Against the Gods - Chapter 607 - Golden Crow Souls Compulsion

Chapter 607 - Golden Crow Souls Compulsion

Chapter 607 - Golden Crow Soul’s Compulsion

“Erase the Phoenix’s bloodline?” Yun Che was surprised, and following that, he realized something, “What do you mean?”

“The Golden Crow’s bloodline is a hundred times more honorable than the Phoenix’s bloodline, and the power of the Golden Crow’s flames is far superior to the Phoenix’s flames. If you inherit the Golden Crow’s bloodline, then there is naturally no need for the Phoenix’s bloodline to remain.” The voice of the Golden Crow Soul was filled with arrogance.

Yun Che said loudly, “But, you also know that I have the Evil G.o.d’s Fire Seed, which gives me control over any flame; thus I am able to completely control the Phoenix’s flames and the Golden Crow’s flames at the same time. Since the Dragon G.o.d’s bloodline and the Phoenix’s bloodline can coexist in my body, the Golden Crow’s bloodline and the Phoenix’s bloodline must be able to do so as well.”

“Hmph, naive! You actually want my Golden Crow’s bloodline to coexist with that undignified Phoenix’s bloodline in the same body? What a huge joke. Where the Golden Crow is, there is be no room for the Phoenix! Upon receiving my Golden Crow’s powers, your bloodline will be even more n.o.ble, and the power of your flames would also increase several of times! There is no reason you would still need the Phoenix’s bloodline! Coexisting with it is simply an insult to my Golden Crow’s powers! This n.o.ble one will never let that happen.”

“If you wish to receive this n.o.ble one’s endowment of the Golden Crow’s powers,the Phoenix’s bloodline within your body must first be completely erased!”

The voice of the Golden Crow Soul was arrogant, determined, indisputable, and even contained an extreme disdain towards the Phoenix's bloodline.

When Jasmine first mentioned that the Vermilion Bird, the Phoenix, and the Golden Crow were incompatible, Yun Che originally thought that it was only because they were each protecting their own bloodline, power, and dignity and wanted to become the sole Supreme Fire Attribute Beast. That was why they suddenly fought against each other, and none of them were willing to yield to the others. But now, he saw the Golden Crow’s att.i.tude… which simply viewed the existence of the Phoenix as a nemesis.

“No!” Yun Che’s voice was even more determined… Even if the one he was facing was the Golden Crow’s Soul, “I can inherit the Golden Crow’s bloodline, but I absolutely cannot allow my Phoenix’s bloodline to be erased! If the prerequisite for inheriting the Golden Crow’s bloodline is to erase my Phoenix’s bloodline… then, the power of the Golden Crow is not worth having!”

“Presumptuous!” Yun Che’s words undoubtedly infuriated the Golden Crow’s Soul greatly, “In your eyes, is the power of my Golden Crow not comparable to the mere power of the Phoenix?”

Yun Che’s personality had always been unyielding and even if he faced the soul of a G.o.d, he would not back down on an issue of principle. He replied without giving in, “I don’t know whether the Phoenix flames are stronger or the Golden Crow flames are stronger. But… the Phoenix’s legacy within me is now part of my own bloodline and power! It is also a part of my life, and only I can choose what I want to do with it! Even if you are the soul of G.o.d, I will not allow you to interfere!”

“When the Phoenix Divine Spirit endowed me with the Phoenix’s bloodline, it was a sign of its approval of me, and its grace. How could I throw this gift away completely for another bloodline and power? If I did so, it would not only disappoint the Phoenix Divine Spirit who had given me grace, but it would also be extremely disrespectful. If what I received first was the Golden Crow’s legacy, and the Phoenix Divine Spirit also wanted to forcefully erase the Golden Crow’s bloodline in me before granting me the Phoenix’s legacy, then I would reject it the same way! This has nothing to do with whether the Golden Crow’s power or the Phoenix’s power is stronger, but as a human… it is the most basic principle and bottomline!”

“You cannot endure coexisting with the Phoenix’s bloodline, and I also cannot endure my own strength being forcefully erased. Then… even though I yearn for the power of the Golden Crow, looks like it is not meant to be after all.”

Yun Che didn’t hesitate to say these words. After saying the final sentence, there was not any sign of unwillingness or lingering.

“Hahahahahaha!” The Golden Crow Soul laughed loudly, shaking the sky, but there was no anger in this laughter anymore, “What stubborn morals you have. Your stubborn temper happens to suit my taste exactly, and makes me unwilling to let you, the most perfect successor, go!”

“Even though you have a stubborn temper, real stubborness always relies on powerful strengths! You don’t have the right to choose in front of me! Rejecting my Golden Crow’s inheritance just to keep that inferior Phoenix’s bloodline… I will not allow that!”

The scarlet-gold eyes in the sky widened, and the golden light that was blazing down suddenly intensified by several times. It was so bright that Yun Che was not able to look at it directly. At the same time, scarlet-gold flames also fell from the sky like a storm and became an endless sea of flames drowning Yun Che within.

Yun Che’s body would not be harmed even with flames that were even more scorching, but he couldn’t open his eyes because of the terrifying Golden Crow flames, the most terrifying in the world. He unconsciously placed his arms in front of his body and roared deeply, “What are you going to do…”

Just as he made a sound, his whole body suddenly shook violently, a loud bang went off in his brain, and his consciousness quickly collapsed…

He saw the endless golden sea of flames, but these golden flames were not within his sight, but they were burning deep in his heart, his mind… Slowly, the golden flames spread endlessly and burned his profound veins. The brightness of the flames changed the original red and blue colors of the profound veins into the color of pure gold, and then it spread to each of his tendons, each drop of his blood… until the cells of his whole body were burning.

What… is going… on…

All of the parts of his body and all of his organs were burning, but he did not feel anything at all… His consciousness already could not feel the existence of his body!

These flames had started to spread towards his soul, burning towards the depth of his soul…

“What… what… are… you… doing…”

Yun Che roared with all of his strength, but he couldn’t hear his own voice at all, and at this moment, his remaining consciousness had a surprising sudden realization… the Golden Crow flames that was burning all over his body were not only going to completely destroy the existence of the Phoenix’s bloodline, the Golden Crow’s flames that were spreading towards his soul… were clearly going to erase the imprint of the Phoenix and all of his memories of the Phoenix flames, including the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》!

The voice of the Golden Crow Divine Spirit sounded within the depth of his soul at this moment, and all of his guesses became reality, “There are merely three drops of the Phoenix’s ancestral blood in you! For this n.o.ble one to erase it all is simply too easy!”

“Only three drops of the Phoenix’s blood, but you were able to cultivate the sixth stage of the World Ode of the Phoenix easily! It is truly the power of the Evil G.o.d’s Fire Spirit Evil Body! But the mere World Ode of the Phoenix cannot be compared to the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World! Just wait till this n.o.ble one has erased everything in your body and mind about the Phoenix! Your unique body of the Evil G.o.d… is the only one worthy to carry the power of my Golden Crow!!”


Yun Che’s heart and soul exploded as though lightning from the ninth heaven had struck it; endless golden flames came down like waves roaring under a storm and fiercely rushed into his mind. In an instant, there was only endless flame left in his mind, and nothing else. That remaining trace of clarity was like withered leaves blown by tornados, able to be crushed into tiny shreds at any moment.

The Golden Crow Soul was the Primordial Divine Beast, Golden Crow’s, isolated form, and it carried the will and power of a G.o.d. Based on it being able to grant the Little Demon Empress power of a half-step into the Divine Profound Realm, showed that its powers were far stronger than those of the Phoenix Divine Spirit of the Profound Sky Continent’s Divine Phoenix Empire.

Facing such power, even a high level Monarch would only kneel down in fear, and wouldn’t be able to resist at all. But Yun Che… even if he only had some wandering consciousness left, he would be determined to struggle at all costs.

“You… you are… in any case… the spirit of divine beast… I cannot believe… that you would… be so low… You… stop it… right now… I still have… the slightest amount of respect… and grat.i.tude… from helping… the Little Demon Empress… towards you… or else… ugh…”

“Oh? You can still use your soul voice; this willpower has surprised me. Hmph! You can only blame yourself for being foolish, rejecting my Golden Crow’s inheritance just for the mere Phoenix’s bloodline! Or else this n.o.ble one wouldn’t have to do this!”

The suppressive feeling from the Golden Crow Soul increased once again, and it put Yun Che’s final trace of consciousness on the verge of completely collapsing. He still used all of his will and screamed, “The power of the Golden Crow… If… it is really that strong… why would you mind… whether or not… the Phoenix’s bloodline exists… Minding it that much… can only mean that… towards the Phoenix’s bloodline… not only was there no disdain… that you showed on the surface… instead… you have a sense of inferior… resentment!!”

“You… have already… lost… on this matter!”

Out of Yun Che’s expectations, the emotion of the Golden Crow Soul did not fluctuate because of what he said; rather, it sneered in contempt, “Hmph, such low-level, uninteresting resistance. You think you would be able to enrage me like this? Your sad struggle can only put you in a disadvantage, without giving you any benefit!”

“Even though this n.o.ble one is forcing you now, this n.o.ble one definitely has the qualification to force you! Because this n.o.ble one gifted the virgin body of the most n.o.ble, publicly acknowledged number one beauty of Illusory Demon Realm to you, let you fondle her with your own desire for all these days, and helped her achieve unmatched power! If you continue to not know how to appreciate a favor, believe it or not, this n.o.ble one will immediately cripple her veins!”

“You…” Yun Che’s mind trembled slightly… So this was the real reason and intent behind her helping the Little Demon Empress… It purely provided her a justification in forcing him!

When Yun Che’s mind appeared to have an instant of disorder, the golden flames immediately rushed in and instantly drowned the last of his will completely.

There was only blankness before his eyes; there was no sound in the whole world at all, even the Golden Crow’s golden flames could not be seen, could not be felt, and everything was drifting away… In the end, even the blankness was disappearing with speed, and everything was starting to be shrouded with darkness.

The instant before the world was filled with darkness, Yun Che made his final struggle.

Dragon… Soul… Domain…


The fierce cry of a dragon resounded throughout Yun Che’s soul. As they were taking over Yun Che’s soul, the Golden Crow’s flames that were searching for the Phoenix’s imprint suddenly started shaking in chaos. Following that, an enormous, azure dragon tore apart the flames with a loud roar, and flew up in the sky… The divine spirit pressure from the Primordial Azure Dragon made the raging Golden Crow flames instantly stop spreading, and even tremble slightly in unsettlement.

“What!? The Dragon G.o.d Soul?” The Golden Crow Soul was so shocked at that instant that it lost its voice, “What is going on… It was already unusual for the Primordial Azure Dragon to have endowed him with such rich Dragon G.o.d’s Bloodline… Why did it even give him the origin of its soul!”

“Bloodline can be spread by inheritance… but the origin of the soul is the last will and trace of a divine spirit in this world! Each bit of it taken away means a slight disappearance of its last existence! Moreover, it is the Primordial Azure Dragon, the head of the Primordial Divine Beasts… What is worthy about this human, that it would go to such an extent!”

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