Against the Gods - Chapter 417 - Snow Dance (1)

Chapter 417 - Snow Dance (1)

Chapter 417 - Snow Dance (1)

“You’re the one… who saved Little Chan?”

Seeing the Snow Phoenix safe and sound, with injuries already largely healed, Yun Che felt much more at ease.

“That’s right.” Princess Snow turned around and said happily: “It fell down after you and I had to support it with my strength. Otherwise, Little White would have fallen to death already. Eh? Little Chan? That’s her name? Ehhh… What a weird name. I think that Little White sounds so much better, isn’t that right, Little White?”

Scree… Snow Phoenix lowered its head and let out a clear low cry. From how it acted, it seemed as though… It agreed with Princess Snow.

Through the profound seal, Yun Che felt that the Snow Phoenix’s injuries had already healed to about seventy percent. Flying out of the Phoenix Mountain Range would not be a problem at all. Even though its conditions were still extremely poor, staying at such a place would be too dangerous. Now that he had regained consciousness, he would have to leave immediately.

Yun Che gathered all the strength within his body and stood up unsteadily. As he stood up, Princess Snow’s beautiful eyes stared wide as she exclaimed worriedly: “You… Why did you stand up. With such serious injuries, you shouldn’t move around.”

Yun Che shook his head gently and said: “I thank Princess Snow for saving me and Little Chan. I will forever remember your kindness towards us. However, this place is Princess Snow’s territory. Me dropping down here is already an unforgivable crime. I do not dare… to disturb Your Highness… Little Chan… Let’s go… Ugh!”

A sudden intense pain came from his chest and Yun Che face paled immediately as he spat out a mouth of blood mist with a “puu”. His body staggered and he half knelt to the ground.

“Ahhhh!” Princess Snow screamed in shock and rushed towards Yun Che, instinctively wanting to go forward to lend him a hand. However, as she neared him, she suddenly stopped and even retracted the hand that she had offered. She’d even retreated a few steps and said nervously: “You… How are you? I already said, with such serious injuries, you shouldn’t be moving around. Hurry up and rest. I… I will try my best to use my profound energy to help you recuperate your injuries.”

Yun Che supported himself by placing his hand on the ground. After a while, he finally calmed down. He shook his head and persisted: “It’s alright, I do not dare to continue to interrupt Your Highness. Furthermore, if Sect Master were to find out, I would definitely… Cough… Cough cough…”

Yun Che’s chest rose intensely and he continuously spat out several blood clots. Even though he had regained consciousness, his internal and external injuries were still extremely severe.

“No worries,” Princess Snow waved her snow white pet.i.te hand: “I won’t blame you, nor will I tell my royal father so you can just be at ease and stay here to recuperate your injuries. If you were to persist any more, you injuries will worsen. Also… Also, I like Little White a lot. She’s the most beautiful profound beast that I have ever seen. If you were to leave, Little White would have to leave with you… I really cannot bear it.”

“...” Yun Che finally understood why Princess Snow was unwilling to let him leave. She even promised not to tell her father about it. Half of the reason was due to her soft personality, and the other half was no doubt due to… the Snow Phoenix!

Princess Snow said previously that this was a place that only she and her father could enter. Now that she had promised not to tell her father, it would mean that this place was practically the safest place within the entire Divine Phoenix Empire. Furthermore, looking at Yun Che’s current situation, he was not suited to escape… Thinking about this, he instantly calmed down, calming his mind and blood. He sat down on the floor: “Then… Your Highness, pardon my intrusion…”

When he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and started to channel Great Way of the Buddha, using the vital energy of heaven and earth to help recuperate his body… The pa.s.sive recovery of the Great Way of the Buddha could not compare to when he actively channeled it. Once his regained consciousness, the speed at which he recovered was largely increased.

Seeing Yun Che willing to stay made Princess Snow heave a small sigh of relief. She carefully looked at Yun Che for a while before hopping over beside the Snow Phoenix and pouncing on it. Her whole body was on its body as she happily said: “That’s great, Little White. We can play together now. Wahh~~~ Your feathers are so soft, so cooling… Why are you so pretty…”

Although Yun Che kept his eyes closed while treating his injuries, he could still hear what was happening. The fairy like voice drifted into his ears along with the wind, causing his mind to waver… Such good looks, such a great voice, so pure and flawless… Was she really a human child? Or was she someone born from gathering all of the world’s most beautiful objects...


Phoenix Perching Valley was surrounded by mountains on three sides and the remaining south side, was the three thousand meter Absolute Phoenix Cliff. This place seemed to gather all the spiritual energy from the whole of Divine Phoenix Mountain and at one glance, it was all a pure clean green unlike other places which were dried and wilted crimson. Even the wind seem exceptionally clean and gentle. In the middle of Phoenix Perching Valley was a calm and clear lake. Beside the lake was a completely snow white and strikingly beautiful Snow Phoenix drinking from the clear lake water. Beside it was a girl that seemed as though she was a fairy from a painting.

The girl wore an elegant phoenix robe, but it was overshadowed by her glistening jadelike skin. Her back view, side view were all like a fairy from dream. Without even looking at her face and just by her back view, one could tell that her beauty was one only deities possessed.

The young girl breathed in the clean lake air for a while, and then let out a melodious laughter. She raised her jade fingers and gently released her hair tie, letting her s.h.i.+mmering long black hair scatter like a broken dam. Each strand of hair seemed as though it had its own life and danced in the air before falling onto her shoulder.

As her jade hand lowered, the straps on her robe were gently released as well. The golden colored phoenix robe embroidered with a golden phoenix gently slid off her shoulders… Without the clothes, she was so perfect that it was hypnotizing. Her soul shocking jade body was exposed within the accompaniment of the gentle mountain breeze, along with her flawlessly snow white back, her thin waist, and her slender and flawless legs… and all of these could only generate the word “perfection” in anyone’s mind. This view of just her back, was able to make a man lose control and go crazy.

She removed her golden shoes and revealed her snow lotus-like feet. She waved at the Snow Phoenix, and gently stepped into the lake with a flawless smile. Even without her jade feet in the pool water, they were already mesmerizingly glistening.

“Little White, do you want to bathe together? This is where where I bathe everyday.”

The entire Divine Phoenix Mountain Region was scorching hot except for this place, which was quiet and clear. Even the lake water was slightly cool. The young girl scooped up lake water, allowing it to flow from between her fingers. The edge of her lips twitched slightly as she silently looked at the water flowing from her jade arms to the snow humps in front of her chest.

The lake water was extremely clear, so clear that the smallest grains of sand underwater could be seen. Her beautiful figure was even more distinct, but unfortunately, no one was there to appreciate this great scenery. With her, was only a beautiful profound beast whose greatest interest was drinking in the sweet lake water.

“Little White, do you really not want to bathe together… Ugh, why do you already have an owner… I really like you… Because I like the color white, which is also the color of snow… When I was thirteen, Divine Phoenix City had a huge snowfall and that was the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. I felt that all of me was fused with the white snow… However, after that day, I have never seen snow again…”

The young girl supported her beautiful face with her hand as she looked at the Snow Phoenix. Within her beautiful eyes was a blurred light. As she muttered to herself, her jade shoulders were exposed on the water’s surface, its outline was pure beauty personified, the scene was extremely attractive.

“Ahhh…” The young girl suddenly shouted as she turned towards the south and gently said: “Little White, I think your owner has already woken up. Let’s go find him.”

She lightly flew out and put on the elegant phoenix robe back onto her mesmerizing jade body. She landed on the broad back of the Snow Phoenix as she shouted happily: “Let’s go.”

The Snow Phoenix cried happily as it stretched its wings and flew in Yun Che’s direction.

This time that Yun Che went into meditation, was another two whole days. By the time he regained consciousness, his internal and external injuries had already recovered by about thirty percent, his profound strength had also recovered by about twenty to thirty percent. In less than a week, he should more or less be completely healed as long as he does not engage against anyone in the meantime. Otherwise, his injuries would no doubt become worse… As such, this place, where he was never interrupted, was the best place to stay.

The prerequisite for him being here was to not let anyone know he was here, and this decision laid with Princess Snow, who thought that he was a Phoenix disciple.

A white figure flashed past the sky and circled above his head before slowly landing in front of him. Princess Snow jumped down from the back of the Snow Phoenix and looked at him with a blossoming smile: “You’re finally awake. Otherwise, Little White would be worried to death. Do you feel that your injuries are better?”

The girl’s smile was simply too mesmerizing. Yun Che lost concentration for a moment before frantically saying: “I’ve recovered a lot. I thank Princess Snow for her concern. Look.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his limbs which were already able to move freely.

“Wah! You actually recovered so quickly. I still thought you would take a long long time.” As she said this, she took a look at the Snow Phoenix, and her tone suddenly turned rather sheepish: “However, your injuries have not completely recovered. You shouldn’t move around too much. Stay here for more days, I won’t let royal father know.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Yun Che smiled. He now knew that the reason Princess Snow was willing to let him stay was because she really liked the Snow Phoenix. The Snow Phoenix was a pure white elegant beast. Furthermore, it was an ice type, which was rarely seen in Divine Phoenix Empire. Within the fire elemental Divine Phoenix City, it could be said to be extinct. Therefore, it would make her curious and envious. Or perhaps, it was because she was too lonely and its arrival meant that she now had a companion to play with.

Having not eaten for days with a body full of injuries, waves of hunger pangs attacked Yun Che as he sat down. He took out his dragon meat and cooked it using his phoenix fire. Despite the huge body that the Flame Dragon possessed, there was not much meat left due to Yun Che replacing it for his meals. At the moment, up to ninety nine percent of the meat had already been eaten by him. Within his Sky Poison Pearl, there was only a pathetic twenty five kilograms left. However, during this process, his skills at barbecuing the dragon meat increased by folds. Using what degree of fire, for how long, and using what seasonings to cook the most savoring of meat was now easy for him.