Against the Gods - Chapter 703 - Hatred that Exceeds the Heavens

Chapter 703 - Hatred that Exceeds the Heavens

Chapter 703 - Hatred that Exceeds the Heavens

Maintaining an enormous amount of tolerance, Feng Feilie negotiated with Yun Che. With nearly every pa.s.sing breath, he had to remind himself that he had to be calm, and must not be irritable. Despite that, once Yun Che’s fourth condition was yelled out, both his eyes burned with rage, and he almost spat out blood from his throat.

To a nation, ceding a territory was undoubtedly the greatest humiliation. How could his Divine Phoenix Empire suffer such humiliation?

“Yun Che, don’t you go too far!”

“Go too far?” Yun Che grimly answered, “Compared to your Divine Phoenix’s gargantuan offense of attacking Blue Wind, I’m simply more benevolent than the saints in legends!”

He s.h.i.+fted his gaze toward Feng Hengkong, then sneered at the hideously warped face which had turned a greenish black, “Phoenix Sect Master, you should have heard these four conditions loud and clear. I’ll give you five breaths of time to consider. If you listen obediently, this son of yours can live and I won’t feel the need to come again tomorrow. However, if you’re still as ungrateful as yesterday… then I can only kill him right away!”

Since the very start, Yun Che only showed a dull expression, and he even wore a slightly gentle smile. It was as if he was talking about something that couldn’t be even more casual.

Even though he was angry to the point where all the veins in his body were about to burst, Feng Feilie still used the most determination he had in his entire life to stay calm, because at present, Feng Xichen’s life was top priority. No matter what sorts of conditions Yun Che raised, he had to agree to them first. In fear that Feng Hengkong would explode, he quickly answered, “The life of my Divine Phoenix Prince is more important than anything else in this world… Okay! My Divine Phoenix Sect can agree to the four conditions you have raised, however…”

“Then that’s just great!” Yun Che immediately turned around, beamed at Feng Feilie and cut off his later words with an arrogant voice, “A Phoenix Great Elder such as yourself is much more appreciative than that nauseating Phoenix Sect Master. Since you have already agreed, then there is no reason for me to kill your precious Thirteenth Prince. What happens next, is even more simple.”

He slightly loosened the left hand holding Feng Xichen as he slowly extended a finger from his raised right. “I’ll give you all ten breaths. Send a sound transmission to your troops stationed in my Blue Wind to all scramble back here. Your Divine Phoenix Sect possesses the highest quality Sound Transmission Jades so it probably won’t even need ten breaths.”


“Then…” Yun Che extended a second finger. “Make your Phoenix Sect Master pen a letter of apology immediately… Oh, it’s fine if you just write it here. After you finish it, remember to stamp it with the Phoenix Seal, then let your Phoenix Sect Master read it out loud in public. With the Phoenix Sect Master’s unrivaled profound strength, transmitting it beyond one hundred kilometers should be quite easy.”

“I’ll give you another thirty breaths of time to craft out the doc.u.ment about ceding Red Jade City. Stamp it with the Phoenix Seal and hand it over to me directly. It’s awfully easy.

“Lastly, I’ll grant you another fifteen minutes to prepare the twenty billion purple profound coins. Similarly, you’ll hand it over to me directly. Not one coin can be missing.

“After that, your Thirteenth Prince will be able to live on peacefully.

“Also, you don’t have any right to bargain with me. Definitely don’t exceed the amount of time I have just given you as well… not even by a breath of time!”

How could Yun Che be ignorant of what exactly this bunch was planning? If it was so easy to trick him, then he would not have been able to survive until today.

Feng Feilie’s already ugly expression immediately turned even uglier, “Yun Che, you… you… don’t push things too far!!”

“Oh? And just what does the Great Elder mean? Yun Che said with a cold smile, “Just now, you personally agreed to the four conditions that I have proposed. What I just said completely tallies with the four conditions that I raised, and I did not attempt to exceed it in the slightest. So what is the expression that the Great Elder has on his face supposed to mean? Could it be that… the Great Elder’s unreserved promises to me just a moment ago was actually just a load of hot air?”

“Yun Che!! You….” Feng Feilie roared angrily; his entire body quivered, but he was filled with so much anger that he could not speak any further.

“Feilie, don’t waste any more words on him!!”

Feng Hengkong finally spoke, and no matter whether it was his expression or his voice, they had become rather cold and calm. His gaze focused and intensified, but his eyes were not fixed on Yun Che. Instead, they fell on Feng Xichen, whose face was filled with fear and pleading, “Chen’er, listen to me. You are a prince of our Divine Phoenix Empire, and in your body flows the most n.o.ble Phoenix bloodline. We can die but we must never submit! Nor should we throw shame onto the five thousand years of fame and prestige that belongs to our Divine Phoenix Empire!”

“Do not worry, we will definitely not let you die in vain! We will definitely… personally avenge you!!”

“Everyone, get ready to… kill Yun Che!!”

As Feng Hengkong’s voice fell, the sound transmission that came from him exploded in the ears of the Phoenix elders like a thunderclap. However, not one of them moved immediately as their eyes were filled with deep conflict and hesitation… the person in Yun Che’s grasp was not just an ordinary Divine Phoenix disciple, but a prince.

But immediately, a pillar of Phoenix flames shot into the sky as Feng Hengkong directly rushed towards Yun Che; the startling energy wave was clearly produced by all the profound energy in his body surging outwards. All the gathered elders of the Divine Phoenix Sect could no longer hesitate as well. All of them let out a faint cry as Phoenix flames ignited on their bodies while they lashed out simultaneously. In an instant, numerous pillars of fire swiftly converged on Yun Che’s location as a terrifying pressure heavily engulfed the entire Phoenix City.


The one who let out the wail was not Yun Che, but instead Feng Xichen who was in his grasp, “Royal Father… I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die!!”

“Hahahaha!” Yun Che, who had been surrounded on all sides and seemed to have reached the end of his tether, actually let out a wild laugh. “Feng Hengkong, you think that your lowly self is worthy of all the fame that you have accrued in this life? Do you think that your lowly self has the qualifications to have a discussion about the ‘Phoenix bloodline’?”

“There is something that you better remind yourself about right now. I am not the one who killed both of your sons. The one who killed them is you, Feng Hengkong!! This is the karma you reap for all the evil acts that you have committed against my Blue Wind!”

“Furthermore… this is just the beginning!!”

“Attack!!” Feng Hengkong roared.


Whether it was Feng Hengkong or the various elders of the Divine Phoenix Sect, none of them dared to approach Yun Che, instead, the Phoenix flames on their body fiercely exploded outwards at the same time. In an instant, the air above all of Phoenix City was wreathed in a sea of fire. The Phoenix flames, which originated from tens of Overlords, were extremely hot, thick and fierce, and they completely blocked out the light of the sun. Moreover, even the s.p.a.ce in the area had been distorted out of shape.

None of them had forgotten the speed that Yun Che had displayed yesterday, so they did not wait for him to appear. Instead they intensified their Phoenix flames to their very limit and completely smothered the huge area with fire. Even if Yun Che’s speed was ten times faster than what he had shown, he would definitely not be able to escape this conflagration.

The Phoenix Sect Master and all the Phoenix Sect elders who were present had attacked at the same time. This kind of battle formation had never been seen before in the history of the Divine Phoenix Sect. Even though Yun Che’s profound strength was only at the Emperor Profound Realm, he was still the single most despised and hated nemesis the Divine Phoenix Sect had ever faced.

When this sea of Phoenix flames engulfed Yun Che, they also naturally engulfed Feng Xichen at the same time. They were convinced that Yun Che would definitely not be able to escape from the sea of flames alive… therefore the death of Feng Xichen was even more so a forgone conclusion.

They had no choice but to sacrifice the life of yet another prince in their bid to kill Yun Che… and even if Yun Che had truly died, he would leave behind a stain of humiliation that could never be erased from the history of the Divine Phoenix Sect.

But in the end, the Divine Phoenix Sect did not, and in fact, would never have the chance to recognise that… simply relying on Phoenix flames would not be able to cause any bit of damage to Yun Che. Ironically, the extremely thick and fierce flames and aura provided the best cover for him to flee safely!

Feng Xichen had been casually flung aside by Yun Che and even if Feng Xichen was at full power, he would only survive within this conflagration for no more than three breaths. Thus, Feng Xichen, who had all his power sealed by Yun Che, could only let out one last miserable scream before he was completely devoured by the flames. Just like Feng Xiluo before him, his body had been burned into tiny cinders and there was hardly anything of him remaining.

But the difference between the two cases was that Feng Xiluo was killed by Yun Che’s Phoenix flames, while Feng Xichen was by the Phoenix flames of his own Divine Phoenix Sect.

By combining Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow with Extreme Mirage Lightning, Yun Che shot up above the sea of flames and instantly escaped its confinement. At the same time, he also completely broke out of the blockade that had been set by the Phoenix Sect elders, and afterwards, he directly shot towards the east like an arrow.

“As expected of the Phoenix Sect Master; truly a human-faced beast whose heart is filled with wickedness. To think that you would even kill your very own son! Perhaps not even a trace of ash remained after the pitiful Thirteenth Prince was personally burned by the flames of his own father… hahahahaha!!”

Yun Che, who was using Extreme Mirage Lightning, had achieved a speed that left all those who were present with despair. In the blink of an eye, he had completely disappeared from their line of sight. The only thing they could hear was the deep and wild mocking laughter that Yun Che left in his wake.

“This… isn’t possible… how could he escape from that… impossible!!” All the Phoenix Elders were completely dumbfounded. This scene had left them so dazed and shocked, that its impact was no less than Yun Che appearing unannounced in the middle of Phoenix City. Just now, the Phoenix Sect Master and all the elders who were present had activated the Phoenix Flame Great Formation. Under this kind of might, even if it was someone who had reached the peak of the Tyrant Profound Realm, that person would still be reduced to ashes within a matter of seconds, and logically, there was no way for him to survive.

No matter how strong Yun Che was, even if he did not die, he should at the very least be severely injured… However, the speed he displayed in his escape was as fast as it was yesterday, and his voice was also as deafening and soul-shaking. Not to mention receiving heavy injuries, there was not even a hint that he had been injured at all.

Feng Xichen’s aura, on the other hand, had completely disappeared within the sea of flames.

Feng Feilie descended from the sky and arrived at Feng Hengkong’s side. As he spoke, every single muscle on his face twitched fiercely, “Sect Master, should we give chase?”

The peerless and dreadful speed that Yun Che had displayed was not something that any of them could keep up with. In fact, it had come to the point where Feng Feilie was not completely convinced that even the retired grand emperor, who had not shown himself for many years… and who was also the previous Sect Master could keep up with the speed of Yun Che.

“Pfft….” Feng Hengkong’s body briefly swayed, before a large amount of blood wildly sprayed out from his mouth.

“Sect Master!!” Feng Feilie hurriedly caught Feng Hengkong; all the a.s.sembled elders and princes went pale as they tripped over themselves and scrambled to Feng Hengkong’s side.

Before his very own eyes, two of his sons had been killed in the past two days, and Feng Hengkong finally understood what it meant to have his heart burn with extreme rage. His face had gone completely pale white and his eyes had grown vague and dim as he gazed at the flames that were sputtering out in the sky. There was not a single trace of Feng Xichen, remaining, and in his sorrow, he hated that he could not break down in tears.

“Royal Father, please let your anger subside so as to not let it affect your health…. The deaths of Thirteenth Brother and Fourteenth Brother, we will definitely make Yun Che pay them back one million times over.” Feng Ximing said in an anxious voice.

“We… we are fine… are fine…” Feng Hengkong brushed away the arm that was supporting him and slowly stood straight up. But he just stood there, staring off into the distance, as if his soul had left his body.

“Royal Father, should we…” Second Prince Feng Xikang said in a cautious voice, “Should we go ask Grandfather to come out of seclusion…”

Feng Xikang’s words moved the nerves of everyone present, because this idea had just simultaneously emerged in everyone’s minds. Feng Feilie heavily sighed, stating, “In terms of profound strength, none of us are afraid of Yun Che. However, his speed is just… It is very likely that it is Thief G.o.d Clan’s Extreme Mirage Lightning. In the past, even though Hua Minghai was only at the late stage of the Sky Profound Realm, it was still difficult for us to catch him. Regardless of Yun Che’s strength, his speed is much greater than Hua Minghai. Furthermore, with how sinister his means are, they couldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath. Even though this might annoy Grand Sect Master and cause him to feel disappointed and angry… if another prince still falls into Yun Che’s hands again…”

“Sect Master, this matter can only be blamed on our incompetence,” Feng Feilie said with embarra.s.sment.

“Yun Che doesn’t dare to fight us head on. He only dares to capture my sons to blackmail me…” Feng Hengkong spoke very slowly, and the calmness of his voice caused everyone’s hearts to tremble, “Does he believe that I am not capable of using the same methods to deal with him?!!”

The audience of elders and princes suddenly became dazed, “Sect Master, you mean…”

“The army was annihilated by the hands of Yun Che. However, as of right now, Yun Che is here. There is no way for him to protect Blue Wind Imperial City.” Feng Hengkong heavily grinded his teeth as bitter hatred poured out from within his eyes. “Transmit orders to the East and West armies still situated in Blue Wind. Tell them to dispatch at least two hundred thousand soldiers from the encampment closest to Blue Wind Imperial City and start a full speed a.s.sault! They must arrive before the sun rises tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what means they use, just capture Blue Wind Imperial City!

“Ma.s.sacre all of the people living in the city!! Only that empress… must survive!!”

Feng Hengkong’s words caused everyone’s mind to shake; a large portion of the dark clouds in their chests instantly dissipated as well. It was clear that the reason Yun Che had come this time was for the sake of Blue Wind Nation. Although they couldn’t catch him, they could indeed easily capture his achilles heel! Without Yun Che’s protection, it would be a walk in the park for their Divine Phoenix Army to capture Blue Wind Imperial City… as well as Empress Cang Yue, Yun Che’s formally wedded wife!

“Royal Father is indeed wise, this son will send instructions immediately!!” Feng Ximing quickly left.

“Sect Master is indeed wise! Let’s take over Blue Wind Imperial City and capture Empress Cang Yue. Afterwards, let’s see if Yun Che can still be so arrogant!” Feng Feilie hatefully said.

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