Against the Gods - Chapter 650 - Xueer Awakens

Chapter 650 - Xueer Awakens

Chapter 650 - Xue’er Awakens

Divine Phoenix Empire, Phoenix City.

In the Divine Phoenix Main Hall, Feng Hengkong was holding a large, wide map in his hands. The map depicted the domain of Blue Wind Nation. But there were many fire patterns marked on it… The places that were marked with a fire pattern were the areas that his Divine Phoenix Army had seized.

His eyes fell on the far right side of the map—where it said “Floating Cloud City,” and he didn’t move for a long while. He seemed to be in deep thought.

An extremely resonant long call came from outside and it made Feng Hengkong’s whole body trembled… This was not a normal call, but it was the call of the Phoenix! The Phoenix call was so prestigious and n.o.ble that it made the Phoenix’s blood in his body boil instantly, and a desire to wors.h.i.+p it grew from within his heart and soul.

At the same time, he could vaguely see the golden color that appeared in the sky in a flash.

“The call of Phoenix G.o.d?” Feng Hengkong immediately dropped the map in his hand and yelled in surprise. He knew clearly that the Phoenix G.o.d had pa.s.sed away… but this Phoenix’s call was definitely from the Phoenix G.o.d. It was impossible for humans, creatures, or even the strongest pract.i.tioner of the Divine Phoenix Sect to mimic it.

Feng Hengkong hurried forward. Just as he was about to rush out of the main hall, he saw Feng Ximing coming over with haste. As soon as he saw Feng Hengkong, he landed quickly, and without having the time salute, he said in excitement, “Father, it’s Xue’er… Xue’er has woken up!!”

“What?” Feng Hengkong was stunned, and then he revealed extreme excitement and joy. Without having the time to say another word, he transformed into a flash of flames and flew directly towards the Phoenix Divine Hall. Feng Ximing also followed immediately behind him.

Three years ago, when Feng Xue’er escaped from the Primordial Profound Ark and exposed the crimes of Ye Xinghan, she fell into a coma in tears… and she hadn’t woken up since.

Until today, she had been in a coma for a whole three years.

And her coma didn’t seemed to be a normal coma. After she fell into a coma, the scarlet-colored Phoenix flame automatically started burning on her body, and covered by the light of the flames, she was teleported to the Phoenix Divine Hall where the Phoenix G.o.d was when it was alive. And during that time, the remnant spirit of the Phoenix G.o.d also completely disappeared after terrorizing Ye Xinghan, Ancient Blue, Ji Qianrou and the others.

After that, Feng Xue’er had been in a coma ever since, her body was burning in the flames of the Phoenix, and it hadn’t extinguished at all. The Phoenix’s flames were extremely fierce, and none of the people in the Divine Phoenix Sect would touch it. Even with Feng Hengkong’s powers, he couldn’t get to within fifteen meters.

During these three years, Feng Hengkong would go to the Phoenix Divine Hall personally to see if Feng Xue’er had woken up, and he had never stopped. Just two hours ago, he had been there… and now that he heard that she had woken up, the Divine Phoenix Emperor was so excited that his whole body was shaking. To him, Feng Xue’er was even more important than his life and the entire Divine Phoenix Sect. During these three years that she was in a coma, he was living in an extreme irritation every day.

Feng Hengkong rushed into the Divine Phoenix Hall like a violent storm and saw Feng Xue’er who was standing right there. Feng Hengkong stopped his steps, and rushed over while stumbling a little over his own feet. He said in a trembling voice, “Xue’er… Xue’er… you’re awake… You are finally awake.”

“Xue’er…” Feng Ximing also rushed in right after. Looking at the Feng Xue’er who had awaken, his eyes were filled with endless excitement… and a blazing glow.

Feng Xue’er lifted her eyes and looked at her father and brother. But, compared to their joy and excitement, there was no happiness on her face at all. She said in a soft, and perhaps even a soulless voice, “Royal Father, Big Brother Crown Prince…”

Feng Hengkong slowed down his steps. Half of his joy disappeared, and he felt a clenching in his heart. After three years of being in a coma, his daughter didn’t have any visual change. Her appearance was still more perfect than that of a female celestial; her eyes were still more pure than those of a fairy… but in these eyes, he saw an incredibly unfamiliar, colorless tone.

Whenever she saw him, his Xue’er would always have the purest, most beautiful smile on her face, and she would yell “Royal Father” happily. No matter how angry or impatient he was, once he saw her smiling face, all of his negative emotions would disappear, and he would be left with infinite warmth and satisfaction… The proudest thing in his life was not the position as the Divine Phoenix Emperor, nor the honor of being the Phoenix Sect Master, but the fact that he had the most perfect daughter in the world.

However, when she woke up, what she revealed was not a smile, but sadness… an incredibly unfamiliar, never-before-seen sadness.

This kind of darkness and sorrow filled Feng Hengkong’s heart with pain in an instant. He’d rather himself be shot by ten thousand arrows than see a sorrowful emotion appear on Feng Xue’er’s face. At this moment, the heart and mind of this Phoenix Sect Master, this Divine Phoenix Emperor who was looked up to by the people of the world, were in complete chaos. In his voice, there was a deep pain and panic in his heart, “Xue’er, what… what is the matter? Are you feeling discomfort because you just woke up? Hurry and tell Royal Father.”

The change in the aura Feng Xue’er released… was completely different. Around her, he felt a vast aura similar to the Phoenix G.o.d who had pa.s.sed away… Even his grandfather, the strongest pract.i.tioner currently in the Divine Phoenix Sect, never emitted such a mysterious aura. Normally, he would definitely be in extreme shock and immediately make a detailed inquiry. But at this moment, he didn’t have time to worry about it at all.

Feng Xue’er's eyes were blank, and in her trembling, starry eyes, there seemed to be a blurry light flickering from her tears. She moved her lips slightly, and made a soft sound that was like a dream or a breeze, “Big Brother Yun… I can never… see… Big Brother Yun again…”

The trickling tears from her starry eyes and the sound of it was enough to break the heart of the most vicious person in the world. Feng Hengkong’s chest suffocated in stabbing pain. He knew who the “Big Brother Yun” Feng Xue’er was speaking of was. Three years ago, she cried for him, fell in a coma because of him… After waking up from her coma three years later, she was still in sorrow for him…

Or maybe, when she woke up, her most recent memory was still three years ago before she fell into her coma…

“Sigh.” Feng Ximing walked forward, made a long sigh, and tried as gently as possible to comfort her, “Xue’er, I know your nature is too kind-hearted. But… you really don’t have to be sad, you are the princess of our Divine Phoenix Sect, and Yun Che was only an inferior life. He used his own life in exchange for your life, to him…”

“I don’t allow you to speak of Big Brother Yun in this way!!!”

Feng Ximing hadn’t finished speaking, and he was interrupted by Feng Xue’er’s sudden burst of fury. Feng Ximing was stunned on the spot, he and Feng Hengkong both looked at Feng Xue’er at the same time incredulously… The Feng Xue’er that they knew, her voice was as spiritual rain on a mountain, or like wind blowing against a willow tree. She had never spoken in a louder voice, let alone scolding angrily. But, the voice that came from Feng Xue’er just now was sharp, raging… and even hysterical! It was as if her most untouchable reverse scale was touched… On her snowy face was revealed an obvious anger… On her body, scarlet-colored Phoenix flames also rose at that instant, but weren’t burning in a warm, gentle manner; instead they were swaying back and forth, as if in a violent storm.

“Get out! Get out of here!!” Feng Hengkong slapped Feng Ximing on the face harshly… Feng Hengkong used almost all of his strength on this slap under his overwhelming feelings, and Feng Ximing flew out far away like a gyroscope. Feng Hengkong stepped forward, reached out his hands and comforted her in panic, “Xue’er… Xue’er… Don’t be mad, don’t be sad… Your Big Brother Yun saved your life. He is your savior, royal father’s savior, and even the savior of our entire Divine Phoenix Sect. We would never forget his grace… How about royal father goes to pay respect to him with you every year, what do you say?”

Feng Hengkong spoke while trying to get closer to Feng Xue’er, but once he reached the distance of fifteen meters, a scorching heat came onto him that he couldn’t endure. He was surprised, and the Phoenix G.o.d’s bloodline in his body also curdled violently in fear. He looked at the Phoenix flame on Feng Xue’er’s body, feeling the aura she was releasing, and he was incredibly shocked in his heart… This power… Could it be that in the three years in a coma, the power that the Phoenix G.o.d bestowed to Xue’er had awoken her onto another level?!

And, it was a very large degree of awakening!

Feng Ximing was slapped away, and Feng Hengkong’s words finally made Feng Xue’er’s uncontrollable emotions settle down a little. The flames on her body also calmed down slightly. She looked forward, and even though her eyes were facing Feng Hengkong, they weren’t focused, and she mumbled softly, “Royal Father, how… how long did I sleep for…”

“Three years, it has been three years.” Feng Hengkong said softly, stuttered, and continued to say, “Xue’er, if you still want to sleep, then continue to sleep. It’s alright.”

“Three years…” She mumbled as her eyes lost focus…

“I’m afraid of many things… Yet now… right in front of me, what I’m most afraid of is that I will really see you lose your life here.”

“In front of you, I am ashamed and tainted by filth and the guilt of countless crimes… your appearance was just as if a pearl had been inserted into my soul, one so precious that I don’t even have the courage to touch it.”

“That’s why, no matter what, I will not watch helplessly as you die… at least for now, I would rather die.”

“What I’ve promised Xue’er, I will definitely do… After three years, I will bring Xue’er to see the endless snow in Blue Wind Nation’s Snow Region of Extreme Ice. After three years, Xue’er, will you wait there for me?”

“Xue’er… Wait for me…”



Teardrops fell silently on her cheeks that were smoother than snow, and the tears dropped more and more, unable to stop. An extremely sorrowful aura was spreading, and filled the s.p.a.ce that was originally incredibly searing with a thick desolation.

“Xue’er…” Feng Hengkong reached out his hand, but he didn’t know what he should do, or what he should say… At this moment, the Emperor of the Divine Phoenix was completely helpless. He could not imagine, and could not understand why his daughter would be this depressed because of Yun Che… Even if he saved her life, it shouldn’t have gone so far.

“Royal Father…” She spoke in a low voice as if she was still in her sleep, “I… want to go to Blue Wind Nation… Snow Region of Extreme Ice… Can I?”

Blue Wind… Snow Region of Extreme Ice?

Feng Hengkong stunned for a second, and then nodded without thinking at all, “Yes! Yes! If Xue’er wills it, we can go wherever you want. Wherever you want to go, royal father will accompany you personally… Royal Father will order for an arrangement of Profound Ark and schedule right away, at most fifteen days… Oh no, ten days, and we will leave, what do you say?”

“Mn… Thank you Royal Father. Royal Father, Xue’er has another request…” Feng Xue’er’s tears were still falling. Under the extreme protection of the Divine Phoenix Sect, under the extreme pampering of Feng Hengkong, she was always accompanied with a smile… She never knew that one day she would drop so many tears.

Almost all the tears in her life were given to Yun Che.

“Tell me… no matter what Xue’er asks for, royal father will agree,” Feng Hengkong said. Watching the tears on his daughter’s face, he felt so sorry that he couldn’t breathe.

“Xue’er asks Royal Father… to treat Blue Wind Nation nicer in the future… Because that… is Big Brother Yun’s homeland… Treat it as… Xue’er’s little repayment to Big Brother Yun… is that okay…”

Feng Hengkong’s whole body became stiff suddenly, but then he nodded right away, “No problem! Royal Father will treat the Blue Wind Nation nicely in the future, and will not collect any payment from Blue Wind Nation… and, and will absolutely not allow the other five nations to bully Blue Wind nation. Your Big Brother Yun in heaven would definitely be very happy to hear you say these words.”

“Thank you Royal Father… Xue’er is very confused right now, and worried Royal Father… Xue’er wants to go to Phoenix Perching Valley for a while…”

“No problem! Royal Father will accompany you right this moment.”

“Xue’er will be fine going alone…”

This place was surrounded by mountains, and to the south was the Absolute Phoenix Cliff that was over three thousand meters tall. Compared to the dry and hot weather in the region of the Divine Phoenix City, Phoenix Perching Valley was as if it gathered the spiritual energy from the whole Phoenix mountain range; everything was of the purest green color, and even each wind was especially soft and fresh, like a wonderland.

It seemed like she could still hear the laughter of her and Yun Che catching fish back then by the clear, small pond. Feng Xue’er leaned against Snow Phoenix, and the soft snow feathers were being wetted by the purest, most precious tear drops…

“Big Brother Yun… Why did I meet you… If I didn’t meet you… Xue’er wouldn’t be this sorrowful… and Big Brother Yun wouldn’t die…”

“Why did I meet you… Big Brother Yun…”

“Lord Sect Master, what is your order? I heard that Princess Snow…”

“Immediately pa.s.s down this order!!” Feng Hengkong’s face was extremely stiff, “No one can speak of us sending troops to attack Blue Wind Nation… “ Feng Hengkong focused his eyes and said, “No! Pa.s.s down the order to the whole Divine Phoenix City, no one can speak publicly of us attacking Blue Wind Nation! If anyone disobeys… Kill without question!! Especially within the sect, if anyone dare to mention it… This daddy’ll make him die without a grave!!”

The Phoenix Elder who was listening to Feng Hengkong’s order trembled… The murderous spirit coming from Feng Hengkong frightened him, and as the stately Great Phoenix Emperor, he even used the phrase “this daddy”; it was easy to understand how serious this matter was. He didn’t dare to ask more, and nodded his head immediately, “Yes.”

“Also, prepare the Divine Phoenix Ark, we will go to the extreme north of Blue Wind Nation in ten days personally… Now leave!”

“Yes, yes.” The aura of death made the Phoenix Elder not dare to stay for another second. He took two steps back and left in a hurry.

Feng Hengkong punched his fist into the wall violently, and his whole fist sunk into the wall. Thinking about the tears on Feng Xue’er’s face, he shook his head hard, and the annoyance in his heart was like a raging fire.

“The Phoenix G.o.d said before, for Xue’er’s power of Phoenix G.o.d to awaken completely, it will at least take three hundred years… Three hundred years is too long, they will definitely notice that the Phoenix G.o.d had pa.s.sed away. By then, if we don’t have enough resources to defend ourselves, our Divine Phoenix Sect would be in great danger… We didn’t do… anything wrong!”

“Xue’er… Forgive royal father, Royal Father did what I did for the whole Divine Phoenix Empire!” Feng Hengkong said to himself as his face expressed pain and suffering.

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