Against the Gods - Chapter 725 - Atoning for the Sins of the Father

Chapter 725 - Atoning for the Sins of the Father

Chapter 725 - Atoning for the Sins of the Father

Yun Che’s words suddenly caused the atmosphere to become stifling once more as the sense of elation felt by the Divine Phoenix Sect from the awakening of Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix Soul mercilessly had a bucket of cold water splashed over it.

Today, no matter how unable Feng Hengkong was to understand and accept it, he had no choice but to realize that the fate of the Divine Phoenix Sect lay solely in the hands of Yun Che right now—at least it was for the decade before Feng Xue’er fully blossomed into her own. Moreover, because of Feng Xue’er’s decisiveness, they were now incapable of moving against Yun Che any further… in the end, the fate of this sect that had lorded over the continent for five millennia was completely in Yun Che’s hands.

However, Feng Hengkong no longer displayed the anger and discontent that he had expressed previously. After a short period of stiffness, his grim face finally relaxed because now that it had come to this, he had no choice but to resign himself to fate. He gave a great sigh before slowly speaking, “Xue’er is indeed correct… absolutely correct. All of this has happened because of us. The deaths of Xiluo, Elder Tianqing and the others, are all because of us as well… Even though we only had the good of the Divine Phoenix Empire in mind, the methods we used and the consequences that we wrought were indeed evil and terrible enough for us to have to endure this sort of retribution…”

“If not for the decision that we made three years ago, our sect would not have met with such calamity, and Xiluo and the others would not have died such miserable deaths… all of these things are the consequences we have reaped from our terrible mistake.”

“And naturally this is something that we must take responsibility for!” Feng Hengkong placed his palm against his chest, “The Phoenix Soul within Xue’er has already awakened, so the greatest wish in our life has already been fulfilled, there is nothing more that we could ask for! Today, as long as we can ensure the immediate safety and stability of our sect, you do not even need to talk about asking us to destroy our own profound art and kneel for a hundred years, because even if you asked us to end our own life right now, we would not even twitch an eyelid! Withdrawing the troops, stopping the war, paying compensation, ceding away territory… and even offering a sacrifice, we will not be remiss in making sure that all of it comes to pa.s.s!”

“I only hope that you will do as you have said!!”

Feng Hengkong gave a low yell as his palm ignited with Phoenix flames and he sent it exploding towards his own profound veins.

“Sect Master!!” The entire Divine Phoenix Sect gave a huge cry of alarm as they frantically rushed towards Feng Hengkong, but how could they possibly arrive in time to stop him.

“Royal father, don’t!!” Feng Xue’er gave a shrill cry of alarm as a scarlet flame flashed in her phoenix eyes.

Instantly, Feng Hengkong’s Phoenix profound energy was completely sealed away, and even the concentrated profound energy that had been gathered in his palm had completely dissipated, and by the time his palm smacked against his chest, even the all the flames had died out… forget about him being able destroy his own profound veins, he was not even able to inflict a superficial injury on himself.

“Sect Master!” All the gathered Divine Phoenix elders surged forth anxiously as they grabbed and restricted Feng Hengkong’s arms, “Sect Master, do not… you definitely must not do this!!”

“Xue’er….” Feng Hengkong stared dazedly at Feng Xue’er, his nose faintly crinkled and his eyes grew slightly hazy. He knew that even though Feng Xue’er was furious at him, she was ultimately still truly concerned about his wellbeing.

Feng Xue’er did not release the seal on Feng Hengkong’s strength. She turned towards Yun Che and pleaded with him with tears streaming from her eyes, “Big Brother Yun, even though my royal father has committed many grave and irreversible mistakes, Xue’er knows better than everyone that he is definitely not an evil person. If not, the Lord Phoenix G.o.d would not allow Grandfather to pa.s.s on the position of Sect Master to my royal father. As both the sect master of Divine Phoenix Sect and the emperor of Divine Phoenix Nation, my royal father had to bear a burden and a duty that normal people would be unable to even imagine, so at times, he would have no choice but to make some decisions, even if they were extreme or even cruel and merciless. But he is really not someone who is filled with evil, and Xue’er is even more willing to believe that when my royal father made that decision three years ago, he was more tormented and helpless than anyone else.... Because all of the sin, debts of blood, vilification and the souls of the departed would weigh down on him.”

“Xue… Xue’er…” Feng Hengkong’s entire body trembled and the moment those words had escaped his lips, tears began to stream down his face… Before this, Xue’er had used her own body to s.h.i.+eld Yun Che and for the sake of Yun Che, she had raised her voice and become angry at him. At that time, the pain he felt was akin to ten thousand arrows piercing his heart. But now, after hearing Xue’er’s words, even if he were die ten thousand times over, he would no longer have any regrets.

“Big Brother Yun, Xue’er isn’t trying to explain away the sins of my royal father. It is only that no matter whether it is the Divine Phoenix Sect, Divine Phoenix Nation or Xue’er herself, all of us need my royal father. So I beg of you, Big Brother Yun, please let my royal father off and give him a chance to make amends for his actions towards Blue Wind Nation. Xue’er will replace her royal father and follow Big Brother Yun to Blue Wind Nation, and apologize and make amends towards Empress Cang Yue… and the entire Blue Wind Nation.”

“Xue’er, you… what are you saying!” Feng Hengkong’s face was filled with shock and horror, “All of this is your royal father’s fault, it has nothing to do with you at all…”

“No…” Feng Xue’er slowly shook her head. She raised her phoenix eyes as she softly continued, “I am royal father’s daughter, and as your daughter, I must definitely join royal father in apologizing and making amendments for his mistakes. Xue’er hopes that after we have expiated our sins that royal father remains safe and unharmed and I hope even more that royal father forever remembers what has happened today, so that he will from now onwards treat Blue Wind Nation kindly and treat all those who are innocent and good kindly as well. I also hope that no matter what what happens in the future, that royal father will never commit such a grave mistake again.”

“Big Brother Yun, Xue’er is willing to accompany you to Blue Wind right this day, so that I can meet Empress Cang Yue. And no matter what she says to me, Xue’er will not have any regrets or resentment… is that okay?” Feng Xue’er looked at Yun Che earnestly, her phoenix eyes misty and filled with pleading.

“Xue’er, don’t say such foolish things!” Feng Hengkong was thrown into panic, he was completely panicked and even when he had been forced to the very brink of desperation by Yun Che, he had not reacted with such anxiousness, “Yun Che! Three years ago, it was us who ordered the invasion of Blue Wind, it was also us who gave the instructions for the Blue Wind Nation to be subjugated within the shortest amount of time, no matter what methods we used. And it was also us who ordered the of Cang Wanhe! All of these things were orders that we had personally given! All of these were only the sins of us and us alone! Let us not even talk about your request that we cripple our profound art and atone for one hundred years, even if you wanted our life, we would give it to you right now! But all of this has nothing to do with Xue’er, nothing at all!”

Feng Hengkong struggled to shrug off the arms of all the elders who had grabbed ahold of him as he roared with widened eyes, “We are willing to go with you to Blue Wind Nation right now, and once we are there, you can do whatever you want to us! Our sins can only be expiated by us and us alone! Yun Che, you should be more clear than anyone else that this matter has absolutely nothing to do with Xue’er… nothing at all!!”

It could be said that the present Feng Hengkong was filled with shame and remorse. Before this, Feng Xue’er had been desperately protecting Yun Che… but at the same time, she was also rescuing the Divine Phoenix Sect as well. He could not imagine just how much today’s situation would have worsened if not for the timely appearance of Feng Xue’er.

It was Feng Xue’er who had pulled the entire sect back from the brink of the abyss. And right now, it was again Feng Xue’er, for the sake of his safety, who was willing to replace him and travel to Blue Wind Nation, in order to atone for all of his sins....

Even if there was really a medicine for regret in this world, it would still be unable to get rid of the regret that filled every nook and cranny of his soul.

Yun Che shot Feng Hengkong a casual and disinterested glance; after that he took Feng Xue’er’s small hand and said with a faint smile, “Fine, then we will do as Xue’er wishes and you can replace your royal father to accompany me back to Blue Wind.”

“Yun Che!!” Feng Hengkong let out a lion’s roar as his entire body fiercely trembled, “You… you dare! If you dare to take Xue’er away today, if you dare to harm a single hair on Xue’er’s head, we….”

“Tch!” Yun Che coldly snorted, “Xue’er saved my life, and there is nothing more that I would want to do than to cherish her. If not for Xue’er, do you actually think that you would still be able to stand there and kick up a big fuss!? And do you think that your Divine Phoenix Sect would be let off with just these few deaths!?”

“Also, in regards to harming Xue’er, Feng Hengkong, compared to you, I am truly inferior!” Yun Che said mockingly.

“You…” Those words had caused Feng Hengkong’s face to become as white as a ghost.

“As the emperor of a country, my Cang Yue is one million times more compa.s.sionate than you; she will not harm Xue’er, and I will not allow anyone else to harm her either. Besides, when it comes to representing the Divine Phoenix Empire, in many ways, Xue’er is even more suitable than you are!”

“So you better treasure the status, freedom and life that Xue’er has guaranteed for you!! When Xue’er comes back, she will naturally tell you just what kind of amends my Cang Yue desires of you!”

“Big Brother Yun, thank you. I know that I am being very selfish… but he is, after all, still my father, I…” Feng Xue’er lightly tugged the small hand that was being held within Yun Che’s own as her voice and eyes grew hazy. She was very clear just how much Yun Che had stepped back for her sake.

Yun Che shook his head and said with a faint smile, “For me, you were even able to make that evil oath that you would ‘purge your own Phoenix blood and Phoenix soul”. So in comparison, what I have done can’t even begin to measure up up that.”

“...Mn!” Feng Xue’er nodded her head vigorously as a celestial smile appeared on her face.

“No! We definitely must not let Xue’er accompany Yun Che to Blue Wind…. Royal father, you need to hurry up and stop it!” Feng Ximing said anxiously, “This is Xue’er we are talking about!!”

Feng Hengkong did not respond to Feng Ximing. His eyes were in a daze for a while before he suddenly shouted, “Yun Che, you can bring Xue’er with you to Blue Wind… however, we must follow you! Otherwise, even if we were to die here today, we will never allow you to bring Xue’er away!”

“Royal father…” Feng Xue’er panicked, just as she was about to speak, she heard Yun Che’s exceptionally calm reply, “Sure! Or should I say even better! After all, what my Cang Yue wanted to see the most is you personally come to atone for your sins!”

“Big Brother Yun…” Feng Xue’er hands tightened.

“You don’t have to worry.” Yun Che gently replied.

“Just a few simple words settled the nerves and anxiety that Feng Xue’er was feeling previously as she replied with a simple “mn”.

Yun Che did not refuse because he knew clearly what Feng Hengkong was afraid of. He was not worried about Feng Xue’er’s safety… After all, Feng Xue’er’s current strength had already obviously surpa.s.sed that of Feng Tianwei. Within Blue Wind Nation, there was no existence that could possibly post a threat to her. However, Feng Xue’er had never left the boundaries of Divine Phoenix City before and Yun Che was also a highly “dangerous” person. Even if it wasn’t Feng Hengkong, any ordinary father would not possibly feel safe to allow his daughter who had never left home before to follow a man to a foreign place alone.

Therefore, no matter what, Feng Hengkong had to tag along to “protect” her. Even if it meant that he himself had to remain within Blue Wind Nation’s territories.

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