Against the Gods - Chapter 609 - Seed of the Evil God - Lightning

Chapter 609 - Seed of the Evil God - Lightning

Chapter 609 - Seed of the Evil G.o.d - Lightning

“Obliterate… the entire Illusory Demon Realm?” Yun Che’s hand trembled slightly, almost shouting it out loud. Holding on to the golden jade which did not even feel warm, his heart was beating out of control… it contained the power to obliterate the Illusory Demon Realm in an instant… how scary of an existence was this!

“Such a terrifying object…” Yun Che resolutely swallowed his saliva: “If the power inside could be absorbed and refined, would that not go against the heavens!”

“Absorb its innate power? To the current you, it is just a silly dream.” Jasmine laughed in disdain: “For such a small piece of jades to contain enough energy to destroy the entire Illusory Demon Realm, can you imagine how dense the energy it contains must be? The current you will not be able to comprehend the level of power, not to even mention bearing it. If you want to absorb it forcefully, the only ending is… death!”

Yun Che was not surprised by Jasmine’s reply. He asked doubtfully: “If that’s the case, why did the Golden Crow’s soul gift it to me?”

“It naturally has its uses. As for what it can be used for, you should ask her yourself.” Jasmine said: “While you were unconscious, she read through all of your memories, if she mentions any of your secrets, you do not need to be shocked.”

“...” Yun Che lifted the Divine Jade of the Nine Suns carefully: “Golden Crow Divine G.o.d, this Jade of the Nine Suns is far too precious and based on my strength, I do not have the capability to handle it, to leave it with me would be causing a divine object to become dirt, a waste of resources, why did you gift it to me?”

“To you, it naturally has its uses, and in fact, it is extremely useful.” The Golden Crow’s soul said mildly, as if she was not shocked that he knew the name “Jade of the Nine Suns”: “Don’t you have a profound ark from the Primordial Era? That Profound Ark has mystical abilities to shuttle between the void, however, to operate it, you need an incomparable amount of energy.”

“And this Jade of the Nine Suns is able to power the Primordial Profound Ark, able to help it travel between the void… it will at least be able to allow you to travel back to the Profound Sky Continent which you have been wanting to return to!”

If it was not for Jasmine’s reminder, he would have been totally shocked by the Golden Crow Soul’s words… Having his memories read by someone else was obviously an incomparably horrible experience; all of his experiences, relations.h.i.+ps, secrets… even his unspeakable thoughts, all of it was made known to someone, it was simply even worse than being naked in front of everyone...

Thinking back that the one in front of him was the Golden Crow’s soul who granted him the Golden Crow bloodline and Jade of the Nine Suns, Yun Che clenched his teeth and tolerated it, his head pounding fiercely… Jasmine had said, it was hard for even Purple Veined Divine Crystal to power the Primordial Profound Ark, yet this Jade of the Nine Suns could do it!

That way, he could immediately use the Primordial Profound Ark to return to the Profound Sky Continent… Return to the side of those whom he dreamed of day and night!

As long as the Divine Jade of the Nine Suns’ power did not run out, he could even use the Primordial Profound Ark to freely travel between the Profound Sky Continent and Illusory Demon Realm… and he would not be noticed by anyone! He could absolutely travel according to his whims and fancies!

Yun Che was definitely not an unreasonable person; he nimbly deposited the Jade of the Nine Suns into the Sky Poison Pearl. Yun Che’s heart felt much lighter once the Jade of the Nine Suns which contained such a horrifying amount of power left his hands. He then thanked the Golden Crow’s soul earnestly: “I thank the Golden Crow Divine G.o.d’s generosity… I hope the Golden Crow Divine G.o.d will forgive my discourteous words from earlier.”

“Hmph! Why would this n.o.ble one lower herself to a human’s level!” The Golden Crow’s soul said coldly. At this point, her pupils flashed. Yun Che’s body was instantly clothed in flames and started to float.

“This is…” Yun Che’s face was full of doubt.

“The Sea of Death is the best place for you to train! For the subsequent period, you will concentrate on refining the Golden Crow’s blood within the Sea of Death and comprehend the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》 that this n.o.ble one has bestowed upon you! This n.o.ble one will naturally let you return once your Little Demon Empress has broken out of the barrier! Before this, don’t even think of leaving the Sea of Death!”

“...” (Why is it like this again! This Golden Crow’s soul sure likes to impose her will on others!)

(But the words “your Little Demon Empress”, sounds really good!!)

“Alright!” Yun Che nodded, he did not have any reason to oppose the decision. The Sea of Death was indeed the most suitable place for him to cultivate.

“Also, once you have refined the Golden Crow’s blood, eat this!”

After speaking, a purple glow appeared from within her pupils which flew rapidly towards Yun Che...

As the purple glow neared, bursts of ear-piercing cries could be heard. Yun Che’s eyes opened wide… the purple glow within his line of sight grew closer and closer, its original form was small, but the purple glow surrounding it was extremely deep, twisting like a violent beast, and wherever it went, the s.p.a.ce around it was distorted.

Above, the thunder clouds which were originally suppressed by the Golden Crow’s soul now pervaded the entire sky, and ear-splitting roars of thunder could be heard.

Yet it was not these changes which shocked Yun Che the most. What he felt excited for was that the moment the purple glow appeared, it was as if his profound veins were an awakened sleeping beast which had been agitated. This kind of agitated feeling was not unfamiliar at all...

The purple glow of devastating lightning could be seen within his line of sight, yet he did not feel a single bit of fear or rejection. Instead, he felt an extremely familiar feeling, down to his heart.

As the purple glow neared, Yun Che almost involuntarily reached out to grab it.

Immediately, all the lightning above dispersed, and even the aura became particularly gentle. Within Yun Che’s palm, it revealed its true form… An extremely tiny seed which exhibited a gentle, illusory purple glow.

This… could it be...

“Evil G.o.d’s Lightning Seed!?”

“That’s right! This indeed is the seed of lightning of the Evil G.o.d’s Seeds! Since you have inherited the Evil G.o.d’s power, this naturally belongs to you!” the Golden Crow’s soul continued, “It originally appeared in the Illusory Demon Realm and this n.o.ble one obtained it. The endless thunder clouds within this Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley were borne because of its power! Now that it has been returned, this Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley will no longer have thunder clouds.”

“You now have the Fire and Water seeds to form the Fire Spirit Evil Body and Water Spirit Evil Body. When you have fused it into your Evil G.o.d’s Profound Veins, you will have formed the ‘Lightning Spirit Evil Body’, when that happens, even ten thousand kinds of lightning will not affect you. Not to mention lightning formed by profound energy, even lightning from the heavens will not affect you!”

Without waiting for Yun Che to say another word, the pure gold pupils both flashed and Yun Che disappeared from the air… directly thrown by the Golden Crow’s soul into the boundless Sea of Death.

Although Yun Che had left, the pair of pure gold pupils belonging to the Golden Crow’s soul did not vanish, and slowly, in front of the golden pupils, an exquisite body of a young lady wearing the Smoky Red Fairy Dress appeared.

She crossed her arms against her chest, appearing to be a young girl, yet her expression and att.i.tude was incomparably arrogant… Even though she was facing the Golden Crow’s soul, she narrowed slightly her eyes and said expressionlessly: “This princess is quite curious, you suddenly retreated, and even benefited him so, is it because you realized about this princess’ existence and became fearful, or did you do it on your own accord?”

The Golden Crow’s soul said apathetically: “You do indeed have the power to destroy this n.o.ble one, however this n.o.ble one possesses the willpower of the Golden Crow. In this world, there still does not exist anything that can cause this n.o.ble one to experience fear!”

Jasmine laughed coldly: “A pity that this ‘willpower of the Golden Crow’ will disappear soon. You have given him your soul origin, you can only exist for ten years at most. A pity to this one thousand five hundred kilometer Sea of Death, after ten years, will also gradually disappear when you disappear.

“Now that this n.o.ble one has found the most perfect successor, disappearing immediately without any regrets would be natural. What’s more, this n.o.ble one still has ten more years… but you on the other hand, Star G.o.d from the Star G.o.d Realm who inherited the power of the Heaven Slaughter Star, may not even live as long as this n.o.ble one. Why would you need to pity this n.o.ble one!”

“What did you say!?” a dark expression appeared on Jasmine’s small, milk white face.

“We Golden Crow Souls are able to mutually transmit memories. Even though this n.o.ble one is now in the Illusory Demon Realm, this n.o.ble one is aware of everything which happens in your Realm of G.o.ds. Although your Star G.o.d Realm is able to use the ‘Star Soul Reincarnation’ to pa.s.s on the strength of a Star G.o.d, each ‘Star Soul Reincarnation’ will cause the divine strength to be weakened by a portion. Thus, your Star G.o.d Realm has to use other methods which ‘compensates’ that to avoid the subsequent generations from getting weaker.”

“And since a hundred thousand years ago, the Heaven Slaughter Star G.o.d did not exist ‘alone’... Which is to say, you, who possesses the power of the Heaven Slaughter Star G.o.d are just a temporary vessel! And the outcome for a vessel would naturally to become an ‘offering’! For you to appear in this world would not simply just be due to being chased for obtaining the Evil G.o.d’s indestructible blood… the greater reason, would be because you are fleeing from the Star G.o.d Realm!”

“If not, why did you, who was being chased, flee in this direction... which is opposite from that of the Star G.o.d Realm!”

“Or perhaps, you went through such great dangers, putting aside all considerations to obtain the Evil G.o.d’s indestructible blood just to obtain enough strength to escape the fate of being an ‘offering’!”

“Shut up!!”

This s.p.a.ce around Jasmine ruptured immediately. A cold and incomparably terrifying murderous intent was released uncontrollably, causing innumerable cracks to appear in the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

“Hahahahaha…” the Golden Crow’s soul laughed: “Seems like what this n.o.ble one has said was spot on.”

“In this world, there is no one who can decide this princess’ fate, even ‘that person’ cannot!”

Jasmine’s face was filled with terrifying indifference, she pointed at the pair of pure gold pupils in front of her, a scarlet ray flashed on her fingertip: “If you dare to continue babbling such nonsense, this princess will cause to disappear forever immediately!”

“Even if you were really angry, you would not dare to kill this n.o.ble one. This place is not a spatial tunnel, if you really release energy on the level which is enough to kill this n.o.ble one, it will cause the Star G.o.d Realm to notice your presence. When that happens, you of all people should be aware of the consequences.”

Jasmine’s hand paused in the air. After a long time, she slowly lowered her arm, even the anger and murderous intent which she exploded with previously had calmed down a little, a look of indifference returned to her eyes. She said coldly: “As expected of the soul which houses the Golden Crow’s will and memories, the things you know are just too much! Hmph! This princess’ business is none of your concern! Since you know so much, this princess will ask you a question… since you have read through all of Yun Che’s memories, then you should know that the legacy of the Phoenix, Dragon G.o.d… and you, the Golden Crow, exists on this little Blue Pole Star! Even the Evil G.o.d’s seeds have appeared on this world…”

“In this boundless universe with countless stars, to have an inheritor of a divine legacy is one in a hundred billion, yet on this little Blue Pole Star, there exists so many… from the Primordial Era. What exactly happened on this star? To have the vestiges of so many divine beings?”

Jasmine’s sudden question caused the Golden Crow’s soul to become silent. The pair of pure gold pupils stopped moving for a long while. Then, she said with an intense voice: “Since you wish to know, this n.o.ble one will answer you… The reason why this star is called the Blue Pole Star is because it is divided into one percent of land and ninety nine percent water! From the outside, this star is azure.”

“However it was not called Blue Pole Star previously. Back then, it was forty percent land and sixty percent water. The reason is because during the calamity of the Primordial G.o.ds, a large portion of the land was destroyed into nothingness, leaving the current one percent. What’s more, this star was located at the other end of the spatial chaos previously, not even a hundred Star Realms apart from the world in which you were born.”

“What?” Jasmine scrunched her eyebrows: “What you are saying, is that back then this star traveled across half of the spatial chaos?”

“That’s right! It continued to exist after experiencing such a force, and to just have ninety percent of its land to be destroyed, even in the Realm of G.o.ds, this is an irreplicable miracle. The one who preserved this star was precisely the Evil G.o.d! Because this Blue Pole Star… was the first star that he created!”

Jasmine: “...”

“After the Evil G.o.d’s death, the only ones who knew of this world’s existence were the few divine beings who were on good terms with the Evil G.o.d! The Dragon G.o.d, Phoenix and Golden Crow were the three amongst them! That was the only reason why they would leave their legacies on this star with such inferior strength! At least, your Star Realm would not be aware of the existence of this star which travelled across half of the spatial chaos!”

“In other words, the reason why the Phoenix, Dragon G.o.d and you gave him your bloodline legacies and even soul origins, would be because he possesses the Evil G.o.d’s strength?” Jasmine squinted.

“Of course not!”

The Golden Crow’s soul denied and at this point, her voice became incomparably overcast: “Although we are just souls which have left a divine being’s body and our strength are countless times weaker than that, the realm which we souls are in is the that of a divine being… we are able to roughly detect auras which only those at a divine being’s level are able to.”

“What does that mean?”

“It is an aura which should have become extinct with all the G.o.ds back in the Primordial Era! Although it is incomparably faint and indistinct, it is clearly becoming stronger year by year… being souls which have left the body, we have to forever be loyal to the divine being’s will, never able to leave this world… but that terrifying aura keeps on getting closer to reality, the largest contribution we can make would be to give our all… including our soul origins to the most suitable person!”

“When this n.o.ble one saw the Dragon G.o.d’s and Phoenix’s soul origins within his soul, this n.o.ble one knew that they too had noticed the same aura! Although this n.o.ble one loathes the Phoenix’s strength, this n.o.ble one will not go as far as to kill her own will just because of hate!”

“...The aura ‘which should have become extinct’ that you spoke about, what is it?” Jasmine scrunched her eyebrows and asked.

“Pray that it was a misperception. If not, no matter how strong your Star G.o.d Realm is, it too will fall into endless fear!”

Following the last words of the Golden Crow’s soul, the pure gold pupils embedded in the sky slowly disappeared. In the sky, the dark purple thunder clouds rapidly dispersed. Bit by bit, the color of the sky transformed from a deep purple to scarlet.

Good Guy Dnton’s Note: With reference to chapter 603, you will realize that a lot of new realms are popping up all over the place. But these realms are either referring to different planets/stars or different planes of existence. Example: when Jasmine talked about how certain things shouldn’t exist on Yun Che’s world/plane but do exist on other “higher” planes. So a sort of cosmology is slowly being introduced in the ATG-verse and you can picture it as being like a D&D universe where there are various planes which exist together or you can think of it like a proper astronomical chart, where there is a universe and these realms are separated by s.p.a.ce.

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