Against the Gods - Chapter 490 - Demons!

Chapter 490 - Demons!

Chapter 490 - Demons!

The two mottled pythons fought for a long while, and flipped the originally not-so-big swamp into a complete mess. After they tired from their fighting, they mutually parted, separately leaving toward the meadows on different sides of the swamp. Then, with a flash, the two pythons actually transformed into two speckled attired… young men!!

Yun Che was stunned yet again… it was already abnormal for two Earth Profound pythons to be able to talk… but they actually could transform into humans!!

Of the two young men, one had a pointy mouth and monkeylike cheeks, the other had a big face and a round waist. No matter if it was their body or facial features, they were all genuinely human! One of them hooted: “Lil’ b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if ya got guts, don’t leave! This daddy’ll go get people!”

The other showed no weakness as he retorted: “Yer the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, yer entire family are all b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Ya think only ya 'an call for people? Let’s see who 'an call for 'ore!”

The two fought with fierce words, then the two mottled pythons scuttled away, one to the left and the other to the right. Soon enough, they disappeared from Yun Che’s line of sight.

“This little brother, two men fighting each other isn’t really interesting to watch, you know!”

Just as Yun Che was stunned by those two pythons, a velvety voice suddenly came from behind him; and it was even a teasing woman’s voice. Yun Che quickly turned around… There was only a not-so lush, but especially vast floral meadow; at a glance, it seemed boundless, and there was not a short tree in sight within more than three hundred meters… With such a wide open field of view, he still couldn’t see half of anyone’s shadow.

Under his bewilderment, not even ten steps in front of him, an especially gorgeous blooming crabapple tree suddenly emitted a hazy red radiance. Within the light, the crabapple tree quickly transformed into a rose-red attired beautiful woman who wore crabapple blossoms in her hair. She charmingly stood there in front of him with her rose-red lips curled into a smile as her narrow phoenix eyes touchingly twinkled with charm.

Yun Che’s mouth gaped open… and only after a full three breaths did he manage to close it with difficulty. His brain had already begun to go haywire, two pythons had a quarrel in human speech and could transform into humans. Then, even a crabapple tree… had become human as well!!

What kind of weird world was this?!

The crabapple woman totally would never think that Yun Che’s somewhat dull expression was one of amazement, but she felt that the young man’s stupid expression was cute. She pursed her lips into a smile and gracefully walked toward Yun Che. As she continued to smile while looking at him, her eyes had become even more attractive: “Little brother, this one didn’t suddenly call out to scare you, it’s just that little brother looks so charming, and this one fell for you at first sight… Little brother, how about you stay here… and play with me for a while?”

The crabapple woman’s voice was soft and velvety. As she spoke, she stroked her shoulder and slowly caressed down her collarbone, directly down to her nearly exposed erect chest. Her long, delicate fingers just happened to lay between the grooves of snow… her voice and posture were attractive to the extreme.

“Gulp”... Yun Che fiercely gulped down a mouthful of saliva, but it was definitely not because he had been caught in this crabapple woman’s enticement. Let’s not mention Xia Qingyue or Feng Xue’er, any one of Frozen Cloud's Seven Fairies would effortless outs.h.i.+ne this crabapple woman.. Yun Che, who had never lacked beautiful women in his life, would never all of a sudden fall into a panic due to this woman’s bewitchment. What he was shocked about, was that this charming woman… was actually a crabapple tree… transformed!

“This one’s the leader of all ten thousand flowers within fifty kilometers, you know.” The crabapple woman said prettily: “Little brother, you won’t be able to find someone even prettier than me within fifty kilometers. This one has been here for many years, and this is the first time I’ve taken the initiative to talk with a man. Who told little brother to be so likeable, hm?”

As she spoke, the crabapple woman did something that Yun Che totally did not expect… With an enchanting smile, she reached out to the rose-red robe covering her chest and slowly pulled downwards. Immediately afterwards, two round, incomparably snow white, and ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced out, quivering within Yun Che’s line of sight...The crabapple woman didn’t feel ashamed at all; instead, her soul-sucking charming eyes stared unblinkingly at Yun Che.

This world’s people and the way they did things thoroughly toppled Yun Che’s three views in life. If this was the Profound Sky Continent, if such a good-looking woman were to take the initiative to seduce him, he might have readily taken the bait and played for a while… it wasn’t as if he was going to come out with a disadvantage. But in this completely “abnormal” unknown world… He only wanted some peace and quiet to think!

“Um… I still have things to do. I’ll play next time, next time…” Yun Che waved as he retreated. After he finished speaking, he turned around and ran quite a distance away, leaving the crabapple woman alone there with a face full of hidden bitterness.

“Hehehe…” The giggling of women came from the large expanse of flowers that the crabapple woman had come from.

“Yoh~ The first time that Crabapple Sis took action, she’d actually failed!” A dandelion that looked bigger than normal gently swayed as it laughed in glee.

“That human is so strange, he’d actually run away. Crabapple Sis’ charm is obviously really great.”

“Crabapple Sis, are you sure that’s really a human? Not only was it the first time you took action, you even tried really hard to seduce him.”

“Yeah.” The crabapple woman was full of regrets: “That little brother’s aura should be that of a pure human being. If I can find a pure human, the children that I reproduce would be able to go to a much bigger world, not like us, unable to leave this area for life. It’s a pity that pure humans are becoming lesser and lesser, I can’t believe that the one we had finally managed to find had escaped… Was I too anxious? Or… Am I not pretty enough?”

The crabapple woman touched her own face before muttering: “Looks like I need to drink more beauty nouris.h.i.+ng morning dew from now onwards.”

In an instant, Yun Che covered several kilometers before he recomposed himself a little… Wait! Why am I running away?!!

“What a rare sight, a woman took the initiative to strip in front of you but the super pervert in you actually did not release your perverted nature, and instead escaped hastily?”Jasmine said in a weird tone. Ever since he forcefully hugged Jasmine once within the Primordial Profound Ark, her frequency of using “Super Pervert” increased tremendously. Yun Che would basically hear it several times each day.

Not long after… He had actually gotten used to it!

“The problem is… Don’t you think this is all too creepy? That woman is actually transformed from a crabapple!” Yun Che stared widely and said.

Jasmine however replied in a scornful manner: “From your reaction… Have you never seen a demon before?”

“Demon? Heard of it, but I’ve never seen it… Wait!” Yun Che brows moved: “You mean that the woman that the crabapple turned into is actually a demon?”

According to the fragmented legends, this world actually had many many races… Other than humans, there were beasts, other races that forcefully separated themselves from the beasts such as the sea race, the demons, the spirits, elves, and from ancient folklore, devils, G.o.ds, etc. The races that once existed or still exist far exceed this amount. Some of them were already exterminated since ancient times before being forgotten as time pa.s.sed. Others, hid away at some unknown location, living on independently…

In the Profound Sky Continent and Azure Cloud Continent, humans and beasts were in the majority, and item spirits and sword spirits could barely be considered low cla.s.s spirits. Other races such as demons and elves were commonly talked about, yet rarely appeared… at least, Yun Che had not seen it in the two previous continents he was in. The reason why demons and elves were mentioned in Profound Sky Continent was not because of the continent itself, but because of the secretive and remote Illusory Demon Realm that had several scores to settle with the Profound Sky Continent! From the bits and pieces of rumors, not only did elves and demons exist within Illusory Demon Realm, they were the majority of the population there.

“Of course it’s a demon!” If Yun Che could see Jasmine’s face now, he would be able to see her expression of contempt for a country b.u.mpkin who had not seen the world: “The two snakes that you saw and that woman are all demons. Just now around you, there were also several demons that were not in their human form looking at you. You should have detected that as well.”

“...What are the unique features of these demons? Their ability… to turn into humans?” Yun Che asked.

“Even though it sounds simple and straightforward, what you said is basically correct! Demons are cla.s.sified as Demonic Beasts and Demonic Spirits. The two snakes you saw previously were demonic beasts. The origins of Demonic Beasts are beasts and they can transform into humans. Their intelligence are equal if not that of most human beings. These are the differences between demonic beasts and normal beasts! The woman just now was a demonic spirit. Flowers and plants, trees and wood, the boundless spirits and animals that exist in this world gain spiritual insight upon a lucky opportunity which then allow them to become demons, and such demonic powers could be pa.s.sed on through inheritance. A normal beast that wants to become a demonic beast requires a long time in cultivation and a lucky opportunity. Thereafter, their descendants would be born with complete demonic powers. Therefore, after countless years of reproduction and an inheritance that would not be lost; within the chaotic dimensions, demons became a ma.s.sive race that was no smaller than the human race! In these many worlds, there isn’t much of a different between demons and humans… Your biological parents are from the Illusory Demon Realm so you might even be of demonic lineage! As for whether you’re from demonic spirits or demonic beasts, you can only verify that after you find your birth parents.”

Yun Che gradually understood. Then, thinking of his previous reaction, he was a little depressed.

“This means that this is a world of demons?” Yun Che asked in a soft voice.

“Don’t waste your time here.” Jasmine said: “You did not come here for a holiday! There are no dangers or high leveled spirits within the area, hence, not suitable for you to stay here… Eh?”

“What happened?”

“Towards the north!” Jasmine replied: “Three hundred fifty kilometers away, there seems to be a concentration of a high grade aura there! The level of that aura… hmph, it would not pale in comparison to those so-called Sacred Grounds in the Profound Sky Continent.”

“Would not pale in comparison to the Sacred Grounds?” Yun Che’s mind shook. In the Profound Sky Continent, the Four Great Sacred Grounds were called Sacred Grounds because they were they represented the pinnacle that existed in the whole continent! Jasmine had so casually found an aura that did not pale in comparison to the Four Great Sacred Grounds… Which meant that the levels of the people here would not be beneath the Profound Sky Continent!