Against the Gods - Chapter 742 - Day of the Promised Battle

Chapter 742 - Day of the Promised Battle

Chapter 742 - Day of the Promised Battle

“Alright!” Jasmine wrapped her arms in front of her chest and nodded. She already knew that the first thing Yun Che would think of after learning that her devilish poison had been purified would be to use her power to find the location of Chu Yuechan. That was precisely the reason she appeared in front of Yun Che right now.

She knew more clearly than anyone how Chu Yuechan had always been a thorn in the depths of his soul. Every time it was touched, his heart would hurt. Since the devilish poison has been purified, she should help him pluck this thorn quickly.

“Although I am currently a soul form and can only use a thousandth of my complete form’s power, it is enough for my mind to cover a puny Profound Sky Continent.”

With that, Jasmine put a small hand on Yun Che’s sleeve. Before Yun Che could say anything, he felt a flash in front of his eyes, and a snow white region appeared before his eyes. It looked like he was already over three hundred meters from the ground.

Yun Che momentarily blanked before realizing that he had been transported from the ice chamber to such a height in an instant. He had actually travelled through s.p.a.ce so quickly.

Or perhaps… this actually was s.p.a.ce travel.

“I need two hundred breaths of time, so don’t disturb me. Also… Black Moon Merchant Guild’s previous reply to your inquiry should have given you enough mental preparation. You must accept the result no matter what it is!”

Jasmine stretched out her arms and slowly closed her eyes. A layer of invisible power that was so great that Yun Che couldn’t even sense or understand was released. It surrounded the area… and then the entire Profound Sky Continent.

In the blink of an eye, the aura of all living things on the Profound Sky Continent was within her mind; nothing was able to escape her.

Yun Che retracted his profound energy and held his breath, not daring to make any sound at all. At the same time, he found it difficult to calm down from the shock and excitement in his heart. What shocked him the most was what Jasmine had just said: her soul form could only use a thousandth of the power of her complete form!

This meant that all of the power Jasmine had displayed up to this point was under the limitation of not having a complete body, and being only in her soul form, she had only displayed a mere thousandth of her full power!

Just how terrifyingly powerful was her true power?!

And just how terrifying of an existence was that world where she grew up in?!

It was unfathomable!

Yun Che couldn’t understand what sort of concept it was for her to have her mind cover an entire continent. He could only sense that Jasmine was concentrating hard, so he tried his best to suppress his deepest wishes and anxiety in order to prevent himself from making a sound.

Little Fairy… You have to be safe!

No… You must be safe! You are just living in a place that the Black Moon Merchant Guild cannot find. I’ll immediately come and find you… And our child.

This time, no matter who it is , even if the entire world objects, I will never let you leave my side again.

With each pa.s.sing breath of time, Yun Che’s anxiety increased. When he could almost no longer bear it, he saw Jasmine slowly open her eyes and put down her raised arms.

Yun Che’s heart shook as he held his breath and asked anxiously, “How is it? Did you find her? Where is the Little Fairy? Also, did you find Qingyue?”

Jasmine just looked at him with emotionless eyes. After a moment, she said, “No. I underestimated the number of living things in Profound Sky Continent. Furthermore, I am currently in a soul form, so the power I can use is far lower than what I expected. It seems like we will have to wait until I can reconstruct my body before I can help you find your Little Fairy.”

Obvious disappointment flashed across Yun Che’s face, but he quickly relaxed, “Alright… We’ll go to Supreme Ocean Palace two months later and get that Netherworld Udumbara Flower no matter what!

“Hopefully. However, the Netherworld Udumbara Flower only blooms once every twenty-four years. The place that Zi Ji described sounds quite strange, so I don’t have much hope,” Jasmine said plainly as she looked away without meeting Yun Che’s gaze.

“Hm?” Yun Che stared at Jasmine for a short while, then he suddenly smiled. “That’s strange, you were always so anxious to reconstruct your body. Now that we only lack one Netherworld Udumbara Flower, why does it seem like you’re no longer that anxious? It can’t be that… you are reluctant to leave me, right?”

Jasmine looked sideways and laughed coldly. “It’s the opposite. This princess wants to leave you, the contemptible, shameless, dirty, super pervert even in my dreams, so you will stop polluting my eyes and ears. Hmmph!!”

With a cold snort, Jasmine stopped caring about him. She turned into a red light and returned to the Sky Poison Pearl. However, not before she reminded him, “You should go to the Eastern Ocean to have your final battle with Fen Juechen! In these three months, you didn’t listen to me in stealing Feng Xue’er’s phoenix vital yin. I do wish to see how you’re going to defeat Fen Juechen who is going to be far stronger than he was three months ago!”


After returning to the world of the Sky Poison Pearl, Jasmine frowned and did not let her expression relax for a long time. A layer of sullenness also covered her snow white face. After shouting that one last thing to Yun Che, she let out a quiet sigh as mixed emotions flashed through her eyes.

“Crunch…” Hong’er was quite happily eating on a sword that she was holding and had gotten from who knows where. When she saw Jasmine’s appearance, she stopped chewing and got closer to Jasmine. “Big Sis Jasmine, what’s wrong? You were clearly very happy just now, so why do you seem unhappy now? Did master bully you… Oh, no, never mind. Master has always been bullied by you, he doesn’t dare to bully you.” She said.

Jasmine leaned on Hong’er’s bed and sat down, then she closed her eyes slowly as she muttered, “Couldn’t find…”

“Couldn’t find? Oh? Couldn’t find what? Is it something delicious?” Hong’er concentrated a lot.

“A person very important for your master,” Every time Jasmine thought about Yun Che’s intense reaction to Chu Yuechan’s situation, she would frown even more. She clearly understood that Yun Che felt love, as well as intense care and worry, for Chu Yuechan...

Seeing Yun Che suffer at the hands of women was one of Jasmine’s greatest joy; if there was a day that Yun Che was going to be stabbed multiple times by a woman that he was about to extend his fiendish hands to, she would be smug. However, because this was Chu Yuechan, she couldn’t bear to tell him the truth.

“Important… person? Oh!” Hearing that it wasn’t something delicious, Hong’er instantly lost all interest and just stopped asking. She grabbed ahold of the broadsword flas.h.i.+ng with purple light in her hands and bit down. A tidy bite-mark appeared was left on the sword.

“It looks like I can only temporarily hide it,” Jasmine muttered quietly to herself. “But why couldn’t I even find Xia Qinyue’s scent?”

“Could it be that teleportation formation in Frozen End Divine Hall…?”


It was already mid morning and the time of Yun Che and Fen Juechen’s promised battle was approaching.

Not only had Fen Juechen’s profound energy become beyond terrifying, he also hated Yun Che to the bone. His greatest wish for the remainder of his life was to kill Yun Che. However, Yun Che was not nervous at all. Only when he had less than an hour until the promise battle did Yun Che ride the Primordial Profound Ark with Feng Xue’er to Floating Cloud City.

The Primordial Profound Ark arrived not above Floating Cloud City, but, the eastern suburbs of Floating Cloud City instead.

After leaving the Primordial Profound Ark, Feng Xue’er held the corner of Yun Che’s clothes tightly in her hands and said with an intimate expression, “Big Brother Yun, can I really not go with you? I’m… still really worried.”

“I told you, I’ll be fine.” Yun Che smiled casually. “I said that it was a one-on-one battle with Fen Juechen, so there should definitely be no one else there. Furthermore, even if I can't beat him, I still have the Primordial Profound Ark, so I can escape really far away at anytime. That’s why you don’t need to worry at all… What’s more, I have absolute confidence in defeating him.”

“Mn… Of course I believe Big Brother Yun.” Feng Xue’er nodded lightly, however her eyes still revealed deep worry.

“Alright, go to Grandfather and Little Aunt. I might not be able to return until after dark, so tell them not to worry at all. I will try to move the place where we fight further away, but the residue impact might still hit Floating Cloud City, so I’ll need Xue’er to protect them.” Yun Che patted Feng Xue’er’s hands. From the beginning, he had not planned to see Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi before the fight, as that would only increase their worry.

“Also, if Little Aunt is determined to find me, you definitely can’t let her,” Yun Che reminded her.

“Mn, I know. Don’t worry, Big Brother Yun, nothing will happen to any of them with me here,” Feng Xue’er softly said.

With Feng Xue’er’s strength as a Monarch in the eighth level, even if Yun Che, Fen Juechen, and Xia Yuanba worked together , they wouldn’t be her opponent at all. Naturally, Yun Che didn’t have to worry with her at Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie’s side.

“Then I’ll be off… I’ll definitely be back before it gets completely dark. Be obedient and wait for me.”

Yun Che cupped Feng Xue’er’s face and kissed her deeply. After that, he activated the Extreme Mirage Lightning, instantly becoming a ray of lightning that shot toward the east.

“Big Brother Yun…” As Feng Xue’er looked at Yun Che’s fleeting image, she nervously clasped her hands together in front of her. Only after a long while did she turn around and fly very slowly towards Floating Cloud City.

With his current strength, coupled with the Extreme Mirage Lightning, a distance of several hundred kilometers was nothing to Yun Che. He flew over the territory of Floating Cloud City and through a piece of wetland, then soon after, Profound Sky's Eastern Ocean coastline came into sight. Yun Che immediately accelerated once more and got further and further away from Floating Cloud City.

Within thousands of miles, there were no clouds or winds, and the Eastern Ocean was also very calm. There was only a ripple on the surface of the ocean. As the coastline neared, an intense smell of the ocean filled the air. Yun Che closed his eyes and inhaled; when he opened his eyes, a blue ocean entered his line of sight.

He had arrived on top of the East Ocean.

At this moment, Yun Che also decelerated until he stopped. There was a black and lonely figure floating in front of him; it was unknown how long the figure had been there. That figure’s entire body released a lifeless aura and a bone-piercing cold. Aside from that, it didn’t possess the sense of life that a living person would have… It was as if the person floating there was not a living person, but a corpse.

Even the ocean underneath him was completely silent without any ripples, as if it was dead water that had been robbed of life.

“It looks like you have arrived rather early.” Yun Che stopped several hundred meters behind him and smiled faintly. The aura on Fen Juechen was extremely dark and evil; it was enough to induce terror in any other person that got close to him, but it was not enough to affect Yun Che.

When the black-clothed figure turned around, a pair of pitch black eyes focused on Yun Che. His expression was stiff and pale, while his eyes were lifeless without any light. In merely an instant, dense, rampaging murderous aura and killing intent that was extremely evil locked onto Yun Che. The pair of pitch black eyes released out a light that was so dark that it seemed to form into two swords that would rip Yun Che’s body apart.

“You actually dared to come by yourself!” Fen Juechen sullenly said. There were no other things here, so he could release his hatred and killing intent towards Yun Che as much as he wanted.

“How else would I come?” Yun Che had his hands across his chest, while his face clearly showed an expression on despise. “When I slaughtered your entire Burning Heaven Clan by myself back then, I was alone. Now, I only need to deal with you, a pitiful insect that I mercifully let go back then. Why would I need some sort of a helper?”

“You are courting… death!!!”

Yun Che’s words undoubtedly caused Fen Juechen’s anger and killing intent to explode out. He roared like a wild beast as his right arm rushed out. A large pitch black hand reached out from the sky and grabbed at Yun Che. In the area that the large pitch black hand covered, the sea level instantly lowered by several meters.

Yun Che squinted his eyes; his figure blinked as he dodged the large pitch black hand with Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow. Afterwards, he laughed coldly, “You were enraged to this extent by a simple sentence. It seems like, despite your profound energy increasing quite a bit these past few years, your mind did not. What right do you, who is like this, have to defeat me?”


With a loud and extremely deep roar, an enormous whirlpool emerged below Yun Che, producing a flurried sea breeze.

Fen Juechen’s eyes transformed into b.l.o.o.d.y demon eyes as the aura around his body became even more violent, “You——”

“We’re still not that far from Floating Cloud City. You don’t want want our fight to affect Floating Cloud City, right?” Yun Che’s sentence shut Fen Juechen up. “You don’t want others to notice and come disturb our fight to the death either, right? Let’s pick a more suitable place.”

With that, Yun Che flew towards the deeper area of the Eastern Ocean without waiting for Fen Juechen’s reply.

Fen Juechen continued to keep Yun Che in his sight, however he didn't not attack again. He merely followed closely behind Yun Che and flew towards the east. His speed was no worse than Yun Che’s Extreme Mirage Lightning.

“Jasmine, just what profound energy level is he at right now? I can clearly feel that his aura is much stronger than three months ago,” Yun Che cautiously asked.

“Sixth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!” Jasmine said coldly. “He is the same level as the Feng Tianwei that caused you to flee in an unsightly manner at Divine Phoenix Sect! Although his profound energy is not as dense as Feng Tianwei’s, his profound art is special. Overall, he might even be slightly stronger than Feng Tianwei! Let’s see how you handle it!”

“Wow… That’s insane!!” Although Yun Che had prepared himself mentally, he still took a deep breath.

Three months ago, Fen Juechen was only at the fifth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!

Even with a force that had as much resources as the Sacred Grounds or the Guardian Families, an increase in a small level of the Sovereign Profound Realm would still take a hundred years or several hundred years. Even if his talent was absurd, that would still take several tens of years.

However, Fen Juechen merely used three months!

“Just what is going on with his absurd power and growth?!” Yun Che muttered softly.

“When you fight, try to force him to go all out as much as possible. As long as he uses his source of power, I might be able to figure him out… Including the soul he fused with!”

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