Against the Gods - Chapter 452 - The Awakened Yuanba

Chapter 452 - The Awakened Yuanba

Chapter 452 - The Awakened Yuanba

To Divine Phoenix Sect, the Four Great Sacred Grounds were naturally their supreme guests. Thus, the residences prepared for them were luxurious to the extreme, causing Yun Che, Blue Wind Nation’s Prince Consort, who had lived in a palace for a few months to be secretly speechless.

After settling down, Xia Yuanba casually found a reason to force Spiritual Master Ancient Blue away. Before, under the eyes of everyone, Xia Yuanba was unable to fully express all of his excitement. Now that there were finally no outsiders, he once again lost control of his emotions: “Brother-in-law, in these two years, I had always thought that you were dead. I was lifeless in the past two years, every time I thought of how I had caused brother-in-law to die, I… I wished I could kill myself… but Brother-in-law had exchanged his life for mine, if I died, I would have let brother-in-law down even more. That’s why I lived to the fullest… Just this morning, I met father. He told me that you were still alive. I didn’t dare to believe, I didn’t think that… didn’t think that…”

Xia Yuanba spoke while choking on his emotions, his tiger-like eyes full of prestige, filled with hot tears.

Yun Che could imagine how Xia Yuanba had pa.s.sed the past those two years. He sighed inwardly and said: “You’ve met Uncle Xia already?”

“Mn, mn.” Xia Yuanba hurriedly nodded: “When Master and I arrived at Divine Phoenix City, the first place we visited was not Phoenix City, but Black Moon Merchant Guild. There were a few of Master’s old friends at Black Moon Merchant Guild and I also wanted to take a look. In the end, I actually met father at the first level of the Black Moon Merchant Guild. He was the one who told me that brother-in-law had not died back in the Heavenly Sword Villa, but came out alive after eight months, and it seems like… hehe, you got married to Princess Cang Yue. Whew… if I had known, I wouldn’t have gone to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had to wait until today to find out that brother-in-law was still alive.”

“...” When Spiritual Master Ancient Blue had arrived, he had told those from Divine Phoenix Sect that his disciple had encountered an old friend, and thus did not come. At that time, he naturally did not imagine that the disciple that Spiritual Master Ancient Blue spoke about was Xia Yuanba, and the person that he had met, was Xia Yuanba’s father who was also his father-in-law… Xia Hongyi.

Fate, was sometimes really the most fascinating thing in this world.

Surely enough, Xia Hongyi was aware of the matter of his marriage to Cang Yue five months ago, this somewhat meant that… ahem.

Xia Yuanba had mentioned something which Yun Che had deeply payed attention to… Spiritual Master Ancient Blue went to Black Moon Merchant Guild to visit an old friend. And to be able to be called an “old friend” by Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, basically meant that he was close to him, and was a character of the same level!

The Black Moon Merchant Guild’s background was indeed incomparably scary!

“I also heard that Uncle Xia was in Black Moon Merchant Guild when I first arrived in Divine Phoenix City. Only, I felt too ashamed to meet uncle Xia, so I didn’t pay him a visit… After tomorrow’s journey to the Primordial Profound Ark, let’s take a trip to Black Moon Merchant Guild together.” Yun Che said.

“Great!” Xia Yuanba nodded forcefully: “My father has been very concerned for you over these past few years. Even after reaching the Divine Phoenix City, he has always been inquiring for your information from Black Moon Merchant Guild. My conversation with father today had been about you… Father said that after your miraculous departure from Heavenly Sword Villa, your strength had grown explosively. You destroyed Fen Juecheng’s marriage procession, saved the half dead Blue Wind Emperor, and then… destroyed the entire Burning Heaven Clan single-handedly! After that, you even defeated Heavenly Sword Villa’s Grand Villa Master Ling Tianni… becoming Blue Wind’s number one, spurring the entire Blue Wind Imperial Family’s dignity and status to reach the peak in history where none would dare disobey…”

While speaking, Xia Yuanba’s eyes s.h.i.+ned. Adoration filled his face, but he didn’t notice at all that with his current strength, destroying a Burning Heaven Clan would simply be like playing around.

However, from Xia Yuanba’s description, Yun Che knew that Xia Hongyi had indeed been paying attention to his every movement these past few years. Afterall, he was his daughter’s husband. Since he was young, apart from his grandfather and little aunt, within his elders, Xia Hongyi was the one who cared about him the most, never once looking down on him because of his handicapped profound veins, even more so, never reneging the marriage to his daughter.

“Brother-in-law, how exactly did you escape from the seal under the Heavenly Sword Villa? Father said that it was because the demon who was sealed had died, which was why the seal was released, but that demon had been alive after being sealed for more than a hundred years. When we saw him that day, he still looked so scary, not at all like a person who was going to die… Father said that it was because the demon felt that brother-in-law was not a threat, thus, he did not kill brother-in-law but left you to accompany him. Then brother-in-law trained diligently, and in the end, found out how to kill him… was it like that…”

Just when Xia Yuanba finished speaking, he noticed that Yun Che suddenly look sad. He immediately stopped talking, then said carefully: “Eh… Brother-in-law, did I say something wrong?”

Yun Che shook his head, forcing out a laugh: “Let me tell you about this matter after I’ve completed a task in a few years time.”

Xia Yuanba nodded distractedly. Looking at Yun Che’s expression, he instinctively knew that the matter was not as it seemed, so he stopped asking.

“Yuanba, what happened to your profound strength? In just two years, how did it increase so explosively!” Yun Che fixed his attention on Xia Yuanba and asked. Although Jasmine had already told him a long time ago that Xia Yuanba possessed the “Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins”, he still naturally wanted to hear the reason from Xia Yuanba directly.

“This…” Xia Yuanba scratched his head and said embarra.s.sedly: “Actually, I too don’t really understand the cause.”

“Two years ago, when I thought that brother-in-law had died, I especially blamed myself. After I cried for a long time, I was determined to stop being a piece of trash, or else this life of mine which was exchanged for with brother-in-law’s would only continue to be a burden for others, thus, I wanted to train alone… I heard that people from Divine Phoenix Empire were incredible, so as I trained, I headed towards Divine Phoenix Empire.”

“How did you reach Divine Phoenix Empire alone?” Yun Che asked in astonishment. From Blue Wind to Divine Phoenix, not only was the journey long, it was also filled with countless dangers and wild beasts. Xia Yuanba was only in the Elementary Profound Realm then, to reach the Divine Phoenix City alive alone… in theory, that was basically impossible!

Xia Yuanba said: “On the road there, I encountered many vicious profound beasts, and even bandit groups… Occasionally I wouldn’t be able to find food in the wilderness and would almost faint from hunger. When I encountered profound beasts, they would tear at me… but for some reason, everytime when I was at my last breath, just when I thought that I was about to die, my body would explode with an unfamiliar kind of strength. I would beat down the profound beast and what not, then faint… When I woke up, I would feel that my profound strength had risen by a large amount…”

Yun Che: “...”

“After I realized that, when I reached Divine Phoenix City, I would risk my life to challenge famous sects. Every time I was beaten half to death, a good number of times I was obviously really going to die, yet I would recover quickly along with my profound strength rising by a lot…” Xia Yuanba scratched his head: “I also don’t really know what’s going on. At that time, I felt that I had turned into some kind of freak… later, I was again beaten half to death and thrown into the ruins outside of the city, unconscious for a seemingly long time. When I opened my eyes, an old man… Eh, precisely my current master was standing beside me… he told me that I had profound veins called the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins, and wanted to accept me as his disciple… Then he brought me back to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. After that, I had been cultivating with all my might. You already know what happened after.”

“Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins? Absolute Monarch Sanctuary also knew about the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins?” Yun Che said in astoundment.

“That’s right… eh, brother-in-law, you know about the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins too?” Xia Yuanba opened his eyes wide: “Master said that in Profound Sky Continent’s history, the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins only appeared on two people. I’m the third, only the Four Great Sacred Grounds know about it, and said that I must never talk about this matter. So it turns out that brother-in-law actually knows about it too!”

Yun Che was silent for a moment, then asked: “Did your master tell you what the highest realm you can reach in the future is?”

“Master did not talk about that. However, he did mention that this is just the preliminary awakenment of my Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins. When it has fully awakened, it could be invincible. There’s even a possibility of breaking through this world’s boundaries… Hehehe, although Master wouldn’t lie, it seems quite unbelievable.” Xia Yuanba said with a bashful expression.

Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins… Invincible… Breaking through this world’s boundaries!?

Yun Che’s eyebrows jumped violently.

Xia Qingyue’s Nine Profound Exquisite Body and Heart of Snow Glazed Gla.s.s… Xia Yuanba’s Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins...

This pair of siblings’ physique and talent… what on earth was going on!!

An outrageous thought flashed in Yun Che’s mind… Xia Yuanba and Xia Qingyue, they seemed as if they did not belong to this world.

“That’s right, Brother-in-law, how’s big sis? Why did she not come with brother-in-law this time?”

“Your sister is great, she’s already Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Young Mistress, and the top ranking of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies. I initially thought that she would come with me, but in the end, the Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Grand Mistress did not allow it.”

“Oh! When you and Princess Cang Yue got married, did big sis get angry… hehe.”

“...Maybe a little.” Yun Che pressed his nose.


Yun Che did not know that in the two years that he and Xia Yuanba had been apart, Xia Yuanba had not smiled even once. Even joining the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary that he did not even dare to dream about did not even bring him a trace of happiness. Apart from trying to become stronger with all his might, he was just like a zombie. What existed in his body and soul was only resentment towards himself and an insane thirst for strength.

And in a single evening, he let out all the laughter that he had been keeping for two whole years.

The two of them talked until night fell. Then, they walked out of the courtyard together, preparing to stroll in Phoenix City. Not long after heading out, they noticed a figure which was impossible to miss under a Phoenix tree filled with blooming Phoenix flowers.

If a man’s body was sufficiently attractive, he would be described as “elegant”, “incomparably handsome”, or even “as charming as jade”, yet this man’s body could be described as… beautiful!

And even alluring!!

He was standing beneath the Phoenix tree. His fingers, even more tender than a female’s, were pinching Phoenix flames as beautiful as fire. His snow-like white s.h.i.+rt was spotted with petals of Phoenix flowers, he was simply enchanting.


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