Against the Gods - Chapter 421 - Let Me Teach Big Brother Yun, Alright?

Chapter 421 - Let Me Teach Big Brother Yun, Alright?

Chapter 421 - Let Me Teach Big Brother Yun, Alright?

Just one touch on the shoulder… and even with phoenix robe in between… and it was even his son of flesh and blood… To actually break his wrist without any mercy, and confine him for half a year...

This Phoenix Emperor’s cherishment toward his daughter simply had reached an extent that shocked heaven and earth! In comparison, the things he did these few days were enough for him to be executed by a thousand cuts, eight hundred times over!

And growing up in this kind of extreme protection, not only Feng Xue’er’s heart, even her body was also pure to the extreme. And the purer the object, the easier it was to evoke the desire to taint and possess within the depth of men’s heart —— especially this kind of person like Yun Che, who never constrains himself.

Yun Che didn’t retract his pinky, and instead said smiling as he looked at her star-like eyes: “Xue’er, your royal father really cherishes you. Him not wanting for others to touch you, is because he’s worried that you will be harmed by others.”

“Mn, I know, royal father is the person who cares about me the most in this world.” Feng Xue’er said with a faint smile.

“However, if it’s someone you like and is intimate with, there naturally wouldn't be any problems with physical contact, and can even make one another more intimate and fond of each other. Does Xue’er think that I am someone who would harm Xue’er, or someone who Xue’er is fond of?” Yun Che said with a pure and serious face.

Feng Xue’er unhesitatingly answered: “Big Brother Yun is so nice, of course I like Big Brother Yun. Being together with Big Brother Yun makes me really happy, Big Brother Yun has even realized the dream I had for many years.”

“Mhm.” Yun Che smiled, and extended his pinky before Feng Xue’er: “Then let us pinky swear.”

“Ah… but… but…” Feng Xue’er was still hesitating and timid.

“Relax, there’s only the two of us here, your royal father wouldn’t see, wouldn’t know, which means he wouldn’t get angry. Also, Xue’er is already sixteen this year. Sixteen, is an age where Xue’er has already grown up. Your royal father can’t protect you for a lifetime, so you need to start learning to be mature and independent. First of all, you need to make decisions while following the depths of your heart, using your own feelings and judgement, and not forever complying with words of other people.”

With the protection Feng Xue’er had received, naturally no one would have ever said these kind of words to her. Coming from Yun Che’s mouth, the impact brought about by these words to Feng Xue’er’s heart, that didn’t have a single speck of dust, could be well imagined. She had already gotten used to the way of life that had persisted for sixteen years. However, wanting to break through the world of self and restrainment from the past till present, was more so an innate instinct hidden within the depth of the human consciousness. Words that had never been heard before, made Feng Xue’er’s heart feel as if it had made contact with a whole different world, a world she had never experienced before. She listened to her heartbeat, and repeated Yun Che’s words once and once again in her mind… Follow her heart, make the decision she wanted to make...

Finally, with great effort, Feng Xue’er made a resolution that could be said as the greatest one ever from the time she was born. She imitated Yun Che’s actions, slowly extended her slender and fair pinky, and slowly touched toward Yun Che’s pinky… Her movements were very slow, nervous, at a loss, and helpless… along with a kind of faint antic.i.p.ation...

Finally, her pinky made contact with Yun Che’s pinky on her own accord. Instantly, as if she had experienced an electric shock, she retracted her little hand back at once. But Yun Che did not give her such a chance, his finger quickly went forward, and fast yet gently buckled onto her pinky… Instantly, a tactile sensation soft and smooth to the point of unfathomable came, as though he had touched the most flawless and pure warm jade in the world.

“Ah…” Feng Xue’er let out a light cry, her entire body became stiff for a bit. Her pinky subconsciously wished to struggle free, yet was tightly buckled down by Yun Che. Amidst nervousness, her pinky tightly twined with Yun Che’s finger, her entire body more so didn’t move at all, as she didn’t even dare to open her eyes.

“Pinky swear, the words we spoke before will never be disavowed. After Xue’er is twenty, we’ll go together to Blue Wind Nation’s Snow Region of Extreme Ice to see the endless falling snow.” Yun Che lifted his wrist, pulled Feng Xue’er’s small hand, and said in dead earnest. Only, after his voice fell, he still didn’t loosen his finger. His voice, also drove away Feng Xue’er’s nervousness and helplessness to a great extent, and made her expression finally ease up somewhat.

Within the Sky Poison Pearl, Jasmine looked at Yun Che buckling Feng Xue’er’s pinky with cold eyes, her exquisite yet unnatural little face was full of scorn: “Hmph, he’s starting again. No matter where this d.a.m.ned fool goes, anytime he meets a somewhat pretty woman, he’ll immediately reveal his nature of a pervert and beast, and will never change!!”

“Xue’er, how do you feel right now? Do you feel sad, or find it difficult to accept it?” Seeing that even though Feng Xue’er became calm again, her eyes were still closed and unwilling to open, Yun Che asked while moving a little closer.

“Oh… it’s a very weird feeling.” Feng Xue’er’s eyelashes faintly trembled, as she answered softly.


“It’s a kind of… indescribable feeling, but it’s not loathsome, nor is it sad… Uu… I never had felt this kind of weird feeling… Also my heart is suddenly beating so fast… Big Brother Yun, can you tell me what kind of feeling this is?”

“I can’t tell you this, rather that it need Xue’er herself to feel and understand.” Yun Che said with a faint smile. His expression at the moment, was exactly like a big bad wolf who was sneaking up on a little white rabbit. After a bit of hesitation, he suddenly grasped over her entire hand… Feng Xue’er’s hand was very small, and was completely grasped within his hands in one go, just like that.

“Ah…” Feng Xue’er uttered a faint cry, yet the reaction this time, wasn’t as acute as the time before. Even the struggling only happened in that one subconscious instant at the start.

“Then, how about this, what kind of feeling does Xue’er have?” Xue Che gently held Feng Xue’er’s tiny hand… There was a kind of softness and tenderness he couldn’t describe; just holding her hand in silence like that, he felt his entire body’s nervous system uncontrollably becoming lax, not willing to let go no matter what.

“Heartbeat… became faster…” Feng Xue’er lightly muttered: “So making contact with Big Brother Yun would actually be such a weird feeling… Big Brother Yun, can we stay like this a little longer… I really want to know what kind of feeling this is.”

This kind of request, how could Yun Che not agree; how he wished he could hold her hand forever.

With her eyes closed, Feng Xue’er sensed the feeling earnestly. After a while, she softly uttered: “I still don’t understand... I seemed to… have felt Big Brother Yun’s heart beat. Wah! Big Brother Yun’s Phoenix bloodline is so pure, even purer than that of my royal brothers… Eh?”

Feng Xue’er opened her eyes, and looked at Yun Che puzzled: “So weird, why hasn’t Big Brother Yun cultivated the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》 yet?”

Even though Yun Che possessed the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》’s fifth and sixth stage profound skills, these were only the profound skills carried on by these two stages. A profound skill’s activation required a profound art with corresponding power, while Yun Che jumped over this rule with the power of the Evil G.o.d’s seed and his own comprehensive ability, forcefully activating the Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix and Star Scorching Demon Lotus with the most basic of phoenix flames. But in terms of power, they naturally were much inferior to activating them with the genuine Phoenix profound art.

Therefore, just from the aspect of the World Ode of the Phoenix’s profound art, it could indeed be said that Yun Che hadn’t practiced it in the slightest. A person who cultivated World Ode of the Phoenix could tell just by casually probing his profound energy attribute.

Yun Che curbed his expression, and said: “Because in these earlier years, I had always been at Blue Wind Nation. For hiding my ident.i.ty, not only does the Phoenix bloodline need to be concealed, I more so can’t cultivate the World Ode of the Phoenix. This year, I had just returned to the sect. Nineteenth Elder is busy every single day, and didn’t have the free time to teach me. And since I’ve been out for many years, there aren’t any fellow clansmen I’m very familiar with either, so naturally no one would be willing to teach me the World Ode of the Phoenix.”

“So that’s the case~, no wonder…” Feng Xue’er thought for a bit, then a glint suddenly flashed in her eyes, as her expression became excited: “Then does Big Brother Yun want to learn the World Ode of the Phoenix?”

“Of course I do.” Yun Che unhesitatingly nodded: “But…”

“Since you want to, then let me teach Big Brother Yun, alright?” Feng Xue’er said with a cheerily smiling expression, as if this was something that would make her very happy.

“You… teach me?” Yun Che’s heart and mind violently shook a bit.

When Feng Xue’er had mentioned “World Ode of the Phoenix”, the thought of making Feng Xue’er teach him World Ode of the Phoenix had flashed through his mind before, but was immediately extinguished by him. Because he had already deceived Feng Xue’er in regards to his ident.i.ty, and he didn’t have the heart to scheme against her once more… even if the World Ode of the Phoenix was extremely important to him.

But he didn’t expect that Feng Xue’er would actually voluntarily propose to teach him World Ode of the Phoenix.

Yun Che’s mood instantly became incomparably complicated.

Seeing that Yun Che didn’t answer right away, his expression becoming hesitating and complicated, Feng Xue’er became somewhat anxious instead. She swayed Yun Che’s hands, and said as if she was acting spoiled: “Big Brother Yun, just agree to let me teach you, okay? Big Brother Yun lets me eat so many delicious things, and for beautiful snow, you’ve even agreed to take me to Snow Region of Extreme Ice… I haven’t been so happy in such a long time. I also really want to do something for Big Brother Yun. Even though I’ve never taught anyone before, I can definitely teach very very well… Big Brother Yun, just comply with me okay, okay?”

Yun Che looked at her, and said with a smile that was yet not a smile: “Xue’er, is it that you want me to stay here for a longer period of time, so you can play with Little Chan every single day?”

With a little than half of her intentions being easily exposed, Feng Xue’er began to smile shyly: “Not only Little White, I also really like Big Brother Yun right now, and want Big Brother Yun to accompany me for a while longer… Before, I’ve always been alone here, doing the same thing every day, it really is boring. But with Big Brother Yun and Little White here, I feel like I’m so happy that I’m about to go crazy. Just let me teach you World Ode of the Phoenix, Big Brother Yun can leave after he learns it, okay?

From Feng Xue’er’s perspective, teaching World Ode of the Phoenix to a Divine Phoenix Sect’s fellow clansman really wasn’t much, because it was a profound art that every single phoenix disciple knew how to use, and could be cultivated if one possessed the Phoenix bloodline. Ones who possessed the Phoenix bloodline, yet didn't cultivate World Ode of the Phoenix was instead abnormal.

Seeing how Feng Xue’er was at the moment, if he were to refuse, she would instead feel at a loss. He originally didn’t have the intention to ‘steal’ World Ode of the Phoenix from Feng Xue’er, but...

“Okay.” Yun Che chose to gladly agree, and said half jokingly while half exclaiming to himself: “Letting Xue’er… Princess Snow to personally teach me World Ode of the Phoenix, it seems as though I’m dreaming.”

“Hehe!” Feng Xue’er cheerfully laughed: “This is the first thing I’m doing for Big Brother Yun, I’ll definitely take it very seriously. Then… how about we start right now?”


“Big Brother Yun is wounded right now, and just by chance can quietly comprehend the profound formula when recuperating. Then, I’ll teach Big Brother Yun the fundamental formula right now. Big Brother Yun needs to attentively comprehend it, okay?”

Amidst the soft voice, Feng Xue’er lifted her finger, and pointed at the center between Yun Che’s brows without touching him. A stroke of firelight faintly flickered… Instantly, World Ode of the Phoenix’s fundamental formula distinctively emerged within Yun Che’s sea of consciousness.