Against the Gods - Chapter 443 - Coming to Battle!

Chapter 443 - Coming to Battle!

Chapter 443 - Coming to Battle!

As the Great Elder of Divine Phoenix Sect, a top figure in this world, confusion was also plastered across Feng Feiyan’s face. He had lived for hundreds of years, but this was his first time encountering such a situation without knowing how to respond to it. His heart was even angrier, but he didn’t have the guts to rashly deal with Yun Che at all. It would be easy for him to kill Yun Che, but when facing the questioning of the entire arena, if he really did make a move, it would evoke the anger of the six nations’ profound pract.i.tioning world. The entire Profound Sky, even people of Divine Phoenix Empire, would treat him with disdain and contempt.

Divine Phoenix Empire being questioned by the six nations, was an unprecedented situation!

Divine Phoenix Crown Prince Feng Ximing stood up. Using robust profound energy, he instantly drowned the clamoring with a deep voice, announcing to the arena: “You can be rea.s.sured, although our Divine Phoenix Empire has never lost a ranking tournament, we will absolutely not be sore losers! Furthermore, none of my Phoenix disciples are afraid of getting hurt! What my Divine Phoenix is questioning about, is not whether Yun Che has injured my sect’s prince, but rather, his bloodline and profound arts!!”

“He claims to be a citizen of the Blue Wind Nation, but his bloodline is of the Phoenix bloodline that belongs to my Divine Phoenix Sect! The profound arts he has just demonstrated, is the world-renowned World Ode of the Phoenix belonging to my Divine Phoenix Sect!”

“The leaking of bloodline is my Divine Phoenix Sect’s taboo, over the past five thousand years, it has never been tolerated! The leaking of profound arts, is the most severe of taboos! Amongst all of you, which sect would tolerate their own core profound art appearing on an outsider’s body… Great Elder questioning Yun Che, what’s wrong about that!”

The ears of those whom Feng Ximing shouted towards trembled. The Divine Phoenix Crown Prince’s might struck terror into people's hearts, and he clamoring in the arena settled down after a few breaths. Yun Che raised his head and said with a sneer: “Heh! Up till now, you guys still have the cheek to say that my Phoenix bloodline originates from you lot! You repeat over and over again, saying that I am a b.a.s.t.a.r.d leaked out from your Divine Phoenix Sect… then, why is it that the one who has inherited the royal bloodline, who possesses the most gifted bloodline, lost to me in a compet.i.tion of purely Phoenix flames! When all's said and done, who deserves to be called a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! If I was leaked from your b.a.s.t.a.r.d bloodline, then what are you guys even considered!”

These words of Yun Che simply caused Feng Ximing to not be able to utter a response for a long time. He barely thought of a response with great difficulty, and when he was about to utter the word “you”, an ordinary yet, imposing voice arrived through the air, causing him to suddenly close his mouth.

This was because the voice belonged to Feng Hengkong.

“Quiet, stop talking. All of you.”

Feng Hengkong s.h.i.+fted in midair. Turning his body, he returned to his seat. His face was incomparably calm, abnormally calm; there was not a hint of anger to be seen, and even his voice was as calm as stagnant water: “Stop arguing about the issue of bloodline and profound arts for now. This is, after all, the ranking tournament arena, all the heroes and our Sacred Grounds friends are here, and they are here for the ranking tournament, not to watch us settle our sectorial affairs. Anything else can be settled after the ranking tournament.”

The moment Feng Hengkong opened his mouth, the entire arena went silent immediately. He turned his gaze to Yun Che and said mildly: “Yun Che, regardless of other matters, you have defeated Feng Xiluo. That is indeed impressive, but you’ve got one thing wrong. You have defeated Feng Xiluo, but you have not defeated my Divine Phoenix Sect!”

The moment Feng Hengkong’s voice landed, nine scarlet red silhouettes rose into the air, surrounding the skies above Yun Che, each of their bodies burning with Phoenix flames.


The arena instantly became noisy!

Everyone only reacted then. It was true that Yun Che defeated Feng Xiluo… but that was merely defeated Feng Xiluo! The partic.i.p.ating team of Divine Phoenix Sect had a total of ten people!

Apart from Feng Xiluo, there were still nine more!

Yun Che had defeated Feng Xiluo, but his profound strength was vastly depleted. If the nine Phoenix members attacked, it would simply be a one-sided battle, it would even be a little shameless… However, that would not violate the ranking tournament rules at all.

Ordinarily, Divine Phoenix Sect would absolutely not commit such a self-deprecating act. Before fighting with Yun Che, they too had only mobilized Feng Xiluo alone.

But, now that things had come to such a state, with Feng Xiluo defeated, they had already lost all face, and could not afford to throw the ranking tournament away as well! Besides… this was the most suitable opportunity to eliminate Yun Che!!

“Oh no!” Hua Minghai’s faced turned dark, he clenched his teeth, and said: “This Phoenix Emperor… is obviously trying to use this chance to kill Boss Yun!!”

“What!” Ling Jie revealed a horrified face.

“After Feng Xiluo is defeated, the other nine from Divine Phoenix Sect continuing to battle is totally according to the rules. n.o.body can denounce that. And previously, when the entire arena was shouting for Boss Yun, most of them were yelling for mutual acquitting in the case of serious injury or death… This emperor, is obviously borrowing our previous demands to use our own words against us, allowing these nine people to “justly and honorably” kill Yun Che!”

“Bulls.h.i.+t... this... this doggy emperor!!” Ling Jie’s eyes opened wide, urgently shouting: “Boss, quick concede!”

“Concede your sister!” Hua Minghai slapped Ling Jie’s skull, gritted his teeth and said: “Boss Yun’s character is practically harder than profound iron, even if he had to die, he would never concede!”

“Don’t worry for now!” Hua Minghai breathed in deeply: “Boss Yun doesn’t seem to be courting death today. He probably has thought of such a situation before… I can’t say for sure, but he may have a plan!”

Ling Jie nodded. He could only clench his jaws and watch wide-eyed… Although he really wanted to rush forward to partic.i.p.ate in the name of a Blue Wind profound pract.i.tioner to fight alongside with him, with his profound strength, even if a hundred of him went, he would still be of absolutely no help.

Hua Minghai’s words were exactly the thoughts in Feng Hengkong’s heart. Although it was too unimaginable, the kind of vague suppression of realm he felt from Yun Che’s Phoenix flames and the excessive strength of his Phoenix profound energy led him to faintly begin to feel that… perhaps Yun Che’s bloodline was really not from their Divine Phoenix Sect!

He had defeated the generation’s strongest, Feng Xiluo, prevailing through everything. Perhaps a large portion of Phoenix disciples, along with others, had already began to suspect that Yun Che’s bloodline was perhaps not leaked from the Divine Phoenix Sect. If not, how was it that based purely on a compet.i.tion of phoenix flames, he was more powerful than the strongest Divine Phoenix Prince… On top of that, from long ago, their sect’s phoenix spirit had clearly mentioned that in the Profound Sky Continent, there did indeed exist another Phoenix legacy!!

Feng Hengkong had fully confirmed that Yun Che’s partic.i.p.ation in the ranking tournament was to enlist its power of influence in front of everybody; under the eyes of the tens of thousands of audience, he wanted to prove that his bloodline did not originate from Divine Phoenix Sect. If they didn’t eliminate him quickly and allowed him to present indisputable evidence, then Divine Phoenix Sect would not have any reason to do anything or control him; at least not openly. But secretly… based on the world shaking impact he brought about today, it would still be extremely difficult!

Based on the grievances that he and the Divine Phoenix Sect had, they were bound to be unable to become friends, only enemies. Based on his terrifying talent, if he were an enemy in the future, who would not suspect that he would become an enormous threat to Divine Phoenix Sect… Aside from this point, his Divine Phoenix Sect dominated over the seven nations for five thousand years. Being the sole owner of a G.o.d’s bloodline and a G.o.d’s profound arts was their pride, how would they allow another phoenix sect to appear!!

Therefore, no matter where exactly Yun Che’s bloodline came from, he had to die today… no matter what! To kill him in the ranking tournament, even if everyone, including people from the Sacred Grounds, knew that they had intentionally killed Yun Che, they could not say anything… Because it was completely according to the ranking tournament rules that the arena was yelling for before.

Each and every one of the nine Phoenix disciples had faces full of anger. They were naturally insulted by Feng Xiluo’s crus.h.i.+ng defeat. And these nine people were definitely not ordinary Phoenix disciples, they were nine geniuses only second to Feng Xiluo in Divine Phoenix Sect’s younger generation. Their individual abilities could not be compared to Feng Xiluo, but with eight level six Thrones and a level five Throne, their combined strength would undoubtedly exceed a single Feng Xiluo by miles!

Yun Che had barely defeated Feng Xiluo, consuming a large portion of his profound energy. He had completely no chance of defeating the combined power of Divine Phoenix Sect’s nine prodigies.

“Yun Che, you’ve only defeated our Fourteenth Prince. If you’re thinking about defeating our Divine Phoenix Sect, you’re daydreaming.” The foremost Phoenix disciple in front of Yun Che who held onto a flaming sword said loudly.

“Ten against one, yet you still have the cheek to say in such a self-confident and righteous manner.” Yun Che picked up his sword, his face full of ridicule.

“What a joke!” The Phoenix disciple on his right gritted his teeth and sneered: “You still really believe that since you have defeated our prince, your Blue Wind Nation will be able to defeat my Divine Phoenix Sect? You’re just an aberrant… an aberrant hard to find even in ten thousand years! Yet, in my Divine Phoenix Sect, there are strong experts everywhere who are able to crush your entire nation!”

“Rightly said!” A Phoenix disciple continued from behind: “No wonder Blue Wind Nation has only sent you to partic.i.p.ate in the ranking tournament. Because in the entire Blue Wind Nation, apart from you, even if the entire nation was searched, a second person capable of standing on this stage could not be found. Ah, an uninhabited Blue Wind Nation, even thinking about is funny. If it's just like this, don’t even think about winning against my Divine Phoenix Empire!”

Just at this moment, an abnormal striking sound suddenly came from outside, followed by an alarmed cry from a Phoenix disciple: “Who’s there, you dare to trespa.s.s… Ah!!”

“Get lost!!”


A rash, ear-splitting sound came from outside. This sound made the frowning Yun Che fiercely do a double take. The sound of a profound explosion and the scream of a Phoenix disciple followed. When everyone subconsciously turned to look at where the sound came from, the high end of a wall in the arena suddenly exploded. A large figure flew out from the rubble, his thunder-like voice resounding through the entire arena:

“Who said that Blue Wind has n.o.body!!”

“Blue Wind profound pract.i.tioner, Xia Yuanba… has come to partic.i.p.ate!!”


Tidying up Yun Che’s current attributes a little


Physique: Evil G.o.d’s Profound Veins (Matchless Profound Veins), Dragon G.o.d’s Bloodline (Powerful physique), Dragon G.o.d Marrow (Immense recovery abilities, thicken dragon’s blood), Phoenix Bloodline (able to burn phoenix flames and cultivate World Ode of the Phoenix), Evil G.o.d’s Fire Seed (Fire invulnerability + complete understanding of fire laws), Evil G.o.d’s Water Seed (Water invulnerability + complete understanding of water laws)

Profound arts: (s>a>b>c>d>e>f,〇= none.)

1: Evil G.o.d Arts: Type: Growth. Characteristics: Berserk profound energy. Stage: Third stage, with difficulty.

Profound Skills:【Falling Moon Sinking Star (Evil Soul) - Power: a, Range:f, Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Sealing Cloud Locking Sun (Burning Heart) - Power:〇,Range:f,Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Destroying Sky Decimating Earth (Purgatory) - Power:s+,Range:a,Energy Consumption:Immense】, 【Moon Star Restoration (Rumbling Heaven) - Power:〇,Range:〇,Energy Consumption:Small】.

2:Great Way of the Buddha:Type:Sacred Body. Characteristics:Primordial body. Stage:Third stage.

3:World Ode of the Phoenix:Type:Flame. Characteristics:World burning flames. Stage:Sixth stage.

Profound Skills:【Phoenix Flaming Lotus:Power:d+,Range:e,Energy Consumption:Very Small】,【Phoenix Arrow:Power:c+,Range:d,Energy Consumption:Small】, 【Burning Field:Power:b,Range:c,Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Phoenix Flames Sears the Heavens:Power:a-,Range:b,Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing (Complete):Power:s,Range:c,Energy Consumption:Enormously huge】, 【Star Scorching Demon Lotus (Complete):Power:s,Range:d——s,Energy Consumption:Medium - Immense】.

4:Prison G.o.d Sirius' Tome:Type:Dominating art. Characteristics:Strongest heavy sword. Stage:First stage.

Profound Skills:【Sky Wolf Slash:Power:s,Range:d,Energy Consumption:Enormously Huge】

5:Frozen End Divine Arts:Type:Freezing. Characteristics:Absolute zero. Stage:Fourth stage.

6 (Hidden):Star G.o.d Arts:Type:Exterminate. Characteristics:Compression of profound strength,Stage:〇.

Profound Skills:【One Route Heaven:Power: s,Range:f,Energy Consumption:Small】, 【Star G.o.d’s Brilliant Annihilating Slash:Power: ss+,Range:d,Energy Consumption:Medium】

Others:【Overlord’s Fury:Power:c,Range:e,Energy:Small】, 【Phoenix Break:Power:a,Range:d,Energy Consumption:Medium】, 【Dragon Soul Domain:Power:ss,Range: e——c,Energy Consumption:Immense】