Against the Gods - Chapter 646 - Returning to Profound Sky

Chapter 646 - Returning to Profound Sky

Chapter 646 - Returning to Profound Sky

Three years had pa.s.sed by unwittingly since Yun Che left Profound Sky Continent. The memory of him saying goodbye to Cang Yue and Xiao Lingxi in Blue Wind Imperial City appeared in front of his eyes. He even promised that he would be back in a month… but the wheel of destiny once again spun against his will.

Because of the thought of being able to return to Profound Sky Continent and see the person that he missed every day and night, Yun Che’s heart naturally was unable to calm down, and he didn’t fall asleep at all. Early in the morning, as the sky was getting bright, he was pushed off the bed by the Little Demon Empress, saying, “You should leave.”

“Caiyi my wife…” Yun Che turned around and looked at the beautiful shadow behind the bed canopy with infatuation.

“If you’re leaving, leave quickly!” The Little Demon Empress said coldly.

“You… really don’t want to come with me to see Profound Sky Continent? My Profound Ark is very unique, absolutely wouldn’t alert the people of the Four Great Sacred Grounds,” Yun Che said quietly.

“...The peace in Illusory Demon Realm has just been restored; it is not time for me to leave. Duke Ming has not yet been executed, I can’t leave without worrying. When Duke Ming has been eliminated, and all troubles are wiped out…” The Little Demon Empress’ voice stuttered and lowered even more, “Maybe I will follow you to Profound Sky Continent.”

“Alright,” Yun Che nodded. He knew clearly in his heart that asking the Little Demon Empress to follow him back to Profound Sky Continent was indeed not very realistic.

The closer the return date was, the more eager he was to go home. Yun Che left the Demon Imperial Palace to go to the Mu Family and say goodbye to Mu Feiyan, Mu Yubai and the others. Then he went back to the Yun Family to say goodbye to his parents, and then he summoned his Primordial Profound Ark in front of Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou.

“Che’er, even though Father very much wants to go to Profound Sky Realm again to pay respects to Brother Xiao Ying, it cannot be helped… I can only go after a while.” Mentioning “Xiao Ying,” Yun Qinghong showed deep sorrow on his face. Meeting Xiao Ying was his life’s greatest fortune, and was also the pain of his life, “Greet your Grandfather Xiao for me. If he does not have anything to worry behind, bring him back here. As long as I, Yun Qinghong, am still alive, I would not let him be bullied at all.

“Mn, I’ll remember,” Yun Che nodded heavily.

“Che’er, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s forces are strong, and even more powerful than our Yun Family. Do not think about avenging your grandfather when you go to Profound Sky Continent this time… When the time is right, we will make them pay their blood debts. When you are there, please take care of yourself, don’t make contact with anything dangerous. When you finish taking care of things, please come back as soon as possible… and bring back mother’s daughter-in-law.” While Mu Yurou was talking, her eyes were already filled with tears.

“Mother, don’t worry. I haven’t seen anyone whose life is tougher than mine,” Yun Che smiled as he said. As he waved his hand, the profound ark slowly floated, and gradually expanded until it was three meters large.

“Big Brother!!”

At this moment, rapid footsteps hurried over. Xiao Yun was dragging Number Seven Under Heaven as he rushed over. Before he could stand still, Xiao Yun said eagerly, “I have decided, I am going back to Profound Sky Continent with Big Brother.”

“Oh?” Yun Che smiled, “You’ve decided?”

“Mn!” Xiao Yun nodded seriously, “Even though I used to resent Profound Sky Continent a lot before, it is not the same now. It is my birthplace after all, and two of my family are there. My parents are also both buried there… There is no reason for me to not go back.”

Yun Che thought about taking Xiao Yun with him, but he had not mentioned it. After all, this was up to Xiao Yun’s will. Xiao Yun’s decision made his heart relaxed a lot… Before his eyes, it was like he could really see grandfather’s true, joyous smile. He nodded, and looked at Number Seven Under Heaven, “Then… what about Seventh Sister?”

Number Seven Under Heaven held onto Xiao Yun’s arms and said, “Of course I’m going with Brother Yun! I am Brother Yun’s wife now, whether it is Illusory Demon Realm, or the Profound Sky Continent… I will be wherever Brother Yun is.”

Looking at her, she seemed to be even excited.

Yun Che smiled from the bottom of his heart, patted Xiao Yun’s shoulders and said, “Grandfather’s greatest desire was to reunite with you. I was originally planning on bringing him here to meet with you and enjoy the later part of his life in peace. But if you come with me to see him together, that would be the best.”

“Hehe, then let’s go already. I can’t wait to see if Big Brother Yun’s profound ark was really as magical as Brother Yun had said,” Number Seven Under Heaven said energetically.

Another hasty voice came from afar, and the master of the voice suddenly appeared before them accompanied with a fierce wind. Looking at the person who had just arrived, Number Seven Under Heaven’s mouth opened wide, “Big Brother, why are you here?”

The person who had just arrived was Number One Under Heaven. He cupped his hands towards Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou, and he said, “Patriarch Yun, Madam Yun, junior is very worried, please forgive me for coming without notice… Old Seven, you just sent a sound transmission to Father saying that you will be following Xiao Yun and the Demon Lord to Profound Sky Continent… is that true?”

“Of course it’s true!” Number Seven Under Heaven said without hesitation, “Brother Yun’s birth parents are buried there. I already married Brother Yun, so of course I’ll follow him to pay respects to his parents.”

Number One Under Heaven lowered his eyebrows and said, “Profound Sky Continent is not Illusory Demon Realm! To us, that is the home of our enemies. And we heard that in Profound Sky Continent, they vilified the people of Illusory Demon Realm into devils! If you let the people there find out that you are from Illusory Demon Realm, and you belong to a Guardian Family, it is extremely possible that it would alert the Four Great Sacred Grounds there. If that happens, none of us would be with you, it would be too dangerous… This is not a small matter, it is no child's play.”

“Oh come on! Big Brother, stop nagging already! The Profound Sky Continent is not as scary as you say it is. Besides, Big Brother Yun’s Profound Ark is very magical. It can directly cross the s.p.a.ce, wouldn’t even alert the edge barrier set up by the Four Great Sacred Grounds, and it wouldn’t alert those people. Even if there was danger, Brother Yun and Big Brother Yun are here to protect me!”

“Big Brother, don’t worry. I’m just taking Seventh Sister to the Profound Sky Continent to unite with my biological family. We will be back very soon, there wouldn’t be any other incidents… and I would never let Seventh Sister encounter any danger. Even if there really is any danger, even if I have to risk my life, I would protect Seventh Sister,” Xiao Yun said decisively.

“Brother Under Heaven, don’t worry.” Yun Che said while smiling, “The place we are going is the smallest country in Profound Sky Continent, away from the location of the Four Great Sacred Grounds. The profound cultivation levels are very low there, the peak of their power is at the Emperor Profound Realm. Seventh Sister is now an Overlord, so she is essentially an unparalleled existence there. It would be hard even if she wants to encounter danger… it will be good as long as she doesn’t bully the others.”

“Hmph hmph, a beautiful young woman who is gentle, nice and cute like me does not bully people,” Number Seven Under Heaven stuck out her tongue towards Yun Che.

“Sigh,” Looking at Number Seven Under Heaven, Number One Under Heaven knew he couldn’t persuade her out of it, and listening to Yun Che’s description with the trust he had for him, he also started to feel like his worrying was probably unnecessary. But he didn’t dare to forget Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s order, “Brother Yun, to be honest, our father is very worried and feels unsettled when he heard that Seventh Sister was also going to Profound Sky Continent, and asked me to immediately come to stop her… On the way here, our father sent a sound transmission and said if I couldn’t stop her, he ordered me to accompany her no matter what.”

“Ah? Big Brother’s coming with us? Really really?” Number Seven Under Heaven’s eyes immediately brightened.

“If Big Brother comes with us, then it would be the best,” Xiao Yun also said immediately. Number One Under Heaven was a strong level eight Overlord, and he was wise and calm. With him here… it meant they had another super bodyguard—even though they probably wouldn’t need it.

Number One Under Heaven smiled bitterly, “This is our father’s wish. Or else, I’m afraid that he would be so unsettled that he wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep. This matter… sorry for the trouble Brother Yun.”

“Having Big Brother Under Heaven coming with us is a surprise, there is no trouble at all. There is a lot of s.p.a.ce on my profound ark. Not mentioning only Big Brother Under Heaven, it can even carry the entire Under Heaven Clan.” Yun Che smiled and said, “With Big Brother Under Heaven by our side, I believe Father and Mother would be a lot less worried.”

Number One Under Heaven nodded and smiled. But underneath his consciousness, he was also somewhat curious about Profound Sky Continent, so he wasn’t too resistant to following them.

“Che’er, the location I told you was about in the middle of Blue Wind Nation in Profound Sky Continent. It is not accurate, but it would definitely not be far from the Blue Wind Nation’s realm. Even though it has been more than twenty years, but I have been thinking about it all these years, day and night, I would not remember it wrong. When you’re there, it would be too far for us to send sound transmissions to each other. When you finished handling things over there, you must come back soon… After all, you are still Illusory Demon Realm’s Demon Lord, and your family is also here.”

Even though Yun Qinghong seemed calm the entire time, his unsettlement was still revealed within the depth of his eyes and words. After all, Profound Sky Continent was the place that left him the heaviest shadow in his whole life. Even if his whole family had united, he would still feel danger, or even fear just thinking of the name “Profound Sky Continent.”

“Haha, I am just returning to my other home, not like when you went to a dangerous place twenty years ago. Your worry is completely unnecessary.” Yun Che laughed with relax and helplessness.

“Anyways… you must come back as soon as possible, and definitely don’t do anything dangerous,” Mu Yurou’s eyes were filled with tears as she reminded him again.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Yun Che nodded in response obediently.

A misty dark red light started flas.h.i.+ng above the Primordial Profound Ark. Yun Che focused his mind, and said to Xiao Yun and the others, “This profound ark is controlled by my will, so you don’t need to enter from the entrance of the ark. In a bit, when you feel yourself entering, just don’t resist.”

They had never heard of this way of entering a Profound Ark. Followed with Yun Che’s consciousness, a faint dark red light shrouded them, and instantly disappeared them from where they were standing. The Primordial Profound Ark also slowly rose, and with the s.p.a.ce violently trembled, it also completely disappeared from there.

In the clouds far in the sky, the Little Demon Empress stopped watching, and slowly turned away. Her body was among the clouds, and she quietly left.

She spent a whole hundred years without being used to loneliness, but in less than a month, she had gotten used to Yun Che’s existence. Watching Yun Che leave, even though he was only returning to his other home and would perhaps be back very soon, she still felt an emptiness that she had never felt before.

She was the Little Demon Empress, but essentially, she was also a woman…

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