Against the Gods - Chapter 546 - Showdown!

Chapter 546 - Showdown!

Chapter 546 - Showdown!

Duke Huai had always been as tranquil as water, as if he had everything in the palm of his hands, so this was the first time his face had turned green.

“Hahahaha! Good kid!” Once Old Man Mu saw Duke Huai’s expression turn ugly, he let out a completely unrestrained roar of laughter. Originally, their side had been suppressed by Duke Huai since the very beginning, and they were suppressed to the point until they could hardly even breathe. Now that Yun Che had shown up, he forced the other seven families to collectively lose their rags, and also made Duke Huai reveal a deflated expression… It simply felt way too refres.h.i.+ng.

Everyone discovered that they had completely underestimated this young man. When he faced Duke Huai, his temperament was calm and collected from start to finish, and he did not back down an inch. Moreover, his words were extremely sharp and incisive; they rendered Duke Huai speechless and caused each of the seven Patriarchs to tremble in rage.

And what caused the people to truly gasp in astonishment was the immense nerve Yun Che showed! The person who was standing opposite him was Duke Huai, an individual who could strike a profound fear in the hearts of the Patriarchs of the Guardian Families and even the Little Demon Empress. Not only was Yun Che vigorous towards him, he yelled at him freely and recklessly. The imposing Duke Huai was called out to be good-for-nothing, and a chicken that cannot even be compared to his father. That expression of disdain and his tone of despise was clearly seen and heard by everyone.

Just based on what Yun Che just said earlier, the thought of killing him had already emerged in Duke Huai’s heart. His mind quickly calculated; he quickly confirmed the combat capabilities on his side and the strongest twelve people that the other party could send out. Then, he considered every possible uncertain factors, and the conclusion that he had reached, was that it was absolutely impossible for his side to lose.

Then, the only explanation that he could think of was this… the Yun Che before his eyes, was obviously pretending to be strong, trying to make him afraid, so he would avoid the battle that could make the other party lose their dignity!

That was the only possibility!

Thinking of that, Duke Huai immediately calmed down. He faced Yun Che’s back, and said, “Yun Che, your solo performance is too clumsy. Has this duke ever said that we don’t dare to accept?”

“Oh?" Yun Che turned around, and an expression of surprise flashed in his eyes… Even though it was only a split second, Duke Huai’s eyes were very sharp and he captured it crystal clear. He scoffed in his mind: I knew it.

“If so, that means Duke Huai accepts?” Yun Che asked seriously. He arched his eyebrow, and said while laughing lightly, “But, it doesn’t mean anything if only Duke Huai accepts. Can you represent the seven Guardian Families behind you?”

“Heheheheh,” Duke Huai had recovered the leisurely att.i.tude from before, and said smilingly, “This duke had never really been afraid of anyone all my life, and I will definitely not be afraid of this wager you suggested. It doesn’t matter to this duke what this so-called ‘wager’ is, because this duke… will absolutely not lose, hahahaha.”

Duke Huai started laughing; although the laughter was not too loud, it was filled with deep arrogance. He turned around, looked at the seven Guardian Families, and asked, “Patriarchs, do you all have any objections?”

“If Duke Huai has no objections, we naturally would not have any either.” All the Patriarchs nodded in agreement. Looking at the confident Duke Huai, they all calmed down and thought… That’s right, if the fight was carried out according to the rules Duke Huai had suggested, it would not be possible for their side to lose! The differences in combined strength of the young generation between the two sides was too overwhelming, there was no chance that they would lose. Even if they could only send six people, they still had absolute confidence in defeating the twelve opponents!

Let alone it being twelve against twelve!!

Although the so-called “wager”that Yun Che had suggested sounded overwhelming, it was merely a thought that would never come true!

“Did you hear that?” Duke Huai looked at Yun Che with narrowed eyes, “We have agreed on the wager that you have requested. This compet.i.tion will decide the Yun Family’s fate. Can we begin this compet.i.tion yet? Or, do you still want to find other reasons to delay it?”

“Delay?” Yun Che looked shocked, “Why would we want to delay? From the start, I’ve agreed with holding the compet.i.tion, I can’t even wait for it to begin. However, since Duke Huai knows that this compet.i.tion is going to decide my Yun Family’s fate, then the fairness and the conclusion of the compet.i.tion is undoubted crucial! This compet.i.tion requires the absolute authority to oversee it.”

After Yun Che finish speaking righteously, he faced the Little Demon Empress, bowed and said, “Little Demon Empress! This compet.i.tion, I request for you to please witness the whole process and the end results, then announce the end results to everyone here… and even announce it to the whole world!”

The Little Demon Empress looked at Yun Che steadily for a while, and her voice that was as cold as ice sounded, “Whether or not your Yun Family can continue to be part of the Guardian Families, the only person in this world who can decide that is this empress! Even if ten times more people are against you Yun Family, if this empress doesn’t agree, no one can interfere with Yun Family’s destiny. However, if this compet.i.tion begins, and you lose in the end, then you will have to obey to the ‘wager’, and not be able to continue your duty as one of the Guardian Families. At that time, even this empress will not be able to keep you… Even so, are you sure you want to battle?”

“We must battle!” Yun Che said without any hesitation, “Our Yun Family is incredibly thankful for the Little Demon Empress’ high regard, but this battle is not only about our family’s destiny, but more importantly, our family’s dignity! If we don’t fight, even if the Little Demon Empress gave mercy and let our Yun Family continue staying on the position of one of the Guardians, there would be even more voices that want the Yun Family to leave, and everyone under the heaven will despise us. Our Yun Family is bound to fight this battle, and forever silence those dishonest people!”

Yun Che’s words deeply moved the hearts of many Yun Family members; made them clutch their fists, and nod their heads. They no longer thought that he was impetuous and reckless. The Little Demon Empress locked her brows and raised her head to look at Yun Qinghong… Yun Qinghong nodded slowly towards her.

“Very well!” The Little Demon Empress stood up, and a dominating force like the ocean instantly filled every corner. Her every word shock people’s hearts, “Then this empress will witness this battle personally! This battle, if Duke Huai’s side wins, the Yun Family will lose their right to be one of the Guardian Families; if the Yun Family’s side wins, then Helian, Chiyang, Bai, Nangong, Lin, Jiufang, Xiao, each of these seven families will have to gather two and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals in a month’s time, and turn it over to the Yun Family! And Duke Huai, you will also have the same amount of time to gather ten kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals to the Yun Family!”

“These are the wagers that you have agreed to yourselves. No matter who loses, there is no going back on your words! Or else, this empress will be the first to not forgive this!”

“I thank Little Demon Empress!” Yun Che loudly said right after the Little Demon Empress’s voice. He then turned around, and faced everyone in the hall, “And everyone from different regions, brothers and sisters of our Illusory Demon Realm, Seniors, may you all please witness this together! With all the heroes in the realm witnessing this together, if the losing side still goes back on their words, then if would truly be embarra.s.sing. At least, our Yun Family would never do something like that.”

With the witness of everyone, it was no question that these were the strongest witnesses! The result of this match, would also be brought to every corner of the Illusory Demon Realm because of the people here. If under a witness like this, the losing side wanted to go back on their word, then it would really be as Yun Che had said; their entire family would be humiliated.

“Well said, that was very well said. With the Little Demon Empress and everyone here as witnesses, that really couldn’t be better.” Duke Huai’s eyes narrowed until it was only a small line. As calm and as pa.s.sionate Yun Che’s side acted, the more peaceful he felt. Because from how he saw it, this was obviously the other party using this method to try to earn some last pride for the Yun Family knowing that they would definitely lose. He used his lifetime’s amount of wisdom, and still could not think of any possible ways for the other party to win.

“No need to continue talking!” The Little Demon Empress waved her hand, her eyes were like cold stars, “I will give each side three hundred breaths of time to prepare and decide who will represent them. Twelve people on each side, and the age cannot surpa.s.s thirty-five! This empress will personally select the location for the battle!”

“We solemnly obey the Little Demon Empress’ order.” Duke Huai casually cupped his hands, and didn’t make any other movements so he could have time to look at Yun Family’s side. He had already decided who would to take part in this battle, so there was no need to waste more time to make a selection.

Yun Che went back to his seat, his expression serious. Xiao Yun’s face was already so tense that it was sometimes red and sometimes pale. After all, the showdown that was about to take place was going to determine the whole Yun Family’s destiny! He was extremely nervous as he said, “Big Brother, is… is everything really okay?”

Yun Che’s brows twitched, as he faced Yun Qinghong and said: “Father, do you trust me?”

Yun Qinghong looked at him, then said smilingly: “You are my son. If I don’t even trust you, who else would I trust in this world?”

Yun Che’s heart warmed. He smiled: “Father, don’t worry, I won’t fail to live up to your trust.”

However, Yun Qinghong shook his head: “Che’er, you don’t need to pressure yourself this much, nor do you need to take this burden on yourself. Since we’ve been forced to such a state, no matter if we win or lose, we still have to fight this battle. So what if we lose? So what if we are banished from the Guardian Family position? As long as the whole family still exists, no matter where the Yun Family ends up, there will be a day where we’ll rise up again! If we win, that’ll obviously be delightful, if we lose, we can afford to lose!”

Yun Qinghong’s words caused the nervousness in Xiao Yun’s heart to be blown away by a gust of cool wind. His expression eased, as he gripped both his hands: “Father, you’re so right! It’s exactly like this, even if the Yun Family loses, Father, Mother, and Big Brother are still here! What is there to be afraid of?!”

“Hehe.” Yun Che began to laugh, then said with incomparable seriousness: “Father, Mother, Xiao Yun, don’t you ever worry! Even though I can’t say with great certainty that we would be able to win this compet.i.tion, I can promise you that even if we lose, we will still not be kicked out! Our Yun Family ‘s dignity also wouldn’t receive the slightest bit of taint either… So much that when the time comes, even if we want to voluntarily leave, everyone in the world wouldn’t be willing!”

“Ah?” Xiao Yun forcefully blinked his eyes, his face full of astonishment and bewilderment.

In comparison, Su Family, Yan Family, Mu Family, and the Under Heaven Family, were even more tense than the Yun Family.

“Zhizhan, our side’s core fighting strength in this battle is you! You have to remember, this is not merely related to the Yun Family’s matter, you have to give it your all!” Su Xiangnan gravely told his son.

“Rest a.s.sured Father, I will do my very best.” Su Zhizhan said with determination.

“Chengkong, our Yan Family will naturally take you out to battle. Remember, don’t slack off just because you think we’ll definitely lose. This is not only related to Yun Family fate, it also concerns our Yan Family’s future and honor! Even if we lose, we still have to lose tragically, after using all we have! Show our Yan Family’s heroic appearance in defeat!” Yan Zijing said while grabbing Yan Chengkong’s shoulder.

“Yes! I definitely won’t dishonor our Yan Family!” Yan Chengkong nodded heavily.

“Old Six, it’ll be your turn soon.” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven only spoke a few dull words, but his expression had already said everything.

“Old Six, no matter who the opponent is, you must never hold back!” Number One Under Heaven exclaimed.

“Old Six, good luck.” Number Seven Under Heaven said with a nervous expression.

“Father, and everyone else, don’t worry. I know what this compet.i.tion means… how could I dare slack off!!” Number Six Under Heaven said with a cautious expression.

“Hengyi, you are the most outstanding person within our Mu Family’s young generation. This time, you shall go out to represent our clan. The opponents are all far stronger than we are, are you scared?” Mu Feiyan asked personally. Mu Yubai, Mu Yukong, Mu Yuqing were all unmarried, and didn’t have kids either. This Mu Hengyi was Third Grand Elder’s eldest grandson.

“Rest a.s.sured Patriarch. Even though my cultivation is low, if they want to beat me, it wouldn’t be that easy!” Mu Hengyi said with complete vigor.

After one person from Su, Yan, Under Heaven, Mu, and Yun Family, there were still seven remaining people that came from the Duke Palaces. Among these seven, there were two “Illusory Demon Seven Scions”, that were naturally selected while the various duke palaces had difficulty selecting the other five.

In this kind of tense and heavy atmosphere, three hundred breaths went by very quickly.

“It’s time.”

The Little Demon Empress who was closing her eyes in silence opened her eyes. She got up and instantly teleported to the center of the hall. Underneath her grey robe, her white, delicate skin was burning with bright, red fire.

At that instant, a red ring with a diameter of three hundred meters was deeply imprinted in the center of the jade floor, and the bright, red ring was made with many small, eternal flames.

Being the most vital great hall of the entire Illusory Demon Realm, every tile and pane present were extremely difficult to destroy, and a person who could imprint such a huge mark in an instant was scarce within the entire Illusory Demon Realm. This was also why the battles between the twelve families and the duke palaces were held within the great hall with no need to search for another venue during all the previous Demon Emperor Reign Ceremonies.

“The area of this ring is the compet.i.tion area! During the battle, if one side surrenders, falls for more than ten breaths of time, or is. .h.i.t out of the compet.i.tion area, it would be counted as their loss!”

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