Against the Gods - Chapter 500 - Golden Crows Legacy

Chapter 500 - Golden Crows Legacy

Chapter 500 - Golden Crow’s Legacy

Yun Che became silent. Even though he had recovered from the repeated shocks, his heart still could not calm down. He originally treated this place as a completely foreign world; after becoming strong here, finding a way to return to Profound Sky Continent would be his only goal. But now, all of his plans had been turned upside down.

This was not just a distant and foreign world, it was a world he had many connections to.

“Yun Che, ask this person what kind of place this ‘Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’ is.” Jasmine suddenly spoke in a serious tone. “Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley” was a place that Number One Under Heaven and Yun Xiao had respectively mentioned before, and said that it was the best place for training and fortunate encounters. However, the Yun family was no longer allowed to enter it.

“...Are you suspecting that this ‘Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’ is related to the Primordial Divine Beast, the ‘Golden Crow’?” Yun Che asked.

“I don’t think this is just a simple coincidence between the names.” Jasmine said cooly: “If this was any bit related to the actual ‘Golden Crow’, it would be interesting.”

Yun Che remained silent for a while before asking: “Yun Xiao, what kind of place is the ‘Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’ you mentioned before? One of the reasons the strength of the Yun family is rapidly declining must be because you’re unable to enter the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, right...? Is it really that amazing?”

“Ugh… You don’t even know about the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley?” Yun Xiao looked at him with a shocked expression.

“This is the first time I’ve come here and my master has never told me anything about the Illusory Demon Realm before. Thus, this is the first time I have ever heard the name Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.”

Yun Che was not lying, but given what he told Yun Xiao, he would not naturally think that Yun Che was from another world. He nodded, and whispered: “It’s no wonder Brother Yun is so strong. Looks like you aren’t the slightest bit distracted when you cultivate… Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley is a place I’m very familiar with, even though I’ve never entered there before. I grew up listening to its name because it is the origin of the ancestors of the Illusory Demon Royal Family.”

“Origin?” Yun Che was stunned.

“Yup.” Yun Xiao nodded: “Brother Yun, have you ever heard of the Primordial Divine Beast, the ‘Golden Crow’?”

“Yes. The Vermillion Bird, the Phoenix, and the Golden Crow are the three supreme fire attribute beasts of the Primordial Era.” Yun Che nodded. Within him, flowed the blood of the Phoenix.

“The reason the place is called the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley is because the Golden Crow Divine Beast’s legacy lies within.”

“Oh?” Yun Che suddenly tilted his head. Within his head, also rang Jasmine’s voice: “So that really is the case! But that’s weird, Blue Pole Star is but a lowly planet, why would there be so many legacies of divine powers… Phoenix, Dragon G.o.d, Golden Crow and even the Evil G.o.d’s divine strength seeds exist in this world… Could something special have happened here during the Primordial Era?”

“This is… very weird?”

“It’s not just weird, it’s extremely abnormal.” Jasmine said: “Nine-thousand nine-hundred and ninety-nine out of ten thousand divine power legacies exist in the Realm of the G.o.ds. Within the billions of planets in the boundless universe, it would be difficult to find a divine legacy existing in one of the billion planets. Even within the higher astral planes, not one legacy exists within the billions of planes. However, on this lowly Blue Pole Star, there are already four of them. Oh, and we still need to include Xia Yuanba, who mysteriously possesses the War G.o.d’s Divine Veins! The Yun family’s Profound Handle might also be a mysterious ancient divine power… If this matter were to spread, even the Realm of the G.o.ds would be shocked!”

Yun Che: “...”

Yun Xiao continued: “The Illusory Demon Royal Family's ancestor was only a Neon Sparrow Demon turned human back then. However, it accidentally inherited the legacy of the Golden Crow within Lightning Flame Valley and received the Golden Crow’s bloodline and Golden Crow’s flame attribute, becoming unbeatable within Illusory Demon Realm. After that, all the clans decided that he would become the emperor. Henceforth, the first Demon Emperor of the Illusory Demon Realm was chosen. Then, the clans that continued to prosper became the current Illusory Demon Royal Family, claimed that they were the descendants of the Golden Crow and received the blessings of the Golden Crow Divine Beast. Thus, Lightning Flame Valley was renamed Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, becoming Illusory Demon Realm’s first divine ground.”

“The elemental aura around Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley is dense and its surroundings contain the strength of powerful flames and thunderclouds,, which led to the constant growth of strong fire spirits, lightning spirits, and other fire and lightning type demons. Similarly, certain rare materials and treasures are also easily found within that place. Therefore, not only is entering the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley a good experience, one can easily encounter something fortunate. Nearly everyone who entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley reaped ma.s.sive rewards, and some were even able to shoot through the heavens.”

“Those who are allowed to enter Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley are the Illusory Demon Royal Family and the Twelve Guardian Families. They can enter once every five years. However, after what happened a hundred years ago… Our Yun family wasn’t allowed to enter anymore. After the younger generation of the other Twelve Guardian Family entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, many of their strength grew, but as for our Yun family, we could only stare in envy…”

Yun Xiao gradually sighed with a face of disappointment. At his age, and even being the Yun family’s young master, he still never managed to enter Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley even once… He did not even have the chance to catch a glimpse of that place.

“I see.” Yun Che nodded: “Which means that the Illusory Demon Royal Family all possess the bloodline of the Golden Crow and its flames. No wonder they are the respected the royal family.”

“That’s… Not right.” Yun Xiao however shockingly denied it: “Although the members Illusory Demon Royal Family possess the bloodline of the Golden Crow, it is pa.s.sed down through inheritance and the bloodline is already thin. The flames that they ignite, although several times stronger than ordinary profound flames, it cannot be considered as the Golden Crow’s strength… The last person who wielded the actual power of the Golden Crow was the deceased Demon Emperor.”

“Why is that? Isn’t the bloodline of the Golden Crow an inheritance?” Yun Che asked in shock.

“Because, only after being accepted and gifted by the Soul of the Golden Crow, can one receive the flame profound art ‘Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World’. Otherwise, one can only rely on the Golden Crow bloodline to ignite profound flames that contain the Golden Crow’s characteristics. Among the Illusory Demon Royal Family, other than the Demon Emperor, everyone else cultivate other forms of fire profound arts.”

“Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World… Does that mean the Flame Profound Skills of the Golden Crow cannot be taught to others?” Yun Che frowned… The name “Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World” was something he had heard before. A few years back, Jasmine had mentioned to him before:That the 《Vermillion Bird’s Consoling Spirit Song》, 《World Ode of the Phoenix》 and the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》 were the three great “World Scorching Heavenly Books” that once shook the boundless universe.

“That’s right! The Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World is something that can only be obtained from the Golden Crow’s soul.The Golden Crow’s soul is located in the depths of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, a place called the Golden Crow’s Holy Land. It can only be entered once every thousand years. And the only key to enter it… Is the ‘Demon Emperor’s Seal’ that has been lost in the Profound Sky Continent along with my grandfather.”

Yun Che: “...”

Yun Xiao helplessly continued: “The Golden Crow’s Holy Land can only be entered once every thousand years, which is why the Demon Emperor also succeeds once every thousand years. A hundred years ago, Lord Demon Emperor died under the hands of villains. When the Little Demon Emperor was about to inherit the position and use the Demon Emperor’s Seal to enter the Golden Crow’s Holy Land to receive the powerful Golden Crow bloodline and the Golden Crow Record of the Burning World, the Demon Emperor’s Seal was lost. He was then never able to enter the Golden Crow’s Holy Land and properly become the Demon Emperor… At that time, the Little Demon Emperor could only helplessly inherit the throne. Due to not obtaining the legacy of the Golden Crow, he could only be called the ‘Little Demon Emperor’, and not the actual Demon Emperor t.i.tle. The Little Demon Empress is the same as well. Sigh, if we are unable to recover the Demon Emperor’s Seal, the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World might vanish from this world altogether.”

“No wonder the Yun Family bore such tremendous blame after the loss of the Demon Emperor’s Seal.” Yun Che slowly said.

“Grandfather obviously did not lose it on purpose.” Yun Xiao gritted his teeth lightly: “Father said that Grandfather and the Demon Emperor were like brothers. At that time, he did not see the corpse of the Demon Emperor, so he would not believe the Demon Emperor was dead. The Demon Emperor’s Seal was personally given by the Demon Emperor to be safekept. Unless the Demon Emperor was really dead, the Demon Emperor’s Seal was not to be given to anyone else, even if it were the Demon Emperor’s child… That was why, he always kept it with him and never handed it to anyone else. Even when he went to the Profound Sky Continent to look for the Demon Emperor, he did not allow the Demon Emperor’s Seal to leave him… This was how Grandfather showed his loyalty. He obviously did not want to lose it more than anyone else. However, the members of the Illusory Demon Royal Family…”

Yun Xiao revealed a face of anger and did not continue.

“Do you want to look for a chance to visit the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley?” Jasmine said in an interested manner: “Since you have ‘that thing’ with you.”

“The flames of the Golden Crow and the flames of the Phoenix, which one is the stronger one?” Yun Che thought for a while and asked.

“Among the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts, the Vermillion Bird is the strongest, followed by the Phoenix, with the Golden Crow being the last. However, if speaking purely in terms of the flame strength, the strongest is actually the Golden Crow!” Jasmine replied plainly.

“...Then why is the Golden Crow ranked the last?”

“Because this is not a ranking based on strength. The flames of the Vermillion Bird contain divine attributes. During the Primordial Era, it was the flame most feared by the Devil Race that lived along the G.o.d Race. In fact, the flame used to be called the ‘Flame of Salvation’ ; The flames of the Phoenix possessed benevolent attributes; not only can it destroy, it can also purify. It used to be called the ‘Flame of the World Ode’, which was also why you had to pa.s.s the third trial of the heart when you were undergoing the Phoenix Trials.”

“And the flames of the Golden Crow, are purely the flames of utmost destruction! The Golden Crow is also called the ‘Sun Bird’, and legends say that it is an extreme divine being birthed from the sun’s core. Its flames are as scorching and as violent the sun, and had no other use except for destruction. It is said that there is nothing that the Golden Crow’s hottest fire cannot burn within the boundless universe. The ranking of the Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts that I mentioned earlier is just the ranking of their recognition amongst the hearts of the Even though the Golden Crow is not an evil beast, its emotions are just as violent as its flames, and naturally could not compare to the ‘Salvation’ and the ‘World Ode’ of the Vermillion Bird and the Phoenix. However, given the Golden Crow’s personality, it would definitely not recognize this ranking.”

“So you want me to try to obtain the Golden Crow’s legacy?” Yun Che asked after some thought.

“Golden Crow’s legacy? Heh…” Jasmine laughed plainly: “You’re thinking too much. If you did not possess the bloodline of the Phoenix, there might be some chance of that. However, since you possess the flames of the Phoenix, you would not be able to obtain the flames of the Golden Crow. I want you to go there just to check if the legacy of the Golden Crow truly exists!”

“Why?” Yun Che was slightly stunned.

“Hmph, is it really that hard to understand? The Three Supreme Fire Attribute Beasts are all unhappy with each other, and all think that the flames they possess are the strongest flames in the world. If one person possesses the bloodline of one of the three, the other two would never allow their own bloodline and strength to co-exist! Especially the Golden Crow! Its personality is extremely irritable and unyielding. Wanting to make it give its legacy to someone who possesses the Phoenix bloodline… is definitely an impossible task.”