he felt as if he had fallen into a dream. Then, his body and even his soul began to tremble intensely and uncontrollably...

Sis… ter...



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