Against the Gods - Chapter 744 - Night Devil Heaven Burial

Chapter 744 - Night Devil Heaven Burial

Chapter 744 - Night Devil Heaven Burial


The whites of Fen Juechen’s eyes disappeared completely as they became pitch-black. The black sword in his hand was thrust out in midair, and as it descended, countless pillars of pitch-black water shot up from below. The dark whirlpool of energy behind him produced a tearing noise that sounded like the cry of a thousand birds as it hurtled towards Yun Che like an enormous sky-devouring devil, as if it wanted to swallow him up in deep and boundless darkness.

“Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow!”

The pitch-black sword beams that tore open s.p.a.ce itself and the shroud of darkness descending from above were filled with an extremely grim aura of danger. Yun Che’s body blurred, and five afterimages shot out in five different directions as he instantly avoided Fen Juechen’s jet black sword beams. After that, his body ignited with Phoenix flames as he soared into the sky, unleas.h.i.+ng the Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing.

The burning Phoenix flames were especially luminous and harsh in the midst of the darkened world. Phoenix flames rushed outwards as it forcibly tore a scarlet trench through the enormous Dark Domain. By the time Yun Che’s body had come to a stop, he was already one kilometer away from his original location. He extended an arm, and to his astonishment, he saw that his clothes had become riddled with holes!

Not only did the darkness that had engulfed the entire s.p.a.ce have the ability to swallow light, it would also consume his flesh every second he spent beneath it. Even more frightening was that it also had the effect of heavily suppressing one’s soul. Yun Che possessed the Dragon G.o.d’s Soul, so this kind of pressure did little to affect him. However, if another person were facing Fen Juechen, even if they had the same level of profound strength as him, that person would feel ill at ease in this shroud of darkness. Their chest would feel constricted and painful, and if they spent enough time in this darkness, their mind might actually collapse under the strain.

The Phoenix flames surrounding Yun Che’s body flared up. The boiling flames surrounded his entire body blocked the corrosive effect of the dark profound energy. His arms casually crossed over his chest, and he did not even spare Fen Juechen a single look as he spoke calmly, “Tsk tsk! It was such a grand display of might that I expected an attack capable of shaking both the heavens and the earth, but to think that it couldn’t even harm a single hair on my head… Tras.h.!.+”


The pitch-black whirlpool behind Fen Juechen suddenly exploded. Dark and sinister profound energy surged forth like a tidal wave as it raised an enormous wave of water more than three kilometers high. At the same instant, a furious roar that seemed to have come from the very depths of h.e.l.l rang out among surging waves that were rus.h.i.+ng into the sky.

“Night Devil Heaven Burial!”

Darkness broke through the heavens, and for a moment, Yun Che’s entire field of vision was engulfed in darkness… it was as if the entire sky had been completely and utterly buried by the darkness!

It was truly a power that could bury the heavens!!

Yun Che’s pupils contracted slightly, but his expression remained calm and unperturbed. He did not dare to relax for even an instant as the darkness in front of him threatened to overthrow the heavens. s.p.a.ce began to distort severely under the erosion of the darkness. Both of his eyes widened as he stared at the approaching darkness. He immediately used Extreme Mirage Lightning to retreat backwards swiftly, yet he still could not escape the world of darkness that was vast enough to bury the heavens. The moment the darkness engulfed Yun Che’s body, his eyes flashed as the Evil G.o.d Barrier instantly opened.

“Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!!”

The s.p.a.ce around them tore as easily as drenched paper. In an instant, more than ten small islands were obliterated. The surface of the darkened ocean fell by nearly three kilometers, and countless marine animals were exterminated the moment they came into contact with that aura of death.

Under the effects of Sealing Cloud Locking Sun, even the darkness that had the power to bury the heavens was unable to actually bury Yun Che. The Evil G.o.d Barrier twisted and distorted, but in the end, it did not collapse. Yun Che poured all of his energy into supporting Sealing Cloud Locking Sun as all the Phoenix flames around his body flared up to their greatest magnitude. It was as if his entire body had sunk into a swampy darkness, but he was still moving at an extremely fierce and peerless speed….


Following a clear, resonating Phoenix cry, the world of darkness was violently split apart by a beam of flame. The moment Yun Che escaped the enshrouding darkness, the Evil G.o.d Barrier completely collapsed, but there was not even a single a scratch on his body. He fled far away before letting out a wild and reckless laugh, “Hahahahaha! Fen Juechen, don’t tell me that this is all you’ve got? You’re so weak that it’s simply hilarious! Hahahaha!”

Yun Che might have been laughing outwardly, but he was actually astonished and alarmed inside. The profound art Fen Juechen used was extremely unique, and he had never come into contact with it in either of his two lives. When he was swallowed by that darkness that could blot out the sky and cover the earth, he was sure that if he had failed to use Sealing Cloud Locking Sun in time, he would have definitely received serious injuries all over his body within a matter of seconds!

Even his soul might have been harmed!

Right now, Yun Che was confident that he could forcibly endure the Phoenix flames of Feng Tianwei who was also at the sixth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!

Yet Fen Juechen’s dark profound energy… Yun Che barely fended it off even with the help of Sealing Cloud Locking Sun, so he could definitely imagine what the result would have been if he had taken that attack directly!

Yun Che’s body was ablaze, and he flickered brilliantly in the world of darkness that had devoured all light. As such, Fen Juechen did not even need to use his spiritual perception to find Yun Che; he could lock onto his position almost instantly. He had seen Yun Che being swallowed up by the “Night Devil Heaven Burial” with his own two eyes, yet with the same pair of eyes he had also seen Yun Che escape from within the darkness. He could hardly see a scratch left by the corrosive darkness on Yun Che’s entire body…

Yun Che’s profound energy aura was only at the fifth level of the Emperor Profound Realm!

And Fen Juechen himself was already at the sixth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm! He had exceeded Yun Che by more than two entire realms! Destroying him should have been as easy as scattering dust!

Yet, what he was truly unable to accept or believe was that… he had clearly used all his power to attack, but he had not even managed to harm his opponent at all! Instead, the only thing he received in return was the grating laughter and contemptuous disdain of his opponent.

In his state of extreme shock and humiliation, Fen Juechen’s hate and killing intent once again soared dramatically as he became the embodiment of carnage and vengeance. The jet black sword in his hand swiftly pierced towards Yun Che.

As the jet black sword swept an arc in front of Yun Che’s body, s.p.a.ce shattered like gla.s.s. Aside from the grating sound of s.p.a.ce being torn apart, Yun Che could also faintly hear something that sounded like the wailing of evil spirits.

Ocean waves surged into the sky as pitch-black sword beams flashed in nightmarish splendor, wildly sweeping towards Yun Che. Every single sword beam left a black scar in the air that did not dissipate until a long while later.

Yun Che combined Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow and Extreme Mirage Lightning as he received Fen Juechen’s attacks. Sometimes he was an afterimage, other times he was a tempest, completely dodging every single one of Feng Juechen’s attacks. However, the waves of dark profound energy still swept across his body after every attack, causing his body and mind to undergo incomparable suffering… Fortunately for Yun Che, it was still within the limit of what he could endure. After all, even though his profound strength was low, he still possessed the Body of the Dragon G.o.d and the Dragon G.o.d’s Soul!

At the same time, his Phoenix flames and Golden Crow flames could counteract this dark profound energy to a certain degree…but Yun Che himself was currently unaware of it.

“Die! Die! Dieeeee!! I am going to rip your body to shreds!!!”

The dark profound energy in the sky swiftly gathered into rolling clouds of darkness. As they roiled, they released an aura which evoked a feeling that the end of the world was imminent. Amidst Fen Juechen’s hoa.r.s.e cries, the dark aura of the entire Dark Domain was frantically released, sweeping out in a gigantic wave that threatened to engulf everything and swiftly becoming a terrifying storm of darkness...

In an instant, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was easily torn apart as it collapsed and shattered, causing spatial energy to wildly surge outwards from the rifts in s.p.a.ce. This energy melded with the storm of darkness, becoming an even more terrifying pitch-black cyclone that swept towards Yun Che.

Even when this dark whirlwind was still more than three hundred meters away, Yun Che could already smell the thick stench of h.e.l.l coming from it. As his eyes focused, he prepared to use Extreme Mirage Lightning to swiftly flee away from this attack. However, the ripping force of that dark whirlwind was extremely terrifying; not only did it prevent him from fleeing, it even forcefully drew him towards it.


All the clothes on Yun Che’s body were ripped to shreds. His pupils fiercely contracted and he did not hesitate any longer. He instantly opened the gate of “Purgatory” as he used Sealing Cloud Locking Sun once more.


The dark cyclone smashed against the Evil G.o.d Barrier, sweeping Yun Che away along with it. In an instant, he had already been swept several kilometers away… and the shattering spatial distortion continued for several kilometers as well. A pitch-black streak of darkness stretched across the distorted s.p.a.ce, and it only slowly dissipated after more than ten breaths had pa.s.sed.

When the dark cyclone had finally ceased wreaking havoc, Sealing Cloud Locking Sun had completely collapsed as well. All the energy and blood in Yun Che’s body surged wildly. He fiercely sucked in a breath of air as he forcibly suppressed the energy and blood that raged inside his body. After that, he crooked a finger towards the mutely staring Fen Juechen once again. “Continue! It has almost been fifteen minutes already, and I have only been defending. I haven’t attacked even once, yet you’re actually unable to leave a single mark on my body. Before this, you were crowing so arrogantly, but who would have thought that… Tsk!”

“UUAAAAAAAAHH!” Feng Juechen cried hysterically before he morphed into a black shadow and shot towards Yun Che. Before he even arrived, a giant, pitch-black hand had already descended from the sky and fiercely grabbed at Yun Che’s head…

At this moment, if one were to look down at the Profound Sky Eastern Ocean from far above, then they would see a gigantic jet black shadow appear in the middle of the Eastern Ocean Region. Moreover, at the borders of that shadow, huge waves soared skyward as they roiled and surged without ceasing.

“Ah, so that’s how it is….”

Right now, Jasmine had completely understood what method Yun Che had chosen to deal with Fen Juechen even though his strength was inferior.

Yun Che decided to focus solely on defense for a very long time, so Fen Juechen would exhaust most of his profound energy. Once Fen Juechen’s strength was nearly exhausted, Yun Che would counterattack with all of his might.

This kind of “tactic”... if used by another person, could not even be called a “ tactic” anymore. Not to mention opponents who were stronger, even if one were to fight someone at the same strength or even someone slightly weaker, not only would this “tactic” not succeed, it would also put one’s self in an inferior position. As the battle progressed, one would be completely suppressed by their opponent, not even having the chance to counterattack.

Only Yun Che alone could make this tactic work.

Furthermore, when facing someone like Fen Juechen, the chances of it successfully working would dramatically increase.

Since Yun Che possessed both the Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow and Extreme Mirage Lightning, even though his profound strength was nowhere near Fen Juechen’s, his ability to dodge and flee was far superior. Therefore, he could easily dodge Fen Juechen’s attacks, causing the latter to waste his energy. When Yun Che could not avoid an attack, he could forcibly defend against it by activating Sealing Cloud Locking Sun for a short period of time.

On the other hand, Fen Juechen had an extremely strong ego, causing him to have an extremely arrogant and conceited temperament. Because of that, he was easily agitated! Under the influence of Yun Che’s ceaseless taunts, Fen Juechen would continue to burn with fury and be overcome with killing intent. Every time he attacked, Fen Juechen would not hesitate to use all of his power, all for the sake of defeating and even killing Yun Che within the shortest amount of time. Furthermore, Fen Juechen was still far too young, so even though his profound strength had undergone an explosive growth, his battle experience, finesse, and state of mind was still far inferior to Yun Che’s. The more his attacks failed, the more frustrated he would grow, provoking him to continue putting all of his power into every strike…

This was exactly what Yun Che had spoken about…. Fen Juechen’s “weakness in his personality”.

Moreover, the energy consumption of Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow and Extreme Mirage Lightning was extremely small, and even though Sealing Cloud Locking Sun did use an enormous amount of energy, Yun Che would only activate it when he needed to, so his total consumption of energy was far lower than that of Fen Juechen who kept pouring everything into his attacks.

Aside from all of these factors, one important point was left unspoken:

And that was... Yun Che’s physical recovery rate and profound energy recovery rate… were far superior to Fen Juechen’s!

With the power of the Rage G.o.d and the Body of the Dragon G.o.d, his physical recovery rate and profound energy recovery rate was at least five times greater than that of Fen Juechen’s!!

So, as long as Yun Che did not sustain injuries that were too serious, it was impossible for ordinary injuries to affect him in any way.

Furthermore, as the exhaustion of Fen Juechen’s profound energy intensified, his attacks would naturally begin to weaken, so the pressure Yun Che had to endure would also gradually become weaker and weaker as time pa.s.sed… In the end, his recovery rate might very well exceed the rate at which he was consuming energy!

At that point, he would begin his counter-a.s.sault against Fen Juechen.

This “tactic” was something that simply could not be seen through, because no one would think that a person with a profound strength far weaker than them would possess such a terrifying recovery ability. If normal profound pract.i.tioners attempted to do so, it would be no different from courting death. At the same time, it was also very difficult to put it into practice… because the moment the other party stopped attacking, this tactic would fail. There were very few people who were so stubborn and single-minded that they would continue to attack at full force even after wasting a large amount of profound energy on failed attacks.

But an extremely arrogant person like Fen Juechen was clearly an exception to the rule.

Just as Yun Che had predicted, in his rage and agitation, Fen Juechen unleashed all of his profound strength as he frantically threw out one dark profound energy attack after another. Hand of Darkness, Jet Black Sword, Lightless Eternal Night, Night Devil Heaven Burial… Every single attack he made was done using all of his strength, hate, and killing intent; he did not hold anything back. Not only did the gigantic ocean region turn pitch-black, but it had also been stirred up so much that it was completely overturned. Yet Yun Che had continuously used his bizarre movement skills and his incomparably strong defensive profound skills to dodge or block those attacks.

Under the relentless torrent of attacks, Yun Che’s clothes had already been torn to shreds and innumerable wounds which radiated black light had appeared all over his body… but, in the end, Yun Che had not sustained a single injury that could severely impair him.

All Fen Juechen received in return was Yun Che’s contempt and derision… mocking Fen Juechen’s overestimation of himself and how “he was nothing more than that”.

The explosive growth in profound strength that caused Fen Juechen to leap from the Spirit Profound Realm to Sovereign Profound Realm had naturally caused his self-esteem to surge explosively. Now, facing someone that he had to kill, the self-confidence and pride that had swelled countless times were swiftly being ground into dust. Given his extremely strong ego, the feeling that he endured right now was even more unbearable than the feeling he endured when he was planted firmly below Yun Che’s foot.

Even more unbearable was that, from beginning to end, Yun Che had done as he had said… he had not retaliated at all!

It was clear that he had no regard for Fen Juechen in the first place!


As Fen Juechen emitted a hoa.r.s.e roar, kilometers of the ocean region around him instantly exploded outwards as water filled the sky. The boom akin to rolling thunder could be heard in Floating Cloud City that was several hundred kilometers away...

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