Against the Gods - Chapter 464 - Song of the Flower Burial

Chapter 464 - Song of the Flower Burial

Chapter 464 - Song of the Flower Burial

Yun Che’s speed was fast. However, compared to Ye Xinghan’s speed, he was still lacking simply far too much. The distance between them was quickly closing. In a few tens of breaths, it had already closed to three hundred meters. Yun Che tightened his grip on Feng Xue’er as he gritted his teeth. Thoughts spiraled anxiously in his mind as he racked his brains for a way to escape. And at this moment, he suddenly sensed that presence, which had locked onto him, had been severed in an instant, and even the sense of danger had also dissipated by half.

Yun Che hurriedly turned his head around, only to shockingly find a snow-white floating figure slowly descending from the sky, blocking Ye Xinghan’s front. A powerful aura had also forcefully sealed his presence and the path in front of him.

That’s… Ji Qianrou!?

Yun Che’s heart instantly felt much calmer than before. He took a huge breath, and once again accelerated, as he charged straight froward.

“Yo, Little Hanhan. Where are you going in such a rush? Incidentally, I’m bored and have nothing to do. Do you want my help?” Ji Qianrou twirled his finger, blinked his blossom eyes, and looked at Ye Xinghan smilingly. The formless aura released from his body, however, had completely sealed Ye Xinghan’s path, and he was no longer able to take even a single step forward.

The moment he saw Ji Qianrou appear, Ye Xinghan sensed trouble. Given Ji Qianrou’s personality, it was definitely impossible for him to not harbor any motives. Adding that he had appeared at such a coincidental timing, it was very possible that he might have peeped on everything that had happened from the shadows. Ye Xinghan said with a sunken face. “Ji Qianrou, move away this instant. Do not ruin my happy moment.”

“Aiyo, Little Hanhan is so fierce.” Ji Qianrou posed a wronged and frightened look, however, immediately after, his peach blossom face once again bloomed all so brilliantly. “But, Little Hanhan’s angry look sure is really cute, and I can’t help but want to stroke it… Little Hanhan, reach out your face over here, and let me have a good stroke.”

“You…” Ye Xinghan’s body trembled, and he couldn’t help but take a step back. Right after, gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he said. “Ji Qianrou. I had long sensed that someone had been watching from somewhere. As expected, it was you. We are both people from the Sacred Grounds, so there’s no need for nonsense! You should know who the person I was chasing after, so hurry up and move. I, Ye Xinghan, shall owe you one! Otherwise… Hmph! You and Divine Phoenix Sect do not have any form of relations either. It’s not worthwhile for you to become my mortal enemy for a sect that’s soon to collapse!”

“Divine Phoenix Sect?” Ji Qianrou’s eyes turned, and then, he laughed out femininely. “You’re referring to that little girl from Divine Phoenix Sect? That little girl is really adorable, but in regards to her life and death, it’s not related to me in the slightest. I simply felt that it was fun to see you and Little Cheche playing cat and mice, so I couldn’t help but hop in, and slightly increase the difficulty of this game of cat and mice. It will be much more fun, you know~!”

“Yun Che?” Ye Xinghan frowned, and was filled with doubts. The reason why this Ji Qianrou in front of him had forcefully stopped him all of a sudden, was not because of Feng Xue’er, but Yun Che.

Although Ye Xinghan possessed an Tyrant Profound weapon, he was still definitely not Ji Qianrou’s match. If Ji Qianrou wanted to trap him, it would be impossible for even him to escape from his grasp. He said with a solemn voice. “What benefits did that Yun Che give you? The mighty Jade-faced Demon Monarch is actually working for a Blue Wind brat who’s less than twenty years old! This sure is laughable.”

“Working for? Little Hanhan, you’re wrong about this-o.” Ji Qianrou twirled his finger about. “I have already said that I simply wished to partic.i.p.ate in this game between Little Hanhan and Little Cheche. There’s still twenty hours till this realm closes. If the game ends so quickly, then we won’t be able to play in the next few hours. That’s so uninteresting, you know. Huu—”

Ji Qianrou raised his right hand, and unknowingly since when, a glamorous red petal was clipped between his snow-white fingers. With a slight movement of his fingers, suddenly, as though that petal was raised by a light breeze, it gently floated towards Ye Xinghan. When its distance was no more than three meters away from Ye Xinghan, its speed suddenly increased, and in an instant, it flew like a bullet, drawing a red line in the air which did not dissipate for a long time.

Ye Xinghan slightly moved his head, and that petal seemed to have flown right past his throat. That cold intent which lasted a single moment, had even caused his heart to suddenly stop. With all his might, he maintained the calm on his face, and said with a dark voice. “You wish to kill me?”

“Aiya, Little Hanhan’s words are scary. How could I bear to kill Little Hanhan?” With an anxious face, Ji Qianrou shook his head to deny it… He definitely possessed the strength kill Ye Xinghan, and in this realm, he could even kill without leaving a single trace. However, Ji Qianrou knew very clearly that Ye Xinghan’s body definitely carried the soul imprint personally left by Ye Meixie, Heavenly Monarch of Sun Moon Divine Hall. The moment Ye Xinghan dies, the memories and the scenes he had seen during a short period of time before his death, would be instantly sent to Ye Meixie’s soul, allowing him to know who had killed Ye Xinghan.

Although Ji Qianrou was arrogant, he was not that wild to the extent of incurring the Heavenly Monarch’s killing intent. And Ye Xinghan’s death, would not result merely to a personal feud, but rather, a feud between the entire Sun Moon Divine Hall and Supreme Ocean Palace.

“But, if Little Hanhan isn’t obedient, as a senior, teaching you a small lesson is something I should do. Don’t you think so too, Little Hanhan~?” Ji Qianrou said smilingly.

Ye Xinghan tightened his fists, and his lungs were seemingly about to explode from anger. His prey was just right in front of him earlier; he could’ve immediately obtained Feng Xue’er’s body and bloodline… Feng Xue’er’s bloodline especially, was an immensely huge support that could aid him in becoming the future ruler of the continent, it was something that he had to obtain no matter what. Yet, this Ji Qianrou… just had to pop out at this moment!

“Ji Qianrou, I usually respect you as a senior, so I have always been polite with you. I gave you face… So you best give me yours!” After confirming it was impossible for Ji Qianrou to kill him, he Xinghan’s tone had instantly become incomparably firm under his anxiousness, as he wanted to use his ident.i.ty and might as one of the young masters of the Sacred Grounds to suppress him.

“Aiyoyo…” Though Ji Qianrou still carried that smiling look, how could he possibly be frightened by it? “You know, this perfect face that I have is the most important thing in my life, so it’s something I must have. But, as for Little Hanhan’s stinky face… I don’t want it at all.”


Ye Xinghan had only managed to utter that one word, when suddenly, in a blink of an eye, he acted. Two profound lights shone, attacking straight towards Ji Qianrou.

“Sun Moon Cage!!”

The moment Ye Xinghan acted, he had used Sun Moon Divine Hall’s strongest sealing profound art. Naturally, he wanted to take the opportunity of when Ji Qianrou had yet to put up any defenses to forcefully seal his movements.

Facing Ye Xinghan’s sudden attack, Ji Qianrou’s expression did not change. Even that elegant curve of his lips did not have the slightest of movement. Only his two fingers had gently twirled, and two red petals gently floated towards the left and right.

Ping! Ping!

When the Sun Moon profound light which carried an immensely huge sealing force made contact with the two petals, they immediately popped like soap bubbles, and were scattered to the two sides while bringing out incomparably strong surging tornados. At the center of the two tornadoes however, not even Ji Qianrou’s hair or the corners of his clothes fluttered. He stretched his five fingers, and on every finger, different-colored glows flashed, which looked especially beautiful. His peach blossom eyes closed, and he said with a tender smile. “As I thought, Little Hanhan isn’t obedient. Then I have no choice to teach you a small lesson, you know~”

“Ji Qianrou, don’t think I’m afraid of you! I really want to see what you can do to me today!”

Ye Xinghan’s eyes were dark and ruthless. Sun Moon Calamity was spread open in his hands, and the profound aura surrounding his body burst out, as incomparably strong profound energy poured out like a tsunami.

“Yin Yang Evanescence! …Die!!”

Two profound lights, one black and one white, were released from Sun Moon Calamity. They intersected in midair, and the s.p.a.ce where they pa.s.sed through distorted slightly as they struck towards Ji Qianrou.

Facing this terrifying killing move, Ji Qianrou still carried a calm demeanor. He gently twisted his wrist, and his five fingers twirled. The colorful glows on the fingertips intersected one another, creating a spectacle with varied colors. “Little Hanhan, you have to greatly enjoy this Song—of the—Flower Burial… alright?”

Following after the last word falling from his lips, the colorful glows above all five of Ji Qianrou’s fingers radiated at the same time. In an instant, yellow, red, pink, green, blue, white, brown… petals of various colors fluttered out, as though an incomparably beautiful rain of rainbow-colored flowers had suddenly begun to fall.

The Yin Yang energy which exploded forth charged into the rain of petals that filled the sky, and then, it actually became smaller and smaller… When it was still several meters away from Ji Qianrou, it had already disappeared completely.

It disappeared completely without a trace, without a single sound.

“Wh… What!?”

Ye Xinghan had heard many tales of how terrifying Ji Qianrou was. However, he had never exchanged blows with him, so he had definitely never expected that his petals would be terrifying to such a degree! And at this moment, the wind which was suffused with the dense aroma of flowers, flew towards Ye Xinghan whilst carrying a huge amount of flower petals. Ye Xinghan’s pupils shrank, and he instinctively retreated his steps. However, when he had only taken a single step back, an intense tearing force was released from his front…To be more exact, it was coming from every single petal! The power behind these tearing forces, had actually caused him to feel basically powerless. He simply stared with widened eyes as one petal after another made contact with his own body.

The first flower petal landed on his shoulder… That was clearly a flower petal, yet, at that very moment, he basically felt a mountain pressing down on his shoulder, causing his body which was flying in the air to sink. And immediately after, the second, third, fourth, fifth… More and more flower petals descended onto his body. With each additional petal, Ye Xinghan’s body would be pressed down even more. After a few dozen petals, he couldn’t even float in the air any longer as he fiercely fell from the sky.

And even after landing on the ground, that immense suppressive force still did not allow him to stand straight, as it forcefully pushed him into his knees… In the end, his entire upper body was tightly pressed onto the cold, hard ground, and he could no longer even raise his head.

“Ji… Qian… Rou!! Ye Xinghan’s head was fixed to the ground. With a hoa.r.s.e voice, he roared out. “I will definitely not forgive you. If there comes a day you land in my hands, I…”

A flower petal immediately stuck onto Ye Xinghan’s lips, preventing him from making another sound. Ji Qianrou shook his head, and said compa.s.sionately. “Youths, after all, become rash too easily. In times like this, you actually still dare to quarrel with me. Aren’t you afraid that once I get angry, I might accidentally slice off your head… When a head is sliced off, the throat will gush out blood enough to fill the sky… Oh… Now that’s the most beautiful, the most intoxicating scene in the human realm.”

The flower petals continued to fall, gradually piling up the ground. At the center of it, was a stack of petals which was not exactly too tall. Within the stack of petals, was Ye Xinghan, who was completely buried within, where not even a single corner of his clothes was exposed out.

Ji Qianrou’s body gently rose to the sky, as he lightly muttered to himself. “It always feels the worst to owe someone a favor. But now I have finally managed to return it. I don’t know how long Little Hanhan will be buried either… Huu. If Little Cheche still ends up being captured by Little Hanhan, then I can no longer be blamed for it, hmph. Hehehehe…”