Against the Gods - Chapter 471 - Change in the Sky (1)

Chapter 471 - Change in the Sky (1)

Chapter 471 - Change in the Sky (1)


“Lord Phoenix G.o.d!!”

Even prince and elder cla.s.s people within Divine Phoenix Sect would rarely hear its voice or see its true appearance. There were even some who had never seen it in their entire lives. This was precisely the moment in which everyone all thought that their Phoenix G.o.d had pa.s.sed away, when their hearts were stricken with terror. Yet when the Phoenix G.o.d suddenly appeared in the most straightforward of manner and thoroughly destroyed the “rumors”, many Phoenix elders were pleasantly surprised and moved to the point where they kneeled onto the ground, wors.h.i.+pping with their faces looking up at the sky.

The Divine Phoenix’s might enveloped the entire Divine Phoenix City, and from every corner of Divine Phoenix City, its enormous pair of golden eyes could be seen in the blue skies above. In an instant, all Phoenix disciples fell to their knees and looked upwards, their bodies trembling all over in excitement. A large majority of profound pract.i.tioners in Divine Phoenix City also involuntarily kneeled. Under the pressure of the Phoenix Spirit’s might, they all felt as though their blood had almost solidified.

As for Feng Hengkong, his shock was far greater. Because he was one of the few who knew that the Divine Phoenix had pa.s.sed away, and had personally seen the Divine Phoenix fade away. Seeing those enormous golden pupils in the air caused him to take a long time to recover back from his shock. He simply couldn’t believe his eyes. He finally regained his senses after a long while and slowly kneeled.

“Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s Ancient Blue greets Venerable Phoenix G.o.d.” Ancient Blue bowed, and executed a junior’s courtesy of respect. Spiritual Master Ancient Blue had long since pa.s.sed the age of a thousand, but in front of the Divine Phoenix, he indeed could only be regarded as a junior.

Ling Kun and Ji Qianrou also respectfully saluted. In front of the Divine Phoenix, forget about them, even if it were Saint Emperor, Sovereign of the Seas, Heavenly Monarch and Sword Master-level characters, they would also not dare to be rash. Because in the Profound Sky Continent, the Divine Phoenix was the only one who had stepped into the legendary Divine Profound Realm; the genuine supreme highest myth-like existence.

“Impossible… this is impossible!” Ye Xinghan’s eyes widened as he looked at the golden pupils in the sky with incredibility: “This Divine Phoenix… is obviously already dead!”

These golden colored eyes could be an illusion, and even the voice could be faked, but the power coming from the Divine Phoenix absolutely could not be faked. Because this aura of strength was even more terrifying than Ye Meixie, his father, the Heavenly Monarch’s aura; it was the might of a G.o.d that absolutely couldn’t be imitated by anyone.

The Divine Phoenix’s voice came from above the blue sky. Each word all shook everyone’s soul: “This G.o.d had only napped for a few years, yet someone actually dares to be this impudent to my Divine Phoenix Sect! And even dares to heavily injure my personal succeeding disciple. How audacious!”

The personal succeeding disciple mentioned by the Divine Phoenix was naturally Feng Xue’er.

The Divine Phoenix’s rage pressed down from above, keeping everyone quiet out of fear. The enormous golden pupils suddenly flickered at this time as a scarlet red Phoenix Fire Ring instantly descended from the sky, encircling Ye Xinghan. The Phoenix Fire Ring immediately combusted violently, firmly locking Ye Xinghang within.

These were Phoenix flames that came from the Divine Phoenix; its frightfulness and temperature caused those few from the Sacred Grounds to turn pale with horror. Ancient Blue, Ling Kun, and Ji Qianrou all retreated at the same time, covering more than one hundred meters of distance. As for the Ye Xinghan who was surrounded by Phoenix flames, though he had not been touched, it was still as though he had fallen into a lava h.e.l.l as the clothes on his body instantly ignited. Deep terror was revealed on Ye Xinghan’s face. He had no doubt that once those Phoenix flames approached, he would turn into ashes in a mere breaths.

In this world, those who were brave enough to kill him were but a few… However, the Divine Phoenix was definitely one amongst them! It was someone that could even kill his father. And because of his behavior and ravings earlier, it wanting to kill him was normal.

In the face of the threat of death, Ye Xinghan finally began to fear. He pressed the ignited Phoenix flames on his body down in a fl.u.s.ter, and tried to exude calm: “Venerable Phoenix G.o.d, please calm your anger. This junior definitely did not have the intention to offend Venerable Phoenix G.o.d. My father, Ye Meixie had also always warned this junior to never be disrespectful to Venerable Phoenix G.o.d… This junior had only heard rumors within the wind and thought that Venerable Phoenix G.o.d had already departed this world, which was why this junior had impulsively acted unwisely. This junior wishes that Venerable Phoenix G.o.d would be merciful and spare junior this time. This junior will certainly be deeply grateful, and never do this again…”

In order to protect his life, Ye Xinghan had no choice but to say the words “Ye Meixie”.

Ling Kun’s complexion unceasingly fluctuated, but nevertheless still came forth and said sincerely: “Venerable Phoenix G.o.d, please calm your anger. After all, Young Hall Master Ye is still young. Even though his actions today were despicable, the young are always impulsive, and it isn’t that unpardonable. Moreover, Princess Snow is still perfectly fine, so there hasn’t been any grave consequences. Sun Moon Divine Hall and Divine Phoenix Sect had always minded their own business, but if Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Young Hall Master were truly to be buried here, I’m afraid… I hope Venerable Phoenix G.o.d can reconsider.”


Just as Ling Kun’s words fell, the Phoenix flames encircling Ye Xinghan suddenly rose, pouncing onto Ye Xinghan’s body. Before anyone had time to turn pale with fright, the Phoenix flames had already died out. Yet the force of impact had not weakened as it knocked Ye Xinghan flying.

Ye Xinghan rolled on the ground as he spat out four huge mouthfuls of blood. His face was as white as paper, and he laid on the floor, paralyzed for a long time. The Divine Phoenix’s sharp cold voice came from overhead: “Hmph! Ye Meixie has visited this G.o.d two times within this millennium, so we can be considered to be in friendly terms. On behalf of Ye Meixie and Sun Moon Divine Hall, this G.o.d will spare your life this one time! Get out of Phoenix City immediately, and never enter ever again. If you dare to take even half a step into Phoenix City… this G.o.d will personally exterminate you!”

“Why haven’t you scramed yet?!”

Every one of the Divine Phoenix’s words were filled with an incredibly heavy imposingness and deterrence. Ye Xinghan crawled up with a hand covering his chest and turned around to leave in an incomparably miserable manner. He didn’t even dare to reveal his resentment.

The reason why he had personally come to Divine Phoenix Empire was for Feng Xue’er. He was originally filled with complete confidence and thought that everything was within the palms of his hands, but in the end, he had actually ended worse off when trying to gain an advantage. He had not obtained Feng Xue’er. Yue Ji, Mei Ji, and his important tool Feng Feiyan had all died within the Primordial Profound Ark. He had first been made fun of by Ji Qianrou, then struck injured by the Divine Phoenix, and he also heavily offended Ancient Blue. Then, he had been transformed into an incomparably wretched state in front of the entire Divine Phoenix Sect. He had lost all his dignity… In the end, he had even found out that even the news of the Divine Phoenix being dead was also false!

As the stately Young Hall Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall, under the suppression of the Divine Phoenix, he left like a stray dog while carrying heavy injuries. Not one member of Divine Phoenix Sect was not overwhelmed with excitement. As for Ancient Blue, Ji Qianrou, and Ling Kun, their expressions had become extremely complex… They had actually been ninety percent sure of the news that the Divine Phoenix had died, with only ten percent of doubt. It was only today however, did they find out that it was only a rumor… Or perhaps it had all along been a deliberate facade constructed by the Divine Phoenix.

At this time, all three of their bodies stiffened. It was as though a incomparably heavy mountain was suppressing them. Whether their body or aura, none could move a single step. Because the Divine Phoenix’s attention had now focused on their bodies.

“Did you three Sacred Grounds also believe that this G.o.d had already died?”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue sighed, and answered in a voice that could be considered to be rather calm: “I am ashamed. My Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had indeed heard such rumors and mostly believed it. Only today did I find out that Venerable Phoenix G.o.d is well. This old one is now greatly rea.s.sured. I believe that Lord Saint Emperor will also be greatly comforted upon hearing this news.”

“This G.o.d is a divine spirit of the Phoenix and is one with the world. As long as the world has not perished, this G.o.d will never disappear! Even if this entire Profound Sky Continent is destroyed, this G.o.d still won’t die! You three are guests from afar, so whether or not you wish to leave is up to you, but my Divine Phoenix Sect’s dignity is not allowed to be struck.”

“Wouldn’t dare, wouldn’t dare.” Ling Kun promptly said while bowing. The suppression he felt from the Divine Phoenix far surpa.s.sed Sword Master Xuanyuan Wentian.

“Hengkong, bring Xue’er to this G.o.d’s place.”

Once the Divine Phoenix finished speaking, those two golden eyes slowly closed before disappearing from the skies above.

“Well met, Lord Phoenix G.o.d.” Loudly chorused the many Phoenix disciples, but they still were on their knees and didn’t get up for a long time.

“Ming’er, deal with the aftermaths for me.” Feng Hengkong simply threw down a command before swiftly flying toward the Phoenix G.o.d Great Hall with the still unconscious Feng Xue’er.

Once the Divine Phoenix left, that omnipresent feeling of suppression had subsequently disappeared. Spiritual Master Ancient Blue let out a small breath of relief, and said toward Feng Xichen: “Thirteenth Prince, may I trouble you to bring this old one to his inferior disciple?”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue actively taking the initiative to talk to him terrified Feng Xichen, and he promptly replied: “Yes, Senior Ancient Blue, please come this way.”


The appearance of the Phoenix Spirit shocked the entire Divine Phoenix City. Very quickly, this sensation quickly spread throughout the entire Divine Phoenix Empire. Within Divine Phoenix City, discussions of the appearance of the Phoenix Spirit lasted throughout the entire day. Its degree of enthusiasm had even suppressed the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament and the Primordial Profound Ark.

At present, the Four Great Sacred Grounds ought to also have received news that the Phoenix Spirit had never pa.s.sed away.

At the same time in which the spirits of Divine Phoenix Nation’s citizens were raised up high, a certain news had drenched every citizen of Blue Wind Nation inside Divine Phoenix City with cold water, and coldly pierced their souls.

The Yun Che who had defeated ten of Divine Phoenix Sect’s prodigious disciples alone, who had acquired an unprecedented first place for Blue Wind Nation in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, was eternally dead within the Primordial Profound Ark during his rescue of Princes Snow.

When Ling Jie, who had run back from outside Phoenix City in high spirits to return to Blue Wind Nation together with Yun Che, received this news, he stood there, stupefied on the spot as though he had been struck by lightning. He stood motionless for a very long time, as if he had become a soulless statue.

Time quickly moved from early morning to afternoon. The continuously noisy Divine Phoenix City had also finally quietened down. Feng Ximing hastily rushed in the emperor’s bedchambers of Divine Phoenix Empire, and impatiently asked: “Royal father, has Xue’er awakened yet? And it seems like Lord Phoenix G.o.d actually has not died yet; could it be a deliberate facade of dying made by Lord Phoenix G.o.d to see the Four Great Sacred Grounds’ reactions, while also trying to tempt out those disloyal within the sect?”

“No…” Feng Hengkong’s voice was incomparably calm. He turned around with an desolate face: “Lord Phoenix G.o.d had died three years ago, it was not a facade… everything today, was the facade.”

“Wh… what?” Feng Ximing instantly held his breath.

“The Lord Phoenix G.o.d that appeared today was only an illusion of a G.o.d left behind by Lord Phoenix G.o.d with the last of its strength before its death. It was a precaution in case its death was revealed, in order to prevent disaster from coming to Divine Phoenix Sect… The final force left behind by Lord Phoenix G.o.d has now completely disappeared. It telling us to Phoenix G.o.d Great Hall was to use the last of its spirit voice to tell us this.” Feng Hengkong said solemnly.

Feng Ximing’s expression was lifeless. Silent for a long time, it wasn’t until quite a while did he finally speak while sighing: “Lord Phoenix G.o.d is farsighted and wise, to have already antic.i.p.ated everything to this day… At the moment, the entire word, including the Four Great Sacred Grounds are all certain that the Divine Phoenix still exists. With Lord Phoenix G.o.d’s deterrence, the Four Sacred Grounds definitely would not dare to rush at our Divine Phoenix Sect again.”

“Paper would never be able to cover fire. Even though we are quite stable now, the death of the Divine Phoenix is fact. This will inevitably leak out someday.” Feng Hengkong tightened his brows as his expression became more and more resolute: “Ming’er, you have also seen it today. If not for the Divine Phoenix’s existence, see how the Four Sacred Grounds hold our Divine Phoenix Sect in contempt! Now that we don’t have the Divine Phoenix, and since Xue’er is only sixteen… Before Xue’er fully matures, the only ones we can rely on are ourselves! We must grow stronger faster, in the shortest time possible.”

“Royal father is saying…”

Feng Hengkong narrowed his eyes as he said faintly: “We have to obtain Blue Wind Nation’s huge hidden Purple Crystal Mine! Spirit Earth Hall’s scouted information has said that hidden within it, are a great amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystals! If that is true, then it will greatly a.s.sist our sect!”

“Starting tomorrow, ready the entire army! After three months, march into Blue Wind Nation! Within three years, be sure to capture all of Blue Wind’s territories at full strength!”