Against the Gods - Chapter 395 - Obscure Premonition

Chapter 395 - Obscure Premonition

Chapter 395 - Obscure Premonition

“You… By yourself?” Cang Wanhe held a face of shock. However, after pondering for a moment, all of a sudden, he actually felt that this did not seem to be a proposal that he could not accept. In Blue Wind Empire, among the pract.i.tioners under the age of twenty five, only Xia Qingyue was able to compare herself against Yun Che. And if Xia Qingyue did not partic.i.p.ate, there would no longer be anyone who was worthy to be brought into comparison with Yun Che… Even if it was Ling Yun, who was referred to as the number one of the young generation back then.

Then, even if he picked out the nine strongest pract.i.tioners who were under twenty five from the royal family’s forces… Forget about nine of them, even there were ninety of them, they would basically be unable to compare to Yun Che.

In that case, what was the difference between sending Yun Che alone, and choosing another nine people to partic.i.p.ate? Those nine people, were nothing more than simple stopgaps.

Even if that was the truth, to merely send a single person to partic.i.p.ate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament… In the history of the seven nations, there did not seem to be a precedence. For the rest of the other six nations, in order to fight over that ten slots, it could be said to be a life and death struggle. They hated the fact that they were unable to expand this number to the thousands, or even to the high ten thousands. A situation where they were short of people to make up the ten slots wouldn’t appear at all.

However, in Blue Wind Empire...

“Haah!” Cang Wanhe sighed for the third time. Evidently, he held a heavy depression and deep helplessness for this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. “That’s fine as well. If it’s you alone, there basically won’t be any difference even if we force out another nine to partic.i.p.ate. Instead, it would cause the pride of those nine people, who are referred to as geniuses of Blue Wind, to suffer a huge blow. However, in that case, you will truly be fighting alone… And by fighting alone, we do not merely mean that you will not have any companions partic.i.p.ating in the tournament alongside you, even in that entire venue, there basically might not be a single appearance of anyone that comes from our nation, because that place is a land of humiliation for our Blue Wind citizens. In the past Seven Nation Ranking Tournaments, there had never been Blue Wind citizens who were willing to appear there… Oh, wait, that’s not right! There might be a difference this time.”

Cang Wanhe’s eyes suddenly blazed up. “If Blue Wind pract.i.tioners were to know that you will be representing Blue Wind in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament this time, maybe, it might light up their hopes and wishes for the honor of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament once again! Because you are the most talented genius in Blue Wind history, someone who could even heavily injure Ling Tianni at the age of nineteen! With profound strength at the Earth Profound Realm, your battle strength is actually comparable to that of a mid-stage Emperor Profound Realm… There’s no reason for you to be unable to s.h.i.+ne in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament!”

“Adding that, in the profound world of Blue Wind, especially among the young pract.i.tioners, the number of your fans are countless, and this time, you’re even partic.i.p.ating in the war for the sake of glory for our Blue Wind profound world. It might be possible that when you step atop that tournament ground, many supporters will appear, in order to witness the strongest Blue Wind pract.i.tioner in history!”

As Cang Wanhe said that, he became more and more agitated. He then patted on Yun Che’s shoulders. “We will immediately announce to Blue Wind about this matter. However, in this case, all of the heavy responsibilities will be pressed on your body, and yours alone. However, although you’re the only person partic.i.p.ating, there won’t be any less people accompanying you. We, shall personally head over there with you as well.”

Back then, although Yun Che told Feng Xichen that he would personally head over to Divine Phoenix Sect to partic.i.p.ate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament in front of everyone, because not even a single hint of the incident that happened on that day was allowed to be leaked out, this matter had yet to be spread out.

“Father, you’re coming with me?” Yun Che said in shock.

“That’s right.” Cang Wanhe nodded. “We trust in your abilities… Although it is just you alone, we believe that you will create yet another history for my Blue Wind Nation! How can we not personally witness this moment in history?”

Yun Che, however, did not even think about it, and decisively shook his head. “No! Father definitely cannot go with me!”

“...Why?” Yun Che’s incomparably decisive att.i.tude stunned Cang Wanhe.

“Father, it is but a mere ranking tournament, I will obviously be happy if you come with me. I would even wish to bring Xueruo, Grandfather, Little Aunt along as well. However, regarding my journey to Divine Phoenix Empire this time, partic.i.p.ating in the ranking yournament is simply secondary, otherwise, I wouldn’t even be willing to partic.i.p.ate in this Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. My main goal in heading to Divine Phoenix Empire, is to settle the grudge with Divine Phoenix Sect. For every single day this grudge stays unsettled, the attention Divine Phoenix Sect puts on me will never disappear. If, one day, they were to suddenly make a move, there’s a huge possibility that it would affect the people beside me. Hence, I wish to make use of this ranking tournament to settle my matters with the Divine Phoenix Sect… In the ranking tournament, the seven nations will be present, and there might even be a possibility for people from the Sacred Grounds to witness the event as well. Under the eyes of such a huge crowd, settling this grudge then would be much easier than settling it personally with the Divine Phoenix Sect, and it’s also the best opportunity for me… However, at the same time, it will be accompanied by unforeseeable dangers.”

“Thus, it’s sufficient for me to head to Divine Phoenix Empire alone. When I do anything, I will be able act without restraints, and without any worries as well.” Yun Che said with a calm expression.


“I know father’s intentions.” Yun Che instantly interrupted Cang Wanhe’s words. “Father must be thinking of easing my grudge with the Divine Phoenix Sect during your meeting with the Divine Phoenix Emperor. However, the Divine Phoenix Sect will probably not sell any favors when it comes to a matter concerning bloodlines. And, a mere Thirteenth Prince basically did not even put father in his eyes, so it’s even more impossible for the Divine Phoenix Emperor… to take father’s words to heart.”

Although Yun Che’s words were very straightforward, they were the absolute truth. Cang Wanhe’s expression stiffened for a moment, before he let out a huge sigh. “Alright then. Since you insist on this, naturally, we won’t force you. Take this…”

Cang Wanhe took out ten pure red badges, which looked exactly the same, and handed them to Yun Che. On the front of the badge, a phoenix with opened wings was carved on it, while the two words “Blue Wind” were carved on the back.

“These are the badges of partic.i.p.ation that were sent along with the invitation for the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament the other day. By wearing it, you will be identified as a partic.i.p.ant for our nation in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. When the time comes, it’s also used to allow you to enter the arena and the residence arranged by the Divine Phoenix Empire. You simply have to insert your own profound energy into one of the badges, then that badge could then be used to prove only your ident.i.ty. Even if someone else were to steal it away from you, that person would still be unable to remove the aura of the profound energy within it. Since you will be the only one representing Blue Wind in this tournament this time, we shall give these ten badges to you. If you happen to lose one of them, you can use the others as back-ups. Hoho.”

Yun Che nodded. After inserting his own profound energy into the badge at the very top, he kept all ten of the badges.

“Speaking of which, the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament this time, really holds too many similarities to the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament two years ago… Twice, and you’re the only one representing our imperial family in the tournaments for both times. You’re really the only one for both times.” Cang Wanhe raised his head, and sighed deeply. “During the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, you allowed the reputation of our imperial family to once again rise in might in the great lands of Blue Wind. And this time, you’re even taking a great risk, to fight alone for the sake of our Blue Wind Nation’s honor… My Cang family, really owes you far too much.”

“Father, you must never ever say such things.” Yun Che said with a smile. “Xueruo is my wife, so I’m half a member of the Cang household. It is perfectly justified for me to work hard for my own family, and my own relatives.”

Cang Wanhe nodded, and then, heavily patted on Yun Che’s shoulders. “Go then. Compared to seeing you possibly obtaining fame and honor in the ranking tournament… your royal father wishes more to see your safe return.” Even if you’re unable to settle the grudge with the Divine Phoenix Sect, even if you worsened the matter even further either, no matter what, you must live!”

“Father, don’t worry. The risk this time, there’s a huge possibility that it’s much smaller than I imagined it to be. After all, in the ranking tournament where the seven nations are all present, the Divine Phoenix Sect will not do anything outrageous.” Yun Che said with a calm expression.

“When are you preparing to leave?”

“I will leave tomorrow.”

That night, Yun Che stayed in Moon Embracing Palace. He fondled with Cang Yue for an entire night, accompanied Cang Yue and Xiao Linxi for breakfast on the second day, and then began his preparations for his journey south… In this lifetime, Yun Che had never left Blue Wind Empire, he had no idea what the conclusion would be during this trip either.

“Husband, this is the Purple Gold Card father had just dispatched someone to send over, bring it with you… Divine Phoenix Empire has the main branch of the Black Moon Merchant Guild. Husband will definitely be able to obtain some useful things from there.” Cang Yue handed a Purple Gold Card, which was s.h.i.+mmering with a purple light, to Yun Che.

“Alright, thank father in my stead.” Yun Che reached out his hand to take it, and kept it in his Sky Poison Pearl. “Oh right, Xueruo, about the traces of Chu Yuechan and Yuanba… Hmm, there’s no need to investigate them for now.”

“Ah? Why?” Cang Yue said, puzzled.

Yun Che’s chest raised slightly, said. “With my current level of influence, within the boundaries of Blue Wind, there’s already almost no one who doesn’t know my name. If they knew that I’m still alive, they definitely would have went straight here to look for me. However, they still have yet to appear. Yuechan is as beautiful as a fairy, and Yuanba has a strong and muscular physique; their external features are extremely distinct, yet, even after such a long time, there’s not even a single trace of them… There’s only a single possibility, and it’s that they’re no longer in Blue Wind Empire. Even if we investigate any further in Blue Wind Empire, it should all be merely in vain. When I head to Divine Phoenix Empire this time, I will entrust Black Moon Merchant Guild’s main branch to search for them within the boundaries of the entire Profound Sky Continent… Black Moon Merchant Guild’s information gathering ability is publicly acknowledged to be second to none. As long as they’re given enough money, they will definitely be able to find Yuechan’s and Yuanba’s whereabouts very quickly.”

This was actually one of his reasons for heading to Divine Phoenix Empire as well. Not knowing where Little Fairy and their child were… How could he not be concerned about them day and night?

“Mn.” Cang Yue nodded gently. “I believe that they’re all definitely very safe and sound right now.”

Xiao Lingxi took a step forward, and instructed him with incomparable seriousness. “We prepared twenty sets of clothes for you, you must remember to change into them frequently, otherwise, you will stink terribly… You can’t always forget to eat your meals. We have prepared some meals for you, and they’re all prepared personally by me and princess sis. Before you return, you must finish them all… You’re not allowed to do anything dangerous. You’re not allowed to casually pick a fight with others. After the tournament, you must come straight back… No matter when, you’re not allowed to close off your Sound Transmission Jade, you must make contact with us once every day. Hmph, princess sis has once told me that you can find Ten Thousand Mile Sound Transmission Talismans being sold in the main branch of Black Moon Merchant Guild… Also! The most, most, most, most important point. You’re not allowed to go philandering!! If you dare to bring a little vixen back, I-I-I-I… princess sis and I will no longer care about you.”

“Alright, alright… Yes, yes, yes…” Yun Che did a series of nods and promises.

After Cang Yue and Xiao Lingxi were finally done with their instructions, Yun Che called out the Snow Phoenix. He then turned around and said. “Xueruo, Little Aunt, I shall promise to the both of you, no matter if it’s the outcome I’m hoping for, within two months, I will definitely come back safe and sound… I’m off!”

Yun Che smiled, waved his hand at them, and then, walked towards to the Snow Phoenix.

Worrying and reluctant gazes shook within the beautiful eyes of the two girls. Neither of them said anything else, because they knew no matter how reluctant they were to see him go, no matter how much they persuaded him to stay… In the end, he would still leave. And this time, he was leaving Blue Wind Empire.

Xiao Lingxi silently looked at Yun Che’s back figure with dumbfounded eyes, her lips constantly trembled… Suddenly, her vision abruptly blurred for a moment. Looking past Yun Che’s body, she could actually faintly see the Snow Phoenix that was initially blocked by his figure.

“Ah…” She unconsciously exclaimed, her vision had instantly returned to normal as well. As though she was unable to control it, she blurted out the name that was in the depth of her heart. “Little Che!!”

Yun Che stopped his steps, and turned around. Before he speak, Xiao Lingxi had already flew onto him, and hugged him tightly.

Yun Che was slightly startled for a moment, then after, he smiled. He hugged Xiao Lingxi in return, and gently said. “Little Aunt, don’t worry. I have already promised both of you that I will definitely return safe and sound within two months. When that time comes, I will obediently become the Little Che that stays by Little Aunt’s side and no longer randomly run about… Just like before, alright?”

Xiao Lingxi’s heart was heavily stirred. When she raised her face, her eyes were already blurred from the tears. Looking dumbfoundedly at Yun Che, she lightly nodded. However, the reluctance in her heart suddenly became even more intense… Accompanying the feeling of reluctance, was an obscure bad premonition that came out of nowhere.


Following after the screech which cut across the skies, the Snow Phoenix took Yun Che and broke through the skies, charging straight towards the clouds. Very quickly, they turned into a white dot in the skyline… Xiao Lingxi looked on as Yun Che flew further away. Her hands had unconsciously pressed on her chest, and even after a long while, they had yet to be put down…

Why do I actually have this feeling… of fear that I will no longer be able to see him again...?

Is it because I’m too reluctant to see him go…?

Little Che… You must return safely...