Against the Gods - Chapter 562 - Heaven Smiting Sword Comes Out

Chapter 562 - Heaven Smiting Sword Comes Out

Chapter 562 - Heaven Smiting Sword Comes Out

The Giant Flame Devil’s height was dozens of meters, its body and four limbs were made of flames, and its facial features could be spotted clearly. It was condensed and formed from the Crimson Black Devil Flame released by Duke Hui Ye. Its aura was so thick and terrifying, it was clear that it was several times stronger than that ball of devil flames. When the Flame Devil approached him, Yun Che had a temporary feeling of suffocation.

Yun Che had extensive knowledge and experience, but it was the first time he had ever seen this kind of move… it was as strange as the Sword Spirit Doppelganger of Heavenly Sword Villa!

When both arms of the Flame Devil smashed down from the sky, the wind it swirled up sounded like ghosts crying and devils wailing.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”

Yun Che already had no time to consider; his profound energy exploded, and his fist struck towards the Giant Flame Devil.


In the drumming sound of the explosion, an enormous profound vortex swept in the air. The Giant Flame Devil was struck and somersaulted backwards more than ten times; and Yun Che fell straight down like a cannonball, crashed severely on the ground, and bounced more than thirty meters away. When he finally landed, there was a dark red bloodstain on the corner of his mouth.

The horror of the Flame Devil was beyond Yun Che’s expectations. He wiped the corner of his mouth, and just as he was about to stand up, the sound of ghosts crying came from above his head. The Flame Devil had already reappeared in the air above Yun Che with its widened eyes and pupils like will o’ the wisps, and was dropping downwards to him.

Among the Yun Family’s seats, a roar loud like thunder sounded as Yun Qinghong flew out and tried to grab Yun Che from the arena. But before he was able to enter the area of the arena, Duke Huai, who had prepared for this already, instantly blocked himself in front of Yun Qinghong. Their bodies b.u.mped into each other, and then separated.

“Yun Qinghong, you want to break the rules of the compet.i.tion!?” Duke Huai spoke harshly while deep in his eyes, there was a trace of a sneer.

If it was merely a compet.i.tion, then Yun Qinghong would definitely not do anything rash; however, Duke Huai and Hui Ye obviously fostered murderous intent towards Yun Che. Yun Che was injured on the ground from the Flame Devil’s heavy strike and at this moment, the Flame Devil went all-in onto him again; it was clear that it was trying to kill Yun Che! How could he not do anything about it? He understood clearly how terrifying that Flame Devil was… it was supported by the strength of the Obsidian Devil Sword, a devilish profound skill that was completely out of Hui Ye’s own abilities. Even though technically Hui Ye was basically cheating, the powerful weapon and armor was part of his own strength, and it happened to be one of the standards that was accepted by the profound world.

“Get out of my way!” Yun Qinghong was surrounded by the hissing sound of the thunder and lightning. Yun Che’s life was in danger, how could he have time to care about the compet.i.tion rules? He had to do whatever it took to save Yun Che, and then surrendering would mean…

Just as Yun Qinghong wanted to forcefully blow Duke Huai away, a resonant phoenix cry suddenly sounded over the arena as a bright, red flame soared into the sky.

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!!”

A pair of slightly golden phoenix wings was opening up, and a lifelike silhouette of a phoenix appeared on Yun Che’s body. The silhouette of the phoenix rushed Yun Che up into the sky, instantly across the vacuum, and severely struck the Flame Devil's body.


The Phoenix Flame blasted with rage, and a ring of sunlight suddenly appeared in the sky above the hall, and it s.h.i.+ned upon the whole hall with a bright, red light. In the sunlight that was seemed to have come from the firmament, Yun Che and the Flame Devil were fiercely pushed away from each other in the incredibly violent profound energy storm.

The Flame Devil flew back upside-down, and it rolled speedily like a rubber ball. The flame surrounding its body splashed all over the place, but they didn’t completely scatter from the strike. Duke Hui Ye swung the Obsidian Devil Sword in his hand, and the upside-down Flame Devil stopped itself abruptly. It quickly flew back, and floated in the sky above of Duke Hui Ye.


Yun Che landed on the ground, his body continuously sled backwards until he abruptly steadied himself with his hands. The clothes on his chest were burst open completely, and there were more than ten scars with different depths added on his chest.

Duke Huai’s eyebrows wrinkled greatly, and said coldly, “Yun Qinghong, you really did adopt a good son!”

He underestimated Yun Che again and again, and after he established a murderous intent towards Yun Che, he realized that he still underestimated him. He knew better than anyone how terrifying that Flame Devil was. He did not expect at all that Yun Che would actually be able to blow away the Flame Devil which was using its all-out attack in a head-on confrontation.

In his early twenties, with cultivation only at the Sky Profound Realm… yet his strength was terrifying to such an extent!

For such a young man like him, his future achievements were completely unimaginable. If he was their enemy, then they had to kill and eliminate him thoroughly before he could mature!

But now that he had blown away the Flame Devil, Yun Qinghong could let him surrender immediately… If that were to happen, then it would be impossible to kill Yun Che today!

Yun Qinghong’s movements stuttered. Watching the Flame Devil that was blown away, he couldn’t help but be impressed and say, “Good work!”

“Che’er, surrender immediately! He can summon three Flame Devils like this at the same time! He used his Obsidian Devil Sword, so it’s not shameful for you to surrender at all… or else, his next attack would surely be an all-out attack to put you to death.”

“...” Yun Qinghong’s sound transmission was sent towards Yun Che’s ears, but he didn’t respond. He slowly stood up, as if he didn’t hear it at all.

“Hmph, not bad. This duke knew that there must be some final move that you haven’t used yet. I didn’t expect you to bounce off this duke’s Flame Devil. This really surprised me nicely.”

Even though Duke Hui Ye was shocked in his heart, he didn’t panic at all. His face still had the expression of an adjudicator’s light smile, “Then, how about this?”

The Obsidian Devil Sword flickered in blood-colored light while Duke Hui Ye laughed deeply. The wave of flames surged in front of him. In the bursts of ghosts crying, he actually condensed and slowly formed two… two Flame Devils that looked exactly the same as the one from before!

Not only was their appearances the same, even their auras were also just as thick and terrifying.

Counting the one that was in the air, there was a total of three Flame Devils!!

“Three… three Flame Devils!” Exclamations sounded all over the place.

“If Yun Che is smart enough, he would surrender immediately. For things to get to this point, it is already enough for his name to be known by everyone. But, if at this moment, he still puts on a bold face to yell that so-called ‘fight until the last moment’... then he would just be courting death!”

All of the top, strong pract.i.tioners in Demon Imperial City could feel the murderous intent Duke Hui Ye had for Yun Che. If Yun Che wanted to live, then now was the only chance to surrender! Or else, as soon as the three Flame Devils moved, Yun Che would die for sure. Among the seats, there were also continuous yelling, telling Yun Che to surrender immediately.

But Yun Che pretended to not have heard anything. Facing the three Flame Devils, he slowly reached out his palm…

“Hong’er, come out!”

In a deep hum, a sword suddenly fell and appeared out of nowhere in front of Yun Che. With a loud “boom”, it fiercely stabbed into the black profound jade floor under his feet. In that instant, there were concentrated shattering sounds and countless cracks that crazily spreaded out from under Yun Che’s feet.

Deafening exclaims came from every direction. What shocked them, was not how large the sword was, but that it… simply dropped from the sky, and was able to stab into the black profound jade floor that was a thousand times tougher than firm stone!

"What… what an enormous sword!!”

“This sword… actually broke through the floor! This is the Demon Imperial Hall! How heavy is that sword?”

“This was the first time I have ever seen such an enormous sword. It actually directly stabbed into and cracked the Demon Imperial Hall’s floor… but, there didn’t seem to be any aura of a high level profound weapon from the sword. Out of all the profound weapons, there also didn’t seem to be a huge sword like this.”

“That’s Big Brother’s weapon? That’s… that’s too big.” Xiao Yun yelled in shock. He looked down at the tip of the sword that had sunk into the ground, and his eyes stared blankly.

“Tch, finally willing to show your weapon.” Duke Hui Ye said smilingly. He couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart about the crack under the tip of the sword, but the smile on his face became even more bantering, “Heh, no wonder you kept refusing to use your weapon before. This sword, you probably aren’t able to control it completely, right?!”

Yun Che didn’t speak. Both of his hands were holding on the handle of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. Under an incredibly sharp, shrieking sound, he pulled out the sword slowly from the ground, and placed it horizontally in front of his body… At that instant, the noisy hall quieted down a lot. Everyone’s gaze focused onto Yun Che. Even some of the strong pract.i.tioners that were standing at the peak of Demon Illusory were stunned for a short period of time by the fierce change in Yun Che’s expression.

The aura on Yun Che’s body didn’t change, and there also wasn’t any aura on the vermilion greatsword, as though it was a dead sword. But when Yun Che held the vermilion greatsword in his hand, everyone clearly felt that Yun Che had changed completely: his aura, momentum, even his expression… had completely changed.

The vermilion greatsword was as long as nine feet, and the blade on the ground was two feet thick. Such a huge sword like this was even larger than Yun Che’s body. Even if a nine foot giant held the sword in its hand, there would be a strong uncoordinated feeling. However, when it was in Yun Che’s, the overall feeling was so in accordance that it didn’t make people feel any bit of disharmony; instead, it felt like the sword belonged in his hands. It was a perfect fit that couldn’t be described with words, as though this sword was made for Yun Che from the beginning, while Yun Che himself also existed because of this sword.

The profound energy aura didn’t change at all, but facing the Yun Che who was holding the heavy sword, everyone felt a pressure which seeped directly into their soul. Especially Duke Hui Ye, who was facing directly against Yun Che; the smile on his face had already became stiff. It was as if an iron board that weighed over a hundred and fifty thousand kilograms pressed on his chest, and almost suffocated him.

Standing on the edge of the arena, Yun Qinghong and Duke Huai stared straight at Yun Che. One had forgotten to send a sound transmission to tell Hui Ye to immediately kill off Yun Che, the other had forgotten to scold Yun Che to immediately surrender. These two peerless individuals within their own generation, now only had shock in their eyes.

An indescribable pressure caused Duke Hui Ye to feel extremely uneasy in his heart, but seeing the three Flame Devils in front of him, his uneasiness quickly went away, as he roared deeply, “You think taking out a ridiculous weapon could help you a comeback?! Go… to… h.e.l.l!!”

Duke Hui Ye suddenly blasted out his sword. A large sea of flames tumbled like crimson-black smoke that covered the sky, and swept towards Yun Che. The three Flame Devils also moved at the same time, following the devil flames, bringing a frightening aura that even caused s.p.a.ce to tremble as they both rushed towards Yun Che.

Facing the overwhelming devil flames and the three scary Flame Devils that struck at the same time, Yun Che didn’t step back at all. Instead, he held up his Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword without a hurry.

The reason he didn’t use the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword before was not because he was arrogant. It was just as Duke Hui Ye had guessed, to avoid too much exhaustion. When he first got this Heaven Smiting Sword, it already weighed a hundred thousand kilograms. After consuming Dragon Fault, its weight increased even more. In a span of three months, even though he managed to get used to its weight and he could control it perfectly, every time he swung it, an enormous amount of exhaustion would soon follow.

The next opponents in this fierce battle would only be stronger than the next, so he had to do his best to avoid exhausting himself.

His current opponent was Hui Ye, but just based on the thickness of their profound energy, he was completely suppressed by Hui Ye if he did not open the “Purgatory” gate. However, opening “Purgatory” would exhaust his strength even more, which was why it was now time for the Heaven Smiting Sword to come out.

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