Against the Gods - Chapter 446 - TrueEmpyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing

Chapter 446 - TrueEmpyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing

Chapter 446 - True·Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing

Feng Hengkong's voice violently rushed towards the nine Divine Phoenix disciples' souls. In that instant, they understood Feng Hengkong's intentions. In that split second, nine ominous glints flashed through their eyes, and at the same time, glaring scarlet flames radiated from their bodies.

Phoenix Domain!!

The nine of them shared the same phoenix bloodline, cultivated the same World Ode of the Phoenix. They could clearly feel the changes in one another's aura and profound arts. Thus, they were completely capable of releasing their domains at the exact same moment, perfectly overlapping each other!

The first four levels of the World Ode of the Phoenix did not contain a Domain, the "Phoenix Domain" was developed by the Divine Phoenix Sect over five thousand years with their Phoenix bloodline and World Ode of the Phoenix. It was developed to perfection as a fiery, decimating domain. When the domain activated, the Phoenix blood would ignite. The surroundings would instantly transform into a terrifying blazing purgatory. Though the Phoenix Domain would require a far more enormous amount of energy compared to domains of the same level, its power was unrivaled.

A single Phoenix Domain's power was already terrifyingly mighty. When nine Phoenix Domains activated at the same time and then overlapped one another... this kind of scene had never been witnessed by anyone, not even a Phoenix disciple.


Before anyone had time to react, a huge expanse of fire as red as blood crazily filled the center of the stadium, instantly transforming into a sea of fire... In that instant, it seemed as though a burning sun had appeared and violently exploded.

All eyes in the arena s.h.i.+ned with the color of blood; in that instant, it was as if the entire world completely turned red... Waves of flame blazed violently, bringing terror, completely shadowing the sea of fire which had been brought about in Yun Che's and Feng Xiluo's showdown.

And right in the middle of this terrifying sea of h.e.l.lfire was Yun Che, completely being submerged.


After a period of deathly silence, the entire arena shouted in alarm. The scene which they had just witnessed was nothing like the quiet from a moment ago. In the next second, it was as if a volcano had erupted. A number of profound pract.i.tioners in the stadium could instantly recognize that the scene before them was exactly Divine Phoenix Sect's domineering Phoenix Domain! The Phoenix Domain was originally far more powerful than the common domain, and when nine Phoenix Domains were released at the same time, overlapping, no one would doubt that even a true Overlord, when caught off guard, would definitely be severely burnt!

This act from Divine Phoenix Sect... was evidently meant to instantly kill Yun Che! To not give anybody the chance to react!

Feng Hengkong's lips twitched. Feng Feiyan's face revealed a cold smile... They had clearly witness Yun Che drown under nine layers of Phoenix Domain. It was too sudden, a method so frightening that n.o.body could foresee, a method which did not give anyone the chance to react. Even more so, it did not allow Yun Che any opportunity to surrender. Under nine layers of Divine Phoenix Domains, not even mentioning that Yun Che had spent most of his profound strength, even if he was in perfect condition, it was more than enough the burn him to ashes.

In their eyes, Yun Che had unquestionably died, there was no chance of a fluke. Even if Spiritual Master Ancient Blue lent a hand, it would still be too late.


And at this moment, Xia Yuanba had just arrived next to Spiritual Master Ancient Blue. He didn’t even have the chance to speak a word when the sea of flames exploded to fill the skies. The blistering heat had caused his body, which was even harder than profound iron to burn dully. He suddenly lost his cool and let out a roar. Just when he wanted to rush forward...

"Wait!!" Spiritual Master Ancient Blue raised his hand and hauled him over, looking back to the sea of phoenix fire before him as his eyes flashed in astonishment.


Suddenly, from within the blazing stadium, came a resonant cry of a Phoenix. All of a sudden, in the middle of the cry, the fiery domain from the combined power of nine layers of Phoenix Domains overlapping was unexpectedly torn apart to reveal a giant gap. From within the gap, the shadow of a Phoenix soared into the sky, rus.h.i.+ng towards the horizon.

It was a complete phoenix silhouette. Its head was held high; with a full scarlet body, its fiery phoenix wings was over 30 meters wide, and at the heart of the phoenix silhouette... was actually Yun Che's figure!!

"Wh… What!!" Feng Hengkong stood up fiercely and involuntarily cried out in astonishment.

Along with Yun Che's ear-splitting roar, the phoenix silhouette soared several hundred meters high as it broke into the sky. At this point in time, a voice echoed out: "People of the Divine Phoenix Sect... open up your eyes for me... take a look at what the real... World Ode of the Phoenix is!!!"


The phoenix flames on Yun Che's body burned frantically. With his low roar, the phoenix silhouette on his body grew larger and thickened, as though a real phoenix was soaring across the horizon; its fiery wings extended fully, covering dozens of meters in the air. Thereafter, the cry of the phoenix tore through the firmament. The gigantic phoenix silhouette brought along flames which burned across the skies and an incomparable aura, as if a meteor were suddenly landing…

Everyone's eyes bulged... because they had seen a phoenix! Although it was just a powerful illusion, it was still a fully formed, realistic looking illusion!! Even Phoenix disciples had never seen a fully formed phoenix silhouette!!

s.p.a.ce was thoroughly distorted. Following the descent of the phoenix silhouette, s.p.a.ce would fiercely crack from the center of the arena. Everywhere the wings of the phoenix soared past, the land would be burned by an expanse of unextinguishable flame. Tremendous amounts of force continued to rush to the ground beneath, causing even the faces of Overlords to turn slightly bad.

At the same time, an indescribable fearsome pressure ruthlessly suppressed the souls of all Divine Phoenix Sect members, causing their souls, and even their Phoenix bloodline, to tremble...

This was not simply the pressure of a realm! It was even pressure on their bloodline.

"Empyrean Dance... of the Phoenix Wing!" Feng Xue’er cried out in surprise beside Feng Hengkong.

"What!?" Feng Xue’er's voice caused Feng Hengkong to tremble and his pupils to constrict. Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing… It was mentioned by the Phoenix G.o.d, stage five of the World Ode of the Phoenix which had vanished in Blue Wind!!

Right! Yun Che had indeed released the phoenix flame technique which came along with the fifth stage of the World Ode of the Phoenix —— Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing. However, this Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing and the ones that he had exhibited before were different. This was because before genuinely cultivating World Ode of the Phoenix, the Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing he had displayed before was from forcefully comprehending the Phoenix flame laws with the help and interference of the Evil G.o.d's fire seed. It had form but not the spirit. And how could a formidable profound skill belonging to the Phoenix G.o.d only have that amount of power?

This time, Yun Che was using the genuine Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!! When used by the Phoenix G.o.d, it was a powerful profound skill which could completely obliterate an entire planet in a split second!

"Quick, dodge it!!" The immense pressure descending from the sky caused Feng Feiyan to be alarmed, as he shouted towards the nine Phoenix disciples below.

And the nine who thought that using the power of nine layers of Phoenix Domain would burn Yun Che to death were totally pale, trembling from head to toe... They had heard Feng Feiyan's voice, but not a single person moved. This was because the aura descending upon them was just like a towering mountain which weighed upon their bodies, making them feel as though their bodies would be pressed into minced meat anytime.

Not just their bodies, their willpower, and even consciousness had been totally suppressed. Their spirits were filled with endless terror and despair...


The phoenix silhouette rushed down, and the entire phoenix world trembled for a moment. The world-shaking rumble had practically spread across the entire Divine Phoenix City.

The Phoenix Domain exploded, causing Phoenix flames to spread across the sky. Incomparably intense blood-curdling screams could be heard as the nine Phoenix disciples were drenched in blood. They were smacked flying like nine broken blood bags, and at the area in which the Phoenix Stage was originally located, the ground had completely disappeared, replaced by an unfathomably deep and dark pit!

The berserk power of the Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing was concentrated and did not disperse its power over a wide area. Thus, apart from the heart of the the attack, no other areas seemed to be affected. Looking at the nine Phoenix disciples who were sent flying, several elders from the Divine Phoenix Sect frantically rushed over to them, with the intent to catch them in midair.

And at this point, from the bottomless pit, a ball of flame overreaching the heavens exploded. Incomparably hot Phoenix flames in the shape of enchanting and gorgeous petals furiously bloomed into a giant flaming lotus, instantly covering several hundred meters, swallowing up the nine Phoenix disciples who were sent flying.

“Scorching… This is the Star Scorching Demon Lotus!” Feng Xue’er cried out in alarm again.

Feng Hengkong: "!!!!"

An incomparably gorgeous three hundred meter wide flaming lotus, had just bloomed in the center of the stadium. Its beauty would cause one to hold their breath, but each petal exhibited a destructive aura, terrifying enough to make one suffocate. Everyone just stared at it with blank faces, as if they had lost their souls.

The elders who had rushed forward to save the nine genius Phoenix disciples stopped right in their tracks, eyes bulging, firmly staring at the giant flaming lotus, none of them actually willing to continue forward. These elders were undoubtedly Overlords. Though the Phoenix Flame Lotus in front of them had a strong destructive aura, it was still not enough to harm Overlords like them. However, facing the Phoenix Flame Lotus, their hearts wavered profusely. Not to mention reaching out a hand to touch, they would not even dare to near it... It was a kind of formless fear, down to the level of their bloodline. It caused them to feel like a commoner meeting a legendary emperor out of the blue.

Star Scorching Demon Lotus, and it was a complete Star Scorching Demon Lotus.

The Star Scorching Demon Lotuses from before had a maximum of thirty six petals.

Yet now, this flower had a whole one hundred and eight petals, and each petal was far deeper than the previous ones.

Everyone stared blankly; the entire stadium, the entire tens of thousands of people, and apart from the sounds of burning flames, there was not a trace of sound to be heard... Even the sound of breathing could not be heard. Those from the Four Sacred Grounds stood up. Xia Yuanba's jaws dropped, his chin almost touching the floor.

Feng Feiyan, closest to the heart of the stadium, had his eyes bulged out of their sockets as both his hands trembled. The corner of Feng Hengkong's lips could not stop twitching... To outsiders of the Divine Phoenix Sect, the reason why they were stunned was due to the destructive aura and beauty. But to them, it was as if the sky and earth had flipped, an attack on their psyche.

Because Yun Che had just demonstrated two phoenix flame skills whose characteristics completely matched the descriptions of two major phoenix flame techniques from legends! And even if they just had similar characteristics, they could leave it be, but the power they exhibited was indescribably immense, outrageously exceeding the fourth phoenix stage’s Phoenix Flame Sears the Heavens! It thoroughly exceeded the power of the fourth stage of the World Ode of the Phoenix!

Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing, Star Scorching Demon Lotus...

They should only belong in myths and the mouth of the Phoenix G.o.d... The power of the long lost skills of the fifth and sixth World Ode of the Phoenix should have been extinct five thousand years ago!