Against the Gods - Chapter 620 - Endless Deterrence

Chapter 620 - Endless Deterrence

Chapter 620 - Endless Deterrence

The Four Absolutes of the Southern Sky faced off against the three Grand Elders of the Yun Family, but before the seven Monarchs could clash together, a distortion in the air had twisted into a gigantic vortex.

The movement of the three Grand Elders immediately slowed and at this time, the air above warped once more as three more people appeared from the empty air. As they explosively descended to the ground, their aura… practically did not lose in any way to those of the Four Absolutes of the Southern Sky.

Ten great Monarchs, and all of them were mid or late stage Monarchs at that… their auras intermingled with one another, and like the billows of a vast ocean, they hid the sky and covered the earth.

The combined power of seven Monarchs working together… this was a power that normal people didn’t even dare imagine! Besides Demon Imperial City, the rest of the regions within the Illusory Demon Realm, even if it was the biggest Sky Demon City, would not be able to present seven Monarchs. Even though the three Grand Elders of the Yun Family were strong, they were definitely not going to be able to come near Duke Huai if he was under the protection of seven mid to late stage Monarchs.

At this time, an aura that was exceedingly scorching hot suddenly enveloped the air and descended… This was clearly an aura of blazing heat, but the moment it descended, the entire audience to felt a sudden chill run through their body.

Following the distortion of the air, under the stunned gaze of all those present, the Little Demon Empress’ figure appeared between the three Grand Elders of the Yun Family and the seven great Monarchs. On her body, a scarlet gold figure of the Golden Crow materialized for an instant, and following that, it released an endlessly blazing splendor….

In a split second, the entire great hall, and even all the s.p.a.ce that lay within the audience’s line of sight became covered in a red glow.

“This is….” Yun Che couldn’t help but yell in a low voice, “Golden Crow Third Realm —— Burning Sun Rupture!”

In the air that had turned a scarlet red, the endless and boundless Golden Crow Flames swiftly agglomerated as it became a blazing hot, eye-scorching but divine and sacred figure of the Golden Crow. It tore apart the scarlet red world, penetrated through s.p.a.ce and flew towards the seven Monarchs who stood in front of Duke Huai….

In an instant, the gathered power of those seven great Monarchs, which was strong enough to destroy a city, disappeared into thin air. The world around them began fracturing into countless small pieces, and this was followed by the s.p.a.ce completely collapsing. In that instant, their sight and their thoughts were not occupied with any other existences, there was only that endless scarlet red flame sea….

The messages that their powerful mental energy relayed to him… was that these flames had already invaded their bodies and had even invaded their very souls. Under these flames, their Monarch level physical and spiritual resistance were completely useless, and did not provide even a shred of resistance.


Amidst the explosive fracturing sound, the fire light which filled the sky contracted and dispersed completely and the seven Monarchs flew out into the distance like seven broken sacks; their heads, body and four limbs were completely enshrouded by the scarlet-gold flames… Even the souls inside their bodies were being mercilessly burned away by these flames.

The seven Monarchs crazily rolled about on the ground as they wailed in anguished pain… They finally knew why exactly Duke Han had let out such miserable and wretched screams. The sensation of being burned by the Golden Crow Flames were like countless blades cutting and gouging every inch of flesh and every nerve in their body. Despite their mental fort.i.tude which was far greater than that of a normal person, they could only endure it for a few breaths before wis.h.i.+ng for instant death.

A Monarch’s last-ditch attack when he or she had descended into despair was originally something that was extremely terrifying, but these seven Monarchs only cried out and wailed, and not a single one of them had launched an attack in despair which would release all their profound strength…. Because if they even tried to activate their profound energy, it would instantly be incinerated.

As for those experts belonging to Duke Huai Palace who were waiting in the shadows and preparing to rush forward to protect Duke Huai, they felt their bodies come to a rigid standstill, their entire bodies shaking like a sieve as they did not dare to take another step forward…. Ten breaths later, the crying and the wailing stilled, the Little Demon Empress slowly raised her hand and she casually squashed the flame in the palm of her hand.


The Golden Crow flames that were burning on the seven Monarch’s bodies exploded at the same time and dispersed into flame fragments which filled the sky. The bodies within that conflagration also followed the fate of those free-flying fragments of Golden Crow flames, and disappeared completely.

Duke Zhong… Duke Han… The seven experts from Duke Huai Palace….

These nine people died terrible deaths under the hands of the Little Demon Empress… and they could not even put up a single shred of resistance, and none of them were some random side character… they were all nine genuine, tried and tested Monarchs!!

Even in Demon Imperial City, Monarchs were as rare as phoenix feathers. The death of any Monarch, even one of the lowest level, was enough to send the entire Illusory Demon Realm into a tizzy!

But today, in the blink of an eye, nine Monarchs…. and eight of these Monarchs had even been mid to late stage Monarchs, had all died horribly under the hands of the Little Demon Empress… The entire process did not consist of any earth-shaking collisions or world-shaking explosions. The Little Demon Empress only waved her dainty little hands a few times and caused a few beams of fire to appear… and nine great Monarchs were now ashes scattered to the wind.

The process was so simple that it was akin to stepping on nine tiny little ants.

“This empress has said, no matter who it is, if they dare to obstruct or impede me, only one fate awaits them…. Death!!” The Little Demon Empress slowly turned around. She had the most exceedingly beautiful features in the world and her figure was far more fragile and delicate looking than most normal girls. If any man saw this kind of girl, his breath should be taken away and he should be overcome by a fierce desire to protect and possess this girl. But not a single person present right now dared to use those kind of eyes to look at her anymore; anyone who was raked over by her cold and detached gaze would feel their entire body instantly stiffen up. It was as if they were plunged into the coldest ice in the world, and even their blood felt like it was going to completely freeze over.

This was a kind of frightful suppressive power that they had never experienced before in their lives… They even felt that if the Little Demon Empress was willing, she could use this suppressive power alone to smash their bodies into little pieces.

The heavy suppressive feeling aside, there was an even heavier feeling of fear. Because the Little Demon Empress was simply too merciless in her actions…. No, her actions were simply too cruel and malicious. Nine Monarchs, every one of them possessing great fame and status in the Illusory Demon Realm, and Duke Zhong and Duke Han had even belonged to the Illusory Demon Royal Family. But she struck out at every single one of them, without any warning and without a hint of hesitation or mercy. Once she made her move, she condemned them to death immediately…. Before they could die, these nine Monarchs had to suffer unbearable pain, and after they died… not even a trace of ash was left of them.

She was so decisive in dealing with Dukes and Monarchs…. that there was no need to talk about others!!

The present Little Demon Empress had seemed to morph into a terrifying death G.o.d…. A grim reaper who with a touch would condemn a person to certain death!!

Duke Huai’s pupils had long ago contracted into pinholes and the calm that he possessed before had completely given away to abject terror. The Little Demon Empress’ sudden return may have caused him to startled and astonished but it was not enough to cause him to feel helpless, because even if he faced the Little Demon Empress, he had the overwhelming advantage in power… But, after this short span of time, the scenario had been completely overturned, and the Little Demon Empress displayed power played out like a nightmare before his very eyes.

He had always thought that his own father, Duke Ming, was unrivaled under heaven. Even though he had never seen the true limits of Duke Ming’s power, he could definitely confirm that his own father, Duke Ming… definitely could not send seven mid to late stage Monarchs to their deaths in one move!!

This was a strength that was not supposed to exist in this world, a strength that had never before appeared in the history of the Illusory Demon Realm!!

The Duke Palaces who had thrown their lot in with Duke Huai had become completely flabbergasted. The Helian, Chiyang, Jiufang, Nangong, Lin, Xiao and Bai clans had completely lost their voice and only their throats moved in agitation. These seven impressive and awe-inspiring Patriarchs of these Families, were completely drenched in cold sweat and for a few of them, even their legs began shaking in fear.... Even those Duke Palaces and Guardian Families that had been devoted to the Demon Emperor’s clan had fallen completely silent due to fear, and no one dared to breathe.

Duke Zhong died, Duke Han died… and seven Monarchs were exterminated in one move!

This was the heaviest and most terrifying show of deterrence in the history of the entire Illusory Demon Realm!!

“What are you waiting for?! Swiftly capture Duke Huai!!”

The cold shout of the Little Demon Empress roused the three Grand Elders from their dreamlike daze, and they once again rushed towards the dispirited Duke Huai. This time, even though many auras appeared in the s.p.a.ce behind Duke Huai, n.o.body rushed in front of Duke Huai to block the way.

Becoming a Monarch was the highest goal that every profound pract.i.tioner sought to attain. Every single Monarch was the product of countless amount of time, effort and resources spent attaining that goal in addition to having opportunities that could only be given and not begged for. After reaching this level, they had thought that they no longer needed to fear anything, because they had reached the peak of heaven and earth and nothing would be able to crush them anymore.

But today, to their boundless shock and horror, they discovered that… in front of the Little Demon Empress, they were as small as dust, and that in front of her, there was practically no difference between them and a newborn infant.

They could die…. but if a Monarch were to die, he wanted to die in a desperate struggle and leave in a world-shaking manner. But those nine Monarchs who had died at the hands of the Little Demon Empress, they had died deaths that were incomparably pitiful and pathetic. With these nine as leading examples… any person who rushed forward to protect Duke Huai would also meet a similar end.

So why would they willingly use the body of a Monarch which had given them a lifetime of glory to bear that weight… it would only be vainly going up to be incinerated.

“Duke Huai, surrender yourself without any further resistance!!”

Amidst the refuse rebuke, the profound handles of the three Grand Elders appeared and tightly locked in on Duke Huai, who had completely lost his wits. Three strong streams of lightning profound energy firmly sealed off Duke Huai’s movement from all directions. Duke Huai seemed to have lost all his courage and he just stood there in a daze, with completely hollow eyes. He actually did not put up a struggle and he was easily suppressed by the onrus.h.i.+ng Yun He.

“Duke… Duke Huai….”

Within Duke Huai Palace, those previously excessively arrogant directly related dukes as well as those core experts, all of their pupils were dilated and their bodies shrank back in fear. They helplessly watched Duke Huai be captured by the three Grand Elders of the Yun Family but not one of them dared to advance. The Little Demon Empress’ back was to them, yet they all felt like there was an icy-cold knife pressed to their necks, and if they dared to make any reckless movements, they would die without a place to be buried.

“Royal Father…. Save my Royal Father…. Hurry up and save my Royal Father!!” Duke Hui Ye hoa.r.s.ely yelled as his lips shook uncontrollably, “Royal Father is the new emperor of the Illusory Demon Realm… why aren’t you protecting him… protect him!!”

Duke Hui Ye shouted himself hoa.r.s.e but it was clear that despite the incomparably great power that Duke Huai held and the countless peak experts who flocked to his side, no a single one of them dared to move. At this time, the Little Demon Empress slowly turned her body around and her gloomy and cold gaze fell on Duke Hui Ye’s person.

“AHHHH....” In that instant, it was as if a venomous snake had fastened itself onto Duke Hui Ye, his whole body quivered as strangled cries filled with fear and alarm proceeded from his mouth and he scrambled backwards in a most unsightly manner, tripping over himself along the way, “Do not kill this duke… do not kill this duke… this duke didn’t do anything… do not kill this duke….”

Under the terror of facing true danger to his life, the Hui Ye who normally considered himself above the rest of the world gave an appearance that was no different from a commoner who was scared for his life… no, in fact it was even more pathetic than that. His whole body laid paralyzed on the ground, he was basically unable to stand up; his entire body fiercely trembled and his face was completely pale as all the blood had drained from it… and the members of Duke Huai Palace that surrounded him, retreated away from him swiftly, as if they had smelled a bad smell that was quickly expanding….

This Duke Hui Ye had actually been so frightened that he had p.i.s.sed his own pants.

The Little Demon Empress retracted her gaze… this kind of trash was not worthy of being dealt with by her personally. Merely continuing to look at him was staining her own eyes.

Despite the situation at hand, no one even thought to laugh. Looking at the current Duke Hui Ye, no one could feel even a hint of reverence for him, there was only pity and contempt. The expressions of the members of Duke Huai Palace were filled with shame and sorrow… to the point where even when Duke Hui Ye’s dirty bodily fluids had formed a puddle under him, no one had gone to support him off the ground.

Yun He, Yun Jiang and Yun Xi cooperated together and quickly locked away the profound energy of Duke Huai, who did not show the least bit of resistance. Yun He grabbed up Duke Huai and dragged him in front of the Little Demon Empress, bowing as he said, “Duke Huai has been captured, I invite the Little Demon Empress to deal with this offender.”

Given the terrifying power the Little Demon Empress had displayed thus far, killing Duke Huai was as easy as flipping her dainty little wrist. But she still had not made a move against Duke Huai and instead wanted them to capture him, so it was clear that she did not desire his death yet. Thus, the three Grand Elders had only shackled Duke Huai’s profound energy, but did not dare harm him.

It was at this time that Duke Huai’s gloomy eyes suddenly shone with a fiercely sinister and crazy scarlet light. His profound energy had clearly been shackled but his body suddenly burst out with crimson-black Fallen Devil Flames! The abruptly ignited Fallen Devil Flames were incomparably berserk, and they directly spread out over tens of meters, blasting away Yun He, Yun Jiang and Yun Xi, who had all been caught unprepared…. and the Duke Huai who was wreathed in Fallen Devil Flames reared his head up like a wild beast, and with a hoa.r.s.e howl, he tore towards the position of Yun Che, Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou!

Yun Qinghong was being healed by the energy Yun Che was infusing into his body and as he was heavily wounded, he could not recklessly use his profound energy. Mu Yurou was also nursing her wounds… Duke Huai’s action had caught everyone off guard… the Little Demon Empress bore witness to Duke Huai’s flight with slanted eyes but she did not make a single movement.

“Be careful!!” Mu Feiyan, Mu Yubai, Su Xiangnan, Yun Waitian and the others had all paled in alarm and yelled out hoa.r.s.ely. But no one had thought that the Duke Huai, who had clearly had his profound strength shackled, would be able to instantly break that lock. Even if they wanted to help now, it was already far too late.

From the very first moment that Duke Huai Fallen Devil Flames had ignited themselves, an imperceptible change had appeared in Yun Che’s eyes. When Duke Huai suddenly rushed towards them, Yun Che’s palm had unhurriedly moved away from Yun Qinghong’s body… His face did not have any trace of panic and loss.


With the Heaven Smiting Sword in hand, he activated Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow. The rest of the people only saw the afterimage blur in front of their eyes and Yun Che had already went to meet Duke Huai. Both his hands tightly grasped that vermilion giant sword as a thick and nearly pure golden flame had ignited along its length.

“Che’er!!” Mu Feiyan and the others were greatly alarmed… Duke Huai, in his madness, would clearly release all of his power! The strength of a berserking level five Monarch was not something that Yun Che could block! In a direct clash… even if Yun Che was ten times stronger, he would still die a certain death.

As the figure of Yun Che appeared in Duke Huai’s pupils, they fiercely dilated and the devil flames running along his entire body swelled to an even greater degree. He yelled in a hoa.r.s.e voice that either expressed excitement or pain, “Yun Che… Die!!!”

Yun Che’s brows pinched together and his gaze was icy-cold, the Heaven Smiting Sword that was burning with pure golden flames welcome Duke Huai’s power as he did not retreat in the slightest and went in for the direct collision… because if he tried to avoid it in any way, it would be possible for Duke Huai’s power to harm Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou who were behind him.

“Golden Crow Burning World Fifth Realm —— Golden Annihilation!!”

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