Against the Gods - Chapter 380 - Joining Frozen Cloud

Chapter 380 - Joining Frozen Cloud

Chapter 380 - Joining Frozen Cloud

Before arriving at Frozen Cloud Asgard, Yun Che had thought of various possibilities, but definitely hadn’t expected that this powerful and mysterious Grand Asgard Mistress would actually want him to become a disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard!

If Yun Che agreed, then, he would be the first male disciple in all of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s history!

And judging from Gong Yuxian and Xia Qingyue’s reaction, it seemed that they weren’t aware of this beforehand.

The inside of Yun Che’s heart began to stir. Speaking on behalf of just himself, he originally didn’t have any grat.i.tude nor grievances with Frozen Cloud Asgard, but because of Xia Qingyue and Chu Yuechan, it was destined that he would possess countless ties with Frozen Cloud Asgard. As of now, he no longer belonged to Blue Wind Imperial Palace; being sectless, he could freely join Frozen Cloud Asgard. And after joining, he and Xia Qingyue would belong to the same sect as husband and wife, and perhaps would no longer have too many constraints when getting along with each other from now on. After finding Chu Yuechan in the future, there would also be the possibility for her to return to Frozen Cloud Asgard.

But all these were secondary.

What was most important… was that from top to bottom, Frozen Cloud Asgard was entirely made up of females! And when Frozen Cloud Asgard selected their disciples, not only do they regard apt.i.tude as important, the requirement of beauty was also extremely high. In addition to the Frozen Cloud Art’s effect, every single one of the Frozen Cloud Asgard’s disciples had skin like ice and bones of jade, cherry red lips, and flawless features. Any of the disciples would be considered extraordinary precious beauties in the outside world. The number one beauty of the Blue Wind Empire, had almost always came from Frozen Cloud Asgard as well! Just speaking from this aspect, Frozen Cloud Asgard was undoubtedly a paradise that men craved even in their dreams!

If Frozen Cloud Asgard were to openly recruit male disciples, it could be said without any doubt that the entire Blue Wind would experience a major earthquake.

And now, this paradise in men’s dreams, had actually… opened the gates for him, moreover, it was their the first time opening the gates to a man throughout history!

As an extremely normal man physiologically and psychologically, to say that Yun Che wasn’t excited was impossible! However, he was extraordinarily calm on the surface of his face, as he asked with a very indifferent tone: “Junior is currently not in any sects, and there will be no problems in joining Frozen Cloud Asgard, but Junior needs to know first; after joining Frozen Cloud Asgard, what will I need to do, and what will I receive.”

Feng Qianhui understood very well how attractive Frozen Cloud Asgard was to men, and seeing that Yun Che’s reaction was so indifferent, she secretly praised him in his heart, then said: “After joining my Asgard, you do not need to deliberately do anything, and do not even need to follow the sectoral rules; you do not need to stay within the Frozen Cloud Asgard all the time either, and can completely go and come as you wish. What you need to do are only two things… Firstly, is to not do things against good morals and nature in Frozen Cloud Asgard’s name. Secondly…” Feng Qianhui paused for a second, as her expression became extremely solemn: “Someday, if Frozen Cloud Asgard faces calamity, as disciple, I hope that you can defend Frozen Cloud Asgard with all your strength.”

As she spoke to here, Feng Qianhui’s speech stopped. Yun Che, who was listening, raised up his head with a surprised expression, then probingly asked: “That… is all?”

“Yes, that is all!” Feng Qianhui said with a gentle tone: “As for what you will receive… Since you are to be my Frozen Cloud Asgard’s disciple, then you may study all profound arts of my Asgard, including Frozen Cloud Arts, Frozen Heart Arts, Frozen Snow Dance Steps, Frozen Cloud Thirteen Sword Styles… as well as Frozen End Divine Arts! I will allow you to use sectoral resources as you wish, and you may also enter and exit the sect’s forbidden grounds freely! If you are to face a crisis, or have matters that cannot be resolved, the sect will a.s.sist you the best we can as well… So, would you like to join my Frozen Asgard, and became the first male disciple of my Asgard?”

Yun Che opened his mouth, and couldn’t manage to utter a word for a long while.

Originally, the greatest hesitation Yun Che had toward joining Frozen Cloud Asgard was the sect’s “restraint”. Every single sect must have their sectoral rules, and as a special sect, Frozen Cloud Asgard had rules much stricter than other sects. Actions being restricted after joining Frozen Cloud Asgard was something that couldn’t be any more normal.

But Yun Che completely didn’t expect that Feng Qianhui would actually allow him to ignore the sectoral rules, and freely come and go… Which meant that he could come as he wish, go as he pleased, and did not need to follow anyone’s orders. Yet he would also be free to use any of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s resources, and train in all of its core profound arts. As for the two conditions Feng Qianhui made, they were simply no different from having no conditions at all.

Such a treatment, was simply like pies falling from the sky… Only needed to reap as one wished, while not needing to sow!

Not sparing to break the thousand years of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s sectoral rules to recruit a male disciple like him, while also giving such a treatment; what Yun Che felt right now, was only an endless sense of unrealisticness. Gong Yuxian, who was beside him more so revealed deeper and deeper astonishment, and wanted to speak up several times, but endured from doing so with all her might.

Yun Che pondered for a long time, and asked seriously: “Senior, this junior really wants to know what the reason is behind making an exception for me to join Frozen Cloud Asgard, while also giving me such a treatment?”

Feng Qianhui faintly smiled: “Because of your strength, potential, influence, as well your immeasurable future. Moreover, even though your way of doing things is somewhat extreme, you view loyalty and friends.h.i.+p with extreme importance. This old woman believes, that if you were to become my Asgard’s disciple, if my Asgard really encounters a great calamity in the future, you will definitely protect my Frozen Cloud Asgard with all your power… Are you satisfied with this explanation?”

Feng Qianhui’s tone was flat and sincere, the expression in her eyes was more so as pure as a clear spring. Yun Che did not sense any impurity, deception and fakery from within. This time, Yun Che no longer hesitated… and couldn’t find any reason to hesitate either. He spoke while nodding: “Okay! Granted with Senior’s kindness, Junior Yun Che is willing to join Frozen Cloud Asgard, and become Frozen Cloud Asgard’s disciple… But before entering Frozen Cloud Asgard, this junior has a request… Even though this junior is sectless, he already has a master. Thus, without Master’s agreement, this junior cannot acknowledge another master.”

“Haha.” Feng Qianhui faintly smiled: “It’s fine. With your apt.i.tude and strength, there is no one worthy to be your master in my Asgard anyway. You do not need to acknowledge anyone as master, and can just directly join the sect. If you are to be interested in my Asgard’s profound arts, Qingyue can directly instruct you.”

But in Feng Qianhui’s view, Yun Che simply wasn’t suited for ice attributed profound arts at all with the phoenix’s bloodline in his body, and wouldn’t choose to spare the energy to learn ice attributed profound arts that completely conflicted with his phoenix flames.

Since the words were already like this, if Yun Che still didn’t agree, then he would even think himself as a idiot. He knelt down on one knee, and said respectfully: “Junior Yun Che, is willing to join Frozen Cloud Asgard, become Frozen Cloud Asgard’s disciple, and from now on, share honor and disgrace with Frozen Cloud Asgard. If the sect faces a crisis, Yun Che will definitely return to the sect at the first moment, and defend the sect with all his power.”

“Good!” Feng Qianhui heavily nodded as deep gratification flashed within her eyes. She raised up her fingers, and pressed at nothingness. Instantly, a marble of cold crystal appeared on the tip of her fingers, then flew toward Yun Che. After touching his arm, it directly disappeared on the surface of his body like a melting snowflake: “This is my Asgard’s unique ‘Frozen Cloud Soul Crystal’, with the Frozen Cloud Soul Crystal on you, you are now my Frozen Cloud Asgard’s official disciple! At the same time, the Frozen Cloud Soul Crystal of every single Frozen Cloud disciple will sense one another. This is the identification as my Asgard’s disciple, as well as to distinguish fellow sect members! The Frozen Cloud Soul Crystal doesn’t cause any harm to the body; if you wish to leave Frozen Cloud Asgard one day, you may voluntarily erase it at any time.”

After the Frozen Cloud Soul Crystal entered his body, Yun Che quickly felt a corresponding presence from Gong Yuxian and Xia Qingyue’s body.

After coming to Frozen Cloud Asgard with uncertainty in his mind, he’d actually became Frozen Cloud Asgard’s official disciple just like that!

Such a result, made Yun Che somewhat feel that it was a little bit illusory.

“Yun Che, since you have already joined my Frozen Cloud Asgard, then, as the Grand Asgard Mistress, there are somethings I need to warn you about.” Feng Qianhui spoke.

Yun Che nodded: “I ask Grand Asgard Mistress to educate me.”

Feng Qianhui went silent for a bit, then spoke with a solemn expression: “I heard that two years ago at the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds —— Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s elder Ling Kun, had taken the initiative in inviting you to join Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. You did not give an answer at the time, but had still kept Ling Kun’s sound transmission imprint… I want to know, in the future, will there be the possibility of you joining Mighty Heavenly Sword Region?”

Yun Che murmured for a while, pondering the reason why Feng Qianhui would mention this matter. Because of Yun Canghai’s death, because of Xiao Ying’s death, because of his birth parents, Yun Che’s hatred toward Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was already carved into his bones. However, with his current abilities, he wasn’t qualified in the slightest to contend with Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Thus, his hatred absolutely could not be revealed in front of anyone. While calm on the surface, he said hesitatingly: “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is after all, one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, a place at the greatest pinnacle of the Profound Sky Continent. Everyone under this sky who practices the profound, all wish in their dreams that they could enter one of the Sacred Grounds. This junior likes freedom, but if a bottleneck is encountered in the future, perhaps there would be the possibility of me entering Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to search for ways to break through.”

Feng Qianhui went silent, then let out a faint sigh, and said: “If you are to possibly enter one of the Sacred Grounds in the future, that would indeed be your opportunity and good fortune. However, out of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, Supreme Ocean Palace, Sun Moon Divine Hall, you can choose one of these three if you had the chance. It is only Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, that you definitely shouldn’t choose.”

“Why is that?” Yun Che asked in surprise.

“Your apt.i.tude is extremely great, your disposition more so is extremely fitting to seek the profound way’s limit. Moreover, extremely great fortune had always accompanied you! Your future, will be limitless. However, even though Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is a Sacred Ground, it is a ground filled with countless foul and filth. I definitely won’t allow disciples of my sect be tainted by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s filth in the future, and have their entire life’s future prospects be destroyed!”

Feng Qianhui’s words, made Yun Che astonished in his heart: “Grand Asgard Mistress, could it be, that there are some special grievances between Frozen Cloud Asgard and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region? This disciple very rarely hears of the name “Mighty Heavenly Sword Region”, but hadn’t ever heard any dreadful rumors of it… I hope that Grand Asgard Mistress can enlighten me.”

Feng Qianhui took a deep glance at Yun Che as a struggling expression flashed through the depths of her eyes… She naturally knew just what an olive branch given by a Sacred Ground meant to a profound pract.i.tioner; that was entirely the highest aspiration of profound pract.i.tioners cultivating in the way of the profound. If there was not enough reason, there simply wouldn’t be anyone who would refuse a Sacred Ground’s olive branch.

After a long hesitation, Feng Qianhui secretly sighed, and spoke in the end: “Did you know that before a thousand years ago, there weren’t only four Sacred Grounds in the Profound Sky Continent, and instead were five?.”

“Five Great Sacred Grounds?” Yun Che was surprised once again. He had always only heard of the Four Great Sacred Ground’s name, and had never heard of some “Five Great Sacred Grounds”. And the time that “Five Great Sacred Grounds” had existed, was a thousand years ago. In terms of sectoral development, one thousand years wasn’t a very long period of history; it was especially true for forces on the level of Sacred Grounds, and shouldn’t have been forgotten in a thousand years at all. Yet, Yun Che had never heard of the fifth Sacred Ground.

“Thousand years ago, other than Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, Supreme Ocean Palace, Sun Moon Divine Hall, and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, the Profound Sky Continent still had another Sacred Ground level force; its name was ‘Eternal Night Royal Family’. The five great forces, are altogether called the Five Great Sacred Grounds.”