Against the Gods - Chapter 481 - The Girl in the Crystal Coffin

Chapter 481 - The Girl in the Crystal Coffin

Chapter 481 - The Girl in the Crystal Coffin

“Thank you… Your eyes are sincere and determined. I can sense a strong soul within your body, but what’s even more stronger is your unmeasurable potential… Therefore, I can finally feel a.s.sured and free myself… I will be in another world, praying, for my little mistress and you…”

“Thank you… ”

The elderly woman’s voice grew weaker and slower. When the last sounds of her voice fell, Yun Che didn’t even have time to question her, before her figure disappeared into thin air as though it was dispersed by the wind.

“The remains of her soul have also disappeared, it lasted for almost as long as I predicted. It’s a pity that she would never reincarnate nor would she go to the so-called ‘another world’.” Jasmine said plainly.

Yun Che looked at the ball of red light in front of him, and just when he was about to ask a question, the ball of light suddenly stopped flickering and completely froze in position, then suddenly pinged softly.

It was like the sound of gla.s.s shattering.

In an instant, a vertical crack appeared on the ball of light that was frozen in position. Soon after, the ball of light instantly evaporated, as though it was a soap bubble being pierced, turning into numerous red shards scattering in the air before breaking into even small pieces, and slowly disappeared in the air.

The red protective ball of light dispelled, but not all of the red light disappeared. Following the disappearance of the red protective ball of light, a crystal coffin that was emitting a weak red glow appeared in front of Yun Che.

Inside the crystal coffin laid a person… A person who was much more pet.i.te than Yun Che expected... A little girl!

The girl’s body was pet.i.te and her hands laid crossed in front of her chest as she laid silently in the coffin with a tint of a serene and lonely expression. She had long hair that was naturally scattered behind her. Her hair reached all the way to her lower back and was bright red… It was not a flame like fiery-red, but instead a ruby-like sparkling red.

The girl had a face that seemed like it was carved from jade. Within its perfection, there was a immaturity that only a child would possess. On her cream colored face was a cute exquisite nose that pointed upwards and watery tender lips that were gently closed. Below her similarly red eyelashes were eyes that anyone would believe to be a pair of star-like eyes if she opened them.

She wore a bright red imperial robe, but her clothes seemed to be very thin, bringing out all the contours of her pet.i.te body. Only a pair of snow white slender arms and a pair of white and tender legs were revealed, and on her feet were a pair of crystal clear ruby princess shoes. However, the most eye catching thing was that there were ruby bangles on both her wrists and ankles. The bangles were very small and stuck tightly to her skin on her slender wrists and ankles.

…Such a cute girl...

Wait… Why is she a little girl?

“This is the one that person referred to as… ‘Little Mistress’?” Yun Che stared widely. This girl looked to be younger than Jasmine, when he had originally met her and at most in her early teens. Although, she was very young, she possessed beauty that would be able to bring about calamity. Perhaps anyone that saw her would think that they had seen a sleeping doll.

“Wouldn’t you be more willing to save her now… You Bigggg Perrrrveerrrrtttttttttt!” Jasmine replied half-mockingly and half-hatefully.

“...Would she be any danger to me?” Yun Che automatically chose not to hear the last three words Jasmine said.

“Oh? A big pervert like you who specializes in cajoling woman would be afraid of a girl as young as this?”

“You also know that she could possibly be a person from the Primordial Era. What happens if she’s as powerful as you?” Yun Che said as his face revealed his cautiousness. Before meeting Jasmine, Yun Che would never believe a pretty girl that looked like a doll could be linked to the word “frightening”. However, having an exception such as Jasmine made Yun Che unable to not raise his cautiousness against the young girl lying in the coffin.

Jasmine remained silent for a while before replying: “This crystal coffin should be the ‘Coffin of Eternity’ that that person mentioned. My consciousness isn’t able to enter it and her aura is completely sealed in; not one bit is leaking out. Thus, I’m unable to tell whether she would pose a threat to you or not. If you’re scared, you can just ignore it.”

Yun Che did not hesitate as he walked forward, then stood in front of the crystal coffin: “Since I have already promised that person, I should still fulfil my promise. Furthermore… Eh, such a cute little girl, no matter how I look at it, she doesn’t seem like anyone bad… And if I save her, I would be considered her savior.”

As he spoke, Yun Che placed one of his hands on top of the crystal coffin and pushed with a little strength… However, he did not expect that such a light push would cause the lid on the coffin to crash open.

Just before the fragmented soul had dispersed, it had obviously dispelled the protective ball of light and the Coffin of Eternity.

“It is indeed the aura of a devilish poison… Quickly, help her detoxify the poison!” Jasmine’s suddenly said anxiously: “Once the Coffin of Eternity has been opened, the suppressed devilish poison would already be awakened! Quick, cleanse it with the Sky Poison Pearl! Otherwise, with no means of resisting while unconscious, her life, consciousness, and soul will be consumed by the poison!”

As Jasmine spoke, a black shroud of fog that was growing thicker with frightening speed, appeared around the body of the red-haired girl.

Yun Che frowned and nodded slightly as he quickly raised his left hand, placing it on the girl’s chest. A jade green glow instantly appeared and enveloped her.

Yun Che had not heard of the term “devilish poison” before, but he felt an extremely terrifying poisonous aura from the girl’s body. Even with his memories from two lives, he had not experienced a poisonous aura like this before… However, it was similar to the frightening poison that was on Jasmine, except that it was not as domineering as Jasmine’s.

In this world, there was no poison that the Sky Poison Pearl could not cleanse, and under the cleansing power of the Sky Poison Pearl, the devilish poison within the red-haired girl was being subdued gradually. Then, it was consumed and cleansed, resulting in the black shroud of fog being dispersed and completely disappearing very quickly.

After thirty minutes, the devilish poison on the girl was finally completely purified… The fact that it took so long for the Sky Poison Pearl to cleanse it meant that the devilish poison was extremely powerful. Judging by the strength of the devilish poison, if it had completely invaded the girl’s soul, just like Jasmine’s situation, it would even be considered short if it was completely cleansed in tens of days.

The Sky Poison Pearl’s cleansing light had disappeared as Yun Che removed his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

The girl still remained peacefully sleeping, making one to not bear to make a sound lest she woke up. Yun Che suddenly seemed to regain his senses and placed his hand onto her chest again… After a while, he removed his hand and his face was confused.

“No signs of life?” Jasmine asked.

“Not the slightest bit of life…”

“Does that mean that she’s actually already dead?” Beside Yun Che, a red light shone and the silhouette of Jasmine appeared as she stared at the girl in the crystal coffin, using her sense to scan her body but unable to detect any signs of life. She then mumbled: “So it’s true… Looks like you have wasted your efforts.”

Yun Che felt a hidden sense of regret in his heart. He had used all his efforts to purify the devilish poison in the girl and didn’t dared to allow a lapse in concentration. However, after completely cleansing the poison, he found out that as his hand was on the girl’s body during purification, he didn’t detect any signs of life from her. Even now that the poison was completely cleansed, there were no signs of life at all… Obviously, at some point in time within the Coffin of Eternity, she had already lost her life but her guardian did not know as she still remained, senselessly and bitterly guarding her. She was so determined that she didn’t let her fragmented soul scatter in antic.i.p.ation for that glimpse of hope.

Now that her desired Sky Poison Pearl had arrived, she finally dissipated peacefully, but what a pity...

It was lucky that her fragmented soul has already dissipated if not, having to see this scene, she would probably be unable to rest in peace.

Yun Che didn’t give up as he used his hand to press at her neck, forehead, wrist and chest… Perhaps it was due to the fact that she was always within the Coffin of Eternity, her body temperature didn’t seem cold. Her skin was soft and tender, yet smooth as jade. However, no matter how Yun Che tried to probe, he couldn’t feel any signs of life. There wasn’t even the flow of blood either.

Yun Che had finally given up as he let out a sigh inwardly. He spoke while raising his head and looking at the sky: “Old senior, Junior has already fulfilled his promise and completely cleansed the devilish poison from your little mistress’ body, however, things didn’t go as planned… All I can do is to let her continue sleeping peacefully.”

As he spoke, Yun Che pressed his hand on the cover of the Coffin of Eternity… Just as he was about to reseal the lid and not interrupt the girl’s slumber, the girl’s red eyelashes suddenly moved gently. Following that, her eyes that had been shut for an unimaginable amount of time gradually opened.

These were a pair of ruby-like stunning eyes. The moment her eyes opened, it was as though the dark sky had suddenly been lit up by the s.h.i.+ne of stars. Jasmine’s eyes would occasionally turn red as well… However, it was the red of bloodthirst. The red of the eyes in front of him now was like the most perfect color formed from the acc.u.mulation of the very essence of heaven and earth. It was so beautiful that it was suffocating.

Yun Che didn’t move at all; he seemed frozen. His eyes still locked with the little girl’s opened eyes. It seemed as though he had turned into stone… He repeatedly confirmed that there were no signs of life on her body, and even Jasmine came to the same conclusion, but she managed to open her eyes… And they were a pair of stunningly beautiful eyes.

As Yun Che looked at her with a stunned expression, her beautiful red eyes stared back at Yun Che. After some time, she finally blinked and eventually sat up within the crystal coffin. Realizing that Yun Che was still staring at her in a daze, she blinked once again. Suddenly, her eyebrows curved and a pair of thin cute crescents appeared above her eyes. Her face had a unbearably cute smile: “Hi big brother!”


After suddenly waking from a slumber that lasted who knew how long, appearing at a dark and empty s.p.a.ce after seeing only strangers… the girl didn’t seem to be nervous or scared, not even lost or puzzled. Instead, she smiled brightly and… greeted him!!