Against the Gods - Chapter 37 Heavenly Gods Spiritual Veins

Chapter 37 Heavenly Gods Spiritual Veins

Chapter 37 – Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins

Xiao Che said every individual word with resolute determination. He wasn’t trying to comfort Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi, nor was he joking around; it was rather an absolute decisiveness which simultaneously also compelled him to accomplish that decision no matter what.

His words stumped Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi for a long time. However, immediately after that, Xiao Lingxi shook her head and her misty eyes tearfully looked at him: “Little Che, you don’t have to do that. I only want you to live normally and peacefully. It’s alright as long as you only protect yourself…. When the day of my release comes, I will definitely come find you…. However, by all means, you must not do such a foolish thing; or anything dangerous.”

In her eyes, he was still the boy that needed her protection. After listening to his declaration…. the fact that the thought existed in his mind, was already sufficient. How could it be possible that she was willing to let him risk his life, to any kind of danger, for them?

“Don’t worry. Of course I’ll protect myself well.” Xiao Che smiled as he looked at her: “Because grandfather and little aunt are here waiting for me. Because…. I haven’t fulfilled the promise that I made to little aunt.”

“Promise?” Xiao Lingxi’s bright eyes swayed slightly as she stared at him in wonder.

Xiao Che didn’t explain and walked in front of Xiao Lie. He knelt down on both of his knees and kowtowed heavily: “Grandfather, I am the grandson of you, Xiao Lie, and had been under your protection for sixteen years, but now it’s time for me to spread my wings and soar. You are a great grandfather so your grandson will not continue to embarra.s.s you by staying a trash forever… Wait for me, I will be back. Before my return, you must… take care of yourself.”

“Good…. Good!” Xiao Lie slowly nodded his head as his voice trembled and tears appeared in both of his eyes. He went forward to help Xiao Che up, took a wooden tablet with a hanging white ta.s.sel from his body and placed it in Xiao Che’s hand: “Che’er, the Xiao Clan had expelled you and there’s no place for you in Floating Cloud City. Your profound veins have been disabled and you have never step out of Floating Cloud City in your entire life. Although I’m extremely worried… The look in your eyes allows me feel at ease and relieved. If you don’t have a set destination to go to, then take this tablet and go to a City called ‘New Moon’, and ask around for a person call Sikong Han.”

“Sikong Han came to Floating Cloud City a few years ago and due to a certain situation, he became indebted to me, and thus gave me this tablet. Once you find him in New Moon City, pa.s.s this tablet to him for a look and tell him that you are my grandson. Perhaps he may arrange a place for you to stay.”

Even after saying he was “at ease” and “relieved”, there was no way he could hide his worry and concern in his gaze and expressions. This grandson that had almost no profound strength or experience outside Floating Cloud City could only stay outside from now on, with no one to rely on. How could he even be at ease? How could he not be heartbroken.

Xiao Che grasped the old wooden tablet in the middle of his hand and nodded fiercely. Afterwards he said: “Before I leave, I first want to go pay my respects to…. Uncle Xiao.”

“En.” Xiao Lie nodded his head, pleased.

“Little Che!” The moment Xiao Che turned his body, Xiao Lingxi once again grabbed onto him tightly with both of her hands, her gaze full of reluctance to let go had nearly and completely, melted Xiao Che’s heart.

He yearned so much for him to be able to bring Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie away… But even just having a heart full of intention and impulse, he didn’t have the ability nor the qualifications to do that… At least in this dark place without daylight, they were still considered to be safe.

“Little aunt.” Xiao Che lightly held Xiao Lingxi’s hand and looked at her gently: “I can’t bear to leave you, even more than how little aunt can’t bear to leave me… So I will come back within the shortest period of time… I swear, I will fulfill what I said that night… the promise I made to little aunt….”

Xiao Lingxi slowly soften her grip while Xiao Che’s hands were was holding Xiao Lingxi soften as well… Then he turned his body and walked forward with slow footsteps, never turning back… It was because he was afraid that once he turned back, he would be unable to leave… and he was even more afraid that once he turned back, they would see the two streams of uncontrollable tears that flowed out the moment he had turned his body.

Grandfather…. Little aunt…. Within three years, I’ll definitely return…. Wait for me!! Wait for me!!!!

Promise…. Promise….

Xiao Lingxi looked at Xiao Che’s silhouette that was getting further and further away with blurry eyes, absent-mindedly murmuring that in her heart… Suddenly, what he said on that night reverberated inside her heart…

“If you weren’t my little aunt, I’ll definitely marry you!”

All of a sudden, Xiao Lingxi covered her mouth and in a split second, tried her best to hold back all her tears that were crazily gus.h.i.+ng out like that of a flood.


Xiao Clan cemetery.

Standing in front of Xiao Ying’s grave, Xiao Che’s gaze was fixated on that old slab of gravestone for a long time. Then he knelt down on both knees and kowtow three times, his eyes filling with determination when he was finished.

“Uncle Xiao, this huge favor you have done for my Yun family, I, Yun Che, will never forget it. If the day comes when I find out that my parents are still alive, I will try my best to find them, and also the baby they had carried away at that time… your son. On the day when I finally obtained power, I will find the person that you that day, and take revenge for you, and for grandfather!”

Xiao Che swore an oath in front of Xiao Ying’s grave and took another bow after getting up, before leaving with heavy footsteps.

“From now on, I’m not Xiao Che anymore…. my name’s Yun Che!”


News of Xiao Yulong’s torture shook the entire Xiao Clan, and caused unrest in Xiao Clan for the rest of the night. Xiao Yunhai fainted for quite a long time after his fury dealt a blow to his heart and after waking up, like a madman, he ordered the entire clan to find the culprit. However, after searching for an entire night, not even a silhouette or a trace of the culprit could be found.

The best explanation would be that it was the doing of someone within the Xiao Clan!

Xiao Kuangyun was also furious at this matter, but he only got angry for awhile because he only felt the great pity of losing an obedient and capable slave. He could get that kind of slave anywhere he wanted. However, now he couldn’t bring back Xiao Yulong, who currently resembled neither human nor ghost, so thus his choice naturally fell on the person who was second to Xiao Yulong in yesterday’s “evaluation”.

Third Elder Xiao Ze’s youngest grandson —— Xiao Chengzhi.

If this happened, Xiao Ze and Xiao Chengzhi would undoubtedly be overjoyed.

However the gaze of everyone in the clan had toward Xiao Ze, changed. Especially Xiao Yunhai and Xiao Li; when looking at Xiao Ze, murderous intent could be seen hidden deep in their eyes.

If it really was a Xiao Clan member who had crippled Xiao Yulong, then Xiao Ze would be under the greatest of suspicions.

However this was apparently none of Xiao Kuangyun’s concern. In the afternoon, sent off by all n.o.bles of Floating Cloud City, the four people of the Xiao Sect took Xiao Chengzhi along with them to leave Floating Cloud City, and set foot on the road to Xiao Sect. Actually, with Xiao Sect’s capabilities, it was extremely easy for them to send a few flying profound beasts. However this time, under the Xiao Sect Master’s orders, they were forbidden to use any flying profound beasts in order for Xiao Kuangyun to gain experience.

After Xiao Kuangyun had left, Chu Yueli also prepared to bring Xia Qingyue back to Frozen Cloud Asgard.

“Master.” After bidding farewell to her father and brother, Xia Qingyue returned to Chu Yueli’s side.

Chu Yueli turned her around, her snowy face, incomparably cool and elegant: “The distance between Frozen Cloud Asgard and here is quite far, after you return to Frozen Cloud Asgard, you may not know when you would have the opportunity to return. Don’t leave any unfinished business that you may care about.”

“Rest a.s.sured, Master. Qingyue has already and completely made the appropriate preparations, so I may follow Master and depart at any possible time. Although father is reluctant about parting, he has always been deeply grateful about Qingyue entering Frozen Cloud Asgard.”

Chu Yueli nodded: “If that’s the case, we can start our journey right now. Milady had always wanted to meet you for many years, ever since I have mentioned you to her. I believe that if she sees you, she would definitely like you.”

“Father has already helped us prepare profound horses. I request Master to walk towards the foyer.” Xia Qingyue respectfully said.

“No need.” Chu Yueli shook her head and said: “Profound horses are too slow. I’ll take you back using the Profound Floating Technique. Also, you should take care to sense the changes in my body’s profound energy in the middle of my technique, it will benefit your profound strength greatly in the future…. Let us depart; Give me your hand.”

Xia Qingyue held out her delicately white right hand without hesitation. It was obvious that Chu Yueli’s Profound Floating Technique would speedily bring her up high into the sky. This thought had let a bit of excitement and expectation rise in her heart.

Chu Yueli somewhat extended her ice-cold hand to grasp onto Xia Qingyue’s. In a flash, the coldness on her body s.h.i.+fted and the formidable Frozen Cloud Arts started to rapidly swirl…. But then Chu Yueli’s entire body suddenly began to shake. The recently activated Frozen Cloud Arts had also all of a sudden, disappeared without a trace. She turned her body towards Xia Qingyue, her beautiful unwavering gaze fixed onto Xia Qingyue…. It was clear that there was a certain kind of extreme astonishment in her eyes, as if there was an inconceivable worldly matter.”

“Master? What’s wrong?” Xia Qingyue asked, alarmed, because of Chu Yueli’s frightening and unexpected reaction.

“Impossible…. This is absolutely impossible!!”

Chu Yueli absentmindedly soliloquized as she suddenly extended her other hand. After both her hands grabbed onto Xia Qingyue’s right wrist as the coldness on her body spread out. Chu Yueli’s beautiful eyes then widened yet again as her entire body fiercely trembled more than before; on her face, rested an expression of complete speechlessness and incredulous astonishment…. And ecstasy! She firmly s.n.a.t.c.hed Xia Qingyue’s hand as she looked her in the eye and actually became temporarily speechless due to her intensely stirred up emotions.

Her expression let Xia Qingyue become more and more alarmed: “Master…. wh…. what the heck’s going on?”

“Qingyue!” Chu Yueli was suddenly aware of her heart’s frantic throbbing that she was unable to alleviate and stop. When practicing the Frozen Cloud Arts, one’s frame of mind would lean, bit by bit, towards an ice-cold and silent state. It was extremely difficult to be swayed and risen up with only momentum. It was not known for how many years, had her emotions been this out of control: “Inform this master, what exactly have you encountered during this period of time? Did you come across an extraordinary person? Or did consume some kind of pill that’s against the G.o.ds!”

“I….” Xia Qingyue momentarily stared for a while.

“Altogether, a person can only have a total of Fifty Four Profound Entrances. An ordinary person is gifted with approximately ten inborn profound entrances while a person with high innate talent may be gifted with around fifteen profound entrances. When I first found you, I discovered that you had twenty one naturally opened profound entrances, an exceptionally great gift only seen once in a million! If one has more profound entrances opened, their cultivation of the profound, and their activation speed will increase. No matter what, a pract.i.tioner with twenty opened profound entrances would undoubtedly cultivate and activate their profound strength twice as fast as a pract.i.tioner born with only ten opened profound entrances.”

“It is extremely difficult to open a profound entrance, for it even took Milady a century’s worth of time to merely open seven profound entrances and achieve the opening of thirty profound entrances. In the entire Blue Wind Empire, the people who have achieved the supreme state of opening of thirty profound entrances, could not possibly surpa.s.s five! The reason why the Profound Opening Powder, the gift Xiao Sect gave to Xiao Clan, could speed up the cultivation process is due to it being able to temporarily open three to four profound entrances for a short period of time. However, that is merely a temporary effect…. Even so, the Profound Opening Powder is still a considerably precious medicine to Xiao Sect.”

“Yet Qingyue, your….” Chu Yueli forcefully grabbed onto Xia Qingyue’s shoulders as her beautiful eyes unblinkingly stared at her: “Fifty Four Profound Entrances have all been completely opened! And they all actually have been permanently opened…. do you understand what this implies? This means that the speed of your profound cultivation and activation would be almost double that of Milady’s! It would also be quintuply faster than that of an ordinary person’s! Not only that, the cultivation of any profound skill you practice in would be limitless. Whenever your profound strength makes a breakthrough, it shall never hit a ‘bottleneck’!”

“When all the profound veins in the Fifty Four Profound Entrances have been completely opened, they are what legends refer to as the ‘Heavenly G.o.d’s Spiritual Veins,’ and it is said that only a G.o.d from the legends would possess these profound veins! This has never happened before in the entire history of the Blue Wind Empire! Qingyue…. in this period of time, what exactly have you gone through!”