Against the Gods - Chapter 461 - Explode! The Tyrannical Emperor Awakens (1)

Chapter 461 - Explode! The Tyrannical Emperor Awakens (1)

Chapter 461 - Explode! The Tyrannical Emperor Awakens (1)

Not only was the strength of the complete Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing immensely strong, it also brought along an impact which immensely overshadowed the past. Although Yueji and Meiji had extremely quick reactions and strong defenses, they were still flung away by this formidable profound skill originating from the True Phoenix G.o.d, causing them to lose their balance when they fell and their entire bodies to be engulfed in incomparably hot Phoenix flames.

Yun Che’s silhouette flashed, instantly appearing next to Yue Ji with Feng Xue’er in his arms while smas.h.i.+ng his sword down.


The profound defense that Yue Ji conjured in a hurry was dearly smashed she borrowed the momentum to roll over, evading into the distance; and at the same time, a bone-chilling murderous aura drifted from Yun Che’s rear. He rapidly swung his sword backwards… A chain of explosions could be heard as the three of them were separated far apart. The surrounding atmosphere was extremely chaotic, flooded with a scorching and violent aura.

Yun Che quietly exhaled. If he held his sword with both hands earlier, he was fully confident that he would have been able to severely injure Yue Ji with a single strike in the surprise attack just now. However, not only would handling a heavy sword with only a single hand lead to a ma.s.sive decrease in its power, the speed of attacking and counterattacking would also take a huge hit. At the same time, it would be extremely taxing on physical strength and time.

Under the impact from the Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing and the burning from Phoenix flames before, the short s.h.i.+rts and skirts of Yue Ji and Mei Ji were utterly damaged, and were not even able to cover their bodies. Apart from the killing intent, prudence and vigilance could now be seen from their eyes. They had originally thought that their combined efforts would be enough to completely suppress Yun Che with ease; they never expected that the moment they started to fight, just an explosion here and a flash there from Yun Che would cost them so much.

They glanced at each other, then did the exact same action.


The utterly ripped clothes of Yue Ji and Mei Ji were torn off as two sets of full-bodied, alluring snow-white bodies with not a single thread presented themselves in front of Yun Che. The iciness and murderous intent in their eyes faded away quickly, replaced with a seductive look which could cause any regular man to be ensnared immediately.

Their actions caused Yun Che to pause for a moment. Feng Xue’er, who was looking at Yue Ji and Mei Ji with vigilance and worry suddenly let out an “Ah” sound and subconsciously said: “Big Brother Yun… you can’t look… can’t look…”

“They don’t even look as good as Xue’er, I can’t be bothered to look!” Yun Che answered immediately, but his eyes were firmly staring at their bodies, especially the two pairs of snow peaks which were continuously undulating… d.a.m.n it! It was a waste to not look! However, only after saying that did he realize… what he said actually had several meanings.

“Big brother Yun has never even seen how I look without clothes, how would you know… oh… Big brother Yun… You’re actually so bad!” Feng Xue’er’s cheeks suddenly turned red.

“I… I didn’t mean it like that…”


The naked Yue Ji and Mei Ji slowly walked towards Yun Che, their originally icy expressions now replaced with a bewitching smile, as if hinting to Yun Che that he could enjoy their bodies anytime. At this point, Yun Che’s expression shook slightly, a sense of vertigo appeared in his mind, even the speed of blood flow in his body increased considerably.

Yun Che concentrated his consciousness, immediately becoming vigilant...

Seductive arts!?

Moreover they actually didn’t hesitate to rip off their own clothes to seduce him; these two women were really giving it their all.

A pity… it was used on the wrong person!

Yun Che maintained his position as the look in his eyes became more and more cloudy. Within the cloudiness was infatuation which was growing deeper, allowing Yue Ji and Mei Ji to inch closer, until they were within ten steps. Yun Che suddenly said with a low voice: “Xue’er, close your eyes…”

A strange, deep blue light suddenly blossomed within Yun Che’s eyes. Behind him, an azure blue dragon’s silhouette appeared, followed by a tyrannical and mighty dragon’s roar coming from the heavens that shook the earth. A pair of azure blue eyes as deep as the skies and as luminous as the stars appeared about a meter above Yun Che’s head.

Yue Ji and Mei Ji trembled violently. Their bewitching expressions and enchanting smiles suddenly became stiff, thereupon turning into incomparably intense fear; their pupils shuddered rapidly as their entire bodies trembled violently like sieves.

Based on the powerful profound strength of Yue Ji and Mei Ji, they originally wouldn’t be in this state under the effects of the Dragon Soul Domain. Even if they were scared out of their wits by seventy percent, they would still have about thirty percent of clarity. However, they were attempting to use seductive arts on Yun Che… Seductive arts were a kind of mental attack, and Dragon Soul Domain was also a mental attack domain, but how could a mere seductive arts compare to the Dragon Soul Domain? In front of it’s immense might, their seductive arts rebounded on them, causing their mental barriers to collapse completely, thereby falling entirely to the suppression of the Dragon G.o.d. Their hearts filled with fear, having no mind to resist at all.

Yun Che suddenly rushed forward. Dragon Fault pierced ruthlessly toward Yue Ji’s throat; the coa.r.s.e edge of the sword easily pierced into Yue Ji’s body whose profound strength defenses had been decreased by about ninety percent, completely piercing her throat. Then removing and swinging the sword again as Phoenix flames whizzed out, he brought along a scorching heatwave which rushed towards Mei Ji’s chest, piercing out through her back… creating a see-through hole about the size of a brain in her chest.

Dragon Soul Domain barely persisted for two breaths, and was quickly retracted by Yun Che… because every breath for which Dragon Soul Domain was activated taxed his mental strength immensely. Yet these two breaths were entirely sufficient for Yun Che. In the instant when the Dragon Soul Domain was extinguished, Yue Ji’s and Mei Ji’s bodies subsequently fell; a pool of fresh blood quickly acc.u.mulated beneath their bodies.

If there was a small chance for some leeway before, then, after killing these two women of Ye Xinghan’s… and even the two that he rather doted on, he and Ye Xinghan would become mortal enemies. And Ye Xinghan’s current ident.i.ty was Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Young Hall Master, even the publicly accepted future ruler of a Sacred Ground, so he could be considered a complete mortal enemy of Sun Moon Divine Hall.

He had only just gotten the public’s favor in his enmity with Divine Phoenix Sect, but now he had offended Sun Moon Divine Hall!!

What a bitter life!!

In regards to his enmity with Divine Phoenix Sect, he could resist with incomparable toughness; even if the other party took the initiative to chase and kill him surrept.i.tiously, he had absolutely no fear. Moreover, he already had thought of many plans to deal with and counterattack them… however, to provoke Sun Moon Divine Hall...

That was not something to be trifled with!

Furthermore, Ye Xinghan’s personality was poisonous and crafty; his entire body emitted a kind of extremely dangerous aura… he was absolutely a dreadful and unscrupulous person!

Yun Che placed Feng Xue’er’s coronet onto his chest, not allowing her to see the b.l.o.o.d.y scene, yet from the sound of the surroundings, she could already sense that Yue Ji and Mei Ji had already died. She opened her eyes, placing her cheeks onto his chest. Feeling that his heartbeat was a little chaotic, she softly said: “Big brother Yun… I… dragged you down…”

“I’ve said this before, it’s not your fault.” Yun Che slowed his breathing and said: “Since things have progressed to this point, we should live on with all our might… You don’t have to worry about me. If worst comes to worst, after leaving this place, I’ll head to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary!”

With his connection to Xia Yuanba, it wouldn’t be too difficult if he wanted to enter Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. Being the head of the Four Sacred Grounds, Sun Moon Divine Hall would definitely not dare to provoke Absolute Monarch Sanctuary; he would definitely be safe there.

But the condition was that Xia Yuanba had to remain alive.

With that, Yun Che sighed heavily. However, when he summoned his profound strength, he felt a sense of vertigo in his mind, and almost face-planted into the ground… Although he had only activated Dragon Soul Domain for a short span of two breaths, it had taxed his consciousness by a considerable amount. He shook his head forcefully; only then could he barely get rid of the dizziness, escaping into the distance.



A ball of Phoenix flames exploded onto Xia Yuanba’s chest. His body flew far away, smas.h.i.+ng heavily onto the ground. He groaned and stood back up yet again; however, just as he stood up, he violently knelt on one knee, incapable of standing up for a long time. Blood flowed from his forehead, hands and stray areas all over his body.

“This kid’s physique is really not simple, after resisting for so long, he still has not died yet. He’s still able to barely stand.” Feng Feiyan said as he clicked his tongue.

“But what a pity, to have only practiced Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s core profound art to about thirty percent.” Ye Xinghan waved his jade fan, looked towards Xia Yuanba and spoke as if talking about a dead person: “To be able to defend against that last strike was his limit already. It’s time to send him on his way, this young master would never have thought that with the two of us cooperating, we would still waste so much time. This young master is already itching to pamper my little Xue’er.”

“Heh… die already!”

Feng Feiyan laughed coldly, then growled, violently punching Xia Yuanba’s brain with a fist of Phoenix flames.

Xia Yuanba gasped for breath. The look in his eyes slackened, his entire body soaked with sweat and blood; nearly a third of his exterior was a mixture of flesh and blood. Under the combined strength of Feng Feiyan and Ye Xinghan, he forcefully resisted for a quarter of an hour, which could be said to be an unbelievable miracle.

As death encroached, Xia Yuanba lifted his head and Feng Feiyan’s fist of Phoenix flames appeared in his pupils. His gaze suddenly became incomparably vicious; roaring loudly, a tyrannical surge of strength surfaced within his scarred and bruised body as he threw a fist towards Feng Feiyan.


The flames exploded, the flow of air cracked, and Xia Yuanba spat out an arrow of blood as his body flew like a kite whose string was cut… Ye Xinghan’s face revealed a poisonous and cold smile. Waving the Sun Moon Calamity in his hands, a profound beam of about five feet flew out, cutting Xia Yuanba’s neck.

Xia Yuanba flew into the air injured, his consciousness drifting away just as the deadly profound beam approached. His willpower moved his body, doing his best to displace himself midair.


The profound beam from Sun Moon Calamity pierced through his body… causing his entire left arm to be cleanly cut from his body.


Xia Yuanba landed heavily onto the ground. His left arm however, landed tens of feet away. As blood spouted like a fountain from the cut in Xia Yuanba’s arm, his entire face twisted; his body twitched and spasmed from the intense pain, yet he did not scream a single bit.

“Tsk tsk tsk, you really are tenacious, tenacious to the point of being pitiful.” Ye Xinghan beamed as he saw Xia Yuanba’s suffering: “Too bad. In this young master’s eyes, your tenaciousness is just laughably stupid. Apart from letting this young master have more fun and letting yourself suffer even more, there really isn’t a point.”

After losing an arm, the Xia Yuanba who was heavily injured and near death lay paralyzed on the ground with no means to stand up. Under the immense damage he had taken, his pupils had slackened; he couldn’t even see the silhouettes of Feng Feiyan and Ye Xinghan, yet the viciousness and resentment did not lessen by a single bit. As Ye Xinghan spoke, he slowly raised his right hand, then did an action that Ye Xinghan and Feng Feiyan could not comprehend.


He heavily chopped himself with his right arm on the left side of his chest that had the longest wound, then fiercely sliced… the wound was ruthlessly torn… to the point where his breastbone clearly be seen, along with his quick beating heart underneath the bone, as well as the heart’s profound veins.

“Hm?” Feng Feiyan sneered :”Is he trying to commit suicide?”

“I… will… never… let… you… hurt… Brother-in-law!!”

The immense pain made Xia Yuanba speak every word with immense difficulty and weakness, yet every word was spoken with full conviction and fierceness. When the last word came out, his right hand acc.u.mulated what little strength he had left, and he raised his fist, using all of his strength to fiercely smash his own profound veins!


This fist was particularly heavy. To the half-dead Xia Yuanba, it was enough to end his life! When the fist landed at the position of his heart, his whole body shuddered. A lump of fresh blood spurted out from his mouth and beneath his fist, his eyes lost whatever focus they had.

Yet at this point, a golden brilliance radiated from beneath Xia Yuanba’s fist. Following his lost of consciousness, Xia Yuanba’s fist powerlessly moved away. The wound that he had torn revealed a profound vein which had turned completely golden in color!