Against the Gods - Chapter 555 - Displaying One's Slight Skill in Front of an Expert

Chapter 555 - Displaying One's Slight Skill in Front of an Expert

Chapter 555 - Displaying One's Slight Skill in Front of an Expert

“Just... you wait!”

Jiufang Yu’s injuries were too severe and treatment could no longer be delayed. Jiufang Kui glared at Yun Che and Su Xiangnan viciously, then brought Jiufang Yu out of the arena. In his heart, he was deeply shocked that Yun Che could severely injure Jiufang Yu in one strike, and at the same time, fully knew that Yun Che had intentionally attacked so heavily. If this were any other occasion, he would not care about his status and would definitely personally cripple Yun Che… However, because the Little Demon Empress was overseeing matters and everyone present was watching intently, he had not choice but to endure.

The entire hall still had a strange atmosphere as everyone who was previously mocking, laughing at, looking down on, jeering and scoffing at Yun Che… now looked at him in a completely differently light.

Su Zhizhan looked surprised as well, the shock causing him to forget the pain of his injuries as he startledly mumbled, “What… What is going on…”

“Looks like we have completely underestimated this Yun Che.” Su Xiangnan looked at Yun Che with an abnormal gaze, saying, “Jiufang Yu was careless, that was why he did not defend, but even so, to severely injure him in one strike… Zhizhan, his strength is probably not below yours!”

Su Zhizhan: “...Could he be using some treasure to hide the level of his profound strength?”

“No!” Su Xiangnan shook his head confidently, “When not using your profound strength, you can indeed rely on treasures to hide or suppress the aura of your profound energy, but once you release your profound energy, there’s no way of hiding it anymore. The profound energy aura of the attack he used on Jiufang Yu was indeed still in the peak of the Sky Profound Realm, it can’t be wrong!”

All the elders who were puzzled as to why Yun Qinghong had sent Yun Che to partic.i.p.ate, now stared dumbfoundedly. All the disciples of the young generation also stared widely as they were struck dumb. They had finally started to understand why Yun Qinghong had sent Yun Che to represent the Yun Family.

“Just what is with… this kid’s strength?” Helian Ba bitterly said as he supported his chest, with gritted teeth. He had originally wanted to see Jiufang Yu torture Su Zhizhan with his poison to alleviate his hatred, but it was cured by a mysterious medicine Yun Che gave him. Also, despite his clearly rubbish strength, he defeated Jiufang Yu in one strike...

“Hmph, Jiufang Yu was just too careless and did not defend with any profound energy at all. That must be why he was so badly injured with just one hit. Although this kid’s strength is a little abnormal, if Jiufang Yu were to fight seriously against him, it’s not possible that Yun Che would be his match,” Helian Peng said with a gloomy look.

“This duke thought that the compet.i.tion was about to end and did not expect you to actually beat Jiufang Yu. That has given this duke a pleasant surprise.” Duke Huai looked at Yun Che and said with a smile, “Your profound strength is only at the Sky Profound Realm but your abilities are comparable to that of a mid-stage Overlord. Such an unbelievable leap between levels and strength is something unheard of. It’s no wonder the Yun Family Patriarch made you his G.o.dson.”

“Pleasant surprise?” Yun Che laughed, “I’m afraid, this pleasant surprise… might soon turn into fright for you.”

“Hahahaha!” Duke Huai laughed heartily, “Things that are able to frighten this duke do not exist in this world.”

“Heh…” The corners of Yun Che lips slowly hooked upwards, “Duke Huai, don’t be too sure of what you said because things that will frighten you might suddenly pop out… If I haven’t remember wrongly, there should be five more people from your side that have not fought yet. Who’s next?”

The word “haughty” was clearly written all over Yun Che’s face and the target he was haughty towards was none other than the dignified Duke Huai. Duke Huai laughed intriguingly, “This duke understands that youths with some talent are often arrogant. Looks like defeating the young master of the Jiufang Family has caused your confidence to grow. Do you really think that if it were not because Jiufang Yu had underestimated you due to the difference in profound strength, that you would be able to defeat him so easily?”

Yun Che’s expression did not change, it was still an expression that was too lazy to argue. He looked straight at the east wing seats and casually said, “Who’s coming next?”

After Yun Che shouted, no one from the east wing seats reacted. Xiao Donglai, Chiyang Yanwu, Hui Ye, Yuan Que, Hui Ran, these five were the powerhouses of the east wing seats who had not battled yet, but they did not appear to move. Especially Hui Ye, Yuan Que and Hui Ran, the three of them only glanced at him lazily, obviously looking down on him… despite him crippling Jiufang Yu in one move.

Yun Che laughed, “Duke Huai, looks like your side only has a bunch of cowards. Since that’s the case, why not surrender now? Our Yun Family is very interested in those few kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals.”

Once Yun Che finished, numerous people in the hall burst out laughing. Even an idiot could clearly tell that among the remaining five people, none of them was willing to fight with Yun Che. Hui Ye, Yuan Que, and Hui Ran were the top three members of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions that shook the world. If possible, they would rather not fight Yun Che. As for Xiao Donglai and Chiyang Yanwu, even if they beat Yun Che… Defeating someone in the Sky Profound Realm was not something to be proud of, and if they were to enter a stalemate or even lose… they would become the laughingstock of the entire Demon Imperial City.

Based on the fact that he had crippled Jiufang Yu with one move earlier, the latter was not completely impossible!

There were five powerhouses remaining, including the transcendent existence of the top three members of the Illusory Demon Seven Scions, but only Yun Che was left for the east wing seats. Yet, he was so arrogant that he asked the other side to surrender… Even a respected elder almost could not help it and nearly burst out laughing.

From the Xiao Family seats, someone stood up suddenly, pointed towards Yun Che and laughed, “Yun Che, do you know how much of a clown you are right now? Heh, is it because you just beat Jiufang Yu, and you suddenly now think you’re invincible, and can act so insolently? It’s so laughable. Do you really think you defeated Jiufang Yu because of your own abilities? Jiufang Yu’s defeat was something that he himself was seeking. If he was a bit more serious, any casual attack might have been able to take your life. Fundamentally, he did not lose to you, and instead lost to himself.”

The person who stood up was the Young Patriarch of the Xiao Family, Xiao Donglai. When he finished speaking, a violent gust was raised. Wind sounds resounded, and then a figure abruptly flashed, appearing in front of Yun Che at the speed of which caused many people in the hall to gasp.

“Xiao Family, Xiao Donglai!” Xiao Donglai stretched out his hand and a spiralling lump of profound light appeared in the palm of his hand, “Among the twelve people here, my strength is probably the weakest, but to beat a ridiculous, wild kid like you, two fingers is more than enough.”

Yun Che glanced at him and uttered lifelessly, “Such rubbish.”

Xiao Donglai’s eyes narrowed as he laughed coldly, “Be obedient and take out your weapon, let me shatter it along with your dreams!”

“No need.” Yun Che’s folded his arms in front of his chest as he said with disdain, “You look weaker than that Jiufang Yu. Since he was not qualified for me to use my weapon, for you… hehe, there’s even less need for me to.”

Everyone clearly saw Yun Che’s insolence when he spoke to Duke Huai and knew that he was a master of lawless insolence. However, now that he was experiencing it first hand, Xiao Donglai nearly exploded in rage. His voice started to tremble, “Good… Very good! This is what you asked for!”


The cries of the raging wind resounded from every corner of the hall as a heavy gust suddenly brewed. On Xiao Donglai, jade-green profound glow flickered and the figure of a pegasus loomed behind him. Then, Duke Huai sent him a profound energy sound transmission, “Use all your strength to fight, don’t underestimate him!”

Xiao Donglai’s breathing slowed down a little as the profound glow on him surged. Around him, a storm that almost seemed real brewed. When facing Yun Che, who did not use his weapon, he naturally would not use his either. With his palm facing Yun Che, he said with disdain, “Come, let me see how long you can struggle within my stellar storm!”

At the same time, Yun Qinghong’s voice rang beside Yun Che, “The Xiao family is a clan of the Pegasus race, and although their wind profound energy is not really strong in attack, their speed is best among the Twelve Families! Whether it’s their displacement, instantaneous movement or shadow clone technique, they are all extremely mysterious and unpredictable. Be careful!”


Just as Yun Qinghong had finished his sound transmission, the howling of a savage storm resounded intensely and the Xiao Donglai who was before him disappeared… replaced by no less than ten afterimages that seemed neither real nor fake, yet somewhat real and fake! Around each afterimage was a spiral of violent wind that could shatter rocks into smithereens.

“Wahhhhhh… what kind of move is this!”

“This is the Xiao Family’s Stellar Shadow Clones! In some respects, the Xiao Family’s profound movement skill can be said to be the best in the world. In terms of speed and movement skills, there are no forces within the entire Illusory Demon Realm that can compare with the Xiao Family.”

“Xiao Donglai used Stellar Shadow Clones immediately after coming up, does he want to defeat Yun Che instantly?”

“More than ten afterimages… and all of them look the same… How can one handle this!!”

Yun Che stood rooted to the ground and didn’t move at all, as though he had been struck dumb with shock. As the afterimages approached, just when they were less than three meters away from Yun Che, the most outer right afterimage suddenly accelerated, swiftly approaching Yun Che with lightning speed…


Even though the air was being ripped apart violently, the afterimage did not disappear… However, what Xiao Donglai managed to rip was merely the air and an afterimage. After a short moment, he swiftly used an instantaneous movement technique as his heart twitched at the same time… His Xiao Family was the best in Illusory Demon Realm when using afterimages, but the afterimage attack that he used immediately after coming on stage, which shocked the whole hall… had only hit his opponent’s afterimage!!!

This was simply the greatest humiliation.

When he turned around, he saw Yun Che rus.h.i.+ng towards him. As he approached, his body suddenly shook and Xiao Donglai’s vision blurred for an instant. Then, he saw that there were now four images of Yun Che in front of him. They rushed towards him from the front, top, left and right respectively. Seeing this, his eyes sunk and he laughed coldly to himself, Previously, when I let you pa.s.s me using your afterimage, that was because I wasn’t prepared. Yet, you still dare to flaunt your afterimage in front our Xiao Family… You’re courting death!!!

Being the family that was focused on movement skills, the Xiao Family was naturally adept at countering other movement skills… among them, they were the most adept at countering shadow clone techniques. With the violent gust blowing within the entire arena, he could rely on the wind profound energy to differentiate the real and fake afterimages. However, in the next instant, Xiao Donglai’s eyes widened because based on the feedback of his wind profound energy…

All four figures of Yun Che were his real body!!!

How… How was this possible!

Xiao Donglai was at a loss and didn’t dare to defend haphazardly. Instead, he retreated with great speed. In terms of speed, he strongly believed that among the young generation, no one could possibly match him. However, as he retreated, he found that Yun Che’s figure was coming closer and closer, and as Yun Che neared, three of his other figures disappeared and his actual body was now not even three feet from him…

The Xiao Family’s speed and profound movement skills were indeed the best within Illusory Demon Realm.

But, in terms of instantaneous movement and afterimages, how could they compare to Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow?

As for speed, how could they compare to Extreme Mirage Lightning?

When placed in front of Yun Che, the Xiao Family’s biggest advantage was like displaying one’s slight skill in front of an expert!

Seeing Yun Che approaching closer and closer, Xiao Donglai’s eyes widened again as though he had seen a ghost in broad daylight. Luckily, he reacted quickly, utilizing all of the profound energy within him and pushed his palms out intensely, shooting out two gigantic whirlwinds, which looked like two gigantic dragons dancing in midair, straight at Yun Che.

Yun Che threw his palms out at nearly the same time as his entire body s.h.i.+ned with an ethereal ice-blue profound radiance… Following his advancement into the Sky Profound Realm, his initial restriction on the Frozen End Divine Arts due to his lack of profound strength had naturally been overcome as well. He broke through the stage of “Frozen End Profound Seal”, and was only half a step away from the sixth stage, “Frozen End Heart Seal”.


When the violent windstorm came in contact with the glow of the Frozen End, the clear sounds of something freezing was instantly heard. One breath later, the pale-green wind spirals turned pale-blue and after two breaths of time, the wind spirals were completely sealed by ice and just remained in place, turning into two tornado-shaped ice sculptures.

Within the hall, the audience’s eyes either stared widely or seemed as though they were about to pop out from seeing the most unbelievable scene in this world.

“This kid, actually practices ice profound skills… B-b-but… what type of profound skill is this, it’s actually able to seal even wind profound energy!!! T-t-this…”

Mu Yubai had already stood up and was shocked into incoherence. The Mu Family profound skill was an ice profound skill that had been pa.s.sed down for ten of thousands of years. Being the Young Patriarch of the Mu Family, he was naturally an expert regarding ice profound skills and had practiced them to the extreme. He could seal many objects in this world in ice… However, this was the first time he had seen someone using ice to seal the profound energy released by another person!!!

If he had seen the day when Xia Qingyue used the Frozen End Divine Arts to seal Phoenix Flames, his jaw would probably have dropped out of amazement.

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