Against the Gods - Chapter 737 - Deeply and Affectionately

Chapter 737 - Deeply and Affectionately

Chapter 737 - Deeply and Affectionately

“So that’s the case. I have always felt that Big Brother Yun’s profound strength was very strange as well. Even though your level is clearly very low, you can actually be that powerful.”

Within the snowy light, Feng Xue’er turned her face and looked at Yun Che, her eyes sparkling. “Not only is Big Brother Yun so incredible, so mysterious… you’re also really very kind.”

“Kind?” Yun Che turned his face over and looked at her as well. Very seldom had he heard of people using this word to describe him. He could even imagine Jasmine scoffing with her nose held high from hearing these words.

“That’s right.” Making eye contact with Yun Che, Feng Xue’er smiled. “When facing my royal father’s wrongdoings, even though Big Brother Yun was clearly really furious, in the end, you still chose to forgive him. Big Brother Yun has even done so much more for Frozen Cloud Asgard. The level of the medicinal energy emitted by those Overlord Pellets is even higher than the highest levels of medicinal pellets in our Divine Phoenix Sect. In order to raise Senior Master Murong’s profound strength, not only has Big Brother Yun taken out so many of them in an instant, you have even worked so hard to the point of almost causing yourself to collapse.”

Yun Che, however, shook his head with a smile as his voice slightly softened, “Although I don’t see myself as an evil person, I have never seen myself as a good person either. It’s even more impossible for me to be a kind person… The one who forgave your royal father was not me, but your Big Sister Cang Yue. If we’re talking about forgiveness, it’s your royal father who had forgiven me.”

“Ah?” Feng Xue’er was confused.

“I killed four of your royal father’s sons, four of your royal brothers… You have grown by the Phoenix G.o.d’s side since you were young, so you seldom come into contact with your royal brothers and do not have any feelings for them. Thus, when it came to their deaths, your feelings were very mild. But your royal father is different. In regards to me, he only carries hatred, and his hatred is very pure at that. If not because of you, he would have definitely and unhesitantly rip me into shreds using the most brutal of methods possible. However, the love he has for you is similarly pure as well, and his love for you has far surpa.s.sed the hatred he has for me. Adding that he knows I won’t hurt you, he chose to follow your wishes, leaving his most beloved person with his most hated person.”

“Speaking of which… Back then, when I went to your Divine Phoenix Sect to exact revenge for my royal father and Blue Wind, if not for you, I would have definitely brought away your royal father in an instant, so that I could kill him right in front of my royal father’s tomb. But because of you, I could never kill him even till the end. Right now, your royal father is the same as well. Even if his hatred for me grows ten times more, even if he has the absolute strength to kill me, he will no longer try to kill me…” Although he was talking about hatred and revenge, Yun Che’s face carried a very warm smile. “Xue’er, two of us men bear deep hatred for each other, but because of you, we are unable to kill one another.”

“Big Brother Yun…” Feng Xue’er slowed down her footsteps, water mists lightly surfaced in her eyes as she said infatuatedly, “Royal father gave me my first life, while Big Brother Yun gave me my second life… Meeting royal father and Big Brother Yun is my greatest fortune in this life of mine.”

“Your royal father and I feel the same way,” Yun Che said with a smile. Raising his head, he looked towards the Frozen Cloud Asgard under the curtains of the night, his voice once again softened, “In regards to why I’m being so good to Frozen Cloud Asgard… Actually, it’s merely for my own sake.”

“Ah?” Feng Xue’er was once again confused.

Yun Che was silent for a short moment, then he gradually spoke up and told Feng Xue’er about the matters concerning him and Chu Yuechan. From their encounter at Blue Wind Imperial City, to the agreement he made with her in order to protect himself, to their “undesirable fate” in the Wasteland of Death, to their reunion at Heavenly Sword Villa, and also...

Yun Che was a person who was extremely vigilant and suspicious of others, but in front of Feng Xue’er, he could not sustain the wall in his heart in the slightest; this made him tell her everything about the relations.h.i.+p he had with Chu Yuechan. Their two shoulders touched, and their footsteps were very, very slow. Even after he was done talking, they were still a considerable distance away from the Ice Pavilion.

“Big Brother Yun’s… child?” Feng Xue’er lightly muttered, as though, for a moment, she was unable to accept this existence that had caught her by surprise.

“He’s already four years old now,” Yun Che said with hazy eyes. “I hope that he’s a boy. That way, he can protect his mother like a little man until I find them. But, I have thrown them aside for five years… It’s been exactly five years, yet there’s still no news of them.”

“That year, your Big Sister Cang Yue spared no costs in mobilizing the entire Blue Wind Army to undergo a search. Three years ago, I commissioned the Black Moon Merchant Guild to undergo a search as well… The Black Moon Merchant Guild possesses the most powerful information network in the entire continent. However, they have searched for three years, yet they have similarly found nothing. It’s as though the two of them had completely disappeared from Profound Sky Continent.”

“Big Brother Yun…” Feng Xue’er’s heart was in pain. From Yun Che, she could sense deep depression, self-reproach and pain that he was trying very hard to conceal.

“With every new day I’m unable to find them, my heart grows a little bit heavier. The biggest reason why I’m doing so much for Frozen Cloud Asgard, is because this is the place Little Fairy grew up in, the place which carries most of her feelings and memories. Only by doing so will it barely ease the guilt I have towards her… In the end, it’s nothing more than to console myself.” Yun Che’s voice was filled with bitterness.

“Big Brother Yun, don’t worry. Your Little Fairy and your child will definitely, absolutely be safe and sound. Big Brother Yun is such a good person, so the heavens definitely won’t be heartless to do such cruel things to Big Brother Yun.” Feng Xue’er tightly grasped onto Yun Che’s palm with her two hands and consoled him with a soft voice, “Oh right! I will immediately send a sound transmission to royal father and have him mobilize people to search the boundaries of Divine Phoenix Nation…”

“No need.” Yun Che lightly shook his head. “Even the Black Moon Merchant Guild was unable to find any traces, a regular method wouldn’t… In another two to three months, I will be able to borrow the use of a special method. When that time comes, then I will definitely be able to find them.”

Even the Black Moon Merchant Guild was unable to find any traces… Anyone would be very clear of what these words meant. But Yun Che was unwilling to believe that was the case, no matter what… Even if there’s only a one in hundred million chance, he would only believe in that one in hundred million possibility!

Jasmine would soon completely free herself from the devilish poison; when that time comes, then he would be able to find them… definitely!

Sensing Yun Che’s sunken feelings, Feng Xue’er lightly bit her lips, and then she pulled his arm, pointing to that tallest piece of profound ice within Frozen Cloud Asgard. “Big Brother Yun, accompany me there to see the snow, alright?”

As night fell, the two did not return to the Ice Pavilion, instead, they sat atop of that profound ice that was several dozen meters in height, looking at the boundless snow under the curtains of the night from afar.

“The sky above Phoenix City is light red, the sky above Blue Wind Imperial City is deep blue, while the sky here is white.” Feng Xue’er raised her head, gazing at the starless, ashen night sky. “The smell of the air is different as well. Even the white snow portrays different sceneries during the day and night. The world is really more colorful than I imagined it to be.”

Feng Xue’er looked at the snow and night sky, while Yun Che spent more of his time watching her. After a while, he said with a smile, “But even after adding all of them up, they’re still not as beautiful as Xue’er.”

Under the night sky, Frozen Cloud Asgard was beautiful like an illusory realm, but Feng Xue’er, while illuminated by the snowy light, was like the brightest pearl within this illusory realm. Her existence had suppressed all of the glittering radiance between the heaven and earth.

“Hehe…” Feng Xue’er heartily laughed as she leaned the side of her forehead on Yun Che’s shoulder. “In the past, there will always be people who says that I’m beautiful, but I never felt too much about those comments. But now, I’m feeling very happy… and even hope that once I grow up, I can look even more beautiful.”


“Because that way, I can receive even more of Big Brother Yun’s love and praises.” She lightly hung down her forehead as she felt a little embarra.s.sed to look at Yun Che in the eyes.

Yun Che’s heart warmed. Reaching out his hand, he lightly wrapped around Feng Xue’er’s soft, slender waist, causing Feng Xue’er’s body to lightly tremble for an instant. “Xue’er, do you still remember that day when we reunited, the amount of tears you shed while you hugged me?”


“You cried for so long while hugging me, to the point where my entire back could feel your tears.” Yun Che gently said, “Back then, with that much tears, I was really afraid that I wouldn’t be able to repay them even after several lifetimes… So, in this lifetime, no matter what happens, I will forever treat you well.”

“Just because… of my tears?” Feng Xue’er raised her beautiful eyes; although her eyes were hazy, a warm, teasing light could still be seen within the depths of her pupils.

“Of course, the bigger reason is that you’re my Xue’er!” Yun Che smiled as he hugged Xue’er even tighter. With just a single arm, he completely wrapped around her soft, slender waist. The depression in his heart that was birthed because of Chu Yuechan quickly dispersed as well.

Feng Xue’er lightly moaned from the overly intimate body contact, and her body slightly stiffened from nervousness. However, she did not reject it in the slightest. With a soft voice, she said, “In the past, Lord Phoenix G.o.d had once mentioned this to me. If I could find a person who will make me happy when I’m with him, who will make heart beat faster involuntarily, and that person is even willing to disregard his own life for my sake, then, he’s a person who can accompany me forever. And I, have actually met such a person so quickly.”

“Just because… I saved you without any regards to my own life?” Yun Che said with a melancholic look.

“Pfft…” Yun Che’s words and tone could not help but make Feng Xue’er laugh. And then, she tried her best to mimic Yun Che’s tone, “Of course, the biggest reason is that you’re my… Big Brother Yun!”

When she spoke these words, Feng Xue’er felt her face heating up. She had no choice but to close her eyes as she buried her forehead deeply into Yun Che’s chest. As for the man who was embracing her, he began to laugh out loud complacently.

Within the Sky Poison Pearl.

Jasmine quietly floated in midair. Her long, blood-red hair danced high in the air, and her most beloved Smoky Red Fairy Dress fluttered, exposing two small, white thighs. A layer of black miasma was slowly wreathing the exterior of her dress. This layer of black miasma was emitting out from her body, and after being released, it would quickly disperse away.

At this moment, all of the black miasma disappeared, and Jasmine opened her eyes as she descended from the air. Her blood-red long hair stopped fluttering as well, naturally draping over her pet.i.te b.u.t.tocks. She stretched out her hands, looked at her own snow-white palms, and softly muttered to herself, “The strength of the poison is growing weaker, and the speed of purification is increasing with each pa.s.sing day. From the looks of it, in just another two months or so, I should be able to completely purify it before his battle with Fen Juechen…”

Back then, to completely purify her body from the devilish poison was her biggest wish. She had initially thought that even if she had encountered the Sky Poison Pearl out of immense fortune, it would still require a very long time… Be it several tens of years, or even several hundred of years, to her, it would have been a torture which she had no choice but to endure.

Presently, not even seven years had pa.s.sed, yet the purification of the entire devilish poison was already in sight. The strength possessed by Yun Che, the person she was using to depend her life on, had already reached her requirements as well. Also, because of his extremely powerful bloodlines and profound veins, the outcome had far surpa.s.sed her initial expectations. Out of the thirty-five kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals, twenty-five kilograms were already in her hands. Gathering the remaining ten kilograms could be said to be an easy feat for Yun Che who possessed a large number of Overlord Pellets in his hands. Three profound beast cores belonging to Tyrant Profound Beasts were completely not a problem as well… After all, Yun Che had directly requested the Black Moon Merchant Guild for three Tyrant Profound Beasts’ profound cores.

There were even news of the location of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower which was hardest to find.

Everything was going so much more successfully than what she had predicted. It was even several times better compared to the best situation she had imagined in the past.

She should have felt ecstatic about this.

But, as the devilish poison in her body weakened, to the point where she could use her own strength to slowly purify the remaining devilish poison without relying on the Sky Poison Pearl, rather than joy, what she felt most was an inexplicable sense of loss.

Jasmine placed down her small hands. Like usual, she habitually looked outside at Yun Che’s situation, and then, the first thing she saw was Yun Che and Feng Xue’er hugging deeply and affectionately...

And every word they spoke could seemingly send chills on her entire body for more than half a day.

“Yet another one has fallen into the devil’s palms!” Jasmine snorted as she spoke with slight anger, “Are all women in the Profound Sky Continent a bunch of incurable idiots!?”

“Ouu…” Hong’er was startled awake by Jasmine’s uncontrolled voice. She opened her eyes, which were s.h.i.+ning with a crimson red glow, and vaguely said, “Big Sis Jasmine, are you angry… Has Master done something wrong again?”

“Your master isn’t the one I’m angry about, it’s those idiotic women!” Jasmine said snappily.

“...Ou?” Hong’er sat up on the bed, stretching lazily. “Big Sis Jasmine, I’m hungry. I want to find Master for some food.”

“It’s not suitable for you to head out now, you will see something that you shouldn’t see.”

“But, I’m really hungry.” Hong’er was very obedient to Jasmine. When Jasmine said that she should not head out, she sat obediently unmoving on the bed, pitifully rubbing her own small belly.

Jasmine waved her hand, and a purple sparkling spatial ring was pulled towards her. She took out a Purple Veined Divine Crystal from the spatial ring and placed it in Hong’er’s hands. “Fine, hurry and eat.”

“Waah!! Big Sis Jasmine is still the best after all!!” Hong’er’s eyes sparkled. Hugging onto the Purple Veined Divine Crystal, she took a huge bite. As her big mouth chewed, her face was filled with delight.

In order to prevent Hong’er from eating behind his back, Yun Che placed all of his crystals and stones into a spatial ring, before placing it back into the Sky Poison Pearl. However, if he had inspected regularly, he would have realized that out of the twenty-five kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals that should have been in the ring… presently, only about twenty-three kilograms of them were left.

…This was the reason why Hong’er had been so obedient to Jasmine.

Jasmine casually flung away the spatial ring and sat on the side of the bed. She silently watched Hong’er as she happily ate, and gradually, her eyes turned a little hazy...

“Cai… Zhi…” Between her lips, she unconsciously leaked out a soft mutter.

“Cai Zhi?” Hearing her voice, Hong’er raised her head, her face filled with curiosity. “What’s that? It sounds very delicious! Is it something delicious?”

Jasmine was startled for a moment. She quickly regained her senses and shook her head. “It’s not something edible. She’s a little girl like Hong’er, and like Hong’er, she calls me Big Sis.”

“Ou…” Hearing that it was not food, Hong’er’s interest greatly fell in an instant. Swallowing down the last piece of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, she muttered, “Then she’s definitely not as cute as me.”

Jasmine: “...”

“Wuah…” After finis.h.i.+ng the entire Purple Veined Divine Crystal, Hong’er’s body slightly flashed with a purple light. She let out a satisfied cry, and then gently curved down onto the bed. “I’m full now! Time to continue sleeping!”

“Sleep.” Jasmine stood up from the bed, and she had only taken a single step when she heard Hong’er sleeping soundly behind her.

Time silently flowed, and the night quietly faded. Both Yun Che and Feng Xue’er did not return to the Ice Pavilion, but instead, nestled within each other as they watched the snowy scenery for an entire night. And within the Sky Poison Pearl, Jasmine was silently watching the world outside for an entire night.

“He has so many women by his side, he will never feel lonely for all of eternity,” Jasmine muttered to herself, and then let out a light snort, “Without someone like me who scolds him several times a day, it will definitely be a wish come true for him!”

s.h.i.+fting her attention away from Yun Che, Jasmine’s expression recovered its coldness. Closing her eyes, she slowly guided the Sky Poison Pearl’s energy and once again entered the purification state.

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