Against the Gods - Chapter 386 - Only an Idiot Wouldnt Take Advantage of Whats Dangling Before His Face

Chapter 386 - Only an Idiot Wouldnt Take Advantage of Whats Dangling Before His Face

Chapter 386 - Only an Idiot Wouldn’t Take Advantage of What’s Dangling Before His Face

Seeing how Yun Che spoke so with such confidence, together with Xia Qingyue’s true and genuine Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins as proof, even though Gong Yuxian and company were shocked to the extreme, they had no choice but to incline toward believing.

To open all profound entrances and achieve Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins, what kind of idea would that be? That was the ultimate apt.i.tude, craved even in their dreams of nearly every single profound pract.i.tioner in the Profound Sky! Opening the profound entrances postnatally was extremely difficult; to open ten profound entrances postnatally within one hundred years could already be considered as an unparalleled prodigy. While opening all profound entrances… even beings at the level of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies had never dared to delude about such a thing.

Frozen Cloud Asgard’s founder Mu Bingyun, prenatally opened nineteen profound entrances, and until pa.s.sing away at the age of two hundred and seventy, she could only open up thirty seven profound entrances, including postnatal ones. Even so, she was still the number one expert in Blue Wind back then, and even Heavenly Sword Villa’s founder would face defeat by her hands.

If they could really attain Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins, their apt.i.tude would directly surpa.s.s the Frozen Cloud’s ancestor, Mu Bingyun, and would no longer have any bottlenecks in the road of profound cultivation hereafter. Perhaps in just a few short years, it would be possible for them to break through to the Emperor Profound… In the future, there would even be the possibility to become a Overlord! Even the Frozen End Divine Arts that they couldn’t cultivate all along would become highly possible to cultivate!

It was equal to the entire person being reborn. In terms of apt.i.tude, let alone Blue Wind Empire, they would be the tip top of even the entire Profound Sky Continent! Reaching an ultimate realm that they had never even dared to think about before!

If Yun Che really did it, then it would be far from “enough” compensation… It was simply tens of millions of times the compensation! It would be nothing short of a grace for rebirth!

“Mistress, then allow this disciple to test first.”

Among the current Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, Murong Qianxue’s age was the oldest. Even though her temperament wasn’t as extreme as Chu Yuechan’s, a cold apathy that seemed like it would never melt away similarly hung on her face all the time. She put away the ice sword, landed in front of Yun Che, bringing a wave of cold air, as her icy eyes looked at him coolly: “If you really can open all profound entrances for me, and attain Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins, then today’s matter will be written off in one stroke. Not only will I not hold any grudges toward you, I will instead engrave the great kindness in heart, and will definitely repay the grace in the future!”

Yun Che nodded, used a gaze as calm as he could possibly manage to size up Murong Qianxue from head to toe. He opened his mouth as reluctance flashed across his face… as if he was hesitating about something

“Is it that you need silver needles?” Xia Qingyue spoke.

“Silver needles?” Gong Yuxian’s brows slightly moved: “If you are talking about silver needles, the Snow Congealing Hall has them. If you need anything else as supplement, you can also speak them out.”

“No, no!” Yun Che waved his hand: “That time, my profound strength had only been at the Elementary Profound Realm, and I couldn’t permeate enough profound energy into the profound entrances, which was why I needed silver needles as supplement; I don’t need that anymore. It’s just… it’s just…”

Yun Che’s throat twitched, and only after he put on an appearance of gathering up an extremely great amount of determination, did he finally speak hesitatingly: “Just how difficult something like opening the profound is, you guys should know. Moreover, it will carry a certain degree of risk; if I’m careless in the slightest, not only will I be unable to open the profound entrance, the profound entrance might also be destroyed from then on, and forever be blocked. Thus, during the entire process, wherever my hands touch, there absolutely cannot be any clothing in between, so…”

As he said till here, Yun Che immediately saw an angry look on the face of the Murong beauty in front of him. He promptly said: “I definitely do not have any profane intentions. Qingyue can bear testimony for this.”

Xia Qingyue slowly nodded without any hesitation: “Yes, this disciple can testify. When Yun Che opened all profound entrances for this disciple back then, no clothing was allowed in between in the same way. But there is no need for Senior Master Murong to worry too much, merely exposing your back would suffice.”

Yun Che quickly nodded, but in his heart, he began to laugh lewdly… Opening profound entrances mainly borrowed the purifying power of the Sky Poison Pearl, what need was there for exposing one’s back! When he made Xia Qingyue expose her back that time, it was purely to take advantage of her!

And this good practice, naturally needed to be pa.s.sed on!

Wanting to hit and kill me beforehand, yet still want me to open your profound entrances now… How could there be such a cheap deal! Opening your profound entrances are fine… but the favor fees also need to be obediently handed over!

Murong Qianxue and the others were originally furious in their hearts, as they thought Yun Che wanted to take advantage of them using this as a pretext (Actually that was exactly it in the first place), but with Xia Qingyue’s words, added to the fact that what Yun Che said seemed to make a lot of sense, they couldn’t help but believe it somewhat. Murong Qianxue coldly gave Yun Che a stare, and said: “Alright, I’ll believe you for the time being... But if you dare to do some actions that you shouldn’t do in the process, I’ll definitely not let you get away with it.”

“I know.” Yun Che said powerlessly, and even muttered in a low voice afterwards: “If I really did something to you… It’s not like you can defeat me.”

“You…” Fury condensed on Murong Qianyue’s snow-like face once again, but didn’t erupt once again. She coldly berated: “Turn around.”

Yun Che twisted his lips to the side, then turned his body around.

“Don’t worry, since Yun Che dares to make such a guarantee in front of all of us, he certainly wouldn’t be deceiving us, not to mention there is Qingyue as the precedent….” Gong Yuxian’s expression was somewhat stirred up emotionally: “Qianxue, restrain your anger, because if what comes next is a success, then it would be the greatest fortune that will change your entire life.”

“Yes, Mistress.” As Murong Qianxue spoke, her heart and breath already became calm.

“Yun Che, if there are to be no clothing in between, are you certain that there will be no unrecoverable risks such as damaging the profound entrances during the process of opening the profound?” Gong Yuxian turned toward Yn Che, and asked prudently.

Yun Che unhesitatingly nodded: “As long as the profound veins are normal, under the condition of no clothing in between, this disciple guarantees that no risks will appear… If separated by cloth, then it would be hard to say.”

“Good!” Gong Yuxian nodded: “Qianyue, take off the snow garment… You only need your backside facing him. Moreover, we are here on the side, you can be as a.s.sured as possible… let’s start.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Murong Qianxue turned around, and untied her sash… Her snow attire was dampened by the water of the cold spring and should have been stuck tight on her body, but due to her skin being too tender and smooth, it still slowly slid off along her enchanting shoulder and arms of jade after the sash was undone even when dampened, while also bringing out extremely enticing traces of water on her snow skin. Instantly, the dazzling white back that emitted a delicate pink glow was revealed without the slightest concealment.

Murong Qianxue pulled up the hanging snow attire and covered her chest… To voluntarily expose her body in front of a man, was something that she had never thought of before. Only after her chest severely undulated for a few times, did her mind become as tranquil as water under Frozen Heart Arts. She closed her eyes, and said: “Let’s begin.”

“Yun Che, let’s begin.” Gong Yuxian said, her gaze fixedly staring at Yun Che’s each and every move, her expression fully br.i.m.m.i.n.g with unprecedented expectations… Fifteen minutes, attain Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins… If Yun Che really had such an ability, and could also implement it for all of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s disciples, then, she simply couldn’t imagine how glorious Frozen Cloud Asgard’s future would become!!

Yun Che turned around, and saw Murong Qianxue’s naked back of jade at a glance. Her slender waist like a willow, the curved bodyline winded downwards like water, connecting to ample b.u.t.tocks hidden by the snow attire. Her snowy skin was more so tenderly pink and flawless like glossy resin, making one become endlessly lost in a reverie at just the thought of the utterly charming scenery that laid to the front of this charming body. Yun Che secretly gulped down a mouthful of saliva, yet his expression was entirely unperturbed. He sat down before Murong Qianxue’s backside, and touched his finger onto Murong Qianxue’s back… The instant that the fingertip and the snow like skin made contact, Murong Qianxue’s body clearly trembled a bit, but immediately returned to tranquility, while Yun Che also seized the opportunity and stuck his entire palm onto her back… Instantly, supple and smoothness filled his hands. At the same time, his palm slightly flickered with a green light. Sky Poison Pearl’s purification power released outward, directly rus.h.i.+ng toward the Jadewood Entrance.

Murong Qianxue instantly felt the Jadewood Entrance throb for a slight bit, but before she even had the chance to react, the Jadewood Entrance had already completely opened in an instant. Ice cold profound energy spontaneously rushed over in an instant, and excitedly s.h.i.+fted around within the Jadewood Entrance.

Murong Qianxue instantly opened her eyes, and cried out involuntarily in disbelief: “Jadewood Entrance… opened!!”


“Really… Is that really true?”

“Absolutely true!” Even Murong Qianxue, whose heart and soul were made of ice and snow, couldn't in the slightest contain her excitement at this moment: “Jadewood Entrance is now completely un.o.bstructed, and there isn’t any pain or discomfort at all.”

“Do not speak!” Yun Che suddenly spoke with a solemn expression: “Close your eyes, calm your heart and breath. Do not make any movements, and don't let your profound energy be agitated in anyway as much as possible.”

If it was just before, how could Murong Qianxue follow to Yun Che’s orders? But now, with just one beration from Yun Che, Murong Qianxue instantly stopped speaking obediently and calmed her breath. Let alone talking back, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of dissatisfaction on her face.

Gong Yuxian and the other Frozen Fairies also hurriedly retracted their voices. No one dared to speak another word, but their expressions were all excited to the point of unable to control themselves… Even though there was Xia Qingyue’s precedent, they were still skeptical from the bottom of their hearts; after all, attaining Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins was really too unbelievable, but now, in just a few breaths of time, he actually straightforwardly opened a profound entrance!!

One ought to know, that if Murong Qianxue were to open this profound entrance by herself, it would at least take a dozen years of hard work as well as countless valuable medicine, added with enough luck and opportunities!

The last doubt they had toward Yun Che was also completely gone. Within their gazes, how could the anger and killing intent from before possibly remain… What was left, was only extreme shock, as well as extreme expectation and joy. Especially Gong Yuxian; having lived for over a hundred years, while also being the Asgard Mistress with the Frozen Heart Art, her heart was crazily pulsing at this moment, refusing to settle down no matter what.

Right after...

Purple Fan Entrance open!

White Tomb Entrance open!

Sky Sunflower Entrance open!

Cyan Sun Entrance open...


Five minutes gradually pa.s.sed, and over ten of Murong Qianxue’s profound entrances had already been consecutively opened! The shock and excitement of Gong Yuxian and company were already intense to the point of where it was indescribable; their gazes that looked toward Yun Che, even had a little overtone of looking up at a diety!

Every single time he opened a profound entrance, Yun Che’s palm that pressed up against Murong Qianxue’s delicate back would rub and s.h.i.+ft in all directions for a long time, and even continually swapped different kinds of hand postures, appearing to be extremely complicated and unfathomable. But in actuality, whichever profound entrance that Yun Che wanted to open, he only needed to accurately locate the profound entrance’s location, and purifying it with the Sky Poison Pearl’s power would suffice; it could be done in just several breaths of time. Moreover, let alone needing to touch one’s back with his hand, he could do it across clothing, and could even do it across s.p.a.ce with ease… The total time Yun Che needed to open the profound entrances added together would just be several tens of breaths, as for the extra time… were all used to stroke, stroke with all his might!

When opening profound entrances for Xia Qingyue back then, even though he could see with his eyes, due to the usage of silver needles, he didn’t have the chance to touch her skin at all. But this time was different. Under the attentive watch of Gong Yuxian and the other Frozen Fairies, he stroked with indignation and confidence, like a matter of course, to the point that his heart and mind undulated. His hands filled with fragrance and smoothness.

Only an idiot wouldn’t take advantage of what’s dangling before his face!

To not take advantage of readily available beauties… Now that would be an idiot among idiots!