Against the Gods - Chapter 717 - Insane Retaliation

Chapter 717 - Insane Retaliation

Chapter 717 - Insane Retaliation

“WHAT? Yun Che killed Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing?”

When Zi Ji receive this news, he was utterly shocked.

He was shocked that Yun Che’s strength was so overwhelming; it far exceeded his expectations yet again. More than that, he was shocked that Yun Che would do something like killing Divine Monarchs… two of them in fact!

No matter which Sacred Ground it was, the fall of a Monarch was a huge news that would even alert the other Sacred Grounds. For Divine Phoenix Sect whose number of Monarchs were considered spa.r.s.e compared to the Sacred Grounds, this was a huge matter that shook the world.

Furthermore, it was the pa.s.sing of two Monarchs!

This was as though the foundations of Divine Phoenix Sect had been uprooted!

“Truly a mad man that is capable of doing anything.” Zi Ji uttered this line which completely did not match his calm temperament, “Exterminating two Divine Phoenix Sect Sovereigns. This will cause Feng Tianwei… and all the Divine Phoenix Sovereigns in seclusion to act. What’s worse is that this might even anger the Ancestral Phoenix G.o.d, causing it to act personally.”

“Do we have to remind Yun Che?” the person beside Zi Ji asked.

“No,” Zi Ji shook his head slowly, “The development of this matter can no longer be controlled. Divine Phoenix Sect would most likely attack in full force. Even if it’s us, we can no longer meddle in this matter.”

“Judging from the development of the situation, it’s probably time for Yun Che’s backer, Old Man Duotian, to appear. Otherwise, when the enraged Divine Phoenix Sect send all their Monarchs out, even if Yun Che had a hundred lives, it still wouldn’t be enough.”

“If Old Man Duotian were to face the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix Spirit… who would come out ahead?” the green-robed man standing beside Zi Ji could not help but ask.

Zi Ji silently thought for a while before saying, “If the description of Old Man Duotian’s strength that Sun Moon Divine Hall provided was no exaggeration, Old Man Duotian would most likely win… he would even beat the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Ancestral Phoenix G.o.d in an overwhelming manner. This is probably also the biggest reason why Yun Che dared to kill two Divine Phoenix Sect Monarchs.”

“Having absolute strength, unlimited potential and a backing that is overbearing. His personality is even cruel and resolute…” Zi Ji let out a long sigh as he uttered, “This kind of person, unless we are certain that we can kill him, we must not offend him.

“And if we have absolute confidence in killing him… we must not waste one moment in killing him! The sooner he dies, the better. We cannot have any bit of sympathy towards him!”

“What shall this subordinate do next? Feng Tianwei has already appeared, and all the other Divine Phoenix Monarchs would probably leave Phoenix Fire Divine Realm. This subordinate is afraid that it’s already to difficulty to blend among them.”

“There is already too much of a commotion, so we no longer need to observe from up close. Swiftly inform Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region that Yun Che has killed Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing. Two Monarchs falling in the hands of a twenty-two year old; this is no longer a simple matter of grudge between Yun Che and Divine Phoenix Sect.”



The wind howled as Yun Che flew out of the boundaries of Divine Phoenix City towards the south. Behind him, an enormous red figure was chasing him. This figure seemed to be slowly approaching him as time pa.s.sed.

“What are you planning to do?” Sensing Yun Che’s chaotic wave of emotion, Jasmine asked, “What you’re considering now doesn’t seem to be how to shake the old man behind you off.”

Yun Che did not reply at all; only his eyes constantly twitched. No one seemed to know what he was thinking about.

“In fifteen minutes at most, he’ll be able to catch up to you. However, if you activated your Purgatory gate now, it would only take you fifteen minutes to completely shake him off as well,” Jasmine said in a low voice.

“...Jasmine, what might be the consequences if I were to destroy Phoenix City?” Yun Che placed his right hand on his chest as he took in the essence of heaven and earth to swiftly recuperate his injuries. His voice was exceptionally calm, without even a hint of nervousness from being chased by a level six Monarch.

“Hmph, it sure matches your personality.” Jasmine did not give a straightforward reply, but instead laughed coldly, “You killed four Divine Phoenix Princes, numerous elders, two Monarchs and sent their entire sect into a sea of chaos. All that’s missing is digging out their ancestors’ graves. You’ve only suffered some moderate injuries currently, yet you have so much hatred and killing intent towards them.”

“All of those were what they deserved. I have already been magnanimous enough with them.” Yun Che replied softly. He continued to speed up though. At his current speed, he could prevent himself from being caught by Feng Tianwei in a short amount of time, while at the same time, he could also stabilize his injuries at a relatively swift pace.

“I never wanted to act so cruelly at the start, but since even Feng Tianwei has appeared, and he is much stronger than expected, I have no choice but to deliver the final big gift earlier!”

Jasmine, “...”

Unknowingly, they had already traveled for hundreds of kilometers, and Feng Tianwei, who was originally kilometers behind Yun Che, was now less than six hundred meters away from him.

Divine Phoenix City had also long vanished from their sight.

Contrary to the composed Yun Che, Feng Tianwei, the chasing party who also possessed overwhelming strength, was actually the one who was completely shocked instead. He had already used his full strength and pushed his speed to the very limits, yet in the few hundred kilometers of chase, not to mention catching up to Yun Che, he had only closed the distance between them by about one and a half kilometers only..

Previously in Phoenix City, after he had injured Yun Che, he did not give chase immediately. Instead, he examined Phoenix City’s condition first. As a level six Monarch, Feng Tianwei felt that chasing Yun Che, who was severely injured and whose strength was far below his, would undoubtedly be an easy task.

However, in all actuality, he was constantly shocked along the chase.

The profound energy fluctuations Yun Che emitted while escaping was indeed only at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm. However, his speed while being injured only paled slightly in comparison. Furthermore, when Yun Che was flying, his aura was extremely stable; it didn’t have any disruptions in the slightest. Obviously, the injuries Yun Che received were not as severe as he originally thought.

Someone in the Emperor Profound Realm would actually possess such speed!

When he appeared, his rage lead him to use at least seventy percent of his profound strength… Yet, this only caused Yun Che to receive injuries that was insufficient to disrupt his breathing?!

Feng Tianwei was both shocked and doubtful at the same time. Like Feng Tianyu before, the killing intent in his heart grew ten times greater than he previously had.

This person… absolutely cannot be spared!!!

At present, Yun Che no longer had anywhere to escape. Although Yun Che’s speed was extremely abnormal, Feng Tianwei had finally caught up to him within six hundred meters. If Feng Tianwei could get a little bit closer, he could directly attack Yun Che and knock him down from the sky.

And this time, he was going to use all his might to ensure Yun Che’s death in the shortest time possible!

Feng Tianwei’s scarlet eyes had a bone chilling gaze. As the Phoenix Grand Sect Master, he originally could not be bothered to personally go after a junior. However, this junior had made him feel an extreme sense of danger… Although Yun Che had saved Feng Xue’er, the most important person within Divine Phoenix Sect, without regard for his life three years ago, now that he had become a ma.s.sive threat and the sect’s mortal enemy, he definitely had to die!

As a cold sheen flashed, both of Feng Tianwei’s arms ignited with Phoenix Flames. He started to concentrate his profound energy, waiting until he got close enough before mercilessly attacking. At this time, he noticed that Yun Che suddenly slowed down, ma.s.sively reducing the gap between them.

“Finally running out of steam!” Feng Tianwei muttered as he lifted his arms that were concentrated with phoenix energy… right at the moment when he was about to strike, Yun Che, who had been standing right there, had suddenly disappeared from his sight.

Feng Tianwei’s brows tightly knitted together as he rushed swiftly to the spot where Yun Che was and scanned the surrounding area… Yun Che’s figure had disappeared, but what truly shocked Feng Tianwei was that even his aura had completely disappeared as well!

Profound concealing techniques were nothing new, but for Monarchs, profound concealing techniques were nothing but a joke. Because no matter how perfectly the body was hidden, it was still impossible to hide the profound aura from the all powerful senses of a Monarch.

Therefore, when Feng Tianwei saw that Yun Che had disappeared, his brows s.h.i.+fted slightly… and in the next instant, his expression changed drastically.

Not only had Yun Che’s body disappeared, even his aura had completely vanished… Furthermore, Yun Che had completely vanished while Feng Tianwei was staring at him and had his senses locked onto him.

In his hundreds of years of life, he had neither encountered nor heard of such a thing before.

He released his profound aura to its very limits, and within a radius of several dozens of kilometers, not to mention living beings, even the movement of a blade of gra.s.s could not escape from his senses. However, even though after searching with all his strength for some time, within the radius of his senses, he could not detect any trace of Yun Che.

“Yun Che, show yourself!!!” Feng Tianwei scanned the area as he shouted with a thunderous voice. Due to his intense rage, the Phoenix Flames within his body surged and blasted out viciously!

BOOM! Several dozens of kilometers had instantly turned into a sea of flames…


Following the shrieks of the s.p.a.ce, Yun Che reappeared in the skies above Phoenix City and floated at an alt.i.tude of ten kilometers above the ground. On his body, a scarlet flame burned, releasing a glow that was not too strong… This time, he was not using Phoenix Flames, but instead the Golden Crow Flames which were much hotter, violent and heartless.

In his hands, he kept the palm-sized Primordial Profound Ark. Gradually, he opened his arms, causing the flames on the surface of his body to become denser. But although the glow wasn’t too eye-catching, it still creepily turned the sky redder and redder.

Before long, the sky above Yun Che had turned into a ferocious scarlet golden color. The scarlet golden area was constantly moving, as though it was flowing lava. Yun Che’s body also gradually descended, and each time he descended, the scarlet golden area would spread. At the same time, a terrifying scorching heat started to envelop the ground below.

“Destruction Domain… Yellow Spring Ashes…” Yun Che’s entire body was now s.h.i.+ning in a scarlet golden color. Especially his eyes, which were so eye catching that they already seem to be burning, and his mouth, which seemed to be uttering the curses of a devil.

Yun Che’s previous attacks had killed the Divine Phoenix Sect Great Elder, had severely injured five other elders, and had taken the lives of hundreds of disciples. The five severely injured Phoenix elders had all been sent to the Medicinal Hall, while a group of Phoenix Sect Disciples stayed behind to clear up the mess. Although the Grand Sect Master, Feng Tianwei had personally come out of seclusion and this disaster could also finally come to an end since Yun Che could not possibly escape from Feng Tianwei’s clutches, no matter how miserably Yun Che died in the hands of Feng Tianwei, there was no way of recovering Divine Phoenix Sect’s losses.

Especially the fall of two Monarchs.

That was why Phoenix City was in such a gloomy state, to point where not even a single person could manage to laugh.

Feng Hengkong, along with the other Phoenix elders, had also gone to the Medicinal Hall to help stabilize the injuries of the five severely injured Elders.

“Royal Father, I have already sent personnel out of the city to search for the remains of the two Grand Elders.” Seeing Feng Hengkong’s dark expression, Feng Ximing touched his lips and stopped speaking.

“Haah.” Feng Hengkong let out a long sigh. With a sorrowful expression, he regretfully said, “If only yesterday, we… had directly begged Royal Father to take action…”

“This is not Sect Master’s fault.” Fourth elder shook his head and continued, “No one could have expected that Yun Che’ strength would be at such a level. On the first few days, Yun Che would always try to escape after making his kill. He must have intended to hide his true strength in order to make us careless.”

Two Monarchs, four princes, six elders… Such severe damage had never happened in the history of the Divine Phoenix Sect.

This was a disaster and shame that the sect could never ever forget.

Feng Hengkong closed his eyes and uttered in misery, “All has already been lost. Now I can only hope that Xue’er has not been alerted…” Thinking about the shattering of the Phoenix Fire Barrier, he could only shake his head in grief, “I’m afraid this can no longer be kept from Xue’er…”

But before he could finish speaking, Feng Hengkong’s expression suddenly darkened. At the same time, the various elders, who were treating the five severely injured elders, looked up as their expressions darkened as well.

Because, the temperature of the air suddenly rose at a frightening rate. A frightening pressure, which was was not too strong but still felt like a demon had just descended from the sky, was growing and approaching at a significant pace.


Feng Hengkong broke through the roof and flew up. As he looked up, he could see a circular scarlet golden area in the skies in the distance, which caused the surrounding skies to turn red from its brilliance. Below the scarlet golden glow, there was a figure that should have never been there.

“Yun… Che?!!”

Feng Hengkong’s eyes seemed as though they have been stabbed by a million needles and shrunk to the smallest they had ever been in his entire life.

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