Against the Gods - Chapter 398 - Feng Hengkong

Chapter 398 - Feng Hengkong

Chapter 398 - Feng Hengkong

Divine Phoenix Sect was the biggest sect within the Profound Sky Continent. Even though its overall strength was a bit inferior to that of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, based on its scale, no sect in the entire Profound Sky Continent could reach its size. It was also the only sect in the Profound Sky Continent that was qualified to challenge the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

At the same time, Divine Phoenix Sect possessed the only specialty within the continent: It was a sectoral force, and also an imperial force! The Divine Phoenix Sect had two core bases, one was Phoenix City, the other was the Divine Phoenix Imperial Palace! And the entire outer branches of the sect extended throughout all of the Divine Phoenix Nation; without exception, it was this region’s overlord.

Divine Phoenix Sect unquestionably possessed the strongest force within the Profound Sky Seven Nations, as well as the highest of political power. Furthermore, these two aspects were both overwhelming. The other six nations gave the Divine Phoenix Empire secret offerings, all without exception… especially the weakest Blue Wind Nation.

Divine Phoenix Imperial Palace.

Feng Hengkong, a name known to everyone that thoroughly resounded through the Profound Sky with prestige above the world. Because he was currently sect master of the Divine Phoenix Sect, and also the emperor of the Divine Phoenix Empire. He possessed an unrivalled profound strength, the power he held in his palms covered the entire Profound Sky, he was like a figure from the legends in the hearts of Profound Sky’s people. To the other six nations, an emperor was already an unapproachable existence, and Emperor Feng Hengkong of Divine Phoenix far surpa.s.sed their own nation’s emperor, he was like an emperor of the heavenly imperial court. As long as they merely thought of his name, they would all feel a kind of deep oppression.

In the other six nations, the monarch’s main hall was surrounded by a ma.s.sive guard force and countless peak experts would be guarding it in secret. It was the place that had the tightest security in the entire imperial palace. But the Divine Phoenix Main Hall, where Feng Hengkong was located, was actually a field of quiet. There were fundamentally no guards in the surroundings, even so much that the imperial palace patrolling bodyguards would take care to avoid this place… In another nation’s imperial palace, this was an absolutely unimaginable scenery. But in the Divine Phoenix Imperial Palace, this couldn’t be any more ordinary. What a joke, Feng Hengkong was not merely an emperor, he was Sect Master of Profound Sky’s number one sect —— Divine Phoenix Sect! What kind of strength was that?! With his strength why would there be a need for him to be protected others? In the entire Profound Sky, how many people were even qualified, even able to protect him?

In the entire Profound Sky, how many would even have the guts, or are even able to charge into the Divine Phoenix Imperial Palace?

Divine Phoenix Main Hall. With hands behind his back, Feng Hengkong focused his gaze at the phoenix totem on the wall. His gaze was single-mindedly concentrated, as if he was pondering over something. An emperor’s attire was usually a golden yellow color, embroidered with a five clawed dragon, yet Feng Hengkong’s imperial robe was a fire-red color, embroidered with a heaven scorching phoenix.

He was over a hundred fifty years old this year, but his entire person was unnecessarily white, with not the slightest of wrinkles. He had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, with his majestic heroic air, it seemed that he was at most forty years of age… With his cultivation level, if not for him waiting to appear with a prominent monarch’s demeanor and wanting manifest a difference in seniority between his children, he could easily maintain an appearance of around twenty if he wanted to. Altogether, he had a total of sixteen children, fifteen were sons and one was a daughter. His eldest son Feng Ximing was already a full one hundred years old, while his youngest daughter just became sixteen this year.

And the thirteenth son, was exactly the Feng Xichen who had been violently beaten by Yun Che.

It took a long while for a change to at last appear in Feng Hengkong’s eyes. He didn’t turn around, and suddenly said indifferently: “Ming’er, what is it?”

It was not known when, but a thirty or so middle aged age in a red robe appeared behind him. When he came over, he did not make the slightest of noise. He had been standing behind Feng Hengkong’s back for quite some time now, but still did not make the slightest of sound, for fear that he would disturb him. Now that he finally heard Feng Hengkong talk, the middle aged man immediately bowed and said: “This son greets royal father… This son came here to report two things to royal father.”

Feng Hengkong turned around. As valiant as a mountain, his calm and dignified face did not show any emotion as he spat out two extremely indifferent words: “Go on.”

“Yes, father.” As Feng Hengkong’s eldest son, Feng Ximing was also the Young Sect Master of the Divine Phoenix Sect, and Divine Phoenix Empire’s crown prince. It was clear that he still possessed an extreme reverence toward Feng Hengkong. No matter his posture or words, they all followed the standard regulations. No daring to appear impudent, he slightly lowered his head: “The first matter is actually only a small matter, and is not worthy of troubling father. But this matter is related to Thirteenth Brother, so this son is hesitant in whether or not he should mention it to royal father.”

“Hmph!” Feng Hengkong’s brows slightly tightened: “As my Divine Phoenix’s crown prince, when did you become so irresolute, so indecisive?! If you want to say it, then say it. Don’t want to say it, then don’t! Why speak so much nonsense?!”

Feng Hengkong’s chiding was not something minor. Feng Ximing trembled all over and promptly said: “Father’s lecture is right, this son knows he was wrong. Even though this matter is small, it still relates to our sect’s bloodline, so it’s still best to report it to royal father.”

“Our sect’s bloodline?” Since it’s related to our sect’s bloodline, how can it be a small matter!” Feng Hengkong’s gaze concentrated: “What exactly is this matter? Quickly, speak!”

“Yes… Does royal father still remember the name ‘Yun Che’ this son mentioned two years ago?” Feng Ximing asked.

“Yun Che?” Feng Hengkong’s eyes slightly s.h.i.+fted: “You’re talking about that person who released phoenix flames in Blue Wind Nation’s ranking tournament? Didn’t he already die two years ago?”

“Reporting to father, Yun Che was sealed under Blue Wind Nation’s Heavenly Sword Villa at that time, so everyone believed that he was undoubtedly dead, they never expected that he would later come out alive. Once this son obtained this news, he allowed Thirteenth Brother to personally leave for Blue Wind Nation to deliver the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament invitation card, with the main purpose being to handle this matter. After Thirteenth Brother saw Yun Che, he discovered that Yun Che indeed possesses our Divine Phoenix Sect’s bloodline! His flame is undoubtedly our sect’s phoenix flame!”

“There’s actually such a matter!” Feng Hengkong’s expression slightly changed. The bloodline, was Divine Phoenix Sect’s core and the biggest taboo. The first rule within the Divine Phoenix Sect was precisely that the bloodline could not be leaked out. He said gravely: “Who exactly is it, to actually be this daring enough, and allowed our sect’s bloodline to go out… This matter, how was it handled? That Yun Che person, his parents and close relatives, have you investigated them thoroughly?”

Feng Ximing replied: “Yun Che’s parents and close relatives, this son had already dispatched people two years ago to investigate them. But unfortunately, it seems like Yun Che’s parents had died not long after he was born to enemies of their family. The one who brought him up is a person named Xiao Lie who is not blood related to him at all. Furthermore, when the truth was exposed, Yun Che had been expelled from his clan.

“His biological parents ought to have died long ago, or else they would not have not appeared to their son for a whole twenty years. But these are all secondary, about five months ago, when Thirteenth Brother personally set off for Blue Wind Nation to handle this matter, an accident occurred.”

“Accident? What do you mean by accident?!” Feng Hengkong tightened his brows once again.

Feng Ximing’s face began to fill with rage, his voice became conspicuously overcast: “Thirteenth Brother originally wanted to seize him after confirming that Yun Che possessed our sect’s bloodline, but he didn’t expect that he would be obstructed. Ultimately… ultimately, he returned in defeat.”

“Disgraceful!” Feng Hengkong fiercely swung an arm: “With the phoenix bloodline, Chen’er is extremely talented, and it is hard for him to find a worthy opponent of the same age even in my Divine Phoenix Nation. In a little, worthless, and lowly nation like Blue Wind, he could completely go against the law and no one would be able to hinder him! With his ident.i.ty as my Divine Pheonix Prince, and my, Feng Hengkong’s son, who had the guts to hinder him!”

“Father, please quell your anger!” Feng Ximing immediately replied: “This son also did not expect this outcome. Even though that Yun Che is known as the number one of Blue Wind’s young generation, he is only at the laughable Earth Profound Realm. Thirteenth Brother wanting to capture him, should’ve been as easy as blowing off dust.”

“But what he didn’t expect, was that Yun Che relied on his ident.i.ty as number one of Blue Wind’s young generation to become Blue Wind Emperor Cang Wanhe’s son-in-law! When Thirteenth Brother arrived at the Blue Wind Imperial Palace, it just so happened to coincide with Yun Che and Blue Wind Princess’s great wedding ceremony. Since it was an imperial wedding, the imperial family had naturally invited outstanding heros from all over Blue Wind. Even though the experts within Blue Wind Nation are pitifully few in number, there are still a few Thrones. On that day, it appeared that those Thrones were all present, and when Thirteenth Brother was about to capture Yun Che, the Blue Wind Emperor gave an order out of fury. Under the emperor’s command, those Thrones and a few Sky Profound pract.i.tioners all moved out… Thirteenth Brother is still after all, too young. Added to the fact that there were only two early stage Emperor Profounds protecting him and them not expecting to face all of Blue Wind’s pinnacle experts, they were heavily outnumbered in the end…”

“Un… believable!!”

Feng Hengkon immediately flew into a great rage. Under his extreme anger, a current of extremely scorching air instantly permeated the entire Divine Phoenix Main Hall, and even warped the air substantially. His sword-like brows sunk, as he spoke in an incomparably overcast voice: “A little significant Blue Wind Nation have the cheek to be this defiant. To even group together and attack my, Feng Hengkong’s son! Where exactly did they get the guts to be this ambitious?!”

“This son was also extremely angry when he received the news yesterday, but Thirteenth Brother can’t really be blamed for this. Retreating in defeat from little nation like Blue Wind is undoubtedly a great shame, so Thirteenth Brother did not have the face to tell this to anyone. Added to the fact that royal father had been preoccupied with the preparations for the Seven Ranking Tournament and the Primordial Profound Ark, Thirteenth Brother was afraid that this matter would distract royal father. As a result, he had always concealed this matter… However, on Blue Wind Nation’s side, they are clearly deeply afraid as well since they had sealed off any information. Not even a bit of this matter had spread out in the rumors in these past several months. Furthermore, there is another reason why Thirteenth Brother had never reported this matter…”


“Yun Che had said at that time, that he would represent Blue Wind Nation and personally come to partic.i.p.ate in this session’s Seven Nation Ranking Tournament.” Feng Ximing said grimly: “So compared to the great matter of preparing to board the Primordial Profound Ark, the small matter of a little Blue Wind brat being dragged until this month is of no consequence.”

“Hmph!” Feng Hengkong said furiously: “He actually still dares to come here? Probably because he knows he cannot avoid it, so he came to throw away his life!”

“This son also thinks this is so. His resistance that day, was perhaps just looking for a few months of peace.” Feng Ximing laughed coldly: “So royal father does not need to get angry over this small matter. If he really dares to come to our Divine Phoenix Empire, he should not think about ever leaving. If he didn’t come, this son will just settle this matter personally. After all, like what father had said, though the person himself is lowly, the matter of our bloodline is still nevertheless a big matter.”

For this matter, Feng Ximeng had indeed only heard of this from Feng Xichen yesterday. But the pretext was vastly different from the truth that had happened that day… On that day, Feng Xichen, as well as his two accompanying Emperor Profound bodyguards were beaten up dirty by only Yun Che alone, and were even stomped on. But he told Feng Ximing that he had been besieged by almost all of Blue Wind’s Emperor Profound experts, and retreated in defeat after being heavily outnumbered… At the same time, the two bodyguards also testified to this pretext.

This was because he, as a grand Divine Phoenix Prince, absolutely would not admit defeat, and would absolutely not allow anyone to know that he had been beaten into a dog by an Earth Profound Realm younger than him, born from a little Blue Wind Nation! Because that was an everlasting mark in the depth of his soul, a humiliation that would never faded away for a lifetime! How could he ever allow people to known of this shameful mark!

“Preposterous… simply preposterous!” Feng Hengkong tightly clenched both hands as his entire body filled with anger: “We originally was somewhat hesitant, but it looks like it is no longer necessary for this little Blue Wind Nation to exist!”

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