Against the Gods - Chapter 426 - Arrival of the Sacred Grounds (2)

Chapter 426 - Arrival of the Sacred Grounds (2)

Chapter 426 - Arrival of the Sacred Grounds (2)

“Haha,” Feng Hengkong stood up, and cupped his hands at Ling Kun: “Elder Ling, it has been twenty-five years; I trust you have been well.”

“As expected, the one coming from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is this person again.” Feng Zhanyun murmured with a low voice.

“Again? Which means, it was him last time as well?” Yun Che asked.

“That’s right. The people of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region all reportedly practice their sword in tranquility, yet this Ling Kun instead travels the seven nations of Profound Sky for years on end, and is the person who stays outside of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region for the longest time. Even though his status at Mighty Heavenly Sword Region isn’t very high, it seems that he has received much of the Sword Master’s recognition.”

Ling Kun also gave Feng Hengkong a wave: “I naturally have been well. Rather than that, Sect Master Feng’s aura has become even more thick and profound, this Ling is already far, far behind.”

“Haha, Elder Ling is being modest.” Feng Hengkong laughed faintly, then his tone changed: “Elder Ling, would the one who has arrived together with you, be Young Hall Master Ye?”

Once Feng Hengkong’s question ended, the complexions of the Phoenix Elders behind immediately changed slightly as they raised their heads upwards in succession.


Another hearty laugh came from a distance overhead. This laughter was not as vast and powerful as Ling Kun’s but it was willful and flamboyant, and there were only a few in the Profound Sky Continent who would dare to laugh this unrestrainedly in Divine Phoenix Sect’s territory. Amidst the wild laughter, an ill.u.s.trious white radiance akin to the blazing sun suddenly projected in the sky above. On the other side, an equally dazzling floating crescent moon appeared as well. This sun and moon instantly s.n.a.t.c.hed away all the brilliance in this s.p.a.ce.

A young man slowly walked out from within the radiance of the circular sun and crescent moon. Dressed in white, his brows were as sharp as swords and his eyes glistened like stars. His face was like white jade, the slanted and slender brows penetrated deeply into his hairline, as an aloof yet nefarious smile hung on his face… To be more precise, that was an obscene smile. While he himself, didn’t have any intentions of hiding this “Obsceneness”.

He opened his arms, and at once, two women bewitching in every way walked out from the radiance, swinging their water snake-like waist, and threw themselves into his embrace from both sides. The man bursted into a loud laughter, and under the light of the sun’s and moon’s brilliance, the sleeves of his robe fluttered as he slowly descended while holding two women. Moreover, he continuously moved his hands up and down on the two women's bodies, as if this were a place with no people. Under his caressing and stroking, the two bewitching women moaned again and again with their waists wringing about.

“This person…” Yun Che’s brows greatly knitted, but it wasn’t because of his utterly unbearable conduct under the eyes of everyone. Rather, it was because from this person’s body, he felt an extremely dangerous kind of aura.

The more unbridled and pompous someone was on the surface, they would often be some useless person who only drinks and eats, and would be very easy to deal with… But on this person, this rule did not apply at all! The warning of danger Yun Che felt due to a certain aura on him, was incomparably intense.

“As expected of Phoenix Sect Master; these little gimmicks of mine, really are inadequate in front of Phoenix Sect Master.” As the young man landed, the brilliance of the sun and moon finally vanished as well. Yet he didn’t land on his seat, and instead landed in front of Divine Phoenix Sect’s seating area, less than a mere ten steps away from Feng Xue’er’s seat. He let go of the two women, took a step forward, as he slightly raised his hand, his eyes narrowed halfway: “Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Ye Xinghan, greets Phoenix Sect Master. I have already heard Phoenix Sect Master’s prestige for a long time, to be able to meet today is the blessing of my three lifetimes.”

“What? Ye Xinghan!?”

Hearing this youth reveal his name, the audience instantly cried out in surprise. Because, this was the name of Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Young Hall Master! The person from Sun Moon Divine Hall this time, was actually the Young Hall Master!!

Though Feng Hengkong had already learnt that Ye Xinghan was unbridled with women, he didn’t expect him to be so debauched. He faintly smiled, and said: “Young Hall Master’s words are too strong. Rather, Young Hall Master’s name is like a thunder which pierces the ear. Meeting you today, your excellence is superior than your reputation… Young Hall Master’s seat is to the right side of Elder Ling. Three honored guests, please enter your seats.”

“No need to hurry.” Yet Ye Xinghan leisurely rebuffed. His gaze s.h.i.+fted, and fell upon Feng Xue’er’s body. A pair of long and narrow eyes instantly squinted, as they radiated an extremely scorching light...

Up until now, it could be said that Ye Xinghan have had his way with countless women. And the women who he took a fancy to, their looks, physique were all one chosen from a thousand. It could be said that his immunity toward women’s looks and disposition was extremely high, yet at the moment he saw Feng Xue’er, he felt all of the blood in his entire body start to boil, as every single cell in his body throbbed madly.

For the first time in his life, Ye Xinghan had a feeling of not daring to believe that she actually exist, while she was clearly before his eyes. It was even to the point where he couldn’t imagine just what kind of celestial beauty was underneath this sort of air that transcended worldliness. The desire to possess crazily sprouted and grew within his chest cavity and soul… At the same time, her physique, was more so unparalleled under heaven...

She was simply the most flawless woman, the most flawless incubator!

“Could this Phoenix G.o.ddess be, the Princess Snow known as the number one beauty of Profound Sky?” Staring at Feng Xue’er, Ye Xinghai spoke with his eyes pursed up. Everyone in the world knew the name of Princess Snow, and everyone in the world also knew to what extent Divine Phoenix Sect protected Princess Snow. Therefore, even if one had millions of intentions toward Princess Snow, they definitely shouldn’t, and also wouldn’t dare to reveal such intentions in front of Feng Hengkong and Divine Phoenix Sect’s crowd. Yet this Ye Xinghan had the gaze of a wolf, his wrists rolling, not concealing his desire that was as scorching as a fiery inferno in the slightest… No one knew if it was because his desire had gotten to his self-control, or… he simply wasn’t afraid of Divine Phoenix Sect’s fury at all.

The various elders and disciples of Divine Phoenix Sect all revealed the expression of anger. A few core disciples were already on the verge of exploding into a flight of rage; their fists clenched tightly, as they wished they could immediately rush up and fight Ye Xinghan to the death. Princess Snow was their jewel of Divine Phoenix Empire, the sacred G.o.ddess in everyone’s hearts. They definitely would not allow anyone to taint or lay a finger on her… even if it were laying a finger in terms of gaze and words!

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d… He’s courting death!!” Feng Ximing’s hands clenched tightly, his finger joints making “pop pop” sounds. The other princes were also gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth in anger… However, the ident.i.ty of “Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Young Hall Master” caused them to not dare to act rashly at all, even though they were extremely furious… That was the Young Hall Master of a Sacred Ground! The future ruler of a Sacred Ground!

If they shed all pretenses of cordiality with this Ye Xinghan, that would undoubtedly be having a fallout with the entire Sun Moon Divine Hall! Even though Divine Phoenix Sect was the number one great sect of Profound Sky, they still didn’t have the courage to shed all pretenses with a Sacred Ground yet… Unless they are forced till their last straw.

Contrary to one’s expectations, Feng Hengkong instead had a calm expression. He said to Feng Xue’er: “Xue’er, this one is Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Young Hall Master Ye Xinghan. Even though he is l.u.s.tful by nature and unbridled with woman, he can still be considered a seldom outstanding youth. Say h.e.l.lo to him.”

Feng Hengkong’s words, made it hard for people to make out the negative connotation, but this tone of extreme dullness, was already faintly revealing the fury hidden behind his endurance.

Feng Xue’er stood up, and lightly bowed: “Xue’er greets Young Hall Master Ye.”

Feng Xue’er’s voice was gentle like water, and misty as the cloud, making Ye Xinghan’s heart and soul surge from listening to it. He started at Feng Xue’er, and said with a grinning face: “Young Sis Xue’er is being too unfamiliar. The address of Young Hall Master Ye is both vapid and foreign, just call me Big Brother Ye. Young Sis Xue’er’s voice is like the voice of a G.o.ddess, more beautiful than anything I can imagine. Being known as the number one beauty of the Profound Sky, your visage must be more so incomparably gorgeous. I wonder if I can have the honor, to witness Young Sis Xue’er’s otherworldly charming looks.”


A deep crack instantly appeared on the chair under Feng Ximing. He clenched his teeth tightly, and was just about to stand, but was pulled back by a huge hand right away. Feng Feiyan pressed him down, and said with a low voice: “Do not fly into a rage. How could Sect Master allow him to lay his finger on Xue’er in the slightest.”

Feng Ximing’s chest moved up and down, his eyes bloodshot, but he still suppressed his anger with great effort, enduring with effort and didn’t act up again.

Feng Xue’er replied with a gentle and calm voice: “Please forgive Xue’er for refusing. Xue’er’s looks are crude, and difficult to enter by Young Hall Master’s eyes.”

Ye Xinghan bursted into a loud laughter: “If this number one beauty of the world could also be called ‘crude’, then there wouldn’t be any woman that could be viewed in this world. Since Young Sis Xue’er isn’t willing… then that’s fine. This place is under the gaze of the; how can Young Sis Xue’er’s otherworldly charms be tainted by the gazes of a bunch of common folks. Going face to face with Young Sis Xue’er some other day, and appreciate you alone, wouldn’t that be more pleasant… Hahahaha!”

Amidst the wanton laughter, Ye Xinghan turned around, drew the two women toward him, as he walked toward his seat with undisciplined steps. However, after having seen Feng Xue’er’s fantastical figure that was as illusory as a G.o.ddess, he felt the two women as charming as flowers beside him were simply vulgar to the extreme, causing him to no longer have the desire to feel them up.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d… If he dares to harm Princess Snow, even if he is whatever Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Young Hall Master, this daddy will still fight him to the death!!” Feng Zhanyun’s hands clenched into fists, his eyes bloodshot as he fixedly stared at Ye Xinghan. That gaze, was akin to looking at an enemy who could not coexist under the same sky with him.

“Jasmine, how strong is this Ye Xinghan?” Yun Che asked in a quiet voice.

“Tyrant Profound Realm middle stage. He’s a being you absolutely cannot afford to offend! Even the two women beside him, are high ranked Thrones! You’ll have to pay quite the price if you want to defeat either of one of them.” Jasmine warned coldly: “The level of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, is not something the current you is qualified to touch. By all means, you better not overestimate your ability and seek your own death.”

Yun Che didn’t speak, his expression overcast.

The moment Ye Xinghan entered the seats, Ling Kun immediately moved over to him, and said with an extremely quiet voice: “Young Hall Master, so it seems your purpose for coming personally, is as expectedly this Princess Snow.”

Ye Xinghan’s palm inserted into the bosom clothing of the woman on his right, kneading wantonly, his eyes queer and obscene: “At the first glance of her, I already knew this name of number one beauty of Profound Sky was indeed well-deserved. Only today did this young master find out, that there would actually be such a perfect woman in this world. Just her silhouette and presence, was already enough to subdue this young master… Heh!”

“Seems like, Young Hall Master is resolute on this.” Ling Kun smiled faintly: “But it seems that Young Hall Master was a bit too hasty. At this Divine Phoenix Sect, Princess Snow can be considered the greatest taboo!”

“Too hasty? HAHAHAHA!” Ye Xinghan laughed wildly: “In the world of I, Ye Xinghan, there had never been such a phrase of too hasty! The woman I took a fancy for, they think they can stop me with just their Divine Phoenix Sect!?”

Ye Xinghan extended his slender finger, and gently stroked along the waist of the woman on his leg, as a dangerous smile emerged on his face: “Elder Ling, do you believe me… In no more than three days, this Princess Snow, will completely become my, Ye Xinghan’s, woman. Her body, her bloodline… would all forever belong to me, Ye Xinghan. Even if their Divine Phoenix Sect does not admit it, they’ll have to admit!”

Ling Kun’s eyelids jumped… Words coming from Ye Xinghan’s mouth, definitely wouldn’t be baseless words. Since he dares to say so, then he possessed definite a.s.surance. He once again lowered his voice, and laughed along with him: “Young Hall Master’s words, I naturally believe them ten thousand times. Then, I’ll congratulate Young Hall Master ahead of time.”

Turning his eyes to the side, Ye Xinghan looked at Ling Kun: “That woman with the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite body’... It can’t be that Elder Ling has forgotten, right?”

“Heh, how could this old man forgot about this matter. However… the one and half kilos of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, I wonder if Young Hall Master…”

“Don’t worry, the legendary Nine Profound Exquisite Body… Let alone one and half kilos of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, even fifteen kilos would be worth it! However, Elder Ling should also know, this Purple Veined Divine Crystal is too hard to find, and is also often consumed ordinarily. In these two years, bit by bit, this young master had also only saved up one kilogram.”

Ye Xinghan took out a spatial ring glinting with a purple light: “In here, is one kilogram of Purple Veined Divine Crystal. I wonder, how much information of that woman can I get with this kilogram of Purple Veined Divine Crystals?”