Against the Gods - Chapter 450 - Conclusion

Chapter 450 - Conclusion

Chapter 450 - Conclusion

“Royal father, Great Elder, royal brother… Perhaps, it’s Xue'er who is too childish and cannot understand your world. Because in Xue'er’s world, it is indeed you guys that are wrong. Divine Phoenix Nation is the leader of the seven nations. From Xue'er’s understanding, a leader is supposed to be respected by people, not merely feared. Xue'er also does not understand the honor and dignity that you guys speak about. From Xue'er’s understanding, honor and dignity is not strength that is admired by people, but instead is having the magnanimity to accept all things in the world, being loved by all, and possessing the kindness and forgiveness to forgive all that erred.”

“Therefore, if royal father wants Xue'er to defeat Yun Che…” Feng Xue'er looked at Yun Che and gently said: “Xue'er… surrenders.”

Everyone in Divine Phoenix Sect was stunned as they looked at one another. If these words came from any other disciple, including Feng Xiluo, it would have been treated as outrageous, and even Feng Hengkong would explode on the sport. However, these words came from Princess Snow. No one dared showed the slightest signs of anger or even rebut her.

However, even if her words were questioning Divine Phoenix Sect, it was still her way of protecting Divine Phoenix Sect’s dignity that had been utterly destroyed by Yun Che today. Her previous moments of releasing her profound strength was just showing the world the ultimate strength of a youth at the pinnacle of Divine Phoenix Sect’s young generation. Her questioning was similarly made with the position of a Divine Phoenix Princess, trying to maintain the fairness and bearing of a leading nation, trying to reduce the laughter and insults from the Profound Sky toward Divine Phoenix Sect after this ranking tournament.

The whole arena was silent. Then, bits of applause rang, which spread quickly like wildfire, and soon after, every corner of the arena was clapping and cheering. The applause was deafening —— The pa.s.sion of the applause exceeded whatever had happened before.

Among the applause included nearly everyone from Divine Phoenix Sect. Although they were citizens of Divine Phoenix Nation and Princess Snow’s actions defied the wishes of the emperor, she used her soft voice to question the actions of Divine Phoenix Empire, and in front of everyone, surrendered against Blue Wind’s Yun Che… However, no one felt anger or shame, instead, they were thoroughly impressed, and even prideful!

Everyone present got to know the legendary Princess Snow today. They were not lucky enough to see her real looks, but managed to witness her unrivalled talent and her pure and innocent heart.

“It’s impossible to not be impressed.” Ancient Blue sighed: “In the entire Profound Sky, she is the only one to possess a divine body, yet she also has a heart that is as clear as ice crystals. I’m not sure whether she’s fortunate… Or unfortunate.”

The loud cheers did not subside for quite some time and the sound waves seemed to have nearly pa.s.sed into the firmament. Yun Che and Feng Xue’er looked at each other for some time and eventually, Yun Che spoke: “Xue’er, I’m sorry… I lied to you so many times. You should be… very disappointed with me.”

Gently, Feng Xue’er shook her head: “How could I blame Big Brother Yun… Actually, there was one thing that I lied to Big Brother Yun about too.”

“You… lied to me?” Yun Che was startled.

“Mn…” Feng Xue’er gently tapped her head: “Actually, I realized quite early that Big Brother Yun was not from Divine Phoenix Sect, which also meant that Big Brother Yun’s name was fake.

For a while, Yun Che’s eyes showed his inner turmoil: “Wh… When was it.”

“When I taught Big Brother Yun the fundamental formula.” Feng Xue’er replied: “At that time, when you were cultivating the fundamental formula, a golden phoenix imprint appeared in the middle of your eyebrows. I knew it since then. The golden phoenix imprint only appears on one that possesses the purest Phoenix blood. Furthermore, even my royal father doesn’t know this, but for the golden phoenix imprint to appear, pure Phoenix blood is only one of the requirements. The other requirement is that one has to be awarded with phoenix origin energy and a phoenix soul.”

Yun Che: “...”

“Therefore, at that time, I already knew that Big Brother Yun was not someone from Divine Phoenix Sect, but a successor of another Phoenix G.o.d. Furthermore, you possess the Phoenix soul and energy that a Phoenix G.o.d’s spirit can only give once in its life… Just like what I possess. Perhaps, the attraction between the Phoenix soul and energy was one of the reasons why I was willing to trust and approach Big Brother Yun.”

“Then, why were you willing to allow me to stay and treat my injuries, and even… Continue teaching me the World Ode of the Phoenix?” Yun Che was extremely confused. He felt very guilty about lying to Feng Xue’er, but he never expected that she had already known all of this, yet still didn’t expose him.

“Because I know that Big Brother Yun was not intentionally hiding it and lying to me. I also felt that you were really treating me very nicely. If you were able to be the sole successor of a Phoenix G.o.d, it must mean that Big Brother Yun is not a bad person. Therefore, since you wanted to learn the World Ode of the Phoenix, I was naturally willing and happy to teach you. Big Brother Yun is a Phoenix bloodline inheritor, so the World Ode of the Phoenix is naturally something you should know.

“Since Big Brother Yun lied to me and I also hid things from you… Between us, we can consider it even, right?”

The phoenix jade gla.s.s shook gently, and although Yun Che could not see her smile, he felt that she was smiling gently.

Just as the cheers in the arena started to subside, Feng Xue’er used her pure eyes to stare right at Yun Che’s, then gently but firmly said: “I will forever remember how nicely Big Brother Yun treated me. I will also forever remember Big Bro Yun’s promise and even more so, the words that you said to me… I, Feng Xue’er will never ever do something that will harm Big Brother Yun.”

As the cheers completely subsided, Feng Xue’er turned around, and under the gaze of Yun Che and everyone else, returned to Feng Hengkong’s side.

“Royal father, I’m sorry. Xue’er has disappointed you.” Feng Xue’er stood beside Feng Hengkong and said gently.

Feng Hengkong shook his head and let out a deep sigh, his expression was not one bit of blame, but instead a face of heartache: “How would you? Many things happened today and it is indeed royal father’s fault. It should be royal father who has let Xue’er down instead… Xue’er’s words has allowed royal father to wake up…”

Feng Hengkong scanned around before looking at Yun Che who was on stage. His chest rose gently as he frowned before declaring: “Yun Che, in this ranking tournament’s final match, our Divine Phoenix Empire has lost to your Blue Wind, and we are convinced of the result! The matter concerning the Phoenix bloodline was also a mistake on our part. We, as emperor of Divine Phoenix Empire, promise you that from today onward, we will not pick on you because of this. Since we are of the same Phoenix bloodline, if you are willing to join our Divine Phoenix Sect, we would also be extremely welcoming!”

“Now, let me declare that the victor of the thirty-ninth Seven Nation Ranking Tournament is… Blue Wind Nation! Based on the agreement, this year’s first ranking Blue Wind Nation and third ranking Black Fiend Nation can choose three people to accompany our Divine Phoenix Sect to explore the Primordial Profound Ark!”


The entire arena instantly cheered. The cheers not only came from Blue Wind Nation, but also the other of the six nations.

Because of the incident with the Primordial Profound Ark, this year’s ranking tournament had been reduced to an unprecedented one day. Furthermore, the ups and downs, turning points, shock and results were also all unprecedented! The weakest Blue Wind defeated the strongest Divine Phoenix, and it was with one person defeating ten opponents!

The appearance of another Phoenix inheritor… The legend of an Earth Profound fighting against an Emperor Profound… The appearance of an eighteen year old Overlord… A sixteen year old half step to the Sovereign Profound… All things concerning this year’s Ranking Tournament would no doubt shake the world and be recorded into history books.

Especially the name Yun Che, which was destined to become the leading role of Profound Sky Continent’s future. After today, his name would spread throughout the world.

After Feng Hengkong personally announced the results, this year’s ranking tournament had officially ended. Xia Yuanba quickly rushed forward and pulled Yun Che beside Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, then spoke gibberish in an excited manner. Among the spectators, all the profound pract.i.tioners from the other nations also left under the guide of the Phoenix disciples.

Ling Jie’s chest still rose and fell intensely, as he couldn’t calm down. He clenched his hands together as his face turned red, and excited said: “My decision is undoubtedly toooooooooo wise! Ahhhhhhhhh… My big bro not coming with me would definitely be the biggest regret of his life!”

“Mn, I definitely agree with that.” Hua Minghai nodded. Just as he was about to exit the arena, he suddenly turned around and looked at another direction… onto Ye Xinghan. At that moment, an intense hatred flashed across his eyes.

“Revenge for my parents, hatred for the demise of my clan… Even if my bones were to shatter… One day, eventually… I will make your Sun Moon Divine Hall pay with blood.”

Hua Minghai gritted his teeth as he recited it in his heart, having made a blood oath in his soul.

Before this, his wife Ru Xiaoya had contracted the cold poison of Sun Moon Divine Hall; all his attention had been on giving his all to help Ru Xiaoya lengthen her life. Now that Ru Xiaoya’s poison had been cured, and her body was recovering quickly… Today, after seeing those from Sun Moon Divine Hall, his hatred which had been constantly suppressed, exploded just like a volcano that had been dormant for a long time.

Ye Xinghan was stretching his body lazily as he stood up when he suddenly felt that abnormal icy cold feeling come from behind. He immediately turned around as his icy gaze scanned behind him but did not find anything. He collected his gaze as he squinted, and looked towards the seats of Divine Phoenix Sect. As his gaze met another person’s shortly, both their faces revealed a meaningful smile.