Against the Gods - Chapter 713 - Heavy Sword Suppression

Chapter 713 - Heavy Sword Suppression

Chapter 713 - Heavy Sword Suppression

Yun Che, whose strength was fully unleashed, actually reached out his arm and directly grabbed the incoming phoenix arrow that was shot at him. Following his growl, the phoenix arrow, which was condensed with an extremely powerful phoenix fire energy, was ruthlessly shattered in Yun Che’s palm. It turned into two distorted lumps of residual flames, which Yun Che swept to the back.

“Ooo!!” Feng Tianyu’s pupils enlarged, and under his shock-filled expression, even a hint of fear could be discerned.

“The one who’s going to die is you!” Yun Che ignited the Phoenix blood within his body. Behind him, a clear image of a phoenix appeared in a flash, and in an instant, the pressure of a phoenix superimposed with his profound aura; the power it unleashed had even faintly suppressed Feng Tianyu.

Yun Che’s arm blasted out, and in a split second, the Phoenix flames that erupted diffused into the entire s.p.a.ce. Between heaven and earth, what remained was only an extremely pure crimson red color. With the Evil G.o.d’s Fire Seed within his body, his speed of circulating fire energy was something that even Feng Tianyu, who had cultivated Phoenix flame energy for six hundred odd years could not compare with.

The flames, which instantly filled his entire vision, escalated the astonishment within Feng Tianyu’s heart even more. The approaching Phoenix flames caused his protective profound energy to tremble intensely, and because of that, he no longer dared to be careless or belittle his opponent. With the fastest speed possible, he circulated his profound energy to eighty percent, causing a gigantic torrent of flames to erupt from his entire body.

“Phoenix Flames Searing Heaven!!”


Like a gigantic rock of three kilometers in length being thrown into a calm sea, the air within a radius of several dozen kilometers was violently expelled, bringing about a strikingly terrifying ripple. The entire sky completely changed in color, and under the searing red light, two b.a.l.l.s of phoenix flames that were capable of scorching the earth, intensely clashed into one another, burning, tearing, and engulfing each other.

And this, was merely the beginning. Under the collision and engulfing of the two spheres of explosive phoenix flames, not only did they not gradually extinguish and disperse away, rather, they were expanding at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. The crimson red color grew even deeper, and within several dozen kilometers, all plant life were set ablaze. Under the enveloping flames, even rocks began to quickly melt.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom...

When it came to the richness of profound energy, Yun Che naturally could not be compared with Feng Tianyu. However, when it came to using the same Phoenix flames, Yun Che’s realm of profound arts, his understanding of the laws, and his control over fire energy, all suppressed Feng Tianyu, even if the latter was an almighty Monarch!

Although Yun Che’s sudden increase of profound energy shocked Feng Tianyu, subconsciously, he still did not think that Yun Che possessed the necessary strength to fight him. However against this simple blast of flames, he had already used a total of eighty percent of his profound strength. Yet, not only was he unable to suppress Yun Che’s Phoenix flames, he even began to feel an increasing pressure after a short stalemate.


A gigantic image of a phoenix appeared behind Feng Tianyu. As he raised his profound strength to ninety percent, the Phoenix flames on his body once again erupted, stirring a gigantic fire whirlpool, and forcefully suppressing Yun Che’s phoenix flames in an instant.

“Break it!!”

The Phoenix flames blasted apart, causing the s.p.a.ce to shatter. Countless spatial fragments shot out like needles, penetrating the blue skies and the earth. Under the torrent of flames, Yun Che and Feng Tianyu were separated far apart. Feng Tianyu’s pupils shrank as he stared deeply at Yun Che… From what he saw, even though Yun Che was blasted further away, his expression was still calm and did not look one bit pale. Only his clothes showed signs of damage, but there wasn’t any hint of injury on his body.

Twenty-two years old… Third Level of the Emperor Profound Realm… Yet, just from the collision of pure Profound Energy, he was forced to use ninety percent of his strength. This was a situation where he never would have even dreamt of in the past.

“This child… definitely cannot be left alive!”

Only after exchanging blows with Yun Che, did Feng Tianyu, who did not even place Yun Che in his eyes in the beginning, truly realize the terror that was Yun Che. At the age of twenty-two, Yun Che already possessed such power; Feng Tianyu couldn’t imagine just what kind of terrifying realm he would achieve if he reached his own age. And this person was even Divine Phoenix Sect’s mortal enemy...

No matter what, at all costs, he must die!!

“Who is… your teacher?” The muscles and blood veins in Feng Tianyu’s entire body tensed up, and around his body, an increasingly concentrated amount of fire spirits began to appear. Realizing how terrifying Yun Che was, he had decided to send this junior to his grave within the shortest time possible; he was no longer hesitant to use his full strength. If he was kept alive… in the future, he will definitely be the nightmare of Divine Phoenix Sect.

And like everyone else, he wanted to know who could actually bring up such a disciple that could even shock a Monarch like him to the core!

“You’re still not qualified to know.” Yun Che coldly said.

“Then you can die now.” Feng Tianyu never hoped to receive an answer from Yun Che’s own mouth either. With his arms spread open, his hair straightened up amidst the flames, and the phoenix image behind him released a resounding and ear-piercing phoenix cry.

He wasn’t releasing any phoenix flames from his body, but the temperature of the air was rising at a terrifying speed. The s.p.a.ce was also quickly turning crimson red amidst the distortion. The shattered stones and sand particles on the ground were trembling, and even a large number of them began to float in the air.

“Phoenix Domain!!” After the sudden flash in Feng Tianyu’s eyes, the surrounding area of a few dozen kilometers instantly turned into a gigantic sea of flames. Within the burning sea, countless Phoenix Flame Silhouettes were dancing willfully and letting out long cries, releasing a destructive force that could potentially burn everything away.

In the large flaming domain, Feng Tianyu and Yun Che were situated exactly at the center. Feng Tianyu raised both of his hands. In his domain, he was naturally its dictator. He could change the domain and circulate every corner of its power as he pleased. Everything within the domain would become his advantage, “Fledgeling, before you die, use your life to properly witness what a domain at the Monarch level is! In this phoenix domain, even if you use all the strength in your body to defend, you will still turn into ashes within ten breaths of time!”

Domains at the Monarch level were definitely unmatched and powerful. They could be called the highest level of power in the Sky Profound Continent.

However, never in his dreams would Feng Tianyu have possibly thought that, when it came to pure fire energy, even if it was ten times stronger, it was impossible to harm Yun Che, who possessed the Fire Spirit Evil Body, in any way.

Standing at the center of this domain of destruction, Yun Che lightly glanced at his surroundings. What appeared on his face was not shock and fear, but a cold smile which Feng Tianyu could not comprehend, “If you didn’t activate this phoenix domain, your death would have been a little slower.”

“Hong’er, it’s time to come out and work!!”

“Ah… Ou!”

With a flash of scarlet red light, the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword had already been grasped in Yun Che’s hands. At that moment, all of the erupting flames in the entire phoenix domain seemed to have stopped, while Feng Tianyu’s pupils suddenly spasmed, as though they had been pierced by metal needles.

Feng Tianyu had lived for several hundred years, but this was the first time he had seen such a gigantic sword. From this gigantic sword, he was seemingly unable to sense any presence. However, merely by making eye contact with it, his heart and soul, actually appeared to have convulsed from fear.


With a swing of his arms, the Heaven Smiting Sword threw out a scarlet red arc. Even though it was just a single and simple swing, it carried a shocking and thundering tearing sound… At the front trajectory of the gigantic sword’s swing, a rift of about thirteen meters long and fifteen centimeters wide was actually torn within this Monarch-level phoenix domain - Feng Tianyu’s strongest ability.

No matter how rampant the surrounding Phoenix flames were, or how the Phoenix Silhouette danced, the rift still did not close even after a long time.

“What is… that sword?” Feng Tianyu’s voice was trembling.

Yun Che did not answer, the bones of his entire body cracked and popped … After his marriage with Little Demon Empress, he received a large number of peerless famed swords. With Hong’er madly consuming them everyday, the amount of energy stored within the Heaven Smiting Sword grew increasingly terrifying. Simply based on ma.s.s alone, it had already reached about three hundred thousand kilograms.

If it was the past Yun Che who had just arrived in the Illusory Demon Realm, it would be seemingly impossible for him to wield it. But for the current Yun Che, he could easily control it as though it was his own body!

From witnessing Feng Tianyu’s Phoenix Domain, Yun Che also saw the limits of Feng Tianyu’s strength, which also allowed him to confirm that there was definitely no reason he would lose to Feng Tianyu. Even the possibility of killing him today, was above seventy percent!

Yun Che flew into the air, cruising straight through the Phoenix Domain as the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword swept horizontally towards Feng Tianyu.

Wherever the Heaven Smiting Sword went, the Phoenix Domain would collapse in layers. The Phoenix flames, which were initially running rampant, were suppressed to the point of being completely extinguished. Within the phoenix domain, which was several hundred kilometers in size, a gully of three hundred meters in length was created from the blast in the blink of an eye. Feng Tianyu’s face was distorted, the phoenix image behind his back was struggling, and the protective profound energy surrounding his body seemed as though it had been pierced by countless metal needles as it produced sizzling noises. He grabbed onto a flaming halberd, and all of the flames within the surrounding three hundred meters of s.p.a.ce gathered onto the halberd itself, forming a gigantic flaming python that was sent smas.h.i.+ng straight at Yun Che.


Red lights burst out, and the sky once again changed in color. Under the torrent of energy from the Heaven Smiting Sword, Feng Tianyu’s flaming python merely lasted for half a breath, before it was minced apart. Feng Tianyu’s vision whitened as he felt as though his chest was struck by a huge mountain. In an instant, his flesh turned into mash, and afterwards, through his ribcage and a newly donned protective profound energy, he was able to barely resist the attack.

Wind whistled past his ears as Feng Tianyu was sent flying in a straight line. Only after traversing two or three kilometers did he finally stop. The energy and blood in his entire body seethed, and blood profusely flowed out of his abdomen. He reached out his arm, only to realize that on both his arms, several long wounds had been ripped open.

The surrounding flames were dispersing, and the temperature quickly dropped as well. Losing control of his ability, the Phoenix Domain instantly collapsed.

Earlier, he proclaimed that Yun Che would definitely be burnt away in the Phoenix Domain within ten breaths of time, but after ten breaths of time… it was instead the Phoenix Domain which met a tragic end of collapsing in an instant.

“Impossible…” Feng Tianyu held his abdomen with his hand, but he had forgotten to suppress the injuries that were not as severe. He looked at Yun Che who was right in front of him, and the distorted expression on his face was as though he was having a terrifying nightmare. “Impossible… How could something like this happen…”

He had used a hundred percent of his profound strength, only to be heavily injured by his opponent with a single strike… The domain, which he had gathered with the highest level of his power, actually collapsed just like that in a short ten breaths of time.

The strength behind the attack that struck his body earlier… How could it possibly have come from the hands of this twenty two year old in front of him!?

“I have already told you. If you didn’t use your domain, and had instead saved your energy, you could have possibly died a little slower!” A cold killing intent flashed past Yun Che’s eyes. He did not give Feng Tianyu the opportunity to catch his breath. The Heaven Smiting Sword once again smashed out, causing the several dozen meters of s.p.a.ce in front of him to curve to a great degree from the extremely tyrannical power of his heavy sword.

The attack he endured earlier was as terrifying as a nightmare, so how would Feng Tianyu dare to block it head on? With his contracted pupils, a flaming shadow swept out of his body as he quickly retreated several dozen meters back… But the width of the range of the heavy sword’s attack could definitely not be compared to any regular weapons. Even though Feng Tianyu had retreated to a very far distance with extreme speed, he was still swept by the shockwave of the Heaven Smiting Sword’s force. Although it was merely a shockwave, it caused his entire body to ruthlessly tumble and turn, almost making him fall to the ground.

Feng Tianyu was both shocked and furious. With his two hands raised together, two spheres of Phoenix flames that were several meters thick fiercely shot out before merging into one and shooting straight at Yun Che.


With a loud boom, the Phoenix flames, which Feng Tianyu shot out with his full strength was dispersed with a smash of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. After the dispersal of flames, the gigantic sword approached at high speed. Feng Tianyu’s face turned ashen from shock as he once again retreated with all his might. Using all of his profound energy, he concentrated on protecting the front of his body. Amidst his fear, he actually did not dare to once again throw a counterattack.


Within Phoenix City, the constant flashes of red light in the southeastern sky could be clearly seen. Although the roars came from extremely far away, they still rang in everyone’s ears.

“Heheh, as expected, it’s impossible for Yun Che to escape from Grand Elder’s clutches.” Feng Ximing coldly laughed, “For Grand Elder to personally make a move… it’s simply too easy on him!!”

“It’s already been a good long while since Grand Elder made his move, yet it’s actually isn’t over yet… Could it be that Grand Elder is playing a game of catching the mouse?” Feng Feilie said with a faint smile. Every single one of them had no doubt that it was just an easy feat for Feng Tianyu if he wanted to kill Yun Che.

Feng Tianqing’s expression was very calm in the beginning, but as the glow in the southeastern sky grew even more intense, and as the sounds grew even heavier, his brows began to sink bit by bit.

Noticing the changes in his expression, Feng Hengkong asked, “Grand Elder, could there have been some unforeseen events over at Elder Tianyu’s side?”

Feng Tianyu said with a low voice, “Initially, Tianyu only used half of his profound strength… then, eighty percent of it… but now, he has actually raised it to a hundred percent! What’s going on? No matter how exaggerated Yun Che’s strength was, it can’t possibly force Elder Tianyu to use all his strength… Could, someone else have appeared? Or perhaps there’s a certain powerful helper on Yun Che’s side?”

At this moment, in Feng Tianqing’s ears, a pressing, anxious Phoenix Spirit sound transmission was suddenly sent by Feng Tianyu.

“Come quick… I’m not his match!!”

Feng Tianqing’s expression gravely changed; he was simply unable to believe the words he just heard. He raised his head and looked towards the southeastern sky and took a deep, heavy breath. Not having the time to explain to Feng Hengkong and the rest, he had already rose into the air and charged straight over with his fastest speed.

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