Against the Gods - Chapter 583 - Suspension of Ceremony

Chapter 583 - Suspension of Ceremony

Chapter 583 - Suspension of Ceremony

“...” Duke Huai’s lips turned purple as both of his hands quivered slightly. His chest nearly burst open. This was the most malicious insult he had received in his entire lifetime, and what was even more painful than suffering this insult was the fact that he couldn’t even retort.

On the surface, it was a “reminder”, but in reality, it was a direct slap to Duke Huai, and a resounding slap of abuse to the faces of the east wing’s Duke Palaces, causing all the dukes and families on the west wing to become dumbstruck. As for those dukes in the east wing, every one of their faces was uglier than the next… and in this kind of situation, some Duke Palaces had even begun to regret attaching themselves to Duke Huai.

Not only were Yun Che’s words a huge scolding, they were also a set of incomparably heavy shackles, looping over their disloyal ducal bodies and causing them to feel so unwell to the point that they wished to die.

“Duke Huai, and all you various dukes, is there anything wrong with what I, Yun Che, said? If there’s anything wrong, please, point out my error.” Yun Che said in an extremely slow manner as his gaze swept the east wing.

Duke Huai, Duke Zhong… and all the most imposing dukes of the east wing were in absolute silence; not a single one of them spoke out to retort or berate. At this time, their current state of mind was as though they had been fed feces; not only could they not spit it out, they also could not resist, and had to unanimously nod and admit that it was right for them to be fed feces...

The Little Demon Empress had been silently watching Yun Che since the very start, with a complicated expression of confusion apparent in her eyes. In this Demon Empress Reign Ceremony, she was originally prepared to answer everything, but she didn’t expect that everything that she originally believed would happen did not occur. This grand ceremony had become Yun Che’s one man show. Even Duke Huai, who the Guardian Families were powerless against, who she herself would describe as “scary”, had been soundly defeated by the Yun Che who had “come out of nowhere”, while also cause seven world-shaking Guardian Families to nearly become fools.

Beneath her gaze, Yun Che suddenly turned around and faced her, then raised the Demon Emperor’s Seal in his hands once more, saying, “Little Demon Empress, please excuse Yun Che’s previous stubborness. Yun Che shall now return this Demon Emperor’s Seal to the Little Demon Empress.”

After he finished speaking, he slowly advanced and offered the Demon Emperor’s Seal to the Little Demon Empress.

The two’s gazes were relatively close, and the image of a naked young girl’s jade body within the water that night surfaced in Yun Che’s mind unconsciously. A strange expression immediately flashed through the depths of his eyes, and even the corners of his mouth twitched afterwards. The Little Demon Empress’ razor-sharp eyes caught that trace of lewdness in his eyes, and an ice-cold killing intent instantly appeared in hers, causing Yun Che to nearly s.h.i.+ver in coldness. She didn’t immediately take the Demon Emperor’s Seal, and instead asked calmly, “You’re not going to continue pursuing the request you put forth just a moment ago?”

“No need.” Yun Che shook his head and continued, “The Demon Emperor’s Seal is originally an object belonging to the Demon Emperor’s clan; returning something to its rightful owner is just something you do. It was just that this Demon Emperor’s Seal bore proof of my grandfather’s loyalty and life. What my grandfather paid in addition to how he had been treated just made me unable to let go so easily, so earlier, I used the help of the Demon Emperor’s Seal to make the seven Patriarchs apologize to my grandfather and at the same time, remind a few people to never forget their duty and never lose their sense of morality… As a descendant of the Demon King, I don’t want to see the thing my grandfather used his life to defend be met with the conspiracy of some wicked people!”

“Since I’ve already reminded these people, it’s already enough. Otherwise, if there were people who hesitated and were unwilling to pledge loyalty after the end of this ceremony, wouldn’t it disgust the Little Demon Empress and the entire world who is loyal to the Demon Empress?” Yun Che casually said a few words, but they were no doubt several knife stabs toward “some people”.

The Little Demon Empress extended her hand and gently took the Demon Emperor’s Seal with a tranquil face, her movements ever so careful and light as she clasped it in her hands. However, the Yun Che who was close to her still saw a slight turmoil in her eyes.

Since she was the only surviving member of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, no one truly understood what losing the Demon Emperor’s Seal meant to her, and no one knew how her heart throbbed at the moment. After sensing the burning temperature and pure Golden Crow aura of the Demon Emperor’s Seal, she closed her eyes softly and then turned around, walking back to the imperial throne.

In front of the throne, the Little Demon Empress turned around, hands grasping the Demon Emperor’s Seal. Her white slender fingers and smooth wrists looked as beautiful as the world’s purest jade stone within the s.h.i.+ne of the Demon Emperor Seal’s clear firelight… However, in the entire Demon Imperial Hall, only Yun Che would be the one to have the thought to admire the Little Demon Empress’ hands.

“The Demon Emperor’s Seal that has been lost for a century has finally returned. This is a hugely fortuitous event, largely accredited to the Yun Family, and no one can deny that! With regards to the Yun Family’s huge service, this empress will reward them greatly. As for the injustice the Yun Family had bore within these hundred years, this empress will also give them a proper compensation! As for all the rights and wrongs buried within this… this empress will also definitely investigate this thoroughly!”

The Little Demon Empress’ gaze swept the great hall and the expressions of all those who had come in contact with it became sluggish; even their breathing had instantly stilled. With a s.h.i.+ft of her arm, the Demon Emperor’s Seal disappeared within her hands, and she said, “This empress had previously made an oath in front of my royal father’s memorial tablet that I would use any and all means to retrieve the Demon Emperor’s Seal, and that once I retrieved it, I would hold a memorial service for the late emperor. This empress cannot violate the oath I promised to my royal father. This reign ceremony will be suspended for today. Everyone, please return to your residences, the ceremony will continue in three days!”

“Ah? This…” The Little Demon Empress’ sudden declaration to temporarily stop the ceremony caught everyone off guard, but it still seemed to be within reason. It seemed quite reasonable and fair that the Little Demon Empress immediately wanted to hold a memorial service to inform the late Demon Emperor and the Little Demon Emperor that such an important item like the Demon Emperor’s Seal had returned. Moreover, the Little Demon Empress also needed time to digest and think about how to respond to everything that had happened today.

“For the time being, the Demon King’s remains shall be with the Yun Family. Once we’ve selected an auspicious date, we will hold a burial ceremony using the highest standard of the royal family. Furthermore, when the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley will open again in fifteen days. At that time, the Yun Family will also be permitted to choose thirty people to enter. I’d a.s.sume the other families and duke palaces have already made preparations; the Yun Family must also make their preparations as soon as possible within these fifteen days. During these three days, this empress needs to meditate to pay homage to my royal father. No one is allowed to disturb me, even if it is the greatest of all matters!”

“Everyone may disperse. We’ll discuss these matters in three days!”

After the Little Demon Empress finished, she didn’t wait for anyone to respond before she enveloped her entire body in flames with a wave of her long, dark grey sleeve. When the flames totally scattered, her silhouette had already disappeared in place.

The Little Demon Empress’ clean, abrupt departure left everyone staring at one another, not knowing what to do. Yun Che was also stunned… He had already set up the prelude perfectly. The Demon Emperor’s Seal would thereby give the Little Demon Empress power when in her hands. She could now easily suppress the public disruption Duke Huai’s faction caused, and at least not allow them to blindly act with gusto for the time being. However, once she obtained the Demon Emperor’s Seal, she had actually chosen to suspend the Demon Empress Reign Ceremony, and even left so bluntly… just to pay homage to the late Demon Emperor.

With the Little Demon Empress’ disposition, this kind of action shouldn’t have been plausible.

Once the Little Demon Empress left, the great hall immediately broke into discussion. Yun Qinghong stood up and looked at his father’s body at the center of the hall with a sorrowful heart, “Everyone, let’s go… we should bring my father back home.”

Yun Qinghong’s soft sentence caused every elder to lose all control. As if they had gone mad, they charged to the heart of the great hall and fell down in front of Yun Canghai’s body one after the other.


“Oh, Patriarch!!”

Considering their endless emotions, how could they even bother to take care of their appearances and prestige? They shouted in sorrow and wailed… no longer able to control their bawling. It could be said that they had experienced the fiercest joy and sadness of their entire lives today. Thinking back to when they received the news of his death a hundred years ago and everything the Yun Family had suffered since then, even if they possessed the strongest willpower, they were unable to keep their emotions from rioting.

“Yun Duanshui… pays respect to the Young Patriarch!” Second Elder Yun Duanshui bowed deeply at Yun Che, his face revealing agitation and respect which he only revealed when facing Yun Qinghong and Yun Canghai, “Previously, we did not know that the Young Patriarch had returned and showed negligence and disrespect. Our actions were truly punishable by death.”

“What is Second Elder saying…”

Just as Yun Che was about to go forward to support Yun Duanshui up; he had already been surrounded by the Yun family elders and disciples who paid their respects in unison, “We pay our respects to Young Patriarch!”

Today, Yun Che had reversed the ominous fate that was originally destined for the Yun Family and also helped eradicate an incoming storm. Everyone among the people that were in the Demon Imperial Hall today was so shocked that they thought he was a deity, especially the Yun Family members. Although he was only in his twenties and had only returned to the Yun Family for three short months, everyone was paying their respects willingly and were completely convinced. A few elders and disciples who had treated him with disrespect usually were now filled with fright.

“You’re indeed the Demon King’s grandson, the son of the Yun Family Patriarch. Although this old one has lived for a thousand years, he has finally seen what a truly outstanding human is like today,” exclaimed Qin Zheng thoughtfully, standing by Yun Che’s side.

“Region Lord Qin is too kind.” Yun Qinghong bowed respectfully, “This junior thanks Region Lord Qin for your righteous speech. Region Lord Qin does not need to worry. If the seven families dare to take revenge on you, I will not sit back idly.”

“Hoho, this old one is only trying to repay his sins. If Patriarch Yun does not blame me, I’ll be of utmost grat.i.tude already. I definitely do not deserve your thanks.” Qin Zheng waved it off as he replied with a smile, “As for Patriarch Yun’s concerns, there’s no need. This old one will probably enter his grave in a few more decades. There’s no need for them to do anything against this old one.”

“Congratulations to Patriarch Yun for reuniting with your beloved child… With such an heir, the Yun Family’s return to former glory is only a matter of time.” A region lord came forward to congratulate Yun Qinghong.

“I disagree with Region Lord Yue’s words. Young Patriarch Yun is only twenty-two and he filled us all with admiration. With Patriarch Yun and Yun Che in the Yun Family, and given the Little Demon Empress’ high regard and promise, the Yun family would definitely grow beyond its former glory, hahahaha!”

“Brother Lin’s words are true! Patriarch Yun, congratulations!”

The various heroes all congratulated Yun Qinghong in succession because all of them had realized that the Yun Family was now abruptly making a meteoric rise. Yun Xiao had been bestowed kings.h.i.+p; the Yun Family received Little Demon Empress’ promise; Yun Qinghong’s severely injured body miraculously recovered. Their lost glory was about to be restored and it would greatly increase as well… More importantly, the Yun Family had gained a Young Patriarch which had caused all of them to be in awe.

It would be difficult even if the Yun Family did not want to be back on the rise.

Even though the Yun Family’s strength was currently the weakest among the Twelve Families, at this point in time, no one dared to imagine how much the Yun Family would grow in the near future.

The Yun Family was being swarmed by all the heroes of the land, and behind them, many people were pus.h.i.+ng frantically just to have a few words with Yun Qinghong and Yun Che. Duke Huai looked on coldly with a sullen look that seemed to have been permanently plastered on his face, causing him never be able to relax.

“Yun… Che…” Despite the grinding sound produced by his teeth, he had managed to utter out two words that were filled with hatred and coldness with much difficulty.

He had prepared and tolerated for so many years just for this one day!

But in an instant, it had all gone to waste.

He had only executed the first part of his plan… and yet with just this step, he had stumbled. Not only had he allowed Yun Che to gain all the limelight, but he had been disgraced shamefully and even had to pay a large amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystal.

“Duke Huai, what shall we… do now?” Duke Zhong walked over and asked softly. Looking at Yun Che, he was similarly grinding his teeth. They all knew fully well that today’s failure had only been because of Yun Che… just him alone.

“Tch…” Duke Huai gritted his teeth. As his chest rose, a breath of cool air seeped through his teeth, “Let’s go!”

Duke Huai turned his sullen face around. Ignoring everyone, he walked towards the exit of the hall rigidly. Seeing his actions, the seven Patriarchs who were initially distracted rose with the Duke Palaces and walked to the exit depressingly.

“I bid Duke Huai Palace and the seven Patriarchs farewell!”

Duke Huai had only taken a couple of steps when Yun Che’s loud voice had rang behind him. Yun Che stared at the back of Duke Huai’s figure, glanced at the seven Patriarchs, and laughed, “However, there is one matter of which I, Yun Che, need to remind you. Regarding the Purple Veined Divine Crystal you lost to my Yun Family, please deliver it to our Yun Family residence on time. The entire Illusory Demon Realm would probably know about this matter soon, so I think that the prestigious Duke Palaces and Guardian Families would not throw away their most basic trust and face in front of everyone just over a few kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, right?”

Duke Huai’s footsteps paused and his body remained frozen for three breaths of time before he forcefully suppressed his urge to immediately kill Yun Che without any regards for anything else, and continued to silently walk out of the Demon Imperial Hall.

“Hmph!” Looking coldly at the figure of Duke Huai leaving, Yun Che snorted coldly. The killing intent Duke Huai had emanated previously was something that he had felt clearly.

“In just one day, you have offended so many people! Furthermore, they are the top powerhouses of Illusory Demon Realm.” Jasmine laughed coldly, “It sure suits your personality that seeks death no matter where you go.”

“This matter concerns my Grandfather’s honor and will. Even if I have to dig my own grave, it not something that can be avoided.” Yun Che sighed before continuing, relaxed, “However, compared to the danger I faced two years ago within the Primordial Profound Ark, this is nothing.”

When he finished speaking, Yun Che frowned and muttered to himself, “Just why did the Little Demon Empress halt the ceremony immediately after she received the Demon Emperor’s Seal…”

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