Against the Gods - Chapter 690 - Sleeping in Each Others Embrace

Chapter 690 - Sleeping in Each Others Embrace

Chapter 690 - Sleeping in Each Other’s Embrace

Floating Cloud City gained its long awaited peace tonight. With the terrible death of Feng Huwei, the Divine Phoenix Army that had lost its general also stopped their “mission" and quieted down in a panic… Although they didn’t retreat, they didn’t disturb Floating Cloud City.

Here was the courtyard where Yun Che had lived for sixteen years. The room was organized like it has always been, with a minimal changes.. Its scent within was also extremely familiar. The only change was the person’s heart.

Yun Che laid on the soft bed. The bedding was bright red, and around it were red drapes. There was a split second of haziness as Yun Che felt like he had returned to the wedding night between him and Xia Qingyue...

Yet in this room was Xiao Lingxi’s hard work; she would come here at least once everyday… She did her best in order to preserve everything about Yun Che.

“Six years and seven months have already pa.s.sed since the wedding with Xia Qingyue.” Yun Che carefully lifted the red drapes around him, then said with a smile, “Speaking of which, it was also on the wedding night that I met you, Jasmine… If I didn’t meet you, my life would probably be completely different, huh.”

Yun Che was muttering to himself, but Jasmine was not in deep sleep for once, so the moment he finished speaking, Jasmine said calmly, “Hmph, if you didn’t meet me, with your personality that likes to court death, you would have died already even if you possessed a hundred lives!”

“Aren’t you the same!” Yun Che retorted, then immediately asked, “Your sleeping time seemed to have gotten shorter recently, is the devilish poison nearly purified?”

“There’s about thirty percent left,” Jasmine said slowly. “As expected of the Sky Poison Pearl, the power of purification far exceeds my expectations. The devilish poison in my body would be feared even by True G.o.ds. If it was completely released, it would be enough to turn the entire Sky Profound Continent into a deathly h.e.l.l. Furthermore, after it destroyed my body, it was entrenched deep into my soul. It is thousands of times harder than purifying a normal bodily poison. I had thought that completely purifying it would take at least thirty years. Never would I have thought that it would have been purified to such degree in only a short seven years. The remaining thirty percent could be completely purified within a few more months.”

“That’s good,” Yun Che nodded. Then he said, “Oh… You told me to raise my profound strength to the Sovereign Profound Realm in thirty years back then. Was it because you thought that you needed at least thirty years to completely purify the devilish poison?”

“That’s one of the reasons,” Jasmine said faintly. “The other was to spur you on. However, from the looks of it, I had underestimated the Sky Poison Pearl and also underestimated your talent and luck.”

“Hehe!” Yun Che chuckled proudly. Then, he said in a “humble" manner, “However, I’m only at the Emperor Profound Realm. I’m still very far away from the true Sovereign Profound Realm. Perhaps… I really can’t become a Monarch in thirty years.”

“Right now, it does count as you having reached my estimated goal!” Jasmine continued calmly, “I need to reconstruct my body, need enough Purple Veined Divine Crystals, and at least the life’s vitality of a Monarch’s strength. Even though your profound strength is only at the Emperor Profound, in terms of strength, it is already at the early stage Sovereign Profound Realm. Because of the Dragon G.o.d’s bloodline and the Great Way of the Buddha, your life’s vitality is even better than that of a Monarch at his peak, so reconstructing a body with your current life’s vitality is much more perfect than what I had antic.i.p.ated!”

Yun Che’s mind was shocked. “Really!? Then why didn’t you say so earlier! If I knew that, I would have quickened my pace of collecting Purple Veined Divine Crystals and the profound beast cores!”

Yun Che’s voice was filled with true joy and anxiousness, yet it only returned with Jasmine’s snort, “Hmph! So what if I said it earlier? Did you find the Netherworld Udumbara Flower? Without the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, the soul and the body cannot perfectly fuse… This way, what’s the use of merely reconstructing the body!”

“...Understood, I will try my hardest to find it. I’ll go and ask at the Black Moon Merchant Guild tomorrow, they might have some news.”

“Tomorrow?” Jasmine said lowly, “Originally, you said that you will go to the Divine Phoenix Nation today, yet just due to a single sentence from your little aunt, it turned into tomorrow. The principles you always talk about are always nothing in front of women. Hmph, it really suits your personality as a s.e.x fiend!

“If you die terribly any day, it will definitely be because of a woman.”

The t.i.tle Jasmine used the most for Yun Che was “s.e.x fiend." Over so many years, the number of times she used that was even greater than the number of times she had referred to him as “Yun Che." This sort of thing that was used to mock Yun Che, Yun Che had already heard countless times… Yet after Jasmine had said this, the Mirror of Samsara on Yun Che’s neck suddenly shone out a dim silver light… The light faded with a flash.

However, neither Yun Che nor Jasmine noticed.

“Yes yes yes, it might be because of you. So you will continue meet me in your next life, then continue force me to repay my debt like in this life… Now that I think about it, it’s not that bad,” Yun Che put his hands behind his head and said smilingly.

“...Hmph,” Jasmine replied in contempt.

Yun Che laid down for a while, but he didn’t sleep. Instead, he silently felt the silence of the entire Xiao Clan. Fifteen minutes later, he opened his eyes, raised the corners of his lips, and revealed an evil smile as he muttered, “Hmm… Grandfather and the rest should be asleep now.”

He flipped over and walked out of the room door. His body jumped and silently flew up; then, with flash that wouldn’t be very noticeable to the naked eye, he arrived at the little courtyard where Xiao Lingxi was.

Xiao Lingxi wasn’t asleep yet; her room was still lit with a warm-colored light, and the faint light painted a scene as beautiful as a dream onto the window.

Seeing her figure, Yun Che subconsciously smiled. He raised his hand and lightly moved his wrist. With that, the window quickly opened without any sound, and he flew right in.


Before Xiao Lingxi managed to scream, she was embraced by the waist, and her lips were forcefully kissed. All sound became helpless whimpers… She subconsciously struggled, but after smelling the smell that she was most familiar with in this life, her struggles became weaker and weaker until her entire body melted into Yun Che’s embrace as she closed her eyes and allowed the man that suddenly broke in to violate her lips.

The lights in the room were extinguished by a force of profound energy. As Xiao Lingxi was still in a loving confusion, her upper body was pushed down onto the bed by Yun Che. He shook one of his hands lightly, and the b.u.t.terfly belt as well as the b.u.t.tons on her clothes were all undone. His hand directly reached underneath her undergarments without any obstacles. Following her thin waist up, he grabbed a soft, full mound and started squeezing it lightly.

“Mmm…” Xiao Lingxi’s eyes jumped as she them widely and let out a long whimper. Her body also struggled subconsciously. Although she had been “bullied” by Yun Che in many ways, it was through the clothes every single time, yet this time, she was being violated by Yun Che without any barriers. However, no matter how she whimpered and struggled, she was still weak like a wounded little animal. Finally, in her franticness, she subconsciously bit onto Yun Che’s intruding tongue.

Yun Che’s actions stopped as he opened his eyes and looked at the young lady that whose lips his were wrapped around… Xiao Lingxi breathed heavily. Her breath came out lightly onto Yun Che’s face, and her thin brows trembled slightly in her nervousness.

Compared to Yun Che, Xiao Lingxi, who had no experience, was no different from a white sheet of paper. Afraid that his over the top actions would terrify her, Yun Che regretted it a little, then lightly lifted his hand from that soft peak...

Upon sensing his action, a softness suddenly pressed onto his hand, and all of a sudden, the snow-like mound once again filled up his hand.

“Hug me and sleep… No letting go… the entire night.” She laid her head down on Yun Che’s chest, and as her voice trembled in nervousness, her beautiful eyes were shut tight, afraid to meet his gaze.

Yun Che smiled lightly, he held Xiao Lingxi up, got onto the bed, and embraced her tightly… Then, they slept in each other’s arms like they did when they were younger.

“Little Che, you can… never leave me again,” she murmured faintly as if she were sleep talking.

“Mn…” Yun Che replied in an even lightly voice.

“...This huge s.e.x fiend, he actually even made a move on his little aunt!” In Yun Che’s mind, Jasmine’s voice that carried a faint bit of killing intent rang out.

The next morning Yun Che, Xiao Yun, and Number Seven Under Heaven went to offer sacrifices to the Xiao Ying couple. Then, he unwillingly said his goodbyes to Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie before leaving Floating Cloud City and arriving at Blue Wind Imperial City.

Blue Wind Imperial City was still in a state of intense nervousness, but the terrified atmosphere was much fainter than two days ago.

After informing Cang Yue that he was about to go to the Divine Phoenix Empire and force the Divine Phoenix Army to retreat, Cang Yue remained silent for a long while as she leaned against Yun Che’s shoulders and looked at the painting of Cang Wanhe on the wall. She said softly, “Husband, I am royal father’s only daughter. The grudge of killing father was originally irreconcilable… But, I am the Empress of Blue Wind Nation. Inciting more conflict would only cause the people of Blue Wind Nation to get caught in a more terrifying spiral of war. If the Divine Phoenix Army could retreat, stop the war, and promised to never invade again…”

Cang Yue closed her eyes softly, “Then temporarily forget about getting revenge for royal father.”

“Yue’er, don’t worry, I know what to do,” Yun Che smiled and said. He knew that Cang Yue’s words were due to worrying about the future of Blue Wind Nation, and she was worrying about him even more… She knew that she couldn’t stop him and could only use words like this in hopes of minimizing the conflict between Yun Che and the Divine Phoenix Empire. Since, the smaller the conflict, the lower the risks he has to endure.

“Brother-in-law, I’ll go with you!!”

Xia Yuanba smashed his fists in front of his chest, letting out a loud sound which caused the entire palace to shake violently. “See if I smash the homes of those Divine Phoenix b.a.s.t.a.r.ds into pieces with a punch!”

“No, Yuanba, you stay here,” Yun Che looked at Xia Yuanba and said. “I alone am enough for the Divine Phoenix Nation. You stay here, there’s a more important mission for you.”

“Blue Wind Imperial City is the last line of defense for Blue Wind Nation, it cannot be collapse! If I anger the Divine Phoenix Nation over there when they can’t catch me, they may very well vent their anger here. So someone must be here to protect this place… Yuanba, it’s because you are here that I can go to the Divine Phoenix Nation without worry.”

Yun Che’s final sentence caused Xiao Yuanba, who was already rubbing his fists, to not insist anymore. He nodded with a great amount of force, “Brother-in-law, don’t worry. With me here, no one from the Divine Phoenix Nation can think about getting near!”

“Brother Under Heaven, I’ll trouble you as well. Sigh… Originally, I brought you and Seventh Sister to come and play. I never thought that it would bring you guys so much trouble.”

“Heheh,” Number One Under Heaven smiled calmly. “Brother Yun, you don't have to be so formal. I believe that with Brother Yun’s ability, merely a Divine Phoenix Nation… is not even worth mentioning.”

“Of course!” Yun Che laughed with arrogance thriving from his body. He hugged Cang Yue and looked at her eyes. “Yue’er, rest a.s.sured, I'll be back. Just wait for me at home… I promise I will make the Divine Phoenix Nation give you an answer with utmost ‘sincerity.’”

Yun Che lightly kissed Cang Yue on her forehead, then flew up and summoned the Primordial Profound Ark. Then, by the next moment, he had already disappeared in a spatial whirlpool.

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