Against the Gods - Chapter 515 - Forced Abdication

Chapter 515 - Forced Abdication

Chapter 515 - Forced Abdication

From the moment the Duke Hui Ye had arrived to the time he took his seat, Yun Waitian had been the one to take the lead and welcome him; Yun Qinghong did absolutely nothing. In this period, the Duke Hui Ye did not even take a glance in the direction where Yun Qinghong was seated; it was if he completely disregarded the existence of Yun Family’s true Patriarch.

It was time. Yun Waitian bounded onto the Sacred Cloud Arena and he faced the ancestral monument, declaring with his head held high, “Today, the Yun Family Compet.i.tion is about to begin. And as the reason for convening this compet.i.tion; I am sure all those who are present already know. In another month’s time, it will be the Little Demon Empress’ Hundred Year Reign Ceremony. This is a grand affair which involves the entire Illusory Demon Realm. As one of the Twelve Guardian Families who have guarded the Illusory Demon Royal Family for generations, our Yun Family will also be partic.i.p.ating in this grand ceremony. At the appointed time, a royal banquet will be held, and guests will come from all over. Even though our Yun Family does not play the leading role, at that time, we will reveal our splendor to the Little Demon Empress, as well as all the outstanding heroes gathered there.”

“So in order for us to not lose our family’s might and prestige, only the most excellent individuals from the same generation will have the privilege of going to and partic.i.p.ating in this grand ceremony. Because at that time, the ones who will be partic.i.p.ating in the grand ceremony will be the strongest of each corresponding generation within our Yun Family… Especially our young generation, the weak will not be allowed to disgrace themselves at the grand ceremony for all to see; that will only bring shame to our Yun Family!”

Regardless of the place, the strength of the next generation would always be the most important factor for any great power. This was because the strength of the current generation had already been measured and settled. What heralded the winds of change was naturally the strength of the coming generation!

“This Family Compet.i.tion will be the most direct and fairest method of selecting the cream of the crop of each generation. Who wins and who loses, who is strong and who is weak, that will all become apparent.”

“Alright. No more unnecessary words need to be said, let us address the main issue.” Grand Elder Yun He abruptly said, cutting of Yun Waitian’s words.

The arrival of the Duke Hui Ye had caused Yun Waitian to speak with extreme prudence. So when Grand Elder Yun He abruptly spoke, he actually breathed a sigh of relief. He nodded in the direction of the three Grand Elders and did not continue from his previous words. He instead said, “Since this is the case, I will not continue talking about unnecessary things, however…” He changed the topic and declared sternly, “Before the Family Compet.i.tion begins, there is a grave matter that concerns the future of our entire family that has to be addressed right now. And the Elder Council has already begun discussing this matter many months ago.”

“Oh? A grave matter concerning the future of your entire clan? I wonder what such a huge affair this could be?” Helian Peng narrowed his eyes and said in a tone that was full of interest.

Once Yun Waitian had said these words, many people present immediately held their breath, and many gazes, whether direct or covert, were shot in Yun Qinghong’s direction. Practically everyone present knew what the ‘grave matter’ Yun Waitian spoke about concerned. And this day, at long last, had finally come.

Yun Waitian's gaze swept across all who were present, before finally fixing itself on the location where Yun Qinghong was presently seated. He said with a solemn expression, “Our Yun Family has flourished for ten thousand years, and our might was known throughout the land. But due to the calamity that transpired one hundred years ago, eleven cornerstones of our Yun Family collapsed in one night, and that caused the total strength of our Yun Family to decrease drastically in an instant. And in these past hundred years, we have carried guilt on our backs, while our young generation went under the most extreme of restrictions. Twenty-two years ago, our Patriarch’s profound strength was crippled, and the guilt that we carried grew even heavier.”

“And now everyone knows that our Yun Family is on a quick decline. Our Patriarch has been crippled and barely has any strength left. If this situation continues, our Yun Family may not even have the qualifications to truly continue on as one of the Twelve Guardian Families. So the main event that our Yun Family needs to undertake is the choosing of a suitable new Patriarch to lead the Yun Family and rouse our Yun Clan once more…


Before Yun Waitian could finish, a rude and loud bellow cut his words off. Mu Yubai stood up and said with a steady expression, “Choosing a new Patriarch? Yun Waitian, what do you mean? Are you trying to force Yun Qinghong to abdicate his position?”

No one felt surprised that Mu Yubai would step in. Yun Waitian’s expression did not change and he replied calmly,”Young Patriarch Mu’s words are too heavy. How could we dare use the word ‘force’ in regards to our Patriarch? But our esteemed Patriarch entire body is disabled, and he scarcely has any mental, physical and emotional strength left. And I am sure Young Patriarch Mu will not be able to deny that. This period also happens to be a crisis of existence for our Yun Family. How can we burden our already powerless Patriarch with the responsibility of raising our Yun Family up once more? Thus, for the sake of the entire clan, and to preserve the health of our current Patriarch, the time has come for the our Yun Family to select a new Patriarch.”

Mu Yubai was after all, the future Patriarch of the Mu Family. Given the current declining power of the Yun Family, they were unwilling to offend any of the Twelve Guardian Families. So Yun Waitian still remained calm and prudent in the face of Mu Yubai’s lack of respect.

Mu Yubai instead responded with a cold laugh, “Your Yun Family, for the past ten thousands years, have had over seventy Patriarchs in succession, but every single Patriarch was from the line of your original Patriarch…” Mu Yubai pointed at the Yun Family ancestral monument and said, “Underneath your Yun Family’s ancestral monuments sleeps the spirits of all the heroes in the line of your first Patriarch! Yun Waitian! Why don’t you tell me, in the entire Yun Family, aside from Yun Qinghong, who else is a descendant of the bloodline of your Patriarchs?! You cannot seriously be telling me that all of you are prepared to force Yun Qinghong to abdicate his position and select someone who is not from the line of Patriarchs to be your new Patriarch… Heh! If I remember correctly, ten thousand years ago, your Yun Clan was just a tiny barbarian tribe from the Northern And the one who created the Purple Cloud Art, lead your entire clan from the north to dominate the entire realm, then established your position as head of the Twelve Guardian Families, was the very ancestor of the line of the Yun Family Patriarchs! And from then on, every single Patriarch, without exception, had been of the descendant of that first Patriarch! If not for the leaders.h.i.+p and guidance of this line of Patriarchs, your entire clan would still be struggling to eke out a miserable existence somewhere out there!! And now, even though Yun Qinghong is crippled, he is not dead, and is still extremely young! And yet you want to force him to abdicate his position as Patriarch… Aren’t you lot worried about how you will face your ancestors after you have pa.s.sed on?!”

Mu Yubai’s words were ruthless and relentless. He had basically scolded every single member of the Yun Family besides Yun Qinghong. Even though Yun Waitian was restraining himself with every single fiber of his being, his face had become faintly flushed. At this time, Helian Peng said in a loud voice, “Mu Yubai, it is not that I want to criticize you, but the words you have just spoken are ridiculous to the point where I can no longer take it. The Yun name belongs to everyone in the Yun Family, who was it that decreed that the Yun Family Patriarch must definitely be from Yun Qinghong’s line? Even if the Yun Family does have this tradition, heh... Yun Qinghong has already been crippled to the point where he can't be crippled any further. To allow him to continue on as Patriarch, even if you ignore the ridicule of the rest of the world, will sooner or later lead to the complete crippling of the Yun Family as a whole. Moreover, besides in Yun Qinghong, there seems to be no one else in the Yun Family who comes from the bloodline of the first Patriarch… oh, and as for Yun Qinghong’s ‘son’, Hehe… Don’t tell me that after Yun Qinghong has pa.s.sed on, that the Yun Family will never be allowed to have a Patriarch again? Or do you actually hope to see the Yun Family being led by someone who hails from the Profound Sky Continent, a basta…”

“Shut up!” Mu Yubai roared, not letting Helian Peng finish what he was saying. He said with a calm expression, “This is a matter concerning the Yun Family! The Yun Family Patriarch is our Mu Family’s son-in-law, so I have the right to speak, but you, Helian Peng, have no right to open your mouth! If you dare to continue to say words which are unpleasant to my ears, do you believe that I won’t force you to leave this place on your knees?!”

Mu Yubai’s temperament was upright and unyielding, and he was never willing to suppress his own emotions. If he said something, he would do it. Even though the other party was someone from the strongest Helian Clan, his words were still unyielding and strong to the point where it left no room for leeway or graciousness. In regards to strength, Helian Peng was categorically not even in the same zipcode as Mu Yubai, but he did not show any fear, and he gave a cold laugh instead, “Mu Yubai, do not think that I am afraid of you. If we truly fight, the one who will leave kneeling is not set in stone!”

“You are courting death!”

The words that Helian Peng said undoubtedly caused Mu Yubai’s temper to erupt completely. What's more, Mu Yubai was also looking for an opportunity to turn this place upside down. He yelled in anger and profound light burst forth from his entire body as a thick and solid chain of ice soared into the sky…

“Everyone, be quiet. This is the Yun Family’s grand event, it is not a place for you to quarrel, much less exchange blows.”

With a voice as tranquil as water, yet still carrying a pressure and might that was hard to resist, Duke Hui Ye said his piece. By his side, the Venerable Stone Dragon’s eyes flashed and a beam of yellow shot out, colliding with Mu Yubai’s ice chain. With a gentle ring, the ice chain disappeared in midair.

After the Duke Hui Ye had spoken those words, Mu Yubai was unable to take further action. He coldly stared at Helian Peng, returned to Yun Qinghong’s side, and fixed his gaze on Yun Waitian.

“Big Brother, you are too impulsive.” Mu Yurou said in worry as she mildly rebuked her brother.

“Haha, Yubai may be impulsive, but he has never been one to act foolishly.” Yun Qinghong said with a mysterious smile.

“After all, it is brother-in-law who understands me best. Heh.” Mu Yubai said with a low bark.

“Uh, could it be that Uncle’s sudden flare of temper was done on purpose?” After hearing what they had said, Yun Xiao whispered this into Yun Che’s ear.

“Yes.” Yun Che nodded his head, “The more impulsive and irascible Senior Mu acts, the more they will be put at ease… It looks like Senior Mu is trying to test some of his theories.”

“Test his theories? Test what theories?” Yun Xiao was completely mystified.

Yun Che gave the faintly smiling Duke Hui Ye a sidelong glance and he whispered back, “In no time at all, his questions should have answers. Yun Xiao, no matter what happens after this, do not be alarmed.”

“Ah? Oh…” Yun Xiao had grown even more confused.

“Patriarch Yun.” Duke Hui Ye spoke once more, and this time, he faced Yun Qinghong directly. In terms of age, the Duke Hui Ye was one generation younger than Yun Qinghong, so for him to address Yun Qinghong as Patriarch Yun was no big deal, but his tone clearly did not contain a single drop of respect. After all, Yun Qinghong was a complete cripple, “In my humble opinion, because of your body’s condition, you have long ago become unsuitable to continue leading the huge Yun Clan. I very much endorse Elder Yun Waitian’s words. To choose a new Patriarch to lead the Yun Family would be a good thing, not only for the Yun Family but for Patriarch Yun himself as well. What is Patriarch Yun’s opinion on this?”

“Sigh.” Grand Elder Yun He gave a dull sigh, “For ten thousand years, the Yun Family has been lead by the bloodline of our Patriarch, but given the current circ.u.mstance that the Yun Family faces today, to change leaders has become an inevitable thing.”

Grand Elder Yun Xi said, “Qinghong, it is about to time for you to have a proper rest.”

Grand Elder Yun Jiang followed, “This is definitely not what we wish for, but given your current strength and physical condition, it has already become too hard for you to continue bearing the burden of leading the clan.”

The Grand Elders had spoken, and even Duke Hui Ye was in support of the Yun Family changing Patriarchs. It seemed that the case for a change of Patriarch had already been nailed shut. Everyone present was waiting for Yun Qinghong’s reaction, but they discovered that his expression was serene. He did not seem the least bit lost or disappointed, and he did not even sigh. Instead he gently and calmly said, “Since the Grand Elders and His Highness has already spoken, it would naturally be hard for I, Yun Qinghong, to have any objections. Since all the gathered elders have already begun discussing the matter of changing Patriarchs months ago, it must be that my successor has long ago been decided. Since that is so, please do tell me who it is. If it is someone who can instill sufficient confidence in those who are present, then I, Yun Qinghong, will gladly abdicate my position.”

“Hmph! Do you even need to ask?” Mu Yubai said with a cold laugh, “Of course it is the person who has gone through great pains to set up this so-called Family Compet.i.tion, the one who is truly pus.h.i.+ng for your abdication, Great Elder Yun Waitian!

“The matter of changing Patriarch is not a suggestion made by me personally, it is something the entire Elder Council has decided.” Yun Waitian said with an unchanging expression, “I, Yun Waitian, lack the virtue or the ability, and I have never once dared to covet the position of Patriarch!”