Against the Gods - Chapter 706 - Atrocious Performance

Chapter 706 - Atrocious Performance

Chapter 706 - Atrocious Performance

“However, I, Yun Che, am not a person who revels in killing other people. At least not to the point where I would be a human-faced beast like you, Divine Phoenix Sect Master. Not to the point where I would be willing to harm the thousands of people in my Blue Wind Nation in order to fulfill my own selfish desires! I came from many miles away to your Divine Phoenix Empire just so that I could take back something that is owed to my Blue Wind Nation. As long as all of you sincerely and honestly agree to implement all of the conditions that I had proposed, I would not even be bothered to take a step into your Divine Phoenix Sect. So if you still refuse to repent until you see a coffin…”

Yun Che’s mouth curled up into a cold smile filled with killing intent. “I will not be able to guarantee which son of yours will die today!”

Every single one of the four conditions proposed by Yun Che yesterday was designed to humiliate the Divine Phoenix Sect and cause the dignity of the nation to hit rock bottom. And let us not talk about Feng Hengkong agreeing to it because just even thinking about it caused him to nearly go into rage-induced frenzy. This added to the bone-piercing hatred he had for Yun Che because he had killed two of his sons, resulted in Feng Hengkong being unable to maintain his cool when he faced Yun Che now even if he used all his willpower to do so.

Moreover, in the past two days, a prince had been taken captive by Yun Che each day. But today, he had come alone, without any captives while all the elders, pavilion lords, hall masters, protectorates, and high-level disciples had moved at first notice, and everyone was on their highest guard—Today’s situation was completely different to how it was for the previous two days; how could they let Yun Che do whatever he wanted yet again?

Feng Hengkong’s eyes burned with the fire of hatred and he yelled in a low voice, “Feilie, Feiran… regardless of the cost, use all your power to capture him!!”

The instant Feng Hengkong’s voice fell, both Feng Feilie and Feng Feiran, who were behind him, shot into the air as they zoomed in on where Yun Che was. As the new great elder and second elder of the Divine Phoenix Sect, they had the greatest profound strength among all the current elders of the Divine Phoenix Sect, and they were both at the peak of the Tyrant Profound Realm. If they had met with enough fortunate circ.u.mstances, it was possible that they wouldstep into the Sovereign Profound Realm within the next century or so.

“Yun Che, you brat! Prepare to die!!”

The instant the both of them shot into the sky, all the profound energy in their bodies exploded outwards without reserve. The Phoenix flame that filled the air as a result bathed more than half of the Divine Phoenix Sect in a crimson red light, and their speed had also reached the very limits of what they were capable of. Their profound energy and mental energy had doggedly locked onto Yun Che.

But what they were unaware of was that even though Yun Che’s profound strength was only in the Emperor Profound Realm, the suppressive aura of the Tyrant Profound Realm did not work on him at all. So the moment Feng Feilie and Feng Feiran took to the air, Yun Che also made his move…

The instant right before this, he was still crossing his arms over his chest with a cold smile playing on his face with no profound energy fluctuations across his body.

But the very next instant, without seeing him make any moves at all, his whole body suddenly become illusory as another figure immediately appeared a dozen or so meters away…

His movement was so fast that it was practically teleportation!!

This kind of speed exceeded even the limits of what a pract.i.tioner of the Tyrant Profound Realm could capture with his eyes. In addition, before the yells of the onrus.h.i.+ng Feng Feiran and Feng Feilie had receded, the scene blurred before their very eyes. They completely lost the target that was previously in their sights, and even the aura lock that they had targeted Yun Che with had been completely shaken off.

As the strongest among all the elders within the Divine Phoenix Sect, both of them had been through many battles, yet at this moment, they both had identical blank stares on their faces. When they had locked onto Yun Che’s location once again, he was already more than one hundred and fifty meters away from where he used to be. Furthermore, before the two of them fell into shock because of that lightning speed, their expressions abruptly changed as they roared anxiously, “Protect the Eleventh Prince!!”

The direction Yun Che was heading in was where the Eleventh Prince, Feng Ximin, was located. The six Divine Phoenix elders in front of him formed a tight barrier, and behind them, there were still many hall masters and the hundreds of disciples who were under the tutelage of these six elders.

Yun Che was so fast that his speed was nearly unfathomable, and the people who were in other locations were not fast enough to rush over and provide support. The six elders, who were put on the highest alert the moment Yun Che suddenly started rus.h.i.+ng in their direction, simultaneously took action with flawless teamwork even before he drew near. They attacked him from six different angles as they tried to ensure that he could not even advance an inch towards them.

As Yun Che approached with lightning speed, he hardly slowed down in the face of the six elders’ attacks. The moment he was within fifteen meters of them, five afterimages immediately appeared, causing the six elders to instantly lose track of their target. Regardless of their stance, an instance of stagnation and disorder appeared in their attack patterns.


Phoenix flames blew apart and covered the entire sky with scattered flames. Amidst the firelight, Yun Che’s afterimages disappeared simultaneously and a scream of terror rang out from behind the six elders.


The six elders turned around at lightning speed, their eyeb.a.l.l.s protruding and their entire bodies shaking. The greatest expression of alarm and incredulity they ever had in their lives appeared on their faces…

“Eleve… Eleventh Prince!!”

“This… this isn’t possible! Just when did he… how… how is this possible!?”

Eleventh Prince Feng Ximin, whom they had securely protected, had, at this very moment, fallen into the hands of the enemy. His actions, state… and even the look on his face was exactly the same as Feng Xichen’s yesterday. And the person who stood at his side was Yun Che himself.

The moment Yun Che had rushed in his direction, Feng Ximin immediately grew ashen-faced, and he anxiously circulated all the profound energy in his body. But his profound strength, which was only at the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, amounted to nothing in the face of Yun Che’s might. Not only that, but given Yun Che’s lightning speed, he was not even given the opportunity to release it as Yun Che’s blow smashed against his dantian and instantly suppressed his profound energy, causing him to become completely helpless and weak; he did not even have the strength to stand straight anymore.

All the six Divine Phoenix elders, who were in the mid to late stages of the Tyrant Profound Realm, were unable to see or feel how Yun Che had suddenly appeared behind them. The six of them had banded together to protect the Eleventh Prince, but in one instant, the other party had… in just a single instant, captured the Eleventh Prince; the six of them had combined all their power to attack Yun Che, but they had not even singed the corner of his robe.

“Eleventh Prince!!”


The exact same scene, the exact same circ.u.mstances, and the exact same nightmare played itself out for the third time before the eyes of the entire Divine Phoenix Sect.

The first time it happened they could console themselves by telling themselves they had been caught unaware by Yun Che’s sudden and explosive speed. The second time they could console themselves by saying that it was all down to Yun Che’s insidiousness and ingenuity as he used a special method to avoid all detection while he infiltrated deep into the sect in order to take Feng Xichen captive.

But this time, Yun Che had made a brazen appearance, and not only had he not launched a surprise attack on the Divine Phoenix Sect, he had even loudly announced his presence to everybody. After that, he was basically surrounded by all the people within the Divine Phoenix Sect while they had also made every preparation possible and taken every precaution, giving the various princes the highest degree of protection that could be afforded…

Yet, Yun Che had in the span of three breaths of time… just merely three breaths of time, easily captured his third prince!!

Every single hair on Feng Hengkong’s body trembled, and the spirits of every single Divine Phoenix elders and disciples had been severely shaken. Their present mood at the time was unable to be described with any words.

They were the Divine Phoenix Sect, an existence that was second only to the Four Sacred Grounds, the strongest of the Profound Sky Seven Nations, and the only power within the Profound Sky Continent that possessed the bloodline of a Divine Spirit. They had the ability to cover the sky with one hand, had accrued five thousand years of glory and fame, and not a single person within the Profound Sky Seven Nations dared to disobey them…

But today, all the glory and might that they had was turned into a complete and utter joke by a young man of only twenty-two, a young man who had come from the lowliest Blue Wind Nation.

At this time, the Blue Wind Nation had already given birth to three Monarch-level powerhouses. The first was Yun Che, and the other two were Xia Yuanba and Fen Juechen. Given their current strength, Yun Che was weaker than both Fen Juechen and Xia Yuanba. But if either Fen Juechen or Xia Yuanba had come to confront the Divine Phoenix Sect, neither of them would have caused the sect to become so dejected and depressed. It was even possible that the both of them would have been heavily wounded or even lose their lives when the Divine Phoenix Sect began to box them in.

The difference between them and Yun Che was that Yun Che had the Extreme Mirage Lightning and the Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow techniques to protect him, and the agility and speed afforded to him by combining both techniques was something that even Xia Yuanba and Fen Juechen put together were not able to compare with. At this point, he had not yet directly faced off with a single Divine Phoenix Elder in battle, but he had already caused the Divine Phoenix Sect to plunge into a crisis while causing Feng Hengkong to collapse multiple times.

Only speed could not be broken, and no matter what plane one was on, it was an unalterable truth.

“Yun… Che…” Feng Hengkong’s voice was trembling, and his whole body was shaking so vigorously it was as if he was caught in a bone-piercingly cold wind. The hatred in his heart had practically caused his entire body to ignite. He mumbled that name as if he wanted to grind it to bits with his own teeth.

The Divine Phoenix elders had once again formed a circle around Yun Che, but they kept looking at each other as they shot glances at Feng Hengkong, their twisted faces filled with helplessness. Facing Yun Che, who held the life of the Eleventh Prince in his hands, they did not even dare utter a single threat.

“Royal father… Master… save me… save me!!”

Just like Feng Xichen yesterday, Feng Ximin’s face was as white as a sheet as he yelled in despair. The Divine Phoenix princes, who were accustomed to a life of luxury and receiving the admiration and respect of all those around them, were far more cowardly in the face of death compared to the average person.

The great elder Feng Feiran stepped forward as he strove to stay completely calm. “Yun Che, you…”

As he had just opened his mouth, a voice that was like thunder pealed through the air, “Yun Che! You son of a b.i.t.c.h, let go of my Eleventh Brother!!”

The miserable deaths of two princes was sufficient to let the Divine Phoenix Sect clearly see just what kind of temperament Yun Che had. So this angry curse that had come out of nowhere did not ease their frustration in the slightest; on the contrary, all of their hearts started racing faster out of shock, and they all turned towards the west… This furious curse had come from the center of Phoenix City, and the one who had yelled was shockingly the Ninth Prince, Feng Xilin, who stood there by himself.

The moment Yun Che had come, all the attention had been solely focused on him, so no one really noticed where Feng Xilin had disappeared to. So his sudden and furious rebuke had given all the gathered elders a huge shock, and the nearest Divine Phoenix Elder swiftly said in a serious voice, “Ninth Prince, do not agitate him! He is a madman who is capable of doing anything!”

The scenario that they were most afraid of had come to pa.s.s, and as Feng Xilin’s yell began to recede, Yun Che’s gaze shot past everyone to land squarely on Feng Xilin’s body. Everyone present could instantly feel a bone-chilling and heart-piercing murderous intent fill the air.

“In this world, there were many people who dared to insult me in such a manner, but no matter who they were, in the end, the one common point that they had…” Yun Che said in a merry voice, “was that they all died miserable deaths, and those who didn’t die suffered fates even worse than death.”

Yun Che’s mental strength was so many times stronger than Feng Xilin’s that it did not even merit a comparison, so how could a mere Feng Xilin endure his gaze. Under Yun Che’s cold gaze, his body froze up completely and his back instantly became drenched with cold sweat while his eyes even grew dazed for a moment. But he fiercely fought back against the shock and the instinctive fear that he felt spreading through his body, and once he was able to force himself to look calm, he roared, “Is this prince wrong in scolding you!? Not only are you a b.a.s.t.a.r.d who has muddied the glorious bloodline of our Divine Phoenix, you are also a vile villain who only knows how to launch surprise attacks and run away! Besides launching surprise attacks and running away, you basically have nothing else of merit, so to think that you would still have the gall to be so arrogant in front of our Divine Phoenix Sect!”

“Ninth Prince, do not anger him!!” the previous elder desperately exclaimed once more in an anxious voice.

“Oh?” Yun Che looked at him. “So what?”

Feng Xilin fought to keep his calm, and a cold and contemptuous smile appeared on his face. “The day before yesterday you killed my Fourteenth Brother. Yesterday, you killed my Thirteenth Brother. And today, you have once again made a move against my Eleventh Brother! Amongst all the Divine Phoenix princes, these three brothers of mine are the weakest in terms of cultivation, and they are all only at the Emperor Profound Realm. Hahahahaha, so in the end, you really only do have the capability of dealing with those who are in the Emperor Profound Realm! So why don’t you try to capture this prince instead, huh!?”

After he said this, Feng Xilin’s profound energy flared up and the profound energy aura of the first stage of the Tyrant Profound Realm immediately began to swell up and spill out.

Feng Xilin’s words caused all the Divine Phoenix elders and disciples present to be greatly shocked, and very quickly, some Divine Phoenix elders noticed where exactly Feng Xilin was standing on. They immediately reacted to it, but they still strove to maintain an expression of worry and fear on their face.”

“Ninth Prince, stop wasting your words on him!” a Divine Phoenix Elder roared.

“Huh? Why would this prince be scared of him!” Feng Xiling gave a haughty cold laugh, “This b.a.s.t.a.r.d from Blue Wind Nation is only at the third stage of the Emperor Profound Realm. Furthermore, the only thing he can be arrogant about is his speed. From the very beginning of this whole ridiculous affair up till now, the only thing he has done is run. He has not even had the guts to exchange blows with any of the elders who are present. But it is truly a pity that no matter how fast he is, he will only forever be a defeated dog who is chased around by his enemies. No matter how fast a defeated dog can run, there will definitely come a time when his legs break. And once his legs are broken, heh, then he will die as unsightly a death as his enemies want him to die!

Feng Xilin insolently stretched a finger out towards Yun Che as he made an extremely disdainful hooking gesture. “Yun Che, you are merely some Emperor Profound Realm trash, and even if you were ten thousand times faster than you already are, as this prince is in the Tyrant Profound Realm, you are only a pitiful dancing clown in this prince’s eyes. The only reason this prince’s three brothers fell into your hands was because they were useless pieces of trash as well. So if they die, so be it. As for this prince… heh, I want to see if you can do to me the same thing you did to my three useless royal brothers. Do you believe that as long as you come within ten meters of this prince, this prince will have tens of methods to rip you to bits and pieces!

“However, this prince understands that you will not dare to do so. Because for a defeated dog that only knows how to run, even if you give him ten thousand times the courage that he has right now, he will never ever dare to make a move against this prince! Hahahahahaha!”

Hehehe… Feng Xilin was laughing wildly while Yun Che was chuckling coldly. Ever since he had arrived, he had been silently mulling over what trick the Divine Phoenix Sect would pull to induce him to venture into the radius of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation.

However Feng Xilin’s botched attempt at psychological warfare made him feel as if they were trying to insult his own intelligence!!

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