Against the Gods - Chapter 415 - Brutal

Chapter 415 - Brutal

Chapter 415 - Brutal

Each strike from Yun Che that Feng Chihuo blocked felt as though a mountain was ruthlessly ramming him, directly shaking him so hard that his internal organs felt like rupturing. Facing Yun Che’s blood red eyes and the terrifying impact that pa.s.sed through his arms, he began to genuinely grow fearful… At this time, under the suppression of Yun Che’s heavy sword, let alone retreating to escape, he couldn’t even let out a single word.

Yun Che’s vision had already changed into a field of hazy red, and only Chihuo remained in this red colored world. The only thing in his heart was an abundant amount of killing intent. However, Feng Chihuo was still a high level Throne, even if it was Yun Che’s attack in his strongest state, they were still blocked one after the other. Yun Che’s expression grew more overcast as a streak of cyan suddenly emitted out of his left arm.

The lowest level profound handle was red, it became orange after possessing the Dragon G.o.d’s bloodline, then yellow under the Evil Soul state. Under the Burning Heart state, it became green, and now that he was in the “Purgatory” state...

It had shockingly become the same cyan Yun Canghai possessed! Cyan colored profound handle was equal to one half of the user’s strength!

Under the state where he pushed himself to the limit, utilizing the profound handle would undoubtedly accelerate his energy consumption by a substantial amount and cause an intense battering of impact which would lead to unpredictable consequences. However, in order to thoroughly suppress Feng Chihuo, Yun Che nevertheless decided to use the profound handle.


Feng Chihuo was already barely managing to withstand the heavy sword. Once the profound handle came out, he no longer had any energy left to obstruct that, and was firmly hit on the head with the profound handle… The sound of an explosion instantly came from his head as his entire person was knocking off flying. Then, he fell one hundred fifty meters away on the ground, he smashed out a large hole several meters deep with his head and upper body buried at the bottom of the large hole.

“AH!!! You bas…”

Feng Chihuo released an animal-like roar as he ferociously lept out of the large hole. His entire face was filled with blood, his complexion, an even brighter red. On his forehead was shockingly a b.l.o.o.d.y dent the size of a fist. He was discomforted to the point where he appeared insane but before had time to let out a flurry of curses, the figure before his eyes flashed. An ash colored heavy sword ignited with phoenix flame once more appeared within his pupils, along with the cyan profound hand that had changed into a heavy sword.

Feng Chihuo’s eyes became scarlet as both hands clutched his sword. He threw in all his power into the flame sword before greeting Yun Che’s heavy sword and profound hand.


In that instant, three short mountains near the two had simultaneously crashed down from the shaking. The mountains that had been reduced to level ground was as if a blood moon had risen. Inside the blood moon, all the boulders and trees had all been demolished into fine powder. The two people were dead leaves that had been caught in two separate storms as they lightly fluttered down in two different directions.


Feng Chihuo’s body fiercely smashed onto an ancient tree. He fell flipped over on the ground and violently coughed. Every cough would bring along a large amount of blood clots as he nearly coughed out the smashed pieces of his internal organs out… However, even at such a state, he still didn’t have time to gasp for breath because Yun Che’s silhouette emerged before his eyes like a ghost once more.

Yun Che’s current condition looked even worse than his, his entire body was b.l.o.o.d.y, there wasn’t a single spot on his face nor limbs that had not been dyed blood red. Especially the heavy sword he was grabbing onto with both hands, streams and streams of blood flowed and dripped down. However, his imposing aura and demonic speed had not decreased in the slightest. Just as Feng Chihuo’s gaze captured him, in the next instant, Yun Che Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow’d to his front.

“You… lunatic!!” Feng Chihuo’s eyeb.a.l.l.s were shocked to the point they had nearly burst out. Even though he had received Yun Che’s heavy strike, Yun Che had obviously also received the strike that contained all his power. He also could see how gravely injured Yun Che was currently… but under such a conditions, he actually was not suppressing his wounds, rather, he was continuing his a.s.sault!

Feng Chihuo had lived for over one hundred years. It wasn’t as if he had never seen a lunatic before, but he had never seen a lunatic that had become crazed to this extent.

He tightly gritted his teeth. Just as he was about to gather up all the profound energy within his body, his eyes suddenly enlarged… reflected on his eyes was an azure blue dragon roaring up at the sky.

Dragon Soul Domain!

The soul shaking dragon cry resounded through the skies of the Phoenix Mountain Range, making numbers fire profound beasts all crouch on the ground while trembling in fear. Feng Chihuo’s entire body began s.h.i.+vering as deep fright continually condensed atop his face. The profound energy he had just conjured had quickly scattered under his fright...

Yun Che’s maintaining of the “Purgatory” state was also quickly approaching its utmost limit. If he could, he really wanted to use “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth” to obliterate Feng Chihuo, but due to the severeness of his internal injuries, his body was on the edge of collapse. If he used “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth” his body would perhaps explode instantly.

Using Dragon Soul Domain would overdraft his remaining power, making an enormous tear appear within his mental state. But under the circ.u.mstance of not being able to use Destroying Sky Decimating Earth, even if the price was huge, in order to put an end to this accident and completely eliminate Feng Chihuo, he opened Dragon Soul Domain without hesitation. Not only would Dragon Soul Domain allow him to hit his target, the most important thing it did was forcing all of the opponents profound energy defense to completely disintegrate.

If it was under normal circ.u.mstances, as a high level Throne, the effects of Dragon Soul Domain would lessen by a great amount to Feng Chihuo. But due to all the injuries on his body had greatly disorientated Feng Chihuo. With his mind mostly crushed, Yun Che suddenly charged in with the last of his gathered power condensed on top of both his hands.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”

The heavy sword lifted, phoenix flame rose. Dragon Fault, which bore the last of Yun Che’s strength, brought along the aura of a death G.o.d as it smashed toward Feng Chihuo’s heart… Confronted with the fast approaching death, Feng Chihuo instinctively extended both his hands to protect his front within his trembling terror, barely managing to set up a profound energy defensive barrier.


The ground burst open. Under his crumbling state of mind, Feng Chihuo’s constructed defense popped like a weak soap bubble. In the midst of the world shaking sound, lines and lines of cracks rapidly spread beneath his feet, directly extending to more than three hundred meters. As for Feng Chihuo, he had completely disappeared from his line of sight… it was not known how deep his body had been sunk deep into the ground.



Fresh blood flowed from the webs of Yun Che’s fingers like pearls from a broken string, quickly trickling drip by drip onto the ruins underfoot. His previous all-out attack made countless cracks appear on his entire body. Blood dyed his body, making him resemble a b.l.o.o.d.y demon G.o.d, an Asura coming out of the battlefield. Even the wind brus.h.i.+ng past his body carried the pungent smell of blood.

Finally… over...


Dragon Fault powerlessly dropped from Yun Che’s hands. In the midst of its heavy landing sound, the red light in Yun Che’s eyes disappeared. The profound handle had also return back in his arm as his eyes slowly closed. After his entire body swayed, he finally heavily fell onto the ground… When he had decided that he had to kill Feng Chihuo, he knew that this battle would be a terribly brutal one. Because with his current strength, wanting to kill a high level Throne required him to pay an extremely large cost. He had finally succeeded… An Earth Profound killing a late stage Emperor Profound, he could be said to have created a never before seen legend in the Profound Sky Continent.

This outcome’s crucial point stemmed from the very first time he had caught Feng Chihuo off guard and destroyed an arm. Otherwise, even in a state where he forced himself to the limit, it would be difficult for him to suppress Feng Chihuo.

“Have to… quickly… leave… this place…”

Yun Che struggled to stretch out an arm. Pressing the dirty before him, he had to exhaust almost all his strength to crawl a few inches forward. What he ought to do now should be tending to his wounds, but this place was Phoenix Mountain Rage, Divine Phoenix Sect’s territory! Below him, still existed the Great Phoenix Formation. The sounds of his battle with Feng Chihuo was extremely loud, it was quite possible that it had already alerted a few members of the Divine Phoenix Sect. If he didn’t leave right away, the consequences would be unthinkable. Forget about whether the person who came over was a Throne, even the lowest level disciple in Divine Phoenix Sect could take his life.

He looked at his left hand and continuously summoned for the Snow Phoenix. However, even though the profound seal had flashed a multiple number of times, The Snow Phoenix still had never appeared. The profound seal had not disappeared, proof that the Snow Phoenix had not died yet. However, Feng Chihuo’s attack was enough to make it seriously injured to the point of near death.

“Huff… Huff… Ugh…”

Heavy moans of pain suddenly came from the direction where Yun Che held out his hand. Furthermore, it sounded far, yet near. Yun Che’s complexion changed. Little by little, he turned his head around. A hand suddenly appeared from the very edge of the ravine carved out by a Sky Wolf Slash… Then, a completely b.l.o.o.d.y figure slowly crawled up.

Feng Chihuo!!

“Drats… he’s not dead yet!” Jasmine said in a low voice.

It could be said that the current Feng Chihuo was at his most miserable state. His entire body had been badly mutilated, not the least bit of a human’s appearance could be seen, but he was actually clearly alive. Moreover, judging by how quick he was climbing out of that ravine, it was clear that his condition was at least comparatively better than Yun Che’s.

Impossible… Under Dragon Soul Domain… He basically had no power to defend… How could he not have died...

Feng Chihuo, who had climbed up, swayed as he stood up. Seeing the b.l.o.o.d.y Yun Che sprawled on the ground, he continued to sway as he let out a coa.r.s.e yet crazed laughter: “Ha… Haha… Hahahaha… How… could a little… b.a.s.t.a.r.d… like you… kill me…”

He advanced forward. As he stepped closer to Yun Che, a terrifying maliciousness surfaced on his face: “I’m going to… tear your entire body… bit by bit… thoroughly into shreds…”

Right at this time, an enormous silhouette suddenly swept over from overheard accompanied by a somewhat frail long cry. Yun Che struggled to lift his head. After that, wild joy rose within his eyes: “Little Chan!!”

Half of the snowy feathers on the Snow Phoenix had become the color of blood, but it still strongly flew over. As it flew above Yun Che, both its wings swatted and three streaks of gleaming cold icicles launched straight at Feng Chihuo.

Pew pew pew!!

If it was in normal circ.u.mstances, how could the Snow Phoenix’s attack possible harm Feng Chihuo? But Feng Chihuo’s body was currently utterly broken, even his steps were unstable, so it was simply impossible for him to defend against the Snow Phoenix’s attack. The three icicles easily pierced right through Feng Chihuo’s body. Included among them was one that struck a fist sized b.l.o.o.d.y hole through his throat.

Feng Chihuo’s eyes rounded. Under the icicle attack, he heavily fell backwards and moved no more. Beneath his body, was a quickly expanding large pool of blood… This time, he was dead to the point where he could no longer die. He had perhaps thought about how his life would end, but he never would have thought that he would die so tragically, nor would he have imagined that he would die under the hands of a profound pract.i.tioner of the Earth Profound Realm and his contracted Sky Profound Beast.

Yun Che let out a deep breath of relief. As his mind relaxed, the side effects of using Dragon Soul Domain violently surged up, making his greatly impacting his consciousness into a muddled state. He extended a hand at the Snow Phoenix and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice: “Little Chan… Let’s… go… the higher the better… the farther the better…”

The Snow Phoenix conjured up a light breeze, lifting Yun Che up on its back. Then, it flapped his wings, flying high into the skies.

Yun Che’s heart was at long last settled somewhat, and it was just at this time that Jasmine’s cold voice suddenly sounded: “You’d best stay conscious.... You should know why it had not immediately arrived after you had called it so many times, it’s inevitable that its wounds are extremely severe, not only that, it had been injured in the wings. Even though it managed to fly now, I doubt that it could fly far.”

Yun Che “...”

Jasmine definitely didn’t say that just to scare him. Yun Che bit the tip of his tongue, allowing himself a brief period of consciousness. He immediately felt the Snow Phoenix’s entire body tremble acutely. Usually, when it encountered a large gale, it would still fly smoothly, but now, a casual mountain breeze blowing over would cause its body to violently sway.

“Little Chan… You can do it!” Yun Che yelled softly. If he could not fly out of Phoenix Mountain Range, he would definitely die.

However, he had obviously underestimated the Snow Phoenix Beast’s injuries. After struggling to fly over a few kilometers, a strong breeze came head-on. Under this strong breeze, the Snow Phoenix immediately let out a painful cry as both wings suddenly spasmed before it dropped down.

“Little Chan!!”

In front of Yun Che’s shout, the Snow Phoenix didn’t react at all because it had already fainted in midair. Yun Che possessed the Phoenix bloodline, the Dragon G.o.d’s bloodline, the protection of the True G.o.d’s profound arts, and a completely changed body, so no matter how serious of an injury he obtained, he could still endure. But the Snow Phoenix was different, it was only an ordinary Sky Profound Beast. Struggling to fly for so long with its grave injuries was already its limit.

Following the Snow Phoenix’s midair collapse, Yun Che didn’t even have the energy to clutch at its snowy wings and was slowly separated from the Snow Phoenix as they fell… Not long after they fell, Yun Che’s body heavily smashed into soil that wasn’t even that hard… It was apparently a huge slanted slope, because after he fell, he quickly rolled downwards with the Snow Phoenix Beast. As he rolled, his half conscious vision saw the place they were tumbling toward. It was actually… an extremely steep cliff!! He saw various mountain peaks over the cliff… and none were higher than the mountain peak he was currently rolling down from.

In that split second, he immediately understood that he and the Snow Phoenix had fallen on top of that highest mountain peak in Phoenix Mountain Range. They were currently tumbling down from highest summit… from an alt.i.tude of over four thousand five hundred meters...

His body had finally tumbled down the cliff, then, his tumbling changed into a sharp drop… With his head facing upwards, he couldn’t see the ground beneath him. He didn’t know if the upper part of the mountain or the middle of the mountain was beneath him… or if he would directly drop to the bottom of the mountain.

The whistling of the wild wind swept over, with his mind and body severely overspent along with his grave injuries, he was unable to control his body that was currently in midair, so much that he was unable to conjure up any profound energy defense… He wasn’t sure if the bloodline he obtained from G.o.ds and his powerful natural defense could withstand the force of impact he would receive from falling under a state in which he had no profound energy defense… Whether or not his body and bones would directly be torn and crushed...

The howling of the wind drowned out all other sounds. Aside from the whistling of the wind, there was nothing in Yun Che’s consciousness, he didn’t even have the strength to scream. After several tens of breaths pa.s.sed, the sound of the wind beside his ears still screamed out. Until finally...


He heard the enormous sound of himself falling and the barely discernable fearful cry of a girl...

All the painful sensations in his entire body quickly faded away along with his fuzz consciousness… Half of the last scene he saw was the tall mountain cliff, and the other half was the blue sky… then, the face of a girl that was as beautiful as a dream appeared from the blue sky. Her wide eyes were even brighter than the stars gazed at him. These eyes were as pure as the bright moon, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with sincerity, horror, astonishment, and curiosity… Yun Che had seen many beautiful women, but this illusory beauty n front of him still caused his mind to uncontrollably shake...

So beautiful...

Is it a fairy… from the heavens...

This image of a beauty that should not belong in the mortal world became the last thing Yun Che was conscious of. After that, he completely lost consciousness.