Against the Gods - Chapter 581 - Public Outrage

Chapter 581 - Public Outrage

Chapter 581 - Public Outrage

The seven Patriarchs’ faces all darkened, but even after some time, no one stepped forward, nor did anyone speak… They had been forced into such a state by Yun Che. If they knelt down in front of everyone and apologized, it would mean that they bowed down to the Yun Family. However, if they refused, they would have fallen into the trap that Yun Che had set and their reputations and even their Families’ reputations might crumble throughout Illusory Demon Realm. They were stuck between a rock and a hard place, and they all waited for someone to act. However, after some time had pa.s.sed, not one person stepped forward, causing the entire scene to turn extremely awkward.

“Heheheh…” Yun Che looked at them and laughed mockingly, “So it’s true, my words have already been clear enough. Regarding the right and wrong in this matter, I think that I have stated it out clearly. Despite this, the seven Patriarchs of the Guardian Families are actually still indifferent! Everyone seated here is either a lord, hegemon, powerhouse or a star of the young generation, the pillars of the past, present and future. Demon Imperial City is the most crucial core of the entire Illusory Demon Realm. This Demon Empress Reign Ceremony is a valuable experience for all of you, as I believe that at this point, everyone has already clearly seen the true problems that lies within the core which is Demon Imperial City! All of you should be able to clearly differentiate the right from the wrong, the loyal from the traitorous, as well as who truly deserves the t.i.tle of the ‘Guardian Family’ and who are the poison that needs to be eradicated!”

Yun Che’s words echoed loudly within the hall. His words were so straightforward that they were a thousand times sharper than knives. Such words, even the Little Demon Empress would not have put it so directly, as those he targeted were the seven strongest forces within Illusory Demon Realm and any one of them would be able shock Illusory Demon Realm, never mind all seven families.

If it were any other occasion, Yun Che would definitely not utter such words, as this was an extremely irrational action. However, right then and there, he shouted without regard. His voice was deafening, as though he wished that the entire populace in Illusory Demon Realm could hear him clearly.

Yun Che’s words caused numerous people to tremble in fear. Indeed, right now, everyone could already see things clearly. Even so, just how many people would dare give a reply in front of the power and influence of the seven great Guardian Families… However, just as Yun Che had finished speaking, an agitated and elderly voice rang from the back of the seats.

“Well said!”

This elderly voice that came from the back caused everyone to be shocked. The seven patriarchs’ gaze grew concentrated as they looked towards the source of the voice. And at this time, the elder who spoke flew forward and landed beside Yun Che.

The elder wore a simple gray robe, with both his hair and beard already snow-white. The signs of old age were carved all over his face, and even his back was slightly bent. Seeing this elder, a commotion broke out within the hall and many people called out his name in shock...

Among the heroes that were gathered within the Demon Imperial Hall, the hegemon of a region could only be considered average.

However, this elder could most definitely not!

Because he was the region lord of the biggest city in Illusory Demon Realm other than Demon Imperial City, —— Sky Demon Region’s Region Lord Qin Zheng. He was already a thousand four hundred years old, and in terms of seniority, he was even higher than the late Demon Emperor! When the late Demon Emperor ascended to the throne a thousand years ago, he was already the region chief of Sky Demon Region, and even now, he was still the region lord! Among everyone present, he was the only person to have served under three generations of Demon Emperors. In terms of seniority, no one in the Imperial Demon Hall could match him.

Qin Zheng’s temperament was famous for its righteousness. Serving as the region lord of Sky Demon Region for a thousand years, he was highly respected within the Sky Demon Region and even the entire Illusory Demon Realm. Even the late Demon Emperor treated him with great respect and naturally, the Little Demon Empress followed suit. He was one of the few people that existed outside of Demon Imperial City who had words that carried the same weight as those of someone from a Guardian Family.

However, Qin Zheng usually gave off the impression of someone who was calm and composed, and no one had expected his angry howl and step forward today.

“Region Lord Qin?” The Little Demon Empress looked at him in shock as she revealed her respect which she rarely showed.

Qin Zheng took a step forward, bowed respectfully and said, “I plead the Little Demon Empress to pardon this subject’s offense. However, as a subject of Illusory Demon Realm, this old subject has some things that he must do, as well as some things that he must say.”

When Qin Zheng had finished speaking, he suddenly turned around and knelt on one knee towards Yun Canghai’s body. He said in shame, “The old Qin Zheng is here specifically to ask the Demon King for forgiveness!”

Yun Che hurried forward, stretching a hand out to try to support him up, “Old senior, this is…”

Qin Zheng waved him off and remained kneeling, strongly refusing to stand up, “A century ago, a Guardian Family Patriarch personally traveled five thousand kilometers to seek this old one to talk about the Demon King’s sins, and wanted this old one to garner support from the entire Sky Demon Region to condemn the Demon King and force the Little Demon Empress to punish the Yun Family for their wrongdoings. Otherwise, the Illusory Demon Realm would be chaotic… The old one has lived in vain for more than a thousand years and was actually easily blinded and scolded the Demon King for an entire century. Not only had I destroyed the prestigious name of the Demon King within the Sky Demon Region, I nearly turned him into a sinner that destroyed Illusory Demon Realm…”

“This old one has failed the Demon King, failed the late Demon Emperor and Little Demon Empress, failed the Yun Family, failed Sky Demon Region, failed everyone in the world!!”

Qin Zheng’s words were unaffectedly filled with sorrow and regret. Every word he said was filled with deep emotion and everyone that heard them felt their hearts trembling. When he finished, his aged eyes were already glinting with tears.

Yun Che lowered himself and replied in grat.i.tude, “Old senior, you don’t have to blame yourself. After all, you did not know the complete truth then and were deluded by some villains…”

“No!” Qin Zheng shook his head, “A mistake is a mistake. Even if this old one were to kneel to the spirit of the Demon King for ten years, it would definitely be what is deserved.” He looked towards Yun Che and cupped his hands together and seriously bowed, “Child, this old one really needs to thank you. If it were not for you allowing this old one to see the truth, providing this old one with the chance to repent my sins, when I pa.s.s on, how would I even have the face to meet the Demon King, how would I even have the face to meet the Demon Emperor?!”

Yun Che hurriedly held onto Qin Zheng’s arm and said, “Old senior, you mustn’t do this. I am just a small junior and am not deserving of your great courtesy. Not only is senior righteous, you are as broad-minded as the ocean. Even if you had been wrong for a hundred years, I believe you did not mean any harm. The Demon Emperor and Grandfather in heaven would definitely not blame you one bit.”

Qin Zheng looked at Yun Che and nodded joyfully, “You are undoubtedly the Demon King’s grandson. This old one has seen many young and talents throughout life, yet, not one of them is comparable to you. Honestly speaking, this old one has been worried about the future of Illusory Demon Realm for the past century. However, now that the Demon Emperor’s Seal has been returned, and a junior that has even impressed this old one has appeared in Illusory Demon Realm, even if I were to pa.s.s on now, I would definitely rest a.s.sured.”

Yun Che shook his head and said, “This junior does not deserve such praise from senior…”

“No, you do deserve it.”

A thunderous voice came from midair and a burly man with a black beard landed beside Qin Zheng. He directly knelt down with one knee towards the body of Yun Canghai, “South Sun City Lord Lei Yunjian is here specifically to seek the Demon King’s forgiveness! I have firmly believed that I have never done anything wrong, but today, I found out that for the past century, I, Lei Yunjian, had been blind and am worse than a beast!!”

Just as Yun Che was about to speak, numerous figures appeared in midair at the same time and landed near Yun Canghai’s corpse, and all of them knelt down towards him...

“South Border Commander Zhao Zhenzhi is here to seek the Demon King’s forgiveness…”

“Yellow Wind Region Lord Ouyang Xian is here to seek senior Demon King’s forgiveness… Thinking back to my actions and words for the past hundred years, I deserve to die in shame…”

“North River Region Lord Dan Haokong has failed the Demon King… has failed the late Demon Emperor… For the past hundred years, I have been blinded in both my eyes and my heart!”


Ever since Sky Demon Region Lord Qin Zheng had moved, more and more people left their seats and knelt down in front of Yun Canghai, repenting their mistakes in front of his body. From one to tens to hundreds to thousands and finally ten thousand…

Within less than fifteen minutes, the previously filled seats of the Demon Imperial Hall were now nearly empty. The area designated by the Little Demon Empress as the battle arena was now filled by waves and waves of people, all in front Yun Canghai’s body, kneeling down on one knee...

n.o.body had expected to see such a scene.

For the past century, the loyal and courageous Demon King who even gave up his life for Illusory Demon Realm had been treated as a sinner who had committed a heinous crime. Countless people had criticized, insulted, and even spread the bad rumors through their own regions… Now that the truth had been revealed, and seeing the Demon King’s body, anyone who knew shame and had even a little conscience would feel greatly ashamed of themselves.

But in front of the seven families who had clearly come out as the enemies of the Yun Family, who would dare step out in front of everyone and repent in front of Demon King’s body even if they were ashamed? However, when Qin Zheng became the first person to step out, the situation changed drastically. More and more people came forward, and towards the end, those who did not step forward to admit their crimes had become strangers. Sitting down, they felt uncomfortable as though they were being criticized and looked down upon from everywhere… In the end, not only were there city lords, region lords, and commanders, even the hegemons of great forces were all kneeling in front of the Demon King’s body, repenting.

The situation was completely out of control. As Duke Huai stood there, his face became stiffer than a corpse’s and his body trembled continuously. Before the Demon Empress’ Reign Ceremony, he had thought that everything would be under his control. However, because of a certain Yun Che, nothing went according to his plans and it started becoming extremely unfavorable. Even in his dreams, he had not expected that things would develop in such a way… Being the hegemons of an area, they had a chance to become the voice that caused the entire Illusory Demon Realm to condemn the Demon King and the Yun Family, and they could similarly cause the entire Illusory Demon Realm to praise the Demon King and the Yun Family. Furthermore, due to the guilt of the past century, Yun Canghai and the Yun Family’s good name would be restored quickly and it might even rebound several times. At that time, the support the Yun Family gained from the public would be sufficient to allow them to stand firmly.

Tears welled up in the eyes of everyone in the Yun Family. Yun Qinghong stood up and slowly gestured, “ Yun Qinghong… thanks everyone.”

Qin Zheng looked up and said with a sense of loss, “We were only admitting our mistakes and repenting over the major sin we committed. Even if Patriarch Yun were to blame and chide us, it is undoubtedly justifiable, so why do you need to thank us? Instead…”

Qin Zheng suddenly turned around and looked towards the seven Patriarchs who were standing there. His gaze immediately turned cold, “Heliang Kuang, it was you who personally came to find this old one all those years ago and it was also you who made me use the entire Sky Demon Region to apply pressure on the Little Demon Empress! The one who greatly incited the public’s opinion within Sky Demon Region was also your Helian Family! At that time, this old one had naively believed that your Helian Family had only wanted to punish the Yun Family to quell the public’s outrage and was only doing so with the big picture of Illusory Demon Realm in mind. However, from what I have learned today, all of this was obviously for your personal gain. You only wanted to slander the Yun Family and Demon King!”

“Now that the truth is out and the Demon King’s body lays here, your Helian Family are obviously the ones that needs to apologize to Demon King the most… Why are you still standing there indifferently?!”

“And the rest of you… You seven Patriarchs have already personally admitted that you’ve worked together and spread false rumors about the Demon King within Illusory Demon Realm a hundred years ago, which led to the Demon King being scolded by the You all have caused a generation of heroes to be lowered to being grave sinners for an entire century. Why is it that when facing the Demon King’s body, you are all unwilling to admit your mistakes and repent! Even though all of us have made mistakes too, we knew how to admit our mistakes and repent. Is it that your prestigious Guardian Families do not have the demeanor to do so?!”

“You Guardian Families have power that is as vast as the sky and no one dares to offend you. However, today, if you do not apologize to Demon King, not only would this old one look down on you, I would clearly inform the entire Sky Demon Region how you all act! This old one is already half a step into his grave, I’m not afraid of your revenge!”

Qin Zheng’s words that were deafening and filled with rage were targeted straight at Helian Kuang and the six other Patriarchs. When he finished speaking, an elder beside Qin Zheng shouted as well, “This old man agrees with what Region Lord Qin has said! If you all do not apologize to the Demon King, it would be shaming your family’s ten-thousand year-old prestigious name!!!”

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