Against the Gods - Chapter 441 - Realm Suppression

Chapter 441 - Realm Suppression

Chapter 441 - Realm Suppression

The initially pitch black arena was now a sheet of scarlet, as if it had fell into a blazing h.e.l.l for a moment. At this point, the fire that sears the heavens, which had reached hundreds of meters into the air started to fall, then break away from the Phoenix Stage, spreading frantically towards the surroundings.

A terrifying wave of heat, as if from a gigantic wave of flames from purgatory rolled over, as if portraying a scene from the approach of doomsday. Even though they were separated by a distance of several hundred meters, those profound pract.i.tioners all felt as though their bodies were about to melt from the burn. Even if they conjured all their profound energy defense to defend against it, it was still unbearably painful… the entire arena was filled with shouts of extreme terror.


The rows of seats nearest to the Phoenix Stage began to melt, then combust, and the violently moving Phoenix flames still continued to spread rapidly. Feng Feiyan flew up high and roared deeply: “Quickly, construct a barrier!!”

The moment his voice fell, every Overlord had already started to mobilize, the Overlords from the five nations and a few elders from the Divine Phoenix Sect flew hastily, spreading out to various locations. Bubbling with profound energy, a ring shaped defensive barrier started to extend, link and grow, locking up all of the violently moving Phoenix flames within, such that all the pressure and heat were safely isolated.

The chaos in the arena finally settled down a little, but n.o.body was able to suppress the shock which was plastered across their faces. They were all wide-eyed and stared blankly at the heart of the arena which had been entirely transformed into a sea of fire, afraid of missing out on a single second of the scene, because they knew that they would probably never get to see this kind of overwhelming scene a second time in their lives.

The partic.i.p.ating profound pract.i.tioners from the five nations all pulled back from their positions, their faces pale from amazement, because their seats were the closest to the Phoenix Stage. They were all thus affected when the Phoenix flames went berserk. Those slightly affected had their clothes burned into a terrible mess, the unluckier ones were burned in more areas. Looking at the Phoenix flames isolated by the barrier, they broke out in cold sweat that streamed like waterfalls. They didn’t dare to imagine that they were actually fighting with such an abnormal person before… and were unexpectedly still alive.

These profound pract.i.tioners who were able to partic.i.p.ate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament were undoubtedly the top geniuses from their nations. As top geniuses, they naturally had a kind of deep superiority, self-confidence and even arrogance. This was due to them believing that they would become the leading characters in the Profound Sky Continent in the future, their generation’s rulers. But at this point, all the self-confidence they had, and even their conviction, had thoroughly collapsed. Facing this disaster-level strength, forget about the present, they felt that even if they devoted their entire lives, they would never be able to reach this kind of level.

The flames blazed with increasing intensity. Defending the surroundings of the barrier, the few Divine Phoenix Sect elders were still fine, but the only Overlords of the five nations were trembling with fear. Whilst supporting the barrier, as Overlords, their two hands were cooked red, the pain was hard to bear, and their hearts were dumbstruck to the extreme… These two competing were not world-renowned exceptional fighters, but two youngsters who were merely around twenty years old! After cultivating for several hundreds of years to become their respective nation’s only Overlords, they, who ruled over the skies, actually felt a kind of inferiority in front of these two terrifying youths.

If they were already like this at this age, then their future achievements would simply be unimaginable!

Those from Divine Phoenix Sect could no longer sit still anymore; from Feng Hengkong to the Elders and Palace Masters, all had already stood up. In the entire arena, no one was more calm than Spiritual Master Ancient Blue; he only watched in silence without a trace of disturbance on his face. At this moment, his eyebrows suddenly twitched, because he had felt his disciple’s aura.

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue concentrated his mind, sending a profound sound transmitted message with his incomparably thick profound energy: “You’re finally here, show your Sacred Grounds identification to the Phoenix City guards, they will naturally bring you here. You are just in time, if not, you would’ve missed out on a genius gifted by the heavens, whose future achievements may not be inferior to yours.”

Very quickly, he received a sound transmission from the other party: “Really? Divine Phoenix Sect is Profound Sky Continent’s number one sect, every generation will probably have this kind of genius.”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue shut his eyes, sound transmitting again: “No, the person your master is referring to, is not from Divine Phoenix Sect, but the same as you, from Blue Wind Nation. With his abilities, he ought to have been famous in Blue Wind Nation for a long time, you may have heard of his name… This young person’s name is Yun Che.”

For a long time, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue did not receive his disciple’s reply. His attention returned to the ball of Phoenix flames blazing across the skies.

The Phoenix Stage continued to deteriorate at an amazing speed, beneath Yun Che and Feng Xiluo was astonis.h.i.+ngly red lava. Within the center of the two waves of Phoenix energy, the two of them continued the sustained release of their Phoenix profound energy, but both their expressions were entirely different.

Yun Che was completely tranquil, from his expression to the looks in his eyes, they were all without ripples. However, Feng Xiluo’s eyes were scarlet, his entire face was completely twisted and his throat unceasingly produced m.u.f.fled growls. When compared to before, if he still had reserves, then now, he was completely releasing his full power, practically squeezing out power from his bone marrows. If not for his sweat evaporating immediately, his entire body would have already been completely soaked.

Yet despite that, his Phoenix flames were actually totally blocked by Yun Che. No matter how much he tried, he was unable to suppress it.

At the same time, although he was of the Phoenix bloodline, and had an extremely high resistance and control over the Phoenix flames, it was still impossible for him to be as invulnerable to fire as Yun Che. As time pa.s.sed, the flames from Yun Che roasted his entire body, causing unbearable pain. Most of his hair was burnt, and every part of his body began emitting a burnt stench and strands of black smoke.

Half of his low roar was from frantically releasing profound energy, the other half was him howling in pain.

But his physical pain could not be compared to the fear in his heart.

Phoenix flames were the strongest profound flames in the Profound Sky Continent. The Phoenix bloodline was the only bloodline of a G.o.d in the Profound Sky Continent! If the Divine Phoenix Sect’s history was as long as the Sacred Grounds’, over ten thousand years, just relying on this bloodline of G.o.d would allow them to surpa.s.s the Sacred Grounds! Furthermore, he was a prince of the Divine Phoenix Sect, his inheritance was that of a prince, the strongest of the strongest Phoenix bloodline, and he was the strongest genius in the current young generation of the Divine Phoenix bloodline...

However, someone whom he originally did not even take seriously, someone he called a “b.a.s.t.a.r.d”, could actually block his full powered Phoenix flames!!

Moreover, his bearing was incomparably relaxed, looking like he still had energy to spare.

The growl from Feng Xiluo’s throat got even, his teeth were almost bitten into pieces, but even after a whole ten breaths, he still had no way of suppressing Yun Che.

“I don’t believe… I don’t believe… I am a prince of Divine Phoenix… the imperial blood flows through my veins… How could I lose to a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you… how could I lose to a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you!!”

Feng Xiluo’s voice was incomparably withered and hoa.r.s.e; the moment he opened his mouth, a strand of black smoke floated out, one could only imagine to what degree was he forced to.

The moment he spoke, his aura wavered, Yun Che scrunched his eyebrows, the pressure of his Phoenix flames abruptly increasing.


Feng Xiluo’s hair was quickly burnt, the originally almost two foot long black hair was quickly reduced into charcoal.

Feng Xiluo had long used up all his energy. He didn’t have the least bit of reserves, as his phoenix flames were suddenly suppressed by Yun Che. He simply did not have an iota of extra strength to retaliate. He started to feel his body and flames get suppressed more and more, all of his flames were being swallowed by Yun Che’s flames.

Fear appeared in his eyes, followed by a flash of despair. Then, all of it turned into malevolence and insanity…

“How could I… lose to… a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you!!!!”

Feng Xiluo roared hoa.r.s.ely, his eyes as red as blood. Raising his head, he fiercely spat out a large mouthful of blood. The fresh blood landed on Feng Xiluo’s body and began to combust quickly.

The look in Yun Che’s eyes changed slightly… because the blood that Feng Xiluo had just spat out was not any ordinary blood, it was his blood essence!!

Ordinary blood could be regenerated, but there was practically no possibility of regenerating blood essence. What it consumed was neither physical nor profound energy, but innate ability, life, and their power source!! Unless a profound pract.i.tioner was pushed to death’s door, he would never choose to burn his blood essence.

Feng Xiluo had gone completely mad!!

If the opponent was someone the same age as Yun Che, with the same profound strength, if he lost, even though he would be disappointed, unsatisfied, and maybe lose some rationality, he would never go as far as to lose all sense of reason and burn his blood essence.

However, Yun Che had been hiding his true strength all along, exhibiting his extremely weak profound strength. Thus, as a Phoenix prince, as well as the young generation’s number one, Feng Xiluo, would consider himself to be high and mighty in front of Yun Che. In front of all the heroes of the world and in front the Profound Sky’s seven nations and sacred grounds, he would act as if he were a judge, show contempt, ridicule, disdain and even call him a “b.a.s.t.a.r.d” in every sentence.

If he lost just like that, while using his most powerful Phoenix flames, then all the contempt, ridicule, disdain and insults which he used on Yun Che would be returned to himself countlessly. All the att.i.tude he had earlier would simply become the arrogance and conceit of a clown. Previously, when people mentioned him, they would think about his glory and fame, but after today, the first thing they would think of would be an utterly ridiculous clown! He couldn’t even defeat somebody he called a “b.a.s.t.a.r.d”; he would no doubt become some trash not even comparable to a “b.a.s.t.a.r.d”, irrevocably becoming this generation’s laughingstock and disgrace.

As a result, no matter what, he could not lose… Even if it meant igniting his blood essence, he definitely couldn’t lose!!

As his blood essence ignited, Feng Xiluo’s suppressed Phoenix flames instantly soared, pressing tyrannically against Yun Che. His pupils were full sorrow, as he then laughed derangedly: “b.a.s.t.a.r.d… you can die now!!!!”

While facing Feng Xiluo, Yun Che had the superior physique, profound arts, profound skills and purity of the Phoenix bloodline. Only comparing the strength and density of profound energy, would Yun Che be vastly weaker than Feng Xiluo. After the crazed move of igniting his blood essence, in a few breaths, Yun Che was suppressed to the point he was forced to retreat step by step, in the blink of an eye. The Phoenix flames on Yun Che’s body were swallowed whole.

Yet even so, not to mention a frantic look, there was not even a sign of astonishment on Yun Che’s face, only a deep look of pity… He narrowed his eyes and raised the World Ode of the Phoenix to the fifth stage —— “Star Felling Flames”!


The Phoenix flames on Yun Che’s body suddenly surged. The initial blaze, which had an incomparable temperature abruptly clambered up again; the initially incomparably frantic flames became even more frantic… at this instant, all the Divine Phoenix Sect members present, from the highest Sect Master Feng Hengkong, to the lowest ordinary Phoenix disciple, all clearly felt the Phoenix blood in their own bodies throb for a moment…

That kind of bizarre feeling, was neither the suppressing of strength, nor the suppressing of aura, it was clearly a kind of… suppressing of realm!!