Against the Gods - Chapter 433 - Slap Slap to the Face

Chapter 433 - Slap Slap to the Face

Chapter 433 - Slap Slap to the Face

“This group from Navy Tide Nation is just too much!” Ling Jie clenched both fists as he said with a resentful face: “Just you all wait, very soon, you all won’t even be able to laugh.”

Once he finished speaking, he suddenly saw Yan Xiaohua gritting his teeth, fisting his palms, stomping his feet, looking like he suddenly had an epilepsy. He widened his eyes and asked hurriedly: “Big bro Hua, what’s wrong?”

“I… hate… Ahhh!!” Hua Minghai violently grabbed at his own hair: “If I knew this crazy… oh, no, Boss Yun had come to partic.i.p.ate in the ranking tournament, I wouldn’t have been here, and would instead open a betting stand outside… Buy Navy Tide Nation’s win for 1-1.2, buy Blue Wind Nation’s win for 1-10. Everyone will definitely take me as an idiot and then madly buy for Navy Tide Nation… Then, I’ll be rich… rich!! Unfortunately, I don’t have a chance anymore! My greatest opportunity in becoming one of Profound Sky’s billionaires, Ahhh!!!”

“...” Ling Jie looked on with disdain.

When Navy Tide Nation’s profound pract.i.tioners continued to push each other around, the always silent “Flower Viewing Prince” Han Ruyu finally opened his mouth. He smiled faintly, and spoke in a kind of disdainful and pitying tone of voice: “It’s only a pitiful roof jumping clown that’s not even worth us wasting our strength… Don’t even bother to go up, it’s best if we let him willingly surrender.”

Han Ruyu was number one of Navy Tide Nation’s young generation, the strongest within the ten, and was also their core, so he naturally obtained the other nine’s agreement: “Sir Han is right, it’s best if we let this guy willingly go. I reckon that he also can’t wait to leave.”

And at this moment, Yun Che’s voice suddenly came from behind: “You guys finished talking yet? Hurry up please, I’m in a rush.”

A hint of arrogance was within Yun Che’s harsh voice… Someone who seemed to not even be able to withstand one of their blows, a trash level person whom they don’t even think is worth defeating, had used such a tone at them. As lofty strong pract.i.tioners, they obviously felt extremely unpleasant. The frontmost Navy Tide profound pract.i.tioner turned around and sneered at Yun Che: “What, are you in a hurry to leave?”

“You’re only half right.” Yun Che chuckled: “I’m in a hurry to send you off the stage.”

“You’re courting death!” The Navy Tide pract.i.tioner who spoke immediately went in a rage… A trash that wasn’t worth looking at had actually dared to be so arrogant in front of him, how could he stand it!

“Looks like you group of idiots can’t even come to a conclusion.”

Once the obviously insulting word, “idiot” came out, the expressions of all ten from Navy Tide Nation changed… They could insult and mock the other party without restraint because they believed that they were lofty strong pract.i.tioners. Them insulting one who was weaker was in accordance with natural laws, but being called an “idiot” by a weakling was a blood debt that simply could not be tolerated.

Just as they were about to launch into verbal abuse, Yun Che’s figure suddenly swayed, and just disappeared in place from their line of sight… And out of the ten, not one saw through how he had disappeared. Before they could turn their bodies around, a fierce calamity-like storm suddenly came from behind.


What resounded above the Phoenix Stage was a sound as world shaking as profound thunder. Four profound pract.i.tioners who stood together simply did not see what had happened, and felt as though their bodies had been ruthlessly smashed by a humongous heavy hammer. Their minds crashed as their entire bodies flew into the distance like a bundle of straw...

With Dragon Fault already in hand, he swept four flying in one strike. Then, he flashed with Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow, and smashed two consecutive Overlord’s Fury down.




A Navy Tide profound pract.i.tioner finally regained his senses, but all he could do… was to utter a miserable shriek.

In merely two breaths of time, Yun Che had sent out three strikes. Under the three strikes, nine figures were accompanied by b.l.o.o.d.y arrows that filled the sky, and were blasted flying into the distance… All knocked flying off the Phoenix Stage. The one who flew the furthest flew out more than six hundred meters, heavily smas.h.i.+ng into the spectator area.

On the third breath, Yun Che had already dashed toward the last Navy Tide profound pract.i.tioner… Han Ruyu.

This sudden change in events caused Han Ruyu’s pupils to contract to the size of a needle. The terrifying air current that was directly heading for him caused all the nerves on his entire body to instantly tense. Beneath the thoroughly frightening huge chaos, he simply did not have time to counterattack or evade, and could only instinctively construct a profound energy defense barrier.


Under Dragon Fault’s berserk power, his profound energy defense entirely broke into pieces like a layer of frail gla.s.s. Han Ruyu’s entire body shook as though his chest had been struck by a mountain, and wildly sprayed out a mouthful of blood. He was directly sent flying up high, but Yun Che still did not stop moving here. Instead, he suddenly leapt up, instantly reached Han Ruyu’s alt.i.tude, and revealed a cruel sneer...

“You kept on calling me a ‘pitiful clown’ earlier, right? Then what the h.e.l.l are you? Heh… Flower Viewing Prince? I think that from now on, you ought to be a… Crippled Flower Prince!!”

Amidst his low and heavy voice, the Dragon Fault in Yun Che’s hands fiercely swung down… and violently whipped onto Han Ruyu’s… face!


That crisp sound of whipping and bones fracturing distinctively transmitted into everyone’s ears. Han Ruyu’s right side jaw bones and teeth instantly shattered into pieces, as half his face entirely collapsed within. Letting out a scream of agony, his entire person was like a spinning top that was whipped out with great power. Flying outwards while spinning with great speed, he crashed into Navy Tide’s seating area amidst an enormous “bang”.

“Uu…” Han Ruyu’s eyes bulged outwards, his face full of blood. His face’s shape that could be considered perfect became ruined and hideous… If he had gone to Blue Wind Nation before, and gotten news of Yun Che’ s power and how ruthless he was when striking out, then even if he had ten times the guts, he still wouldn’t dare to mock Yun Che as a ‘clown’. Looking at the bloodstain before his eyes, after letting out a groan of extreme agony, he face planted down, and lost consciousness.

The colossal arena instantly became deathly quiet. Everyone rigidly stared their eyes wide, as though all of them suddenly fell into a dream world.

All of these happened too fast; from Yun Che suddenly striking out to Navy Tide Nation’s nine profound pract.i.tioners being blown off the Phoenix Stage, only two breaths of time pa.s.sed!! The next two breaths of time, the number one of Navy Tide’s younger generation, was smashed back the Navy Tide’s seating area by Yun Che in two swings.

Four breaths of time… In merely four breaths of time, one person… blew all of the Navy Tide Nation’s profound pract.i.tioners down the Phoenix Stage! And the strongest amongst them, Han Ruyu, who was called Navy Tide Nation’s miracle, was immediately heavily injured and lost consciousness on the spot!!

Everyone… those who were mocking, laughing, acting with contempt, jeering, ignoring, and didn’t pay any attention at all… all became dumbstruck at this moment. Even Feng Hengkong’s expression went stiff for an instant.


Yun Che fell from midair; he did not deliberately control the momentum of falling, as his body dropped down from carrying Dragon Fault which was over ten thousand kilograms in weight, bringing about a deafening sound of landing. While this trembling sound, also shocked everyone awake from complete stupefaction…

“H-...H-...H-...How is this possible… Just what happened?” A profound pract.i.tioner stared with his eyes wide. Even now, he still didn’t dare to believe his eyes.

“He’s only… Earth Profound Realm? Really just Earth Profound Realm… alone… instantly defeated Navy Tide?” The voice of the speaking profound pract.i.tioner was trembling. His eyes stared straight; the gaze he looked at Yun Che with, was as though he were looking at a demon G.o.d from another world.

“Illusion… It must be… fake, right…”

Navy Tide Nation’s profound pract.i.tioners’ had all lost their voices. They looked wide-eyed at the Blue Wind profound pract.i.tioner who they loathed, mocked, and considered a joke, instantly blasting all of their Navy Tide prodigies flying as though a gale was sweeping falling leaves; the miraculous prodigy Han Ruyu, who was unmatched by anyone in their eyes, being smashed by two sword strikes from the opponent into an unbearably appalling and tragic sight...

They felt that their world nearly collapsed entirely.

“Yun Che!! Yun Che!! This is our Blue Wind Nation’s Yun Che!! Are you seeing this, this is our Blue Wind Nation’s Yun Che!!”

Blue Wind Nation’s profound pract.i.tioners also only woke up from being stunned just now. Almost all stood up, moved to the point that they couldn’t handle themselves. What they saw with their eyes…. Four breaths, just a mere four breaths! He alone, blew all of Navy Tide’s ten top-most prodigies off the Phoenix Stage… And Navy Tide Nation, was even ranked second in the last session; under Yun Che’s sword, let alone retaliate, they didn’t even have the ability to resist!

How awe-inspiring was this! How domineering… How glorious!! All of the mockery, sneers, and humiliation they received were released by an innumerable amount of time. Pride filled every single corner of their body and spirit. They had never been prouder of being a Blue Wind citizen at this moment in their entire lifetime.

“Boss!! Y-y-y-y-y….you’re too cool!!” Ling Jie stood up, his entire face flushed red like blood. He was already excited to the point of not knowing how to describe his frame of mind with words. Back then at Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, Yun Che showed his awe-inspiring might and took first place. But the mightiness of these four breaths of time, exceeded the that time by no less than tens of millions of times! Because he was at the Seven Nation’s highest performance stage, sweeping Navy Tide Nation’s most apex profound pract.i.tioners in front of the extraordinary people of the entire Profound Sky Continent!!

“Ssss…” Hua Minghai fiercely inhaled. Naturally it wasn’t from being scared, but from excitement: “Nicely done… Sss! Those slaps on the face, are so loud and clear! Having lived for so many years, it’s still the first time that this daddy has seen such a loud and refres.h.i.+ng slap to the face… Those from Navy Tide Nation are now probably as stifled as though they had swallowed feces. Ohahahaha…”

The nine Navy Tide Profound Pract.i.tioners had already all climbed up. Standing without moving, they stared blankly at the Yun Che on stage, their complexions ghastly pale, their entire bodies quivering as though their soul had left their bodies...