Against the Gods - Chapter 439 - Moon of the Phoenix

Chapter 439 - Moon of the Phoenix

Chapter 439 - Moon of the Phoenix

The heavy sword uses overbearingness as its principle; even though the lance could not match the heavy sword in overbearingness, it was much more agile than the heavy sword. The sea of fire continued to spread amidst the two Emperor Profound weapons, and had already gradually spread outwards to over one hundred and fifty meters, as the flames engulfed the two’s figures. From the spectator seats, one could only hear the thunderous collision sounds and the overwhelming tide of flames that ferociously danced non-stop.

Ling Jie and Hua Minghai both leaned their upper bodies forward, their eyes stared wider than an ox… Ling Jie had never questioned Yun Che’s might, but he absolutely had never dared to think that Yun Che would actually be so much more powerful than when he defeated his grandfather, Ling Tianni, back then! The Yun Che back then was at the seventh level of the Earth Profound Realm, and currently, he was at the tenth level of the Earth Profound Realm… This difference of three levels in the Earth Profound Realm was actually like two people as different as heaven and earth!

“Boss Yun… was actually… this strong…” Hua Minghai’s voice trembled as he spoke with a dull face. What Yun Che currently faced up against was the number one of the Divine Phoenix Sect’s young generation, you know!! He had actually fought without being at a disadvantage! As he thought back to the time when he had been knocked down from the sky with one palm after being seen through in his disguise as Yan Xiaohua when attempting to approach Yun Che, cold sweat instantly fell from his forehead… If Yun Che didn’t go easy on him back then, his little life would’ve long ended to the point where he couldn’t die anymore.

In the preparation area, the complexions of all nine genius Phoenix disciples changed… They had previously been fully confident that Yun Che could never be their match, and defeating him would be as easy as turning one’s hand. But now, they just discovered that they were viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. The arrogant and conceited one was not Yun Che… but they themselves!!

The terrifying strength Yun Che displayed could easily suppress any one of them!

“This guy…” A Phoenix disciple gritted his teeth as he said resentfully. A person born from Blue Wind, who was even younger than them in age, and was even mocked and belittled without any restraint, actually exhibited a strength that made even them feel frightened. This made their face burn with fever, and their heart distressing to the extreme.

“Indeed excessively strong.” Another Phoenix Disciple deeply took a breath in: “This kind of combat strength, is basically nearing the eighth level of the Emperor Profound… Even though it greatly shocked us, to triumph over Fourteenth Prince is still only wishful thinking.”

“That’s right. Fourteenth Prince hasn’t used his full strength at all yet. The World Ode of the Phoenix was merely used to the second stage at most. I just don’t understand, why does he want to fight with that brat with this kind of condition?”

“It ought to be that Fourteenth Prince wanted to see this kid’s limit? Hmph, it’s almost over one hundred exchanges now, this must already be the utmost limit of Yun Che’s strength. As long as Fourteenth Prince is willing… He can completely suppress Yun Che at any time.”

“Phoenix Wings Breaks Mountains!!”

Amidst the wave of fire, Feng Xiluo ripped apart the flames, took off into the air, and smashed his lance down. As land-slide esque loud noise resounded, the phoenix flames atop the Phoenix Stage were seemed to be swept up by a hurricane and completely went into a boiling state. A dozen meter wide huge pit was smashed out from the incomparably tough Phoenix Stage. Under the impact from the enormous energy, Yun Che was blown far away, landing on the edge of Phoenix Stage.

Feng Xiluo floated in midair, his gaze locking onto Yun Che’s position, as a trace of sinister curl appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Not bad, to have actually endured again, then… how about this move.”

Feng Xiluo raised his arms up, lifting the Divine Phoenix Lance high up in the air. In an instant, it was as though the ferociously burning sea of phoenix flames received some kind of irresistible pull, as they all took off into the air, rus.h.i.+ng straight at the skies. Then, they quickly compiled at skies above the Divine Phoenix Lance’s tip. In a blink of the eye, above Feng Xiluo, there converged a nearly sixty meters wide, red as blood… Moon made of flames!

“AHHHHH...W-W-What is that!!” Ling Jie’s eyes stared wide, as he shouted with an alarmed voice. The entire arena, was also entirely filled with shocked shouts.

In every single round of exchange Feng Xi Luo did with Yun Che, he would always sprinkle down large amounts of phoenix flames. The phoenix flames continued to burn on the Phoenix Stage, not extinguis.h.i.+ng for a long time, and finally converged into a sea of flames… But at this time, it was unexpectedly all gathered up by him in an instant. Very clearly, the phoenix flames he sprinkled out when fighting with Yun Che back then, was all preparing for this moment.

The moon of flame on the lance tip was bright red and glaring, its imposing might as tumultuous as a tsunami, as vast as a mountain. Even those spectators over a kilometer away felt as though their chests were being pressed down by a heavy stone plate, unable to breath. It could be imagined just how terrifying of an imposing pressure Yun Che, who wasn’t even sixty meters away from Feng Xiluo, was bearing.

“It’s really a tough job for you to play with me for such a long time. To be very honest, your strength has made me somewhat astonished. Your limit, I have also probed to a good extent. Yet unfortunately, my limit, you do not have the qualification to see.” Feng Xiluo smiled dully. Even though the mightiness of Yun Che’s strength wasn’t merely making him ‘somewhat astonished’ at all, it was entirely shocking. But still, he was the number one prodigy of Divine Phoenix Sect, and the strength Yun Che displayed as of now, still had no way of defeating him. He said with a relaxed expression: “For people of the same age, to be able to play for so long with me, you can actually be considered the first. But too bad, it was merely in deliberation by me. I was merely deliberately taking time laying out phoenix flames, so that I can give you a… most magnificent… death!!”

“Divine Phoenix Lance Final Style —— Moon of the Phoenix!!”

Feng Xiluo’s black hair fluttered, his phoenix attire flapped in the wind, as the Divine Phoenix Lance swung down in midair. Instantly, the enormous moon of flame in the air rumbled, then, like a meteor on the horizon, it abruptly plummeted down toward Yun Che.


Everywhere the Moon of the Phoenix arrived at, the s.p.a.ce would be severely deformed from compression. The Phoenix Stage below actually distinctively caved in under the incomparably enormous power. Feeling the enormous energy this Moon of the Phoenix carried, Yun Che’s expressions became extremely solemn. His steps quickly drew back, after a few steps, his back leg all of a sudden stepped onto the edge of the Phoenix Stage.

The Phoenix Stage restricted the two’s area of battle; falling off from the Phoenix Stage meant losing this battle. If it was an ordinary battle, he still could choose to dodge with all his strength with the help of Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow. Yet for him who couldn’t fly, who was forced to a dead end, other than stepping down from the Phoenix Stage, there was no chance to dodging at all.

Sss… Sss...

Moon of the Phoenix enlarged in the reflections on his pupils and gradually filled his entire field of vision. Under the powerful energy surges, Yun Che’s ears were entirely engulfed by the extremely violent energy’s rumbling sounds, and couldn’t hear anything else at all. The flame’s scorching could not affect him in the slightest, but the chaotic profound energy within, was destroying Yun Che’s clothing piece by piece.

Yun Che’s brows slowly sunk down. Just as Moon of the Phoenix was less than thirty meters away from him, a fierce glint suddenly flashed through his eyes.


With a loud roar, Yun Che raised his heavy sword across. Both of his arms swelled, as his blood vessels could distinctly seen popping up on his skin, swollen to the point that they might burst at any time. His entire body’s profound energy was channeled to its limit, pouring into his arms without any reservation. Behind him, a streak of the Sky Wolf’s dark blue image roared in fury.

“Sky Wolf Slas.h.!.+”

Yun Che vaulted up, and initiatively met toward the Moon of the Phoenix. The heavy sword Dragon Fault, injected with the Sky Wolf’s strength, ferociously smashed onto the Moon of the Phoenix. The azure colored Sky Wolf image, as though a sharp sword that could break through every obstacle, violently pierced into the flame moon.


Moon of the Phoenix exploded with a loud bang, bursting out an overflowing wave of flame that covered the sky and the sun, even submerging the entire Phoenix Stage, which naturally engulfed Yun Che within. However, this wasn’t actually where the true power of this “Moon of the Phoenix” move laid; the flames that burst apart did not disperse just like that, and instead turned into one after another malevolent lances of flame. In the blink of an eye, the entire sky above the Phoenix Stage was entirely filled with lances of flame. Thousands upon thousands of them, under the control of Feng Xiluo’s power, all shot toward Yun Che’s location.

It was as though a lance shower that reeked of blood had descended.

“Die!!” Feng Xiluo laughed wildly in a loud voice. He was convinced that just the explosion from the Moon of the Phoenix was already enough to leave Yun Che barely alive, as well as destroy all of his profound energy defense. And the following lances of flame, would bore countless see-through holes on his body, violently killing him on the spot.

Originally, he didn’t plan to kill Yun Che; after all, this was the arena of Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, and he was in the front of the Seven Nations and Sacred Grounds. Killing one’s opponent was likely to invite denunciation, and there even would be unnecessary trouble. But killing Yun Che was the order that Feng Hengkong personally sound-transmitted to him, so naturally he would act to kill without any qualms.

“B… Boss!!”

Ling Jie’s pupils constricted in fear, his legs trembled non-stop. Looking on helplessly as Yun Che was engulfed by the burst flame moon, then being pierced right after by countless terrifying lance beams… Under this kind of frightening attack, even ten lives would entirely wither away.

“...This is really… too scary, Yun Che ought to have… thoroughly died, right?”

“You don’t say! If he still isn’t dead even from this, I’ll walk backwards from now on.”

“Sigh, a waste of a peerless genius outside of Divine Phoenix Empire, but he just had to…”

“This isn’t something that can’t be helped either. How could it be helped that he possessed the Phoenix bloodline; unless he chose to surrender and pay allegiance, he would never escape the fate of opposing Divine Phoenix Sect. With the unyielding temperament Yun Che displayed, he obviously won’t choose the former in any condition. That’s also understandable. Such a peerless prodigy who reached this point relying on just himself, how could he be willing to suddenly be controlled by a large sect.”

“Divine Phoenix Empire actually had such a terrifying move… It really is too scary.”

Feng Xiluo’s body slowly descended from the sky, his face carrying a complacent smile. The reason why he used “Moon of the Phoenix”, was precisely to create such a magnificent yet stunning effect, in order to cover up the awkward situation he made before from wrongly estimating Yun Che’s strength.

However, just as the tip of his foot was about to touch the Phoenix Stage, his pupils abruptly constricted, as the smile on his face also instantaneously went stiff.

The firelight exploded out by the Moon of the Phoenix and the overwhelming lances of flame began to quickly dissipate. From within the phoenix flames that was gradually becoming thin, he saw a figure that just stood there. In the next moment, the phoenix flames broke apart, revealing Yun Che’s grave and stern face.

“Wha… What!?” Feng Xiluo’s expression greatly changed for the first time. Beside his ears, shocked cries from all directions resounded as well.

The flames continued to extinguish, gradually revealing Yun Che’s intact figure. Grasping Dragon Fault in his hands, he quietly stood there, letting the surrounding flames freely scorch him. The clothing on his body was damaged in many places, his hair was also somewhat messy. However, the expression in his eyes was not in the least turbid. Under the tattered clothes, the exposed skin was flawless intact in every chunk… Only the location on his chest had three more b.l.o.o.d.y holes that weren’t very deep.

The berserking energy of Moon of the Phoenix were basically all pure Phoenix flames, and would at most deal impacts to him, without being able to harm him in the slightest. But the Phoenix Lance mirages that came right after, forced him to activate “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun” with no other choice. After taking over thousands of times of bombardment, “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun” was finally broken, as three streams of Phoenix Lance mirages crashed onto his chest. But with his true dragon’s body, this kind of concentrated attack from dispersed energy could merely pierce out three vague b.l.o.o.d.y holes on his body.

When Yun Che fought with his life on the line against Feng Chihuo, one third of the blood vessels and bones in his body broke, and even then, he completely recovered in less than ten days of time. This little injury, however, that didn’t even touch the bone, simply couldn’t even be considered much of an injury to him.