Against the Gods - Chapter 494 - Yun Xiao

Chapter 494 - Yun Xiao

Chapter 494 - Yun Xiao

The young man and the elf girl had initially completely given up, resigning themselves to death, but they never expected that a savior would suddenly descend from heavens. In the blink of an eye, among the three black-clothed men, two ran away and one died. The young man stared at Yun Che for a while and he nearly forgot about his injuries in his shock. Only when Yun Che neared did he start struggling to stand. Within his pained voice was deep grat.i.tude: “Thank… Thank you senior… for saving us…”

“I thank senior for saving us.” The elf girl followed up with his grat.i.tude and replied thankfully.

Eh? Senior?

The edge of Yun Che’s mouth moved, not explaining anything. He moved forward and slowly supported the young man, replying: “Don’t talk for now, calm down, and stabilize your injuries… I’ll help you.”

Yun Che placed his hand above the injury on the young man’s back, gradually transferring profound energy over… His profound energy possessed the attributes of the Dragon G.o.d and the Phoenix G.o.d, along with highly concentrated pure natural energy. Using it to treat injuries would immensely improve the rate of recovery.

The young man did not argue as he stopped speaking and closed his eyes. Just as he intended to start utilizing the remaining profound energy within him, he suddenly felt a warm and majestic… no, it was more accurately a nearly boundless form of profound energy that entered into his body from his back. The strength of the profound energy was obviously only of the Sky Profound Realm, yet it was unbelievably dense. He had also only slowly climbed his way from the Sky Profound Realm. If it was said that his profound energy when he was in the Sky Profound Realm was like smoke, then the current profound energy entering his body was like lava! It was even more intense and concentrated than his, even though he was half-step into the Tyrant Profound.

How could this be the profound energy from the Sky Profound Realm… No! It must be a senior whose profound realm is too high. With my cultivation, I’m unable to detect it at all, thought the young man.

As Yun Che started to transfer his profound energy, the young man’s expression moved again. It was not only because he felt the density of his profound energy, rather, he felt that it actually contained a mysterious power that caused all the veins in his body to bulge up; even the damaged veins were quickly recovering their vitality. His most severe external injury was on his back, and his internal injuries were not light. However, following the flow of the profound energy, he could clearly feel that both his external and internal injuries were recovering at an unbelievably quick rate.

He was fairly certain that even if the oldest great elder in his family used all his abilities, he would not be able to let him recover this quickly! This essentially transcended all common sense; this speed of recovery was unheard of.

This senior is no doubt an extremely frightening expert… which caused the young man to be even more certain of his guess, causing him to admire Yun Che even more. He gave up on trying to utilize his own profound energy and began to concentrate on absorbing and utilizing the profound energy that was entering his body. With the presence of this boundless form of profound energy, even if he utilized all the remaining profound energy within him, it would not even compare.

When he tried to further feel the profound energy, he discovered that its profound laws were very mysterious… more accurately, weird. His half-step Overlord self, who had cultivated profound energy for nearly twenty years wasn’t able to comprehend it, and he felt inexplicably surprised.

“Let me help too.”

Even though the elf girl was injured as well, her injuries were relatively light compared to the young man. She felt relieved for the man as she withdrew her weapon back into her spatial ring, placing both her hands on the man’s chest. Her palm let out a jade green glow… Instantly, Yun Che felt an energy that was like cooling water surge into the man’s body, and when Yun Che came in contact with this energy, even he felt a sense of rejuvenation

“The elven race’s profound energy possess innate natural energy. Not only is it beneficial for self-recovery, when treating others, it is far superior than any human’s. Solely because of this, the elven race is well liked by other races. Furthermore, because of the nature energy, the males of the elven race are handsome while the females are beautiful. Considering their unique talent, most races desire to find a partner from the elven race.” Jasmine casually commented as she glanced at the young man, then coldly continued: “This brat is a pure human, yet is favored by this elf girl. His luck’s not that bad.”

Under the cooperation of Yun Che and the elf girl, the young man’s severe injuries were stabilized quickly. When Yun Che removed his palm, the young man’s back looked worrisome, but was actually already fine. The bleeding has already stopped as well, and he would be able to recover within half a month just relying on his own profound energy.

The young man stood up with the aid of the elf girl and bowed respectfully to Yun Che: “Not only did senior save me and Seventh Sister, you personally helped treat my injuries. Junior will definitely keep such a great kindness in mind… I hope, I hope senior can tell me his name.”

“You called me… senior?” Yun Che grinned, and asked: “Do I look very old?”

“This…” The young man was embarra.s.sed by what Yun Che had said, and did not know how to answer him for a while. The elf girl eyed him from top to bottom before serious speaking: “You’re so strong, so you must be a great senior who reverted to a younger age!”

“I’m only twenty-two this year.” Yun Che laughed, directly announcing his age: “Are you sure you want to call me senior?”

“Ahh? Twent… Twenty-two?” The two of them looked at Yun Che and cried out in shock at the same time. Yun Che had casually instantly killed a level one Overlord, his frightening strength causing them to guess that he was definitely an elderly expert who had trained for a long time. Furthermore, at the Tyrant Profound Realm, even a two-hundred-year-old could look like a twenty-year-old. For a twenty-odd-year-old to instantly kill an Overlord was not a realistic idea. Even within the whole continent, there were not more than five who were able to do that, and each of them were renowned in the world. Yun Che, however, was a fresh face that they had never seen before, and they would never have expected that he was only twenty-two.

The young man’s face looked awkward as he embarra.s.singly replied: “This, this… Benefactor is so strong that we thought you were an expert who purposely kept himself young.” As he spoke, his eyes brightened, continuing: “Benefactor is so young, yet so strong, you must be famous. Can I know… your name?”

“Yun Che.” Yun Che replied without hesitation. In a foreign world, his name would be unknown, and there was no need to hide it.

“Yun… Che?” The two of them uttered the name at the same time as their eyes looked lost… A mere twenty-two-year-old that was able to instantly kill an Overlord would by right be famous within the entire continent. However, this was the first time they heard his name. The young man quickly replied: “Oh, benefactor’s surname is also Yun, what a coincidence.”

“Oh, that means your surname is Yun as well?” Hearing the elf girl call the man previously, Yun Che had already known that his surname was Yun as he replied with a smile: “Just call me Yun Che. The word benefactor is too awkward. Right, how do I address you two?”

The young man hastily replied: “Alright, then I’ll call you Big Brother Yun from now on! My surname is Yun and my name is…”

Just as he was about to say his name, the elf girl beside him tugged at him: “Brother Yun…”

The young man shook his head, and replied seriously: “Seventh Sister, he is our benefactor. If it wasn’t for him, we would already have died here. It’s just a name, why do we have to hide it from our benefactor… My name is Yun Xiao, twenty-one years and ten months old, younger than Big Brother Yun by a few months. This is… Seventh Sister, who is two years younger than me.”

“Big Brother Yun can just call me Seventh Sister.” The elf girl nodded gently, her demeanor appearing a little awkward: “My name is a… a mouthful, I’m afraid Big Brother Yun would laugh and won't say it… Please just call me Seventh Sister.”

“Mn.” Yun Che nodded. He was only casually asking for their names. However, this Yun Xiao’s name and age caused him to be somewhat surprised… Even though he said that he was twenty-two, his actual age was probably twenty one and ten months as well, exactly the same as him. Furthermore, his name was “Yun Xiao” —— Yun was his surname now and Xiao was his surname from when he was sixteen. This was quite a peculiar coincidence.

After Yun Xiao announced his name, Yun Che’s reaction was unusually calm, causing the two to feel shock. The elf girl could not hold back and asked: “Big Brother Yun, could it be… that you’ve never heard the name ‘Yun Xiao’ before?”

“Oh?” Yun Che glanced again at Yun Xiao, whose expression was a bit unusual, and instantly understood. He calmly replied: “Is Brother Yun’s name renowned in this area? It must be, so young and already a half-step Overlord. You must be a world-shaking genius whom even the heavens are jealous of.”

“No, no, with Big Brother Yun here, I don’t dare.” Yun Xiao waved it off. If it was someone else praising him like that, he would definitely accept it. But comparing to someone who far exceeded him and was similar to him in age, he really could not accept those compliments. He scratched his head and replied: “I do have a slight reputation in Demon Imperial City… Oh, that’s right, Big Brother Yun is not someone from Demon Imperial City?”

Demon Imperial City? Could it be that greyish white city?

Yun Che shook his head: “I come for a faraway place and it’s my first time coming to Demon Imperial City.”

“So that’s it.” Both of them instantly understood, but the elf girl was still confused: “Could Big Brother Yun be from the southern borders? Other than Demon Imperial City, only the southern borders could produce someone as strong as Big Brother Yun… No, if the southern borders produced someone as strong as Big Brother Yun, Brother Yun and I would have already known…”

The elf girl considered carefully. It was obvious that she was unable to let it go that he was someone who had an unfamiliar appearance and name, yet had strength to instantly kill an Overlord at the age of twenty-two. Yun Che laughed and replied: “I come from a place far further than what you imagine and I’ve never come here before. I’ve come this time only for training and you guys not knowing my name is normal.”

“Yun Che nodded towards them and continued: “You two are still injured. The ones trying to you might come back. You should leave soon.”

As he finished speaking, Yun Che began rising as he prepared to leave.

“Big Brother Yun, wait!” Yun Xiao hurriedly moved forward and hastily replied: “Big Brother Yun, that direction… are you going to Demon Imperial City?”

“That’s right.” Yun Che nodded. Being named “Imperial” must mean that it was the capital city of the continent, which meant that the grey-white city giving off a very strong aura must be it.

“This little brother and Seventh Sister are citizens of Demon Imperial City; if this is Big Brother Yun’s first time, you probably do not have a place to stay. How about coming to my Yun house to stay for a while? I can explain to you the current situation of the city, and when I recover, I can bring you around Demon Imperial City. I wonder if… that is fine with Big Brother Yun?”

Yun Xiao’s voice and eyes were exceptionally sincere, and he was even afraid that Yun Che was not “fine with it”. Yun Che’s body stopped in midair as he nodded slightly, smiling: “That’s fine, then I’ll be under Brother Yun’s care.”

Yun Che knew nothing about the Demon Imperial City in front of him, nor did he know anything about this entire continent. Having someone to guide him was undoubtedly the greatly beneficial.

Seeing Yun Che’s consent, Yun Xiao was all smiles: “No, no, compared to Big Brother Yun saving our lives, this is nothing at all.”

“My elf clan will also welcome Big Brother Yun as a guest at anytime. My clan will definitely repay Big Brother Yun for saving Brother Yun and me.” The elf girl said sincerely.

Suddenly, Jasmine’s grim voice rang in Yun Che’s head: “An expert is coming here… He’s in the eighth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm! If it’s an enemy… You better prepare to run!”

Yun Che frowned as the profound energy within his body surged. However, Jasmine voice suddenly sounded again: “Looks like there’s no need to run, it’s an elf!”